6/11 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on The Young Bucks & Brandon Cutler vs. Pac & Pentagon & Kingston, Miro vs. Evil Uno, Adam Page & 10 vs. Brain Cage & Powerhouse Hobbs, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


JUNE 11, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

-A video showing The Pinnacle arriving via a limo was shared before the opening title.

-Matt Hardy was in the ring with Jack Evans and Angelico. Hardy said that Angelico would use the skills Hardy taught him to end his career. He also stated that he would never financially recover for this.


The match started with a lockup and then turned in to a battle of holds between the two men. Cage got wrist control, but Angelico countered and and taunted Cage. Who in turn beat up on Angelico in the corner. After an exchange, Angelico was in control. Angelico used the corner, the ropes and his feet to control this portion of the match. Cage sold his left arm, after showing this Angelico hit a PK kick and locked in a submission onto Christian.

Cage was able to break the hold, Cage quickly countered with a reverse DDT off of the top rope. Christian then went on the offensive, as he hit a missile drop kick and work Angelico on the ropes. Cage hit a diving head butt for a near fall. After the kick out, Angelico got an advantage and stomped on the injured arm. Angelico got a near fall after a head kick.

Both men connected with a head butt, Cage hit a pendulum kick which set up the Kill Switch for the win.

WINNER: Christian Cage in 9:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A really solid opener, both men had good chemistry.)

-After the match Jack Evans and Matt Hardy attacked Cage. Jungle Boy came out and ran off Hardy and company.

-The announce team ran down the card for the remainder of the show. [c]

-Cody Rhodes, Arn Anderson and Brock Anderson, Arn’s son; came out to chat with Tony Schiavone. It was announced that Brock would premier next week. Cody said that Brock will prove that he wasn’t handed a spot and that he has earned it. Cody also said that he wanted some revenge on Anthony Ogogo. QT Marshall came out and said that he beat Cody, not Ogogo. Marshall said he was out by himself, he then said he was sick of Cody and his legacy projects. Marshall said he has been ducking  his athletes. Marshall said he wanted a full house on July 7th to whip his ass. He challenged Cody to a South Beach strap match. Both men took off their belts, Marshall hit Arn with his belt. Brock Anderson in turn attacked QT to defend his father.

(Sage’s Analysis: I think we should all accept that Cody will only be working with guys in his sphere of influence for the near and mid term.)


Pac and Matt Jackson started the match. Matt acted like he was going to tag out, but he tried to punch Pac, which didn’t work. Brandon Cutler was tagged in and worked over by Pac. Pac tagged in Penta, instead of Eddie Kingston, and Penta continued to beat up Cutler. Penta tagged in Kingston, who worked the chest of Cutler, and hit a vertical suplex. Pac tagged himself in, once he was in he worked in several kicks, sending Cutler into the Young Bucks corner.

Matt Jackson tagged himself in and was taken out by Pac, who did a Young Bucks like taunt. Nick Jackson entered and took out the entirety of the opposing team going into the break. [c]

Both Matt and Nick were teaming up on Pac as the show returned. Pac was able to counter a top rope DDT, he went to make the tag and only had Kingston. Pac did not want to, and Cutler hit him from behind, eventually Penta was tagged in and did a dive onto both Bucks. Penta hit a destroyer on Matt Jackson and was then tripped by Cutler. Nick Jackson tried to kick Penta, who was held by Cutler and kicked Cutler as Penta dodged.

Pac tried to hit the Black Arrow, Cutler ran in to use the camera and was thwarted by Kingston. Pac remained in position as Kingston and Penta hit several moves on The Bucks and Cutler. Pac hit a 450 splash into a brutalizer on Matt Jackson. Nick was able to break the hold. Eddie Kingston and Pac then did a tandem dive on Nick and Cutler. Pac entered the ring and Matt Jackson caught him with a roll up two count. Kingston took out Cutler and Pac was able to pin Cutler for the win.

WINNER: Pac, Penta and Kingston in 14:00

(Sage’s Analysis: This was a really high quality in ring match, with a predictable finish. The story between Kingston and Pac was a bit odd if it does not lead to something down the road. Beyond that, this match was a bit on the chaotic side which could hav been toned down a bit. The post match stuff is built in at this point after Bucks matches, so eliminating this happening every single time would be beneficial.)

-Postmatch Gallows and Anderson came out, but Frankie Kazarian came out as well. Kingston and Penta embraced Kazarian for his efforts.

-A video that Don Callis and Kenny Omega submitted was shown. The video recapped how Kenny was “screwed,” in his title match. It was a recap of the end of the title match at Double or Nothing, with the F you Don chants changed to Thank you Don. It also replaced the boos with cheers. [c]

-The Pinnacle came out to the ring. Dax Harwood said that stadium stampede did not go as they wanted. He said that FTR and Santana & Ortiz are the same men, they all came up form nothing. But Santana and Ortiz lost their edge. Dax said that he has a family and a bank account to think of. Cash Wheeler said he doesn’t have a family and doesn’t give a shit about theirs. Shawn Spears then called out Sammy, he said that his vlog and crazy moves make him an indy wrester, not a hero. Wardlow then grabbed the mic and called out Hager. He said Hager is obsessed, and he is here for the fight that Hager wants. He said that he only offered an MMA match because he can’t beat him in the ring. He said that when he is standing in front of him, he is in Wardlow’s world and he accepts.

MJF grabbed the mic and said he is tired because he knows he is the best. He called out Jericho and told the story of how he idolized him. But, he said that Jericho is a false god and not on his level. He has beaten Jericho twice and he has nothing to prove and that the one-on-one match had been denied. MJF then called out Sammy, he said that he had less than talking skills and that he should keep his name out of his mouth.

Jericho appeared on the screen and said that he knows what happens if The Inner Circle do not get what they want. He said they had a good talk, and they can talk about that as they walk home tonight. The Inner Circle proceeded to destroy The Pinnacle’s Limo. Hager slammed a forklift into the limo and picked it up after it was hit with baseball bats. Sammy said he would fight MJF anytime to end the segment. [c]

(Sage’s Analysis: The initial promo by The Pinnacle was good, but felt like a promo that we have heard several times over. The destruction of the limo was a nice touch at the end. The bit with the forklift was a nice touch to spice up the destroy a car angle.)

-Darby and Sting had a response to Sky and Page. Darby said that he would not replace Sting, he wants a handicap match against them next week. He asked Sting to stay home next week. Sting said that he accomplished everything before Sting arrived. The fist bumped and agreed that Sting would not come next week.

-A video showing the connection between the TNT title and The Dark Order, thru Brodie Lee was shown.


The match started with a test of strength that Miro won instantly, forcing Evil Uno into the corner. The men then did some mat based wrestling, leading to a scoop slam of Uno by Miro. Miro hit some body shots, Uno was able to get in a chop that Miro no sold. On the outside Miro missed a strike and hit his hand on the post. Uno then hit a spinning seton off the apron. Soon after that, back in the ring Miro took control once more as the break started. [c]

Miro was taunting the crowd and then slammed Uno off of the apron onto the floor. Stu Grayson and Alan Angels came out to help Uno to beat the count with inspiration. Miro went to the outside and slammed Grayson into the crowd and Angels ran off. Uno hit a huricanrana and a series of forearms, culminating with a big boot. Uno then hit a Senton off the top rope, Miro kicked out at one. After this the entire Dark Order came out to cheer on Uno.

Uno got a near fall after Miro fell into an exposed turnbuckle. Miro no sold a discuss lariat and a lariat of his own. Miro then stomped on Uno and locked in his hold for the submission win.

WINNER: Miro in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: This was so much better than it had any right to be. This was booked a lot like Orange Cassidy at Double or Nothing. Evil Uno had no chance to win, but they did so much to make you think he ha that 1% chance to win. Miro and The Young Bucks are the best things going in AEW right now.)

-A promo video for Andrade was shown, with him putting on jewelry and a custom suit. A title card calling him “The face of Latinos,” was shown.

-Tony Schiavone was in the ring and he brought out Kenny Omega and Don Callis. Tony called out the two men for making up a conspiracy and involving Jungle Boy in it. Don Callis calls the whole thing a “Khan Job.” Callis said that Jungle Boy is like the band that sings his theme song, a one hit wonder. Kenny said as champion he is supposed to sell this match, he said that he has nothing bad to say about him. He said that he looks like a young Kenny Omega and that he respects him, maybe one day he will be a champion. Kenny asked Don what Jungle boy was missing. Callis said that Jungle Boy doesn’t have the guts to win the match. Jungle Boy’s music hit and he came out to the ring.

Kenny said that he has never heard Jungle boy talk, he knows that in this moment that he has nothing to say. He doesn’t have the courage to talk to a wrestling god. Kenny said that no one is better than him and he offered JB 5 seconds on the mic. Jungle Boy said that Kenny talks too much (Queue Botchamania) and he slapped Kenny. Kenny then started to fight him, JB quickly locked in the Snare Trap. The Young Bucks came out and made the save for Omega.

-Jade Cargill and Mark Sterling had a video. Sterling said Jade’s marketing is up 43%, Mark said that Jade has a family to feed and that Jade will be know across all media. Jade then said her catchphrase that she “is that bitch.” [c]

-Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page responded to Darby and his request for a handicap match. Sky said this was the dumbest thing he has seen him do. Page said that they are why he lost his title and that they will destroy him next week on the way to the next level for them.


Lance walked in and choke slammed Hopkins to start the match, Archer then hit The Black Out for the win.

WINNER: Lance Archer in 30 seconds

(Sage’s Analysis: TV time for Archer)

-The Wingmen called Orange Cassidy, setting up his next program.


Nyla Rose started with a big clothesline and a slam of Leyla Hirsch. This was countered by Hirsch and she quickly Locke din an armbar. Nyla broke the hols with the ropes and rolled to the outside, Hirsch did a dive and was caught by Rose, who slammed her into the apron. Rose then worked Hirsch on the outside of the ring, culminating in a power bomb on the floor. Back in the ring Nyla hit a number of splashes. [c]

Hirsch got a near fall on Rose as the show returned. Hirsch then hit a release German suplex, and then a moonsault, which Nyla was able to break the pin with a rope break. Hirsch then locked in an arm hold, but Rose was able to power out. Rose then slammed Hirsch on the top rope, Rose got onto the top rope and was met by Hirsch. Rose then hit a Powerbomb off of the top rope for the pinfall.

WINNER: Nyla Rose in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A solid match, with some rough looking spots including the final power bomb. That helped to heat up Nyla quickly for her upcoming match against Britt Baker.)

-Tony was backstage with Britt Baker after the match. Britt said that she was mad at Nyla at first, but she is a role model. She did not like that Nyla took advantage of Hirsch’s height. She said that as champion she has so many offers, did Nyla have any when she was champion. She said that Nyla needs the title, but the title need Britt.

-The announce team went over the card for next week and the June 26th edition of the show. [c]


Adam Page and Brian Cage started the match, where strikes and power moves were traded by each men. Page hit a standing shooting star press on Cage stock get a brief advantage. Brian Cage countered and had a small advantage as well, 10 got the bling tag and took advantage as Adam Page hit a shoulder block and 10 continued that assault. Powerhouse Hobbs was tagged in and he took out 10 and worked over his opponent in his teams corner. [c]

Brian Cage and 10 were battling as the show returned. 10 hit a big boot, but Hobbs was blind tagged in. Page entered the fray soon after and he took out Cage on the apron and then battled with Powerhouse Hobbs. Page was thrown out of the ring and he was caught by Cage and he tried a power bomb but reversed it, sending him into the ring post. Back in the ring Page took out Hobbs and Cage once more. Page tagged in 10, who hit a big move on the beaten down Hobbs. Brian Cage tagged din and hit a big move on 10 and took out Page. He then got a near fall on 10. Hobbs then entered and grabbed 10, Ricky Starks then threw Cage the belt and Cage threw it back. Starks slapped Cage for that and the two went into the back.

Hobbs now solo took on 10 and got a near fall. Page tried to enter, but Hobbs threw him out of the ring. Page reentered and hit the Buckshot Lariat for the pinfall.

WINNERS: Adam Page and 10 in 12:00

(Sage’s Analysis: An ok, hard-hitting match. This was more about Cage and Team Taz than Page and 10 getting the win, which is usually not the best call for a show main event. But it did happen at midnight on the East Coast, so this is a good time for this to main event a show.)

(Final Thoughts: A much improved show from last week that was treated like a first run episode of AEW Dynamite. Some good building for forte weeks and lots of good wrestling. Overall this was not the most newsworthy show, but it was a solid and entertaining show from start to finish.)



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