Ronda Rousey speaks on Bray Wyatt release, blames WWE Fans


Ronda Rousey (art credit Joel Tesch © PWTorch)


Ronda Rousey took to social media on Tuesday to discuss the release of Bray Wyatt and blamed WWE fans for his departure from the company.

“I’ve seen you same “fans” chanting #WeWantWyatt last night chanting, “We want beach balls” over @WWEBrayWyatt performing. If the @wwe treated him like he was expendable it was because you ungrateful idiots did first.”

Ronda Rousey last wrestled for WWE at WrestleMania 35 in the main event against both Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. Lynch was victorious in that match, capturing both the WWE Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships.

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11 Comments on Ronda Rousey speaks on Bray Wyatt release, blames WWE Fans

  1. She’s not wrong.

    This was my initial reaction when I saw the outpouring of support for Bray. Whenever it was time for a Fiend match, everybody would just shit all over it (rightfully so, mostly) and complain until it was over.

    • The “fans” didn’t give him his pink slip, a company that has been out of touch with those same “fans” for decades did. This company has done more questionable things then any other entity that I know of. She is wrong in spades considering it’s obvious she’s still bitter over the treatment she received from those same “fans”. Really, how many more times was the guy going to get to reinvent himself. The fiend was a one dimensional character that shouldn’t of existed to begin with. When Windham is your merchandising juggernaut, yeah your company’s in trouble.

      • The Fiend was no more one dimensional than The Undertaker. Wyatt was extremely over, but the company kept pulling the rug out from under him.

      • I didn’t say Ronda Rousey is the paragon of virtue, I’m dating what she said isn’t wrong.

        When you make no real argument against the point and go on some personal rant attacking the messenger, you lose.

  2. Oh no, God forbid fans voice their opinion on a lacking, lazy product. But thats not directed to a single performer but the suits behind them.

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