8/21 RING OF HONOR TV REPORT: Demonic Flamita vs. Rey Horus, Rok-C vs. Quinn McKay, Miranda Alize vs. Nicole Savoy, more



AUGUST 21, 2021

Host: Quinn McKay

Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Ring Announcer: Bobby Cruise

– The opening theme aired then highlights of last week’s main event were shown. Ian Riccaboni welcomes fans to the episode, substituting for Quinn McKay because she is wrestling in the opening match against Rok-C in the quarterfinals of the ROH Women’s Tournament. The second match is also from the Women’s Tournament and will be between Miranda Alize and Nicole Savoy. The main event is a No Disqualification match between Rey Horus and Demonic Flamita.

-Brian Zane is talking to Quinn McKay and Rok-C backstage before their match. Zane says the last time he spoke to Rok-C she said she wanted to face McKay in the tournament. McKay took this as a slight. Rok-C tried to explain herself but her music played and she headed to the ring. McKay says she will earn Rok-C’s respect and she will try to beat her.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: This was a quick misunderstanding to further show that McKay is conscious of being viewed as only a backstage interview. McKay’s win over Mandy Leon in the first round should have led to more confidence, but I guess not.)


Ian welcomes everyone to the show. Rok-C comes out first. Quinn McKay comes out next. (c)

Code of honor adhered to. The wrestlers lock up and trade hammerlocks and wrist locks. McKay takes control through a side headlock. Rok-C counters with a head scissors. McKay puts on a head scissors of her own and Rok-C bridges to escape. They lock up and McKay grabs a side headlock. McKay Irish whips Rok-C into the ropes but Rok-C takes her down with a shoulder charge. Rok-C counters a hip toss into a roll through and a moonsault leading with the knees for a two count. Rok-C curtsies at McKay. They lock up McKay takes Rok-C down with 3 shoulder tackles and cradles her for a two count. McKay curtsies at Rok-C. They go for a test of strength. McKay gets the advantage and gets 2 two counts. McKay maintains control through a wrist lock. Rok-C slaps McKay in the chest and runs the ropes and delivers a Lucha Libre arm drag. They run the ropes and hit a double clothesline. Both ladies nip up and look at each other. (c)

Rok-C whips McKay into the corner. McKay jumps over her but lands on her left knee. Referee Todd Sinclair checks on her. McKay gets up with the assistance of the ropes and says he can continue. McKay charges and grabs a headlock. Rok-C breaks out using a knee-breaker on McKay’s injured knee. She apologizes to McKay in the corner but McKay counters with a slap. Rok-C gets angry, slaps McKay back and hits her with a series of elbows. Rok-C hits a suplex for a two count. Rok-C hits an elbow and gets 2 two counts. Rok-C misses the elbow. McKay tries to go for the Tangerine Dream but Rok-C fights out and hits a drop toe holed. Rok-C follows up with an elbow in the corner. Rok-C charges but McKay moves out of the way and Rok-C runs into the turnbuckle. McKay goes for the Tangerine Dream again but Rok-C gets out of it and hits McKay with a Thesz press followed by punches. McKay counters a side Russian leg sweep with a kick to the knee. McKay follows up with a neckbreaker for a two count. McKay runs at Rok-C in the corner but Rok-C catches her. She jumps off the top rope but McKay catches her and hit a spinebuster followed by a neckbreaker for a two count. McKay cradles Rok-C for a two count. Rok-C blocks a swinging neckbreaker into a backslide for a one count. McKay gets Rok-C on her shoulders but McKay’s knee buckles. Rok-C runs the ropes. McKay hurts her knee again attempting to leap over Rok-C. Rok-C hits the Code Red for the victory. They shake hands after.(c)

WINNER: Rok-C at 10:14


Chelsea Green replaces Caprice Coleman for commentary for this match. Miranda Alize comes out first. In a pre-match promo, Alize says she advanced in the tournament just like she said she would. She said she is feeling strong and confident. She said she likes Nicole Savoy but business is business and she is coming for everything she deserves. Nicole Savoy comes out second. In a pre-match promo, Savoy says she knows Alize very well. Savoy says Alize is one of the good friends. She is putting their friendship aside for the title. (c)

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Decent promo by Alize. Savoy sounds like she has a lack of confidence during promos that she doesn’t display in the ring.)

Code of honor adhered. They lock and fight for control on the ground. Leonard mentions that Alize and Savoy tag teamed in Stardom in 2018. Savoy takes control through a hammerlock but Alize breaks out grabs the wrist and bites it. Savoy yells at Alize. They trade pins for two counts. Alize hits a wrist lock takeover and head scissors Savoy to the outside. Alize kicks Savoy in the back to the floor. They trade strikes and Savoy suplexes Alize. (c)

During the break, the competitors brawled on the outside. Alize hits a snap mare and a drop kick for a two count. Savoy kicks Alize and hits a German suplex for a two count followed by a clothesline for a two count. Savoy hits a fall away slam though both wrestlers are slow to get up. They trade strikes until Savoy takes advantage. Savoy hits three rolling butterfly suplexes for a two count. Savoy locks in the cross arm breaker. Alize uses leverage for a two count and applies a crossface (Miranda Rights). Savoy gets outs and hits a running knee followed by a Michinoku Driver for a two count. Savoy whips Alize into the corner and hits a European uppercut. She stalls and runs at Alize who moves out of the way and catches Savoy with a superkick. They trade blows until Alize hits a DDT off of the middle rope. She drags Savoy into the middle of the ring for a two count. Alize hits the Drive By for the three count. Alize celebrates as the commentary teams acts surprised by the result. The wrestlers shake hands but argue over how the match went.

WINNER: Miranda Alize at 13:04

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Decent match. Like the commentators, I was surprised at the result. Savoy is more well-known than Alize, but perhaps Alize has more of a future in ROH.)

The Bouncers and Ken Dixon are in the back. The Beer City Bruiser says that the Bouncers became a thing four years ago and the locker room used to laugh at them. Now they don’t care what anyone thinks and they laugh at everyone else. Now they have added Ken Dixon. Dixon tried to talk but Milonas cuts him off saying that he talks after Bruiser. He tried having friends and he doesn’t need any. Dixon said that is alright with him because he came here to drink beer and win. Milonas and Dixon start arguing but Bruiser cuts him off to say that the goal here is to win. Bruiser says when the three of them are on the same page, they are unstoppable. A graphic is shown for ROH Week by Week, ROH’s YouTube show, for Eric Martin and Joe Keys vs the Bouncers. (c)

(Maitland’s Thoughts: One of my favorite storylines during the pandemic was the possible breakup and reunion of the Bouncers. It was very logical. I think it is too early to show dissension with Dixon yet, though we could see that coming down the line. It is good for the show to plug Week by Week. For people who enjoy the Ring of Honor show, and desire more, Week by Week is a great compliment.)


This is a no disqualification match. Demonic Flamita comes out first with a chair. In a pre-match promo, Flamita says he is face to face with Horus for one more time and that is going to show that he was the best in Mexisquad. Horus comes out second. Horus says in a pre-match promo, he doesn’t care what Flamita goes by and he will speak in Spanish so Flamita will understand. He says now it is time to get things clear and he will show he is better in the ring.

Code of honor not adhered. When the bell rings, they run after each other. They hit clotheslines and strikes. Flamita blocks a punch and shoves Flamita. Horus grabs Flamita’s leg. Flamita flips out and blocks a Horus hurricanrana. Horus rolls through for a two count. Flamita ends up outside. Horus charges Flamita but gets kicked in the head. Flamita grabs a chair from under the ring. Horus dropkicks Flamita through the rope. Horus dives over the top rope but Flamita hits him in the shoulder with the chair. Flamita stands on Hours and repeatedly throws him into the barricade. Flamita drops Horus on the chair and follows up with a superkick. Flamita gets a table from under the ring. He rolls Horus back into the ring. Flamita kicks Horus into the corner and hits a running kick to the hip. Flamita suplexes Horus for a two count. Flamita sets up the chair in the corner and kicks Horus for a one count. Flamita yells at Todd Sinclair to count faster. Horus recovers and hits Flamita with some forearms. Flamita follows up with a knee to the midsection and a shot to the shoulder. Flamita Irish whips Horus face first into the chair in the corner. Flamita whips Horus into the other corner with a chair. Horus is able to stop himself and he grabs the chair and throws it at Flamita. This sends Flamita to the outside. Horus slides to the outside. Horus counters a backbreaker attempt into a DDT. (c)

Horus throws Flamita into the ring. He hits Flamita with a chair and trash talks him in Spanish. Horus headbutts Flamita and throws him back into the ring. He hits Flamita with a high cross body for a two count. Flamita charges at Horus who throes him into the corner for a two count. An insult about someone’s mother was bleeped out. They get up and trade slaps. Flamita gets the better of it and hits a superkick followed by a butterfly backbreaker for a two count. Flamita trash talks Horus in Spanish. Flamita goes for a waist lock but Hours blocks it. Flamita hits a Spanish Fly (Flava Flame) Horus hits a tornado DDT. Flamita hits another Flava Flame. Hours hits another tornado DDT. Both wrestlers are down. Flamita goes to ring apron. He tries to suplex Horus but they both end up on the apron. They trade chops. Horus goes for a head scissors but gets knocked in the ring. Horus goes to the top rope. Flamita joins him. Horus blocks a suplex attempt as they fight on the top rope. Flamita grabs Horus and hits the Flava Flame through the table. Flamita throws Horus into the ring. Flamita goes for a nonchalant pin and Horus kicks out. Flamita yells at Sinclair again. Flamita hits spinning moonsault for the victory. Flamita says come on Bandido.

WINNER: Demonic Flamita at 12:08

-Next week on ROH television, Angelina Love will wrestle Max the Impaler and Allysin Kay will wrestle Trish Adora and ROH World Television Champion Dragon Lee will defend his title against Eli Isom.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: I enjoyed this match. I like the character development of Flamita and Horus with Flamita going fully into his demonic persona. Horus being a good guy and friend of Bandido, but showing how Flamita’s actions have fired him up worked nicely too. As announced on Glory by Honor, Flamita will be in the main event elimination four-way for the World Championship, so winning here makes sense. Another good week of Ring of Honor television.)

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