Josh Alexander talks reunion with Ethan Page, reveals dream opponent


The North: Josh Alexander & Ethan Page (photo


Impact Wrestling’s X Division Champion, Josh Alexander, raved about Ethan Page in an interview with Cageside Seat’s Shakiel Mahjouri and fantasy booked their reunion.

“Ethan is one of the most mature, selfless, funny individuals I’ve ever met in my life,” Alexander said. “If he loves you, he loves you, and he would give you the shirt off his back any day of the week. He was invaluable in helping me in my career. He was the guy that gave me the confidence I always needed. He was the one telling me that — even though I wasn’t getting the notoriety for stealing the show and all these independent matches — that I did deserve all this praise and I should keep going and I should keep pushing. He was the one that when I wanted to give up, just pushed me to keep going. ‘All Ego’ is is a moniker, but his confidence and his ability to instill that in other people is something that I think is his best trait.”

Alexander said that he would love a reunion with Page, but said a rivalry could be on tap as well.

“I think it would begin as a reunion because there’s a bunch of dream matches on the table that I think need to happen for the sake of the wrestling community and what we could do as a tag team,” Alexander says. “But I think inevitably it ends up in a rivalry because we’re two contrasting individuals. I think when you put those two things together, it creates magic. So I think it’s inevitable. But who knows? Never say never, right?”

Alexander also revealed what a dream match would look like for him and harkened FTR as the greatest tag team on the planet.

“FTR,” Alexander said when asked about his dream tag team match. “I was an enormous fan of FTR and I think even now I still regard them as the greatest tag team on Earth. If we’re ever going to call ourselves that, I think we need to go head-to-head with them and test ourselves.”

Alexander won the Impact X Division Championship at this year’s Rebellion PPV event, defeating TJP and Ace Austin.

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