8/3 NWA POWER TV REPORT: Championship Series continues, Slice Boogie vs. Jax Dane in the main event, more



AUGUST 3, 2021

Announcers: Tim Storm and Joe Galli, with Melina as a special guest

-The show opened with a preview of the Champions Series round one finale. It was also announced that each team’s alternate would compete in a fatal four-way match. The camera entered the arena and Joe Galli talked about the first match of the night. He threw to the ring where the wrestlers were waiting for the bell.

(1) KENZIE PAIGE (Team Kamille & Idol) vs. LADY FROST (Team Stevens & Terrell)

Paige and Frost each tried to gain the advantage with a lockup. Frost hit a running knee before punishing Paige in the corner. Frost threw Paige to the mat and cinched in a headlock. Paige created separation, but Frost continued to punish her with strikes. From there, Frost hit a suplex for a two count. Paige tried to rally, but Frost hit a series of shoulder tackles. Frost missed a clothesline, but followed up with a spinning kick. Frost scaled the top rope and hit a moonsault and a pinfall attempt, but Frost lifted Paige’s shoulders off the mat before the three. Frost stood and taunted Paige, but Paige surprised her with a rollup for the win. With that victory, Paige earned her team five points. [c]

WINNER: Kenzie Paige via pinfall in 5:00

-The show returned with Melina at the announce desk. Galli threw to the ring for the next match.

(2) CRIMSON (Team Aldis & Melina) vs. MYSTERY MAN (Team Pope & Velvet Sky)

They locked up and Crimson cinched in a headlock. The announce team started asking Melina questions about picking Mystery Man. Melina nervously responded that Mystery Man was picked by Nick Aldis. Galli realized that Mystery Man was on Team Pope and Sky and the entire team scrambled to explain the mistake. Crimson kept control of the match after wrestling Mystery to the mat. After, Mystery created separation and cinched in a headlock. The pace quickened and each wrestler hit a flurry of offense. Mystery cinched in a half crab and the bell rang. The referee declared the match a time limit draw. Each wrestler earned their team two points. [c]

-Back from the break, the fatal-four way was set to begin in the ring. NWA President Billy Corgan was at the announce desk which was not announced or acknowledged by Galli or Storm.

(3) SAL RINAURO (Team Kamille & Idol) vs. JORDAN CLEARWATER (Team Stevens & Terrell) vs. JERIMIAH PLUNKETT (Team Aldis & Melina) vs. COLBY CORINO (Team Pope & Sky)

The bell rang, and all four participants argued with each other. Plunkett threw Rinauro out of the ring and into the post. Back in the ring, Plunkett and Corino double-teamed Clearwater. They hit a double-suplex before punishing Clearwater in the corner. After, Corino hit a frog splash, but Plunkett broke up the pinfall attempt. Clearwater rallied until Rinauro hit a splash from the top rope. Rinauro and Clearwater teamed up and hit tandem bulldogs. The pace quickened until Plunkett hit a DDT on Corino for the win. With that victory, Plunkett earned his team seven points. Because Corino took the pinfall, he lost his team three points. [c]

WINNER: Jeremiah Plunkett via pinfall in 8:00

-The show returned with Kratos and Tyruss making their ring entrances. Austin Idol joined the announce desk.

(4) KRATOS (Team Kamille & Idol) vs. TYRUSS (Team Stevens & Terrell)

On commentary, Idol was furious that Tyruss was not a part of his team. The bell rang, and Tyruss insisted that the referee search Kartos for foreign objects. Both wrestlers were very slow to take off their ring gear and get the match started. Kratos tried to take Tyruss down with a shoulder tackle, but Tyruss barely moved. They locked up but neither wrestler gained control. Tyruss hit a quick arm drag, but Kratos responded with a series of strikes. Stevens was ejected from ringside by the referee for an unexplained reason. Tyruss took control of the match and punished Kratos in the corner. Eventually, Kratos created separation and hit a diving clothesline from the top rope for a two count. Tyruss stood and countered another dive from Kratos. From there, Tyruss hit an elbow drop for the win. With that victory, Tyruss earned his team five points. [c]

WINNER: Tyruss via pinfall in 12:00

-Back from the break, Pope replaced Tim Storm on commentary.

(5) SLICE BOOGIE (Team Aldis & Melina ) vs. JAX DANE (Team Pope & Sky)

After the bell, they trash talked each other before trading strikes. The pace quickened until Dane hit a shoulder tackle. With the referee out of position, Boogie raked Dane’s eyes. Dane responded with an overhead suplex. Boogie retreated to the outside and snapped Dane’s neck off the top rope. After, Boogie hit an axe kick to the back of Dane’s head. Boogie hit a neck breaker for a two count. From there, Boogie cinched in a headlock, but Dane overpowered him and the pace quickened. Dane hit a lariat for the win. With that victory, Team Pope advanced to the finals of the tournament.

WINNER: Jax Dane via pinfall in 8:00

(Taylor’s Analysis: While the presentation and feel of the Champions Series has been enjoyable, the NWA is still not making the stakes of the tournament entirely clear outside of passing remarks on commentary. If anything, the rules seem to be getting more complicated as the weeks progress. This would have been a more impactful series of matches had the rules and stakes been established beforehand.)

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