4/28 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on The Inner Circle & The Pinnacle’s pre-Blood & Guts Parley, Darby Allin vs. 10, Adam Page vs. Brian Cage, Kenny Omega Speaks, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


APRIL 28, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

-The announce team ran down the card for this week’s episode.


The totality of Team Taz attacked Adam Page before the match started. The Dark Order came out to even the odds, but not before Brian Cage hit a power bomb on Page on the stage area. The bell rang, and Cage pummeled Page in the corner, and then transferred Page into the adjacent corner and treated him to a series of chops and then a suplex. Cage then worked more in the corner, then another suplex, followed by a near fall.

Cage threw Adam Page to the ringside area and slammed Page several times into the barricade. Cage then slammed Page on the apron of the ring, he then seated Page on the apron and hit a chop and knocked him back onto the floor. Back in the ring, Cage got another near fall. Cage then did bicep curls with the limp body of Page. Brian Cage tried a moonsault and Page got his knees up. Brian Cage quickly regained control and hit a superplex on Page for the near fall.

Page countered in a vertical suplex, and got Cage to the outside. Adam Page threw Brian Cage into the ring post and Page then got onto the top rope and hit a moonsault onto the floor. Hangman tried the Buckshot Lariat, but Cage countered with a slam and buckle bomb, then a pile driver for the pinfall win.

Winner: Brian Cage in 7:00

(Sage’s Analysis: This was a surprising finish that actually sells the fact that baby faces are not impervious to a prematch attack. This makes since as Page was due for a title shot soon if he kept winning, and this was the most offense Cage has shown in his AEW career and I thought he looked like he belonged as a top mid-card guy.)

-A video of The Elite and Don Callis in a limo was shown. Callis talked up al of Kenny’s belts, Karl Anderson’s lack of pants, and The Young Bucks match tonight. Kenny then said he was upset about the attack from Moxley and Kingston last week. He said that the gold follows them and they are not scared. Omega repeated again that they were not afraid, then a car horn was heard and all of the men in the limo freaked out. But it was the driver of the limo. [c]


Mike Sydal and Matt Jackson started the match, Mike had wrist control momentarily, but Matt countered and tried to run the ropes. Mike Sydal dodged and locked in an arm drag, he then tagged in Matt Sydal. Nick Jackson was tagged in close to the same time. Matt Sydal tagged in Mike and they hit tandem moves. Matt Jackson ran in to help but he was taken out by the Sydal’s. Nick was then able to tag in Matt. Matt Jackson then took out both Sydal brothers. [c]

When the show returned, Nick Jackson and Mike Sydal took each other out, Matt Jackson then rolled in behind the refs back and nothing really happened as a result. Matt Sydal was tagged in an ehe took control of the fight, Matt countered and had a pile driver. But Sydal countered and then both Sydal brothers hit a move for a near fall. Matt and Nick then missed a super kick, Matt Sydal then got a near fall on Matt Jackson. Sydal went for a big move on the top rope, but Matt Jackson countered and pushed him down. Matt Jackson then hit a low blow soon the legal Mike Sydal. The Bucks then hit a BTE Trigger for the pinfall.

WINNER: The Young Bucks in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: The match was kind of a disaster. Not for in-ring work, but for almost every other factor. Every member of the announce team messed up which Sydal or Jackson was in at some point in the match, the illegal swap of Nick for Matt didn’t make any sense within the match, and this lowered The Bucks in my opinion. They should be handily beating the Sydal brothers.)

-SCU came out as soon as the match ended. Frankie mentioned the promise that he made in December that he and Daniels would never tag again if they lost again. Daniels then said that The Bucks used to be his friends, but he doesn’t know them now. Daniels then said they were ready for a title match whenever The Bucks sign the dotted line. [c]

-Jade Cargill had a video like last week where she is maybe looking for a manager, She said that the managers wanted a cut of her pay.


Penta and Orange Cassidy stared each other down. Cassidy went to put his hands in his pockets a few times, but Penta slapped his hands and did his zero fear hand movement. Orange Cassidy then slowly took off his glasses and put his hands in his pockets and did the little kicks. Cassidy then ran the ropes with his hands in his pockets and took out Penta. Cassidy tried for a beach break but Penta countered with a back breaker, chops, and forearms.

Cassidy had a successful sting of moves and had Penta in a vulnerable position and gave a thumbs up, Penta bit his finger and rolled to the outside. Cassidy tried a dive but was caught midair by Pentagon, who then threw Orange to the apron with a single arm. [c]

When the action resumed, Pentagon was working over Cassidy in the corner with high kicks and chops. Cassidy made a comeback until Penta hit a brain buster and a near fall. Penta hit a sit out power bomb and got another nearfall. Penta then tried to lock in an armor, but Cassidy got his hand in his pocket to break the hold. Cassidy then hit a beach break for a near fall. Pentagon was the first to strike after this with several kicks.

Cassidy countered with a stunner and a diving DDT, then a spinning DDT for a near fall. Alex then got on the mic but was taken out by Cassidy. He was distracted by that, Pentagon tried to set up a pile driver, but Cassidy dodged and hit Penta with a mic. This lead to the pinfall for Cassidy

WINNER: Orange Cassidy in 13:00

(Sage’s Analysis: This was rather silly in the beginning, but the match itself was good. The ending was a bit odd for a Cassidy to use a weapon to win, I guess he was trying. Cassidy should be the #1 contender now. He and Omega should be a fun TV main event in coming weeks.)

-Britt Baker was backstage and she was talking about how she was now at the top the rankings.

-Tony Schiavone introduced The Pinnacle to start the Parley. The Inner Circle then came out on motorcycles.

Tony said there was going to be a coin toss to decide who would get the advantage in the match. Shawn Spears grabbed the mic and said they should get the advantage, Spears then said that he was going to be the one to take out Sammy. This was rebutted by Sammy who said that Spears has been a failure in AEW and in the place he worked before AEW. Sammy said that The pinnacle could have the advantage and that he would be the one to start the match.

Cash Wheeler then called out Santana and Ortiz, he said to nor bring the soft lapdog version of themselves. Dax Harwood then said life would be shortened in this match and he has prepared his family for that. Harwood then mentions date young children of Santana and Ortiz, he said they should hug and kiss them and tell their kids they wouldn’t be coming home. Santana had to calm down Ortiz and he said their hands would do the talking at Blood & Guts.

MJF then said he wanted to thank Jericho, he said that Jericho wants to be told thanks all the time. MJF said he was the bridge for fans to get to AEW and that he made the best group in AEW. However, he can’t imagine the pressure Jericho feels. He said that if Jericho doesn’t deliver then he hurts the whole company. He said he gets why Jericho looks exhausted all the time. He said next week he would take the crown off of Jericho and put it on his head, and his family would take the place of Inner Circle. He said with B&G is over, he will say thank you to Jericho as he lays before him.

Jericho rebutted by calling MJF a prick, and that he was entitled. He said that you can’t inherit a spot you have to earn it. He said he had respect when he was MJF’s age and that is why he is at the top of the wrestling game. He said he needed to beat them at B&G to earn that respect and his spot. He said Inner Circle have been friends since AEW formed, he talked about each member and what then mean to him. He said that will have to kill them to make them surrender. He finished that the summer of 2021 would be the summer of silence and pain for The Pinnacle.

-Eddie Kingston came out to fight Michael Nakazawa, he said that he wasn’t gonna mess with Nakazawa. Kingston called out Omega who distracted Kingston and Nakazawa hit him with a laptop. Kingston fought back and threatened to break Nakazawa’s ankle. Omega told Kingston to do that and he called out to have Brandon Cutler come out. Moxley attacks from behind and he and Kingston teamed up on Omega. Callis came out and Kingston threatened to break Omega’s ankle unless they got a match. Moxley said they wanted a tag tema match with the two of them vs. Omega and Nakazawa next week. [c]

-Taz talked about Brian Cage beating Adam Page, Christian Cage came into frame. Taz said that Cage would have to face another member of Team Taz. Cage said that he can back like Taz wishes that he could. He said to send members of his team one-by-one. He said that he will teach them all a lesson in the ring, and learn that they don’t need Taz.


The two started the match with strikes, Penelope Ford went for Kris Statlander’s knee brace. Kris picked up and military pressed Penelope. The match rolled to the outside where Statlander worked over Ford. The match went back into the ring and Ford kicked Statlander out to the floor. [c]

Statlander planted Ford and hit an uppercut in the corner several times, leading to a knee to the head. Ford hit a German and a running bulldog to get the advantage once more. Ford hit a neck breaker for a near fall. Statlander dodged Ford’s gymnastics and hit a Solar Eclipse for a near fall. Ford the got a near fall of her own. Statlander hit a pile driver for the pinfall.

WINNER: Kris Statlander in 9:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A fine match, they are building up Statlander.)

-A video of 10 talking about Brodie Lee and why the TNT title is so important to him was shown.[c]


The Nightmare Family attacked The Factory before the match officially started. Billy Gunn started the match with Comoroto entering in early, the two traded wrestling holds. Gunn fought his way out the bear hug and he tagged in Dustin Rhodes. Comoroto knocked down Rhodes. [c]

Of all the matches in AEW history to end durning the commercial break, it should have been this one. But, it was still going once the show returned from break QT Marshall took out Gunn, and Dustin took out QT and got the tag to Lee Johnson who ran through his opponents. Johnson did a nice dive t the outside on QT and company. Ogogo came over and punched everyone. QT got the pinfall.

WINNER: The Factory in 6:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Yikes…at least Lee Johnson looked good. But, this story line should be on AEW Dark. Don’t worry more next week! This is not the return that Cody should have.)

-Post Match QT walked to the bus he came in on and Cody came out and beat up QT. The two were then on the top of the bus, Cody locked in the figure four on the top of the bus.

-It was announce that Moxley will go against Yuji Nagata on AEW for the IWGP United States title.

-Miro was backstage and he beat up Kip Sabian, he said that he forgave Kip and walked out. [c]

(6) DARBY ALLIN vs. 10

The match started with a collar and elbow tie-up, the two men then stared each other down. 10 put Allin on the top rope and walked back from his work, Allin offered a test of strength and then spun around and locked in a waist lock to a head lock. 10 hit a shoulder block and then put Allin in a vertical suplex and then 10 hit a back breaker. In the corner, Allin hit a desperation strike and was then thrown into the opposite turnbuckle a few times. Allin did a dive off the top rope and 10 hit him with a shoulder block once more. [c]

When the match resumed 10 tried a press slam and then hit a spine buster on Allin. 10 then hit a single arm power bomb, Allin came back and tried to lock in an arm bar. He was successful in that, but 10 powered out. The arm bar was locked in once more, 10 was able to break the hold with the bottom rope. The match moved to the outside and 10 slammed Darby into the barrier and the ring. Allin got to the top rope and stepped on the hand of 10 and kicked him onto the floor, Darby did a spinning dive onto 10 and 5. Sting stepped up and stopped the Dark Order from getting involved.

Ethan Page slammed Darby into the ring post and back in the ring. 10 got in the ring and seem conflicted. 10 decided to hit a springboard German and got a near fall. 10 then tried for the Full Nelson, Allin countered and ripped the mask of 10. Allin was in the Full Nelson and countered to pin 10.

WINNER: Darby Allin in 13:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A solid main event with some extra seasoning with Ethan Page entering the picture. The weeks of the three Allin Main events in as many weeks. But, it was still very good.)

-After the match Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky took out Sting and Allin, Lance archer made the save.

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