Maria Kanellis reveals Becky Lynch as a dream opponent, wants women characters to be well-rounded



It doesn’t appear as if the stars will align, but Becky Lynch is a top dream opponent for Ring of Honor’s Maria Kanellis.

Kanellis was interviewed on Women’s Wrestling Talk and discussed Lynch, Deonna Purrazzo, and Paige as her dream opponents.

“I would have loved to wrestle Becky … I think Becky embodies everything that women in wrestling want to be at this point,” Kanellis said. “She’s just so she’s strong in her belief, she’s strong in the ring, and she she never questions herself like when she’s out there. Deanna has that quality to where they’re solid in the ring. It’s like they are they are one with the ring. And I love that. So just to have a match with her would have been incredible. Paige is another one. I know that one can’t happen, but like, she’s another one that like she’s just alright, I’m pale. I’m doing it. You know, like, everyone else is wearing spray tan and she’s just like, I don’t think so.”

Kanellis also discussed the fact that she’d like to see more well-rounded characters for women in wrestling.

“I want them to have more well rounded characters,” Kanellis said. “I want to know more than just one thing. I want to know about what your family is like or what motivates you and I don’t want to just see one thing all the time on screen and that’s that I’m really tough. Like, I want more well rounded characters. I want there to be some internal conflict sometimes when it comes to all these different storylines that are going on with women’s wrestlers … so I think that’s the step.”

Kanellis returned to Ring of Honor in 2020 after being gone for five years.

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