6/4 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on The Young Bucks vs. Pac & Penta El Zero Miedo, Britt Baker’s Celebration, The Inner Circle’s Victory Lap, Sting & Darby Allin Speak, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


JUNE 4, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur


Pac and Penta attacked, and did top rope dives before the match started. Pac focused on Nick Jackson, while Penta and Matt Jackson squared off on the outside. Pac threw Matt into the ring, starting the match officially. Matt Jackson was thrown into the corner, and then Penta was tagged in to continue the attack. Nick Jackson stormed in on a pinning attempt and took out Penta and punched Pac off the apron.

The Young Bucks did several quick tags while working on Penta, Pac was tagged in and took the advantage for his team once more. Pac set up the Black Arrow, but Matt Jackson rolled out of the way. Nick then held Pac as Matt did heel running clothesline onto Pac.

Back in the ring, Matt had his shoes shined by Brandon Cutler. Pac hit a more as Matt turned around, Matt was able to get the advantage back soon after. Pac took on both Bucks and hit a German on Nick. Penta was tagged in he fought both weakened Bucks. Nick was able to tag in Matt, Penta got a near fall that was broken up by Nick Jackson. Pac was tagged in after, and he hit several kicks and then a Liger Bomb for a near fall.

Penta did a double stomp on the groin of Matt Jackson, Nick did a blind tag, but was taken out by both Pac and Penta. Penta then hit a destroyer on Nick Jackson, but Matt tagged himself in and hit a destroyer of his own. All four men battled on the apron, Penta took out Matt and Nick took out Pac. Nick used the ref as a shield and the ref was taken out. Nick took off the mask of Penta, but he had a second mask on.

Penta hit a package pile driver, Pac then hit the Black Arrow. Matt broke up the pin. Cutler came in and distracted the ref’s bison as Nick pinned Pac.

WINNER: The Young Bucks in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good opening match, that did not get the crowd response I expected. The Young Bucks are the best act in AEW right now and they continue to be that. I don’t love Pac losing a World Title match on Sunday and a Tag Team Title match on Friday. But, I suspect that is the level that Pac will be for the foreseeable future.)

-Post match, The Bucks attacked Pac and Penta. Eddie Kingston came out and made the save. [c]

-Tony Schiavone introduced Mark Henry. Soon after the promo started Vicki Guerrero came out and kicked out both men. Vicki wanted to introduce a man that has been a champion around the world. She then introduced Andrade El Idolo. Andrade entered and thanked Vicki. He said he is the face of all Latino’s, but he will also be the face of All Elite Wrestling. [c]


Lee Johnson and QT Marshall started the match. Cody was tagged in almost immediately, Johnson and Johnson teamed up to take down Marshall. Johnson was legal again, Marshall took him out and then Anthony Ogogo was tagged in. Cody got the tag soon after, Ogogo and Marshall teamed up for a moment. Cody took out Marshall when Ogogo entered the fray solo. Johnson was tagged in and hit a cutter on Marshall. The two men battled on the outside, here, Ogogo punched Johnson. Marshall began to work over Johnson in the ring after the punch. [c]

As the show returned, Johnson got a hot tag to Cody. He proceeded to take out QT Marshall. Cody took out Ogogo with a kick and then took out the now singled out QT Marshall with a power slam. Cody then locked in a Figure Four, Ogogo hit a frog splash to break up the hold. QT hit a Diamond Cutter on Cody for a near fall that was broken up by Johnson. Ogogo took out Johnson Battle Royal style, leaving Cody and Marshall in the ring. While the ref was distracted, Ogogo knocked out Cody, and Marshall was able to get the pin.

WINNER: Anthony Ogogo & QT Marshall in 11:00

(Sage’s Analysis: The match itself was good, and the crowd was pretty hot for this (more than the debut of Andrade). But, this is a thumbs down for me for two reasons. 1) This is very WWE 50/50 booking in this story. 2) The continuation of Cody in the “Cody-Verse,” is not the ideal way to use Cody IMO.)

-A recap of Stadium Stampede 2 was shown.

-The Inner Circle’s entrance music played in the arena, The team walked to the ring with Chris Jericho acting as the vanguard for the group. Jericho introduced the group as the 2021 Stadium Stampede champions. He announced that the live audience got free shirts commenting the victory. Jericho then passed the mic to Sammy. Sammy said he was on a high still, and talked about the 630 he did to Shawn Spears. He then told the story about he did that 630 off his childhood roof, and then did it in the main event. He then passed date mic to Santana, he asked what they really accomplished in the victory. He said that they still have to deal with Pinnacle backstage, he would like to never see them again. He then called out FTR for trying to end their careers, he said this isn’t over. Jake Hager agreed and said that they would beat the Pinnacle’s asses until The Inner Circle says so. He challenged Wardlow to an MMA fight on dynamite in two weeks.

Jericho then got on the mic again, he talked about MJF and said that they thought of him, pisses him off. He said MJF tried to end his life at Blood & Guts, he thinks about it everyday. He said that he has to settle the score with MJF. He said everything up to this point it was not enough, he said until he can end MJF’s career it is not gonna be over. He said that MJF calls him the Goat, If he really is then he needs to beat MJF one-on-one. He said again that he would beat MJF, and that it was not over. [c]

-A recap of the World title match at Double or Nothing was shown.

-Kenny Omega and Don Callis where back in the control room. Don Callis said that they have footage to show, next Friday, to prove that Kenny Omega was almost screwed out of the title. It was also brought up that Kenny would be fighting Jungle Boy on June 26th for the AEW title. Kenny then sang Jungle Boy’s entrance mockingly.


Christian Cage and Isiah Kassidy started the match, Cage quickly tagged in Jungle Boy, and then was tagged in again. Cage had the advantage after all the tags, Marc Quen and Kassidy conferenced for a moment. Jungle Boy and Marc Quen were legal men after this. Marc tagged in Kassidy quickly. After a moment of dominance for Private Party, Jungle Boy took out both members of Private Party and then dived out and took the fight to both men and Matt Hardy. Jungle Boy then tried a move off of the top rope, but Marc Quen caught him and took advantage.

Jungle Boy made a hot tag to Christian, he hit some classic moves on Kassidy and went for a Kill Switch, but was countered by Kassidy. The ref was distracted and Private Party were able to team up and take out Christian going into the break. [c]

Private Party continued the assault on Cage as the show returned. Christian finally countered as Private Party were messing around. Jungle Boy got the hot tag and took out both men, then he focused on the legal man Marc Quen. Jungle Boy hit a brain buster fora near fall, he then hit a DDT for another near fall. Jungle Boy locked in the snare trap, Kassidy broke up the hold. Christian then entered and was thrown out. Marc Quen then got a dirty near fall with an eye gouge and tight grab. Jungle Boy finally locked in the snare trap and got Marc Quen to tap out.

WINNER: Jungle Boy & Christian Cage in 12:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Solid match that put the spotlight on Jungle Boy. It seemed like an odd placement for Christian, that was until the angle with Hardy.)

-Team Taz responded with a video about their loss at Double or Nothing. He set up a tag team match with Hangman and a member of Dark Order vs. Cage and Hobbs next week.

-Darby Allin and Sting came to the ring to speak with Tony Schiavone. Sting said that he has so many great experiences in wrestling, he said Sunday is a night that he will never forget. The crowd gave Sting a “you still got it,” chant. Sting said thank you to the crowd for that. Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page interrupted via video. Sky said that Sting was so good, he was able to drag Darby over the finish line. Page said that Sting is carrying Allin to the top. Sky challenged Allin to pick anyone but Sting to team with him to take them on. Allin grabbed the mic, and was cut off by a commercial break in an apparent end to the segment. [c]

-Tony and heel members of the roster were in the ring to celebrate the new title win for Britt Baker, with what appeared to be Quarter Pounders on a plate. Baker thanked the crowed and said that everyone in the crowd got a burger coupon for attending. She then pulled the rug and said that she had all the coupons. She said that was because she did the work herself and the fans were not there with her. She said that she made it happen by herself. She then said DMD several times, getting the chant over with the crowd. She invited Tony and Rebel to enjoy burgers with her. Nyla Rose then threw the burgers around and out of the hands of present company. Nyla and Vicki then stormed off, setting up a feud.

-Eddie Kingston was backstage, Pac and Penta said they didn’t nee or want his help. Kingston said the enemy of his enemy is his friend. He then walked off.


Bunny tried to attack Velvet from behind, But Velvet dodged and got a near fall to start the match. Velvet then proceeded to work over Bunny in one of the corners of the ring. Bunny took the advantage by striking Velvet while she was on the top turnbuckle. Bunny then continued the assault on the outside of the ring. Bunny got Velvet into the same corner that she was being beat up in. Bunny got a near fall on Velvet going into the break. [c]

Red Velvet tried to hit her finish, but Bunny kicked her and was handed brass knuckles. Bunny missed the punch, and was hit with Just Desserts. Velvet pinned Bunny.

WINNER: Red Velvet in 7:00

(Sage’s Analysis: This was a nice end to the mini story with Velvet and Bunny. This is also a nice upleveling for Velvet.)

-Evil Uno and Dark Order were backstage. John Silver said he was given a TNT Title shot, but he is still hurt. He gave that title shot to Evil Uno.

-Miro thanked God for his power and his hot wife. He then said that he did not understand why Evil Uno would fight him, he is going to get hurt. He said that you should only fight him if you know you can survive.

-The announce team ran down the card for next week’s Dynamite and some matches the following week. [c]


Rhodes charged Comoroto as he entered the arena. The men entered the ring and the bull rope was tied to both men as the match officially started. Dustin rang the bell on the rope and hit Comoroto, but he was thrown over the top rope and choked with the rope. Eventually, both men went over the top rope and battled into the wrestler section of the audience. Comoroto started bleeding after a bell shot as he stood over Dustin Rhodes. The rope was tied around the ring post and the men battled into the break. [c]

When the show returned Dustin had the rope around Nick on the apron. Aaron Solow set up a table, Comoroto then power bombed Dustin through the table. Rhodes was thrown back into the ring, here Comoroto got a near fall. Rhodes hit a Bulldog and then a Final Reckoning, but Comoroto kicked out at one. Rhodes hit the cowbell and then hogtied Comoroto for the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Dustin Rhodes in 10:00


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