6/10 NXT UK TV REPORT: Meiko Satomura vs. Kay Lee Ray for the NXT UK Women’s Championship, Devlin vs. Huxley, more



JUNE 10, 2021

Commentary: Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness

Broadcast from BT Sports Arena, London

-Dvorak’s ‘New World Symphony’ played as Walter made his way to the ring. The commentary team noted the length of his championship reign and called him “the longest reigning champion of the modern era” as his title reign approached 800 days.

-Walter spoke about defending his championship twice in the same week on two different continents. He called himself the longest reigning champion of the modern era, and said that the NXT UK Championship is the most prestigious championship in professional wrestling — referring to it as the Grand Prix of Pro Wrestling. He concluded by affirming his motivation and mission to respect and restore the honor of his great sport and that he would forever be the NXT UK Champion.

-Backstage, Jordan Devlin is shown entering the private dressing room he had conditionally requested last week from NXT UK Management. [c]

-Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster, & Dani Luna, the trio known as Subculture were shown walking and talking about their mutual dislike for Jinny & Joseph Conners. Webster & Luna laid out a challenge for a Mixed Tag Match as Andrews advised them to start from the bottom and fight to the top.


Entrances for both competitors were shown as the commentary team noted that Saxon Huxley has shown improvement over recent weeks, but has yet to put the puzzle of victory together. They also noted the success of Jordan Devlin’s Cruiserweight Championship reign, which totaled over 400 days and took the collective efforts of Legado del Fantasma to take the title from him.

Devlin attempted to use his quickness and aggressiveness to establish early control, but Huxley overpowered him and put Devlin in a headlock. Huxley hit a spinning bodyslam, but Devlin answered by wrenching Huxley’s arm to the mat and getting him outside the ring.

Huxley pulled Devlin’s leg to get him to the outside and rammed him into the guardrail before sending him back into the ring. Huxley hit face washes with his boot while Devlin was down in the corner, then rolled out and punctuated his attack with a drive-by kick from the outside. The Commentary Team acknowledged the improvement in Huxley as he hit a Thesz Press and slammed Devlin’s head onto the mat repeatedly. Devin used a rake to the eyes to stop the onslaught and connected with a cutter. Devlin used kicks to gain an upper hand and utilized the ropes as he pressed down on Huxley’s head with his boots. Devlin attempted his Devlinside Suplex, but Huxley held onto the rope and returned with a Sky High for a two count. Huxley hyped himself up as he got Devlin up on his shoulders, but Devin escaped and head-butted Huxley from behind. Devlin grabbed the wrist and pulled Huxley in for the Devlinside, earning himself the victory.

WINNER: Jordan Devlin in 6:28.

(Gonzalez’ Analysis: It was great to see Walter open the show. It would not be a leap of faith to conclude that his time in the U.S. is up for now as he concentrates his efforts in the U.K. However, he will likely seem to have to do so without Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner, who are seemingly remaining in NXT proper for now. It was equally nice to see the Irish Ace return to NXT UK. While he did some decent selling for Saxon Huxley, the result of the match never seemed to be in doubt, and his Devlinside Suplex is being established as a knockout of a finisher that can put away a bigger opponent.)

-NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly make their entrance in stylish clothes and make their way to the Commentary Table [c].

-Gallus members Mark Coffey & Wolfgang were shown having a lively conversation in Sid Scala’s office, much to the dismay of the Assistant to the General Manager. Scala complimented their accomplishments as a tag team, but said they can now get the attention of management as singles competitors, which excited both men. Sam Gradwell barged into the office, but upon noticing Gallus, apologized for interrupting a pointless meeting about nothing before saying he’d be back and leaving. The Gallus boys tried calling dibs on who got the first crack at Gradwell, with Wolfgang seemingly winning out.

(2) SYMBIOSIS (Primate & T-Bone w/Eddie Dennis) vs. DAN MALONEY & ANDY WILD

Pretty Deadly said they were out to scout the competition in the Tag Team Division while also giving the world a rest from having to listen to Andy Shepherd.

Primate attempted to gain a power advantage early, but Dan Maloney displayed his power in return and muscled Primate to his corner to get Andy Wild into the match. T-Bone tagged Primate to enter the match as he and Wild went at it. Wild gained enough control to tag Maloney back in. T-Bone was able to hit an overhead slam, which brought Primate in as Symbiosis hit some double-team moves, including splashes, a back suplex, and a double-stomp for a two count.

Maloney fought out of getting caught in the air, hit a dropkick on T-Bone, and tagged in Wild. Primate snuck in a blind tag as Symbiosis continued their double-team attack, but Wild was able to hit an overhead throw on Primate. Primate recovered with a big spear and tagged in T-Bone, who quickly hit a powerslam and tagged Primate back in before rushing the corner to take out Maloney. Primate climbed to the top and landed a top rope head-butt to get the win for his team.

WINNERS: Symbiosis in 6:13

(Gonzalez’ Analysis: A match that, like last week, seemed to hurt the tag division more than help it. The breakup of Mark Coffey and Wolfgang as a tag team only further weakens the division, as it currently seems void of viable teams — particularly babyface teams.)

-Kay Lee Ray and Meiko Satomura were shown making their way to the ring for their Championship match [c].

-Teoman is shown sitting at a table. He spoke to Oliver Carter and said he won’t allow Carter to interfere in his business, but he is in a good mood as his family is happy. He claimed he has the ability to put anyone on the NXT Roster in the hospital before asking Carter if Ashton Smith would visit him in the hospital. He answered his rhetorical question with a “no”, stating that Smith is not family, and that exposes a weakness. He said “the eyes see everything” as the camera pans out to reveal the an empty, but fully set table.

-Matches advertised for next week include Sam Gradwell vs. Wolfgang and a mixed tag team match between Jinny & Joseph Conners vs. Dani Luna & Flash Morgan Webster of Subculture.

(3) KAY LEE RAY (c) vs. MEIKO SATOMURA – NXT UK Women’s Championship Title Match

Andy Shepherd said there was a Big Fight Feel as Kay Lee Ray charged to the middle of the ring and talked trash. Meiko Satomura remained stoic as she dodged an attack and landed multiple kicks to Ray’s leg. Ray caught Satomura’s arm and went for an early Gory Bomb, but Satomura escaped and asserted herself as Ray went to the outside to regroup. Satomura followed and landed strikes before getting Ray back into the ring. Ray lands a superkick to Satomura’s chest as she reentered the ring. Satomura continued using kicks, while also stifling further attacks from Ray. In desperation, Ray pulled Satomura’s hair and began landing some chops and a kick of her own for a Two-Count. Ray wasted no motion and hit a front suplex for another Two-Count and then went for a Koji Clutch. Satomura reversed the submission attempt and sunk in an STF forcing Ray to fight to the ropes for the break.

Kay snuck under the ropes and came over, hitting a knee drop to the head of Satomura, swaying the momentum in her favor. Satomura attempted a tornado splash from the Middle Rope, but ate a big punch to the face from Ray. Kay again went for a Gory Bomb, but Satomura fought out and muscled Ray onto her shoulders. Ray countered into a crucifix pin attempt for a Two. Satomura composed herself and hit a cartwheel kick for a Two of her own. Ray recovered enough and performed Satomura’s own Death Valley Bomb on her. But was unable to make a cover. Both women got up and Satomura returned the favor, hitting Ray with a Gory Bomb, however, she was unable to make the cover either.

Both competitors got to their feet, with Ray hitting a Superkick, only for Satomura to smile back at her. They traded stiff strikes until Satomura landed an uppercut followed by another kick for a Two-Count. Ray fought back and hit a Tornado DDT for a Two-Count. Satomura got up immediately but met a second Superkick. Satomura got up again, only to be promptly met with a third Superkick. Satomura kicked into another gear and responded with a Saito Suplex and a Death Valley Bomb for a Two.

Satomura makes a charge at Ray, but eats a fourth Superkick, followed up by the Gory Bomb. Rather than going for the pin, Ray ascended to the top and landed a Senton for another Near Fall. The frustration overcame Ray as she went to the outside and grabbed her Championship Belt. She teased leaving as the referee admonished her. Satomura blocked her path and Ray charged at her with the belt. Satomura dodged it and hit a Death Valley Bomb to the outside. She rolled Ray back into the ring, but Ray rolled out to the corner and baited Satomura into a Gory Bomb, sending her face first into the apron. Ray rolled Satomura back into the ring, but only earned a Two-Count.

Satomura countered with a backdrop and began climbing the turnbuckle, only to be cut off by Ray. Satomura flipped over Ray and hit a big Sunset Bomb for a Near Fall. Satomura landed more kicks and sunk in a Sleeper that forced Ray to fall fortuitously onto the ropes for a break. Satomura followed immediately with a bicycle kick for another Near Fall. Ray held on after her kick out and applied the Koji Clutch momentarily, but Satomura rolled it into another Near Fall. Satomura fired up as she hit another Death Valley Bomb and waited for Ray to get up to one knee to land her Scorpio Rising kick and pumped her fist as she covered Ray for the Three Count to become the new NXT UK Women’s Champion.

WINNER: Meiko Satomura to become the new NXT UK Women’s Champion.

-Satomura was handed her new title while red and yellow streamers shot out and covered the ring. She climbed the ropes and posed with her Championship to close the show..

(Gonzalez’ Take: An awesome match. I would like to say it covered for NXT UK not having any women’s matches for the last two weeks, but thats simply inexcusable. At any rate, these competitors worked extremely hard and put on a great match that I would definitely suggest watching. You could see the Shawn Michaels production behind it, as there were certainly enough superkicks to suggest it, but the credit goes to the wrestlers who put on a great match that told a great story of an incomparable veteran who learned from the past and found a path to victory. It will be interesting to see Ray go into chase mode, or where she will go from here in general, as she’s been the champion for so long.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: It’s hard to be unsatisfied when you get a great championship match on a non-PPV show. I can only hope that the blossoming NXT UK roster takes note and follows the example set by Satomura and Ray, because the tag division needs a shot in the arm in the worst way and Walter needs challengers beyond the same men he’s already beaten.

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