Killian Dain says WWE release didn’t come as a shock, has list of opponents he’d like to wrestle next


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Killian Dain’s recent release from the WWE did not come as a direct shock to him.

In an interview on the It’s My House podcast, the former WWE star and member of Sanity dished on the release, Nikki Cross, his wrestling future, and who he’s like to work with next.

“Because of all the releases in the last year, it didn’t come as a as a direct shock,” Dain said of the WWE release. “I was more prepared to be released last year, when the major cuts happened. I even asked a writer last year. I asked the writer because I wasn’t doing something at the time and I asked was I on any of these lists and he said you were on none of the lists, you weren’t even on any of the potential lists so you know, that was obviously great to know. But this year, you know it’s changed a little bit, things have changed in the company for whatever reason, and a bunch of us who were just over that age bracket all seem to have been let go at the same time. I just signed an extension. Not a lot of people know this, but I just signed an extension, so I could easily have been gone at the same time as Alexander Wolfe, because our deals expired on the same day. So I genuinely believe that this is something that was a last minute thing you know, maybe within a week of us getting released was probably when they made the decision.”

Dain spoke highly of Nikki Cross and her new superhero gimmick saying that it took six months to develop, organize and execute.

“She has taken it like a duck to water with this new gimmick, and I’m really excited to see what happens next with it because she’s made this happen,” Dain said. “It started as a concept that took about six months to get fully organized and prepared and ready. And as soon as it was ready, as soon as the gear was in the mail it was go go go go and that’s one of the coolest parts of it. I know that they really enjoy it right now, but listen in a year’s time, that could be very different. But I’m hoping we can get a couple of years out of this, because I think she’s brilliant for kids. I grew up loving the cartoon era of WWE, because you know, those colorful characters are what drew me in and we need to think about the next generation — how do we get kids interested these days.”

Dain talked about his future and what was next for him in the wrestling business and appears to have his eyes set on specific opponents.

“So for the time being I’ll be staying in America with Nikkis success and everything else,” Dain said. “So then, literally once I am free to work again, I’m going to be picky, choosy, and I’m going to take a bit of time to really get around the world you know. There’s places I want to go, there’s companies I want to work for, there there’s people I want to work. I’ve got a full list of people I’m desperate to work. It was a blast when I got to wrestle a lot of the New Japan guys through Rev Pro and I’d love it if I got a chance to wrestle the likes of Ishii again and Tanahashi again. I’d love to wrestle Okada, Shingo, you know all those guys. And there’s so many others across the world, so for me, I’m taking these three months to take a bit of time for myself, to get myself prepared mentally, physically, everything else.”

Most recently, Dain was in a tag team with Drake Maverick in NXT. His notable time on the roster was as a member of the Sanity faction. He was released from the WWE in June of this year.

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