4/28 AEW DYNAMITE TV REPORT: Keller’s report on Omega speaking about title wins, Brian Cage vs. Hangman, Cassidy vs. Penta, Young Bucks vs. Sydals, Darby defends against “10”

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


APRIL 28, 2021

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts


-After the opening theme, they went to a wide shot of Daily’s Place ring and stage as pryo blasted. The announcers hyped the line-up including noting that Kenny Omega won the Impact World Title on Sunday.


Cage attacked Hangman from behind. The rest of Team Taz joined in the beatdown. Taz’s son had what appeared to be a tobacco tin in his back pocket, for whatever that’s worth. Dark Order made the save. Taz joined the announcers on commentary. Cage looks like he’d added several inches of circumference of muscle around his body everywhere. The ref checked on Hangman to see if was ready. With Page still gasping for breath in the corner and unable to get up, the ref decided to call for the bell because Page said he could fight. (Maybe the ref could have insisted Page show he could at least stand on his own before hastily calling for the bell, rewarding Cage for the pre-match attack.) Cage tossed Hangman around the ring with power moves before throwing him around ringside. Excalibur plugged tickets to “Blood & Guts,” which come for a flat fee of $25 each. Cage went for a standing moonsault, but Hangman lifted his knees. (The announcers needed to marvel more at the physical feat of that spot. Ross instead critiqued whether it was a wise risk to take. While true, that was amazing that Cage could do that.) Excalibur talked about Darby defending his title at a record pace.

Page dove at Cage at ringside, but Cage caught him. Page slipped free and shoved him into the ringpost. Page then landed a moonsault bodypress off the top rope onto Cage at ringside. When Page went for a Buckshot lariat, Cage caught him and powerslammed him for a near fall. He landed a powerbomb and a bucklebomb followed by a Drill Claw for the win. Excalibur brought up that Cage’s pre-match powerbomb could have affected the outcome.

WINNER: Cage in 7:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: The pre-match attack was a bit of a tell that Cage might beat Page, who the announcers noted the no. 1 contender. In the AEW ecosystem, though, that’s a significant win for Cage.)

-They replayed Jon Moxley smashing into the Pinnacle trailer.

-Don Callis, Kenny Omega, Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, Nick Jackson, and Matt Jackson were sitting in a limo. Callis did all the talking at first. Then Omega said he’s feeling a little giddy and a little pissed off. He said they’re used to non-sports numb-nut people trying to take them down a notch. He said wherever they do, money follows, and they won’t be scared or intimidated. He said he is not afraid of any of them. Michael Nakazawa, who was their driver, pushed the horn. Everyone was startled and freaked out. He apologized for “pushing the wrong button.” Omega said if Eddie Kingston wants him, he’s got to beat “one of our goons first, Michael Nakazawa.”

-Excalibur hyped The Bucks vs. The Sydal Brothers was next. [c]

(2) THE YOUNG BUCKS (w/Don Callis) vs. MATT & MIKE SYDAL

The Bucks strutted out. Nick showed more personality this week, like he was trying to project an emotion other than soul-crushing boredom with life. Schiavone asked what was up with the Bucks’ outfits. Excalibur lamented their frivolous spending $20,000 on shoes. The Sydal Brothers got in some early offense. Matt bailed out to ringside, then returned to the ring and interfered with a superkick. He obnoxiously strutted around and showboated, kicking Mike around in a taunting way. [c/ss]

Matt got the hot-tag after the break and and rallied against Matt. Lots of chaotic action broke out including a nice headscissors of both Matt and Nick at once. Mike got a hot-tag and rallied, but Matt punched him in the crotch as Nick distracted the referee. Callis called it “a beautiful athletic maneuver.” Then Nick and Matt finished him with a BTE Trigger for the win. Brandon Cutler immediately gave them ice bags and sprayed their backs with cold spray.

WINNERS: The Young Bucks in 10:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good tag match. This is the most valuable The Young Bucks have seemed since Dynamite launched. They are really leaning into being obnoxious heels. I can’t imagine them getting cheered by many fans at all the way they’re coming across, despite having exciting matches.)

-Kaz and Christopher Daniels walked out. Kaz said he promised last December that the next time they lost, they’d break up as a team. He said they stand there undefeated since then, and thus they stand before them as their biggest threats. Daniels said he was looking forward to wrestling his friends, the Bucks, but now he sees instead entitled, overdressed bitches. He said their new attitude sucks. He said he wants to take their tag titles, so “when you find your balls,” they’ll take their titles “and make this company a better place with you assholes out of it.” [c]

-Jade Cargil said every major manager is interested in signing her, but they want a cut of her money. She said she makes her own money and she makes her own rules, so it’s not going to happen that way. She closed, “You better understand, I’m that bitch.”

(Keller’s Analysis: I don’t really get that catch phrase, and I’m had enough of the over-usage of “bitch” which seems to be scripted into half of all women’s promos in all major companies these days.)

-Ross touted Jade.

(3) PENTA EL ZERO MIEDO (w/Alex Abrahantes) vs. ORANGE CASSIDY (w/Trent)

An inset interview aired with Penta and Alex. Alex said Penta says he’s going to beat Cassidy to a pulp. I get it. Penta refused Cassidy’s test of strength offer a few times, pulling Cassidy’s arms down. He then made a big deal out of taking off his glvoe and hook-shot tossing it to Alex, who caught it. He then shoved Cassidy. Cassidy finally took off his sunglasses and he made a big production out of it. He casually tossed them to Trent, who didn’t quite catch it. Cassidy then threw his soft and casual roundkicks at Penta’s legs with his hand in his pocket. Cassidy managed to counter Penta with an armdrag with his hands still in his pockets. Schiavone had never seen that and said, “My god, he’s sensational!” Cassidy went for Beach Break, but Penta blocked it and landed a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Penta tried to bite Cassidy’s finger as Cassidy posed casually for a photo with him. Cassidy kicked Penta to the floor and then dove at him, but Penta caught him mid-air. He held him in the air with one arm and then dropped him over the ring apron. They cut to a picture-in-picture split-screen break. [c/ss]

Penta dominate during the break. Penta went for an armbreaker after the break. Cassidy resisted and put his hand in his pocket to ultimately block it. Penta stomped away at him instead. Cassidy landed a thrust kick. Penta fired back with his own thrust kick. Penta caught a leaping Cassidy with a kick to the chin, then a Destroyer. Cassidy fired back with a Beach Break for a two count. Penta stomped away at Cassidy in the corner a minute later. Cassidy came back with a Stun Dog Millionaire and a spinning DDT for a near fall. Alex stood on the ring apron with a mic and distracted Cassidy. He said that Penta said something about Trent’s mom. Cassidy yanked him into the ring. Penta then took over against Cassidy, but Cassidy flipped out of his grip. Trent gave him a mic and Cassidy used it as a weapon for a Superman Punch leading to the three count.

WINNER: Cassidy in 13:00.

-Excalibur threw to Tony Schiavone conducting an interview with Britt Baker and Rebel backstage earlier in the day. Baker said she’s now the no. 1 ranked woman with an 8-1 record, edging out Thunder Rosa who is at 8-2. She gloated.

-Schiavone stood mid-ring and introduced The Pinnacle first followed by The Inner Circle. The audience sang Jericho’s song. They faced off with Schiavone standing between them. Schiavone talked about the rules. When he said a coin toss would decide who got the advantage, Shawn Spears knocked the mic out of his hand. He picked it up and said they were lured into the match so they deserve the advantage. He told Sammy Guevara that Chris Jericho is leading him into deep waters, and he’s going to step on his head while he’s drowning. Guevara asked why he should believe him. He said since he came to AEW, he’s been a failure. “The more I think of it, you were a failure where you used to work too,” he said. Guevara said he’ll give him the advantage. He volunteered to start the Blood & Guts match and take on everyone.

Cash Wheeler asked Santana & Ortiz not to bring that version of themselves to the Blood & Guts match. He said they’re soft, complacent Jericho lapdogs. He promised them that if that version of them shows up, they won’t make it out. Dax Hardwood said he’s prepared his family for the possible consequences of the match next week. He said he isn’t afraid to die and they’re entering his world now. He brought up their families and kids. He told Santana to whisper a message from Dax to their kids that daddy isn’t coming home. Ortiz told Santana not to get triggered. Santana said in seven days they’ll be locked in a cage with them. He said he’ll let his hands do the talking then.

MJF said they want to act like gentleman. He said “thank you” to Jericho. He said those are words Jericho has wanted to hear because without him, there would be no AEW. He said Jericho was the top guy, the draw, and the bridge for the lapsed fan to watch AEW. A bit of an “Inner Circle / Pinnacle” battle chant broke out. He said Jericho must feel the pressure because if he doesn’t hit a home run every week, it’s taking food out of the mouths of everyone else in the company. He said lately, though, he’s showing it’s taking its toll on him He said his eyes are bloodshot red and he looks exhausted from the pressure. He said next week at Blood & Guts, he’s going to do him a solid and take the heavy crown off his head and put it on his. “And my family will replace the Inner Circle on the mountain top of All Elite Wrestling,” he said. He said he appreciates everything he has done for AEW, which is why when Blood & Guts is done and he’s looking down at his scarred up, lifeless body, he will once again thank him. “Your spot’s mine,” he concluded.


Jericho called him a “self-righteous, self-gratifying little prick.” He said he won’t inherit a spot like he inherited a trust fund when he turned 18. He said it doesn’t work that way. He said if he wants a spot, he’s got to earn it. He said he said he was curtain-jerking at age 25 in WCW, and he’s proud of it. He said what MJF failed to say is that at age 25, he head already headlined in Mexico, Japan, and Germany. He said that’s another reason he’s there today. He said he earned life-lessons and earned the reputation that put him at the top of this game. He said if he wants his spot, he ought to start by beating him at Blood & Guts. He said that won’t happen, though. Tully Blanchard tried to step in, but Jericho said he wouldn’t let him interrupt his promo. He said his so-called lapdogs are a pack of wild animals that have torn and clawed their way to the top of AEW, and he owes them for that. He said they won’t make them submit, and they’ll have to kill them to make them surrender. He said when that doesn’t happen, they’ll step on them and look down at them in the only spot they deserve.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good segment. A lot going on there, but other than Wardlow and Jake Hager, everyone had a moment or two. Jericho didn’t try as hard to be funny, other than a weird Tetris reference. MJF continues to be stellar. I like this version of Santana & Ortiz, too.)

-As Eddie Kingston’s music played, Nakazawa was shown sitting in street clothes in the corner of the ring. Eddie told them to cut the “sports entertainment crap.” He said he’s not doing it. He told Nakazawa to get out of the ring. He said, “Kenny, I’m not doing this, man.” Kenny and Callis walked out.

Kenny said he doesn’t think he understands how this works. “You see, we’re kinda the ones who are mad at you, we’re kinda the ones that need to pay back what you did to us,” he said. “Do you think because you asked for the champ, you get the champ? We’re sending the goons after you. You don’t get me, you get Nak.” Nakazawa then hit him from behind with a laptop computer. Kingston fought back right away with an exploder suplex as Omega watched. Kingston put Nakazawa’s leg in a chair, basically daring Omega to make the save. Omega said he gets it, he wants to break Nakazawa’s ankle. Omega said Nakazawa knows what he signed up for. He said they’ve got more than one goon. He called out Brandon Butler. Excalibur called him “the Young Bucks’ lackey.” Moxley attacked Omega from behind. He put him in a sleeper mid-ring. Kingston then put Omega’s leg in a chair. Callis got on the mic and told them to stop. Kingston said he wants Kenny in a title match or he’s going to break his leg. Callis resisted, then gave in and said they’d make it work. He said if he breaks his ankle, there’s no match. Mox said they want a tag team match with Omega “and this little dipshit with the laptop, and we want it ASAP.” Callis said he’s got it. Omega woke up and begged off.

(Keller’s Analysis: A vastly improved Omega here. He’s utterly unlikable and also a more serious person or at least lacking the sense that he’s not taking anything seriously and he’s a big flake. Kingston knows who he is and does it well.) [c]

-Schiavone interviewed Taz backstage. Christian interrupted. Taz said Powerhouse Hobbs knocked him pillar to post last week, and Hobbs made one mistake and Christian seized on it to win. He said he’ll have to face someone else now. Christian said Taz used to be a badass. He said he still talks a big game, but he’s not so good at backing it up anymore. He said Taz will act like his men’s victories are his own to feed his ego. Christian said he’s back after seven years. He said Taz wishes he could come back too, but he can’t. He said he should go ahead and send Team Taz one at a time after him. He said he doesn’t believe in “win or lose,” he believes in “win or learn.” He said some day his men will figure out they’d be better off without him.


Sabian and Ford walked out first. Excalibur said Miro has championships on his mind these days “and he could not care less about Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford.” Schiavone followed that up by saying Miro says he’s looking for Kip. (Sounds like he actually cares a little bit, at least.) With Ford in control at ringside, they cut to an early break. [c]

Statlander avoided a handspring back elbow attempt by Ford, then landed a Solar Eclipse for a two count. Ross called it a great match. Cassidy blocked Sabian from interfering late, then Statlander finished off Ford for the win. She then bent over and “bopped” Ford’s nose.

WINNER: Statlander in 7:00.

-A vignette aired with “10” saying Brodie Lee inspired and influenced his career and recruited him to Dark Order. He said he wants to win the TNT Title tonight because it’s the top belt and it’s closely associated with Brodie.


Nick Comoroto, Aaron Solow, and Q.T. Marshall were shown getting out of Cody’s “Nightmare Express” bus. Schiavone said, “Someone’s got to answer for this. Those buses cost a lot of money!” Johnson took it to Marshall at ringside. When the bell rang, Marshall went after Gunn’s ribs. Comorodo tagged in and continued to beat on Gunn, whose ribs were heavily taped. Schiavone said Comoroto reminds him of a combination of Bruiser Brody and Billy Jack Haynes. [c]

Johnson backdropped Marshall over the top rope, then landed a corkscrew dive over the top rope. Ogogo punched Johnson. Marshall then easily pinned him.

WINNERS: Marshall & Comotoro & Solow in 6:00.

-Afterward, Comoroto hit Dustin with a cow bell. The Gunn Club kids ran out and attacked Marshall. Comoroto and Solow had returned to the back, but they ran back out. Marshall escaped to the bus. Cody popped out of the bus and beat up Marshall. Marshall raked his eyes and fled. He ended up on top of the bus. Cody met him up there. They battled on the roof and referee Aubrey Edwards joined them to yell at them to stop. Cody applied a figure-four on Marshall briefly. He flexed his arms on the roof of the bus.

-The announcers hyped Cody vs. Marshall next week, plus Omega & Nakazawa vs. Moxley & Kingston, SCU vs. Jurassic Express vs. Varsity Blondes vs. The Acclaimed, Britt Baker in action, and Blood & Guts. Schiavone also announced that on May 12, Moxley will defend the New Japan U.S. Title against Yuji Nagata. He said he used to call his matches in WCW.

-Sabian approached Miro. Before he could talk, Miro threw Sabian into a metal garage door and beat him up for a minute. He said it’s time for him to pay his dues. He slammed the door on his wrist. Sabian cried out in pain. Miro then cradled his head and said, “I forgive you.” [c]

(6) DARBY ALLIN (w/Sting) vs. “10” (w/Dark Order) – TNT Title match

The cut to an early break. [c]

Darby grounded 10 after the break with a wristlock. 10 crawled over toward the bottom rope and grabbed the rope to force the break. Sting backed off Dark Order when they got a little involved. Ethan Page then threw Darby into the ringpost, then into the ring. Darby was down on the mat as 10 returned to the ring to seize the opening with a wheelbarrow for a two count. He went for a full nelson next, but Darby elbowed out of it. Darby ripped at 10’s mask and gouged his eyes, then leaped off the middle rope. He gave a middle finger to Ethan at ringside before rebounding. 10 put him in a full nelson. As Darby faded, he pushed off the middle turnbuckle with his foots and scored a leverage three count to retain his title. Ross said he’s up to nine successful title defenses.

WINNER: Darby to retain the TNT Title in 12:00.

-10 helped Darby up. Darby held up a “Brodie” wristband and congratulated 10 on a good fight. Scorpio Sky blindsided Sting in the ring. Ethan joined in and attacked Darby. Sky put Sting in a heel lock mid-ring as Page choked Darby and made him watch. Lance Archer and 10 made the save. Jake Roberts walked out to join them after the heels fled.

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  1. “They replayed Jon Moxley smashing into the Pinnacle trailer.”. I thought it was the elite who was in the trailer, not pinacle?

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