4/26 MIZ & MRS. REVIEW (Season 2, Ep. 17): Miz and Maryse visit a country club, George suns himself, and a food truck

By Sarah K., PWTorch contributor


APRIL 19, 2021

The show opens with George outside sunning himself. It’s George, so, it’s both cringey and charming. Anyway, five minutes away from “Manor MarMiz” is a country club, and Miz wants to join. Maryse is opposed to this idea. In the meantime, George is becoming a nuisance, so Miz needs to find him a hobby. He literally takes his dad to a store called “Matry’s Hobbies.” There’s a food truck; George wants lunch. He tries to talk business with the owner. Yeah, I think George has a hobby, since he owned a sub shop for 40 years. Moving on, Miz and Maryse go to the country club to talk to the membership guy. There are apparently areas of the club that are segregated by sex.

Miz and Maryse continue their membership interview. Of course, this is all being filmed, so I kinda think the club has to be in on this entire thing, no? Maryse goes out of her way to be a heel. Can you blame her? Marjo comes by with the dog. Moving on, George and Mike are en route to go look at a food truck – which George has bought. Yes, George’s hobby is selling food. The truck may have an undesirable odor, and also may not run.

There’s a strange moment in the Mizanin kitchen with a display of bakery items and Maryse acting like a stereotype of a WASP housewife. Evidently the country club people are visiting them at their home. Barb has been ordered not to OCD clean, and Marjo has been asked not to talk. One of the country club people is dressed fairly obnoxiously; it’s strange. Maryse pretends to like golf. Monroe then swears, repeating something that Marjo said in the beginning of the episode. Marjo hits on the country club guy who isn’t dressed weird. Finally, a horn sounds. George drives up in his food truck.

It says “Mizsteaks and Wieners” on the side of the food truck. Yes, there’s food-based penis innuendo incorporated with pictures of Mike and Maryse on the side of the truck. Strangely enough, the country club people are impressed with the food. Anyway, apparently the country club is willing to let Mike buy a membership. And the show ends with George playing the horn on the food truck.

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