AEW DYNAMITE HITS & MISSES 6/11: Christian Cage delivers in the ring, Omega’s promo a hit, more


Kenny Omega (photo provided to PWTorch by AEW, credit Al Powers)


Christian Cage vs. Angelico – HIT

A solid win for Christian Cage. Angelico looked credible and created a lot of movement during the match. Although Christian works a more traditional style, the fans still got into the match and it told a good basic story. Matt Hardy beat down Christian again after the match before Jungle Boy ran in for the save.

Cody Rhodes Promo – HIT

I don’t think there’s any doubt that Brock is the son of Arn Anderson. He had the same body and facial expressions as his father. Not seeing what he’s capable of in the rin, this was a fine introduction. QT Marshall came out again and challenged Cody to a South Beach strap match. While QT doesn’t possess the same intangibles as other wrestling stars, he is making me want to see Cody destroy him. That’s a plus to boost Cody and if Brock Anderson can beat him as well that will give fans something to remember him by.

Pac, Penta El Zero Miedo, & Eddie Kingston vs. The Young Bucks, & Brandon Cutler – HIT

A fun match between these teams. I’m enjoying seeing Brandon Cutler in the role of the guy who just takes the beating for the heels while they stall on the apron. Eddie Kingston is also coming into his own as an alpha wrestler. He has it down on the mic and now he is rising above while in the ring as one of the central stars. Still no sign of Jon Moxley, but Frankie Kazarian came out for the assist, aligning himself with Kingston, Pac, and Penta.

The Pinnacle Promo – MISS

I enjoyed the performances of each member of The Pinnacle, but I’m not a fan of the round robin format. The Inner Circle has done the same thing, but it gives off a feeling of being scripted which AEW has done a good job avoiding thus far. Before MJF could finish his promo, Chris Jericho appeared on the screen and the rest of The Inner Circle proceeded to beat up The Pinnacles’s limo with bats and a forklift. It was an exciting visual, but continues to feel like the best of the attitude era.

Miro vs. Evil Uno – HIT

This was on the higher end of what people could have expected for this match. Of course it was highly unlikely that Evil Uno would beat Miro for the championship, but they made it seem possible with Dark Order cheering him on from ringside. They also tied Brodie Lee into the story in how it would be significant for another Dark Order member to hold the championship. In the end Miro looked dominant, but gave a good showing to Uno.

Kenny Omega Promo – HIT

Tremendous work from Don Callis and Kenny Omega to sell this title match against Jungle Boy. They’re taking this match seriously and making fans believe Jungle Boy could either win or be competitive with Omega. Jungle Boy told Omega he talked too much before getting into a scuffle with him. He appeared to get the better of Omega before The Young Bucks ran in to break it up.

Lance Archer vs. Chandler Hopkins – HIT

A quick squash for Lance Archer. He continues to dominate jobbers which keeps him strong. During his AEW run, he has two signature singles victories to point to in Rey Fenix and Eddie Kingston. Archer is at his best when he’s throwing guys around the ring, but it’s difficult to buy him as a serious player when he rarely faces name opponents.

Nyla Rose vs. Leyla Hirsch – HIT

Last week, Nyla Rose appeared to be setting up a program with Britt Baker. This week, she’s still playing her normal monster heel character adding more confusion as to what’s happening with Britt. For this match, she dominated Leyla Hirsch, tossing her around the ring. Hirsch drew in the crowd showing moments of coming close to victory. Rose finished her off with a powerbomb from the top rope.

Hangman Page & 10 (Preston Vance) vs. Powerhouse Hobbs & Brian Cage – HIT

Solid match up for these teams. The dissension within Team Taz continued as Brian Cage refused the help of Ricky Starks again before chasing him to the backstage area. Preston Vance had his moments in showing incremental improvement every time he’s been put into an elevated role. Hangman continued to capture the energy of the crowd and show that he’s on an upward trajectory. Vance pinned Hobbs after a Buckshot Lariat from Page leading to a celebration with the Dark Order at ringside.

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