9/5 AEW ALL OUT PPV RESULTS: Keller’s report with analysis and star ratings on Omega vs. Christian, C.M. Punk vs. Darby, Bucks vs. Lucha Bros., Baker vs. Statlander, Jericho vs. MJF

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor



Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Exacalibur

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(A) JURASSIC EXPRESS (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) & BEST FRIENDS (Chuck Taylor & Wheeler Yuta & Orange Cassidy) vs. MATT HARDY & ANGELICO & JACK EVANS & PRIVATE PARTY (Marc Quen & Isiah Kassidy)

WINNERS: Jurassic Express & Best Friends when Angelico tapped out to Jungle Boy’s snare trap.

(Keller’s Analysis: Lots of plugs for the PPV, understandably, during this by the commentators as everyone took turns getting in spots. The crowd popped for Cassidy’s hand-in-pocket series of moves.)

-After the match, the heels interrupted the post-match celebration, attacking Cassidy. Butcher made his return after seven months away and clotheslined Cassidy as the other heels kept the others out of the ring.


-Jim Ross introduced the show alongside Tony Schivaone and Excalibur.

(1) MIRO vs. EDDIE KINGSTON – TNT Title match

Kingston threw a barrage of chops at Miro in the opening minute and then an overhead suplex, sending Miro to the floor. Kingston leaped off the ring apron at Miro, and Miro caught him and powerslammed him onto the ringside mat. Then he lifted him and rammed him into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Kingston fought back and slapped away at Miro. Miro brushed it off and elbowed Kingston to the head to drop him. He dropped two fast elbows and scored a one count. Miro settled into a chinlock.

In the corner, Miro threw elbows at Kingsotn’s kidney area. When Miro went for a back suplex, Kingston held onto the turnbuckle pad and it came off. Miro then landed a kick and then smiled at the camera. Miro’s chest was bloodied and bruised from all of Kingston’s early chops. Miro applied his  camel clutch submission, but Kingston lunged forward and reached the bottom rope to force a break. Miro showed frustration. Schiavone credited the fan support. Kingston surprised Miro with a sudden DDT for a very near fall that the crowd popped pop. The ref was late to make the count because the ref was putting the turnbuckle pad back on the turnbuckle. Kingston was about throw Miro into the corner, but the ref was in the way. Miro mule kicked Kingston, then landed the Machka kick for the win.

WINNER: Miro in 13:00. (**3/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: Really good for an opening match at setting the tone, but not burning out the crowd with a ton of excessive highspots and near falls. Miro’s ring psychology has tended to be super smart and efficient, and the mix of styles blended well and was intense and tight throughout.)

-The announcers briefly discussed other upcoming matches.


They exchanged chops mid-ring early. Kojima launched himself onto Moxley at ringside. Mox came back and dove through the ropes and knocked Kojima into the barricade. They battled methodically for several minutes. Kojima drove Moxley face-first onto the ring apron. The crowd was pretty quiet for a while, but that prompted a “Let’s Go Moxley” chant. The announcers noted that Mox’s elbow was bleeding, and it could be a weak point as he missed All Out 2019 due to an elbow infection. Moxley came back with a cross armbreaker. Kojima draped his leg over the bottom rope to force the break. Kojima came back with a KojiCutter. Both were down and slow to get up. They stood and exchanged strikes. Mox connected with a headbutt and two consecutive Paradigm Shifts for the win.

WINNER: Moxley in 12:00. (**3/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: Not all that different than Miro vs. Kingston in intensity, pace, and violence level. Good solid match.)

-After the match, Minoru Suzuki walked out. Ross said there is no meaner, nastier human being walking the earth. Mox looked slightly nervous and then nodded. Excalibur said, “The forbidden door has been blasted open.” Ross said he is known in the locker room as someone you don’t mess with. Excalibur noted he trained with the late Billy Robinson. Ross said he had breakfast with him once in Tokyo “and I was afraid to chew.” Suzuki entered the ring and faced off with Moxley. Fans chanted “Holy shit!” Suzuki took off his jacket and exchanged words with Moxley. He elbowed Mox across the side of his head. Mox absorbed it and bowed and threw an elbow of his own. They continued to exchange elbows. Susuki laughed and then delivered a running boot. Mox laughed and clotheslined Suzuki. He almost went down. Suzuki then put Mox in a rear naked choke. He then piledrove Mox, who went face-first to the mat and didn’t move much from there as Suzuki stood over him.

(Keller’s Analysis: The crowd loved this. That’s a good follow-up to what feels like could be a progression of New Japan stars showing up to face Moxley – and others. The announcers did a nice job giving some background on Suzuki for those who weren’t acquainted with his rep.)

(3) BRITT BAKER (w/Rebel, Jamie Hayter) vs. KRIS STATLANDER (w/Orange Cassidy) – AEW Title match

Statlander wrestled Baker to the mat early. Baker sunset flipped Statlander. Statlander rolled through and went for a spider crab. Baker reached the ropes. Baker went for a sudden Lock Jaw in response to Statlander signaling for the (stupid and unexplained “boop” schtick). Statlander then grabbed Baker’s arm and shoved her own hand into her forehead for a “boop.” Baker gave Statlander a neckbreaker off the ropes to take control. She kicked her to ringside.

Back in the ring, Statlander landed a running elbow and a boot. Baker took control for a while next. Rebel put Baker’s special glove on her hand. Statlander blocked a Baker kick and then kicked her. She followed with a Big Bang Theory set-up, but Baker rolled her up. Statlander kicked out. Baker gave Statlander a Flatliner into the turnbuckle pad. The crowd chanted “This is awesome!” after some more back and forth action.

Baker avoided a pendulum moonsault off the ring apron at ringside. Baker then landed a leaping stomp. The ref began counting her out. Cassidy yelled for her to get up and beat the count. The announcers were shocked he had that volume in him. Baker landed the Pittsburgh Sunrise for a believable near fall that popped the crowd. She followed with a stomp for another near fall. She followed up immediately with a Lock Jaw for the tapout win. The crowd cheered.

WINNER: Baker in 12:00 to retain the AEW Title. (***)

(Keller’s Analysis: Good match. Good clean finish.)

-Alex Marvez interviewed Andrade El Idolo and Chavo Guerrero Jr. backstage. He asked Andrade if he’s responsible for Pac’s travel issues. Andrade asked Chavo if he canceled Pac’s flight. Chavo said he doesn’t even have American Airlines’ phone number, “assuming he’s even on American Airlines.” He said Pac is scared and everyone knows it.

(4) THE YOUNG BUCKS (Nick & Matt Jackson w/Brandon Cutler) vs. THE LUCHA BROS. (Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero Miedo w/Alex Abrahantes)

Don Callis came out with the Bucks, then joined the announcers on commentary. Ross talked about the impressive win-loss records of both teams. When the bell rang, the crowd cheered with anticipation. The Lucha Bros. got in early offense, stopping the Bucks from an early attempt to climb the cage to escape. The Bucks took over. Excalibur noted they’ve met eight times and the Lucha Bros. have won five of them. Matt used a chain as a weapon. The announcers said it’s legal because they managed to sneak the contraband into the ring. Callis protested calling it contraband if it’s legal. The teams earned a “This is awesome”chant about five minutes in. When the fans cheered the Lucha Bros., Callis said the crowd was giving them an unfair advantage. Schiavone said, “You get what you deserve.” Matt kicked Fenix low. Then when Penta dove at him, Matt kicked him in the crotch also.

The Bucks then landed More Bang for Your Buck on Fenix. Penta broke up the cover. The Bucks then ripped at the Lucha Bros. masks. Schiavone decried that it has nothing to do with winning the match. Schiavone told Callis to cut the bullshit and said he’s so full of shit. Excalibur apologized for Schiavone’s salty language. Callis tossed a black bag over the top of the cage. Excalibur said the cage is designed to stop this sort of interference. Matt pulled out sneakers with dozens of thumb tacks stuck into the soles. Callis bragged it’s all legal. Fans chanted, “You sick f—!” Nick tried to throw Penta face-first into Matt’s extended boot. He blocked it at first, but didn’t stop a second attempt. Callis said he hoped their families were watching right now. The Bucks set up Penta for a BTE Trigger, but Fenix stood up, so they gave him a Poison Rana. Then they turned and gave Penta the BTE Trigger. Fenix broke up the cover. The fans cheered. Callis complained it’s ridiculous. The crowd chanted “Lucha! Lucha!”

Fenix mounted a spirited comeback against both Bucks. He then bashed Nick with Matt’s gimmicked sneaker. He landed a Black Fire Driver on Matt for a believable near fall. Ross called this a classic. All four were down. Ross said the show’s been sold out for months and the crowd loves what they’re watching. The Lucha Bros. got up first. Nick and Rey battled on the side of the cage briefly. Matt and Penta both delivered package piledrivers to their opponent on the ring apron at the same time, then entered the ring and fought each other. Penta then delivered a top rope Canadian Destroyer to Matt. The crowd popped huge. Penta wasn’t able to make the cover. Everyone was down. Nick was bleeding. Schiavone said it’s crazy.

All four stood and began chopping each other. Matt stood and held his neck. Fenix superkicked him. Matt threw a superkick as Penta. Penta superkicked Nick. They went around the horn again. Then did it again, including some kip ups. Ross said it’s a hell of a match and encouraged fans to eat it up. Fenix leaped off the top rope and stomped Nick into a Fear Factor piledriver for a near fall.

Fenix and Penta discussed climbing the cage. Fenix climbed to the top of the cage. Ross said, “My god in heaven.” Schiavone told everyone to take a deep breath. Nick superkicked Penta off of Matt before Fenix could leap. Nick went after Fenix, but Fenix kicked him down. He then leaped off the top of the cage with a bodypress onto all three. Penta got right up and helped Fenix spike Nick’s face into the mat for the win. Ross said, “Now that was one hell of a cage match.” As the Lucha Bros. celebrated, Excalibur said AEW has the best tag team division in all of pro wrestling. Penta hugged his kids at ringside afterward.

WINNERS: The Lucha Bros. in 22:00 to capture the AEW Tag Team Titles. (****1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: Really creative, exciting, and hard-hitting throughout. Fantastic tag match. One little gripe is that after the top rope bodypress by Fenix that hit all three other wrestlers, the Bucks sold it and Penta just leaped up like nothing happened to assist on the finisher. The crowd absolutely loved this match and reacted to everything with increasing intensity as the match progressed. I’ll also say the match didn’t overindulge in terms of how much time it took up. The 22 minutes felt just right.)

-They went to the announcers at ringside who talked about how amazing it’s been so far.

(5) WOMEN’S CASINO BATTLE ROYALE – Winner Gets A Future Title Shot

The first five were Hikaru Shida, Skye Blue, Bunny, Abadon, and Emi Sakura. Abadon eliminated Blue early. Bunny eliminated Abadon next. Both were eliminated when celebrating and not being focused.

The next five out were Anna Jaye, Keira Hogan, Diamante, KiLynn King, and Nyla Rose. Vickie Guerrero came out with Rose. Rose knocked Sakura off the ring apron to eliminate her. Hogan and King were eliminated quickly. Rose caught Shida mid-air and dumped her over the top rope. The crowd booed.

Next out were Thunder Rosa, Penelope Ford, Riho, Jamie Hayter, and Big Swole. Hayter eliminated Riho. Swole headbutted Diamonte to eliminate her. Hayter knocked Swole over the top rope. Swole and Diamonte brawled to the back. Hayter and Rose then turned to Rosa. The crowd chanted “Thunder Rosa!”

Next out were Tay Conti, Red Velvet, Leyla Birsch, Rebel, and Jade Gargill (w/Mark Sterling). Velvet eliminated Rebel. As Conti and Bunny fought on the ring apron, Conti eliminated Bunny. Ford then kicked Jay with a big boot to knock her out of the match. Cargill pressed Hirsch over her head and tossed her onto a crowd below. Fans chanted for “Ruby Soho” (a/k/a Ruby Riott) as the clock counted down. She walked out and smiled. The crowd applauded and cheered.

She went right after Cargill in the ring. Then she fended off Rose. The crowd chanted “Ruby Soho!” Rosa gave Rose a headscissors. Cargill eliminated Hayter. Conti and Ford battled mid-ring and both went down. Cargill tossed Velvet who landed hard on the edge of the ring apron on her way down. Rose ran up behind a celebrating Cargill and eliminated her.

It came down to Rosa, Soho, Rose, Conti, and Ford. Conti eliminated Ford. As Conti celebrated, Rose knocked her to the floor to eliminate her. So that left Soho, Rose, and Rosa. The faced off mid-ring and battled. Rosa ducked a charging Rose and then dropkicked her off the ring apron to the floor. So that left Rosa and Soho to battle, two of the crowd’s favorites. They battled onto the ring apron and Rosa teetered on the verge of falling to the floor. Soho shoved Rosa into the ringpost and then kicked her, and she fell to the floor to lose. The crowd popped as Ruby’s music played. She smiled and hugged the referee.

WINNER: Ruby Soho to earn an AEW Title match in 22:00. (**1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: Star ratings are tough to apply to a match like this, but this overall was a decent use of 22 minutes and a crowd-pleasing finish. No reason not to do the right thing even if it felt somewhat predictable. Soho feels like an important addition to the Women’s Division and might be seen as the justification for keeping Baker heel despite fans liking her so much.)


MJF came out with a big graphic on the screen that said “Jericho’s Last Match.” Fans booed. Excalibur called MJF the most odious person he’s ever met. MJF got in the face of some (unmasked) fans at ringside. He wore an obnoxious white and red robe. Billy Gray played an electric guitar version of Jericho’s entrance theme as Jericho came out. It messed up fans signing Jericho’s song because of the distortion effect and odd cadence and riffs. Nice thought, but that didn’t work well. It ruined the crescendo and messed up the usual entrance fans were eager to participate in.

Ross said nobody wants to see Jericho go. MJF rubbed his butt with Jericho’s jacket and tore up a fan sign. Fans chanted “Asshole!” They brawled into the crowd near the hockey baords. Jericho chased down MJF and threw a metal rope stand onto his head. Back in the ring, Jericho springboard kicked MJF off the ring apron. He went for a slidekick, but ended up trapped between the ring and the ring apron. MJF made a comeback around five minutes in, driving Jericho’s arm into the mat and then gloating to the fans. MJF methodically beat on Jericho, then did a Fargo Strut and a hip thrust. MJF then gave Jericho a Heat Seeker on the ring apron. Jericho fell to the floor and the ref got to nine before Jericho beat the count. It was a slow count, but Ross said she was “deliberate but consistent.”

Jericho ducked an MJF moonsault attempt and then caught him flying at him with a powerbomb back-first into the ring apron. Excalibur said they’ve never seen MJF do any high-flying moves like that before. Back in the ring, they exchanged strikes as the announcers talked about the high stakes. MJF caught Jericho flying off the top rope and caught him with knees to the chest leading to a two count. Both men were down and slow to get up. Fans chanted, “Let’s Go, Jericho!” MJF went to lift Jericho, but he collapsed and grabbed his back. He let out a huge yell and pounded the mat in frustration. He managed to stand, but Jericho surprised him with an attempt at a Lion Tamer. Then he landed a Lionsault for a two count. Fans chanted “You’ve still got it!”

Jericho hit MJF with a series of short clotheslines to MJF’s neck in the corner. Next he pounded away at his forehead and then leaped into a sitout powerbomb. Both were again slow to get up. Fans clapped as MJF cried out in pain. MJF crawled over to cover Jericho for a two count. Jericho landed a Code Breaker for a near fall a minute later. Wardlow then walked out. Jake Hager followed and they brawled on the ramp and fought back toward the stage. Referees came out to make sure they stayed away. MJF then swung Floyd the baseball bat at Jericho. “Has Floyd turned on Jericho?” asked Ross. Schiavone said, “My god, let’s not it end like this.” MJF then nailed Jericho with a Judas Effect. Jericho’s leg was on the bottom rope, but the ref didn’t see it. She called for the bell and MJF’s music played. Excalibur said, “This is bullshit!” MJF paraded around as his music played. A ref at ringside explained to Aubry Edwards what happened.

Justin Roberts announced that the match was restarting. MJF shoved the ref. Jericho rolled up MJF from behind for a believable near fall. MJF ducked a Judas Effect and applied his signature armbar. Jericho cried out in agony. Jericho leveraged MJF’s shoulders down for a two count. Jericho stood and applied a Walls of Jericho mid-ring. The crowd roared. MJF powered up and yelled in pain, then fell back down. He bit his hand and crawled toward the bottom rope. Jericho pulled him back mid-ring. The crowd cheered and MJF tapped.

Santana, Ortiz, Hager, and Sammy Guevara joined Jericho in celebrating his win. Fans got a chance to sing to his actual song.

WINNER: Jericho in 21:00. (***)

(Keller’s Analysis: The match was decent to good most of the way, but the crowd really elevated the final minutes with the clever near falls and false ending. It’s not often a match is restarted, but AEW hasn’t made a firm ruling that all referee finishes are final before that I can recall. That second ref was there because of Wardlow, and the announcers pointed out that is what backfired on MJF because that’s the only reason the referee was there to see Jericho’s leg on the bottom rope.)


A video package aired before the match. Darby then came out on a skateboard. Punk then came out to “Cult of Personality.” He had on warm-up pants and a zipper jacket. He kneeled on the stage, then let out a big yell. They showed Darby sitting in the corner of the ring. Punk wore long trunks with stripes and stars down the side. Ross said it’s a big match feel. “Where else would you want to be, ladies and gentlemen?” Darby stayed sitting in the corner as Punk paced in the ring as his music continued to play. When the music stopped, a loud “C.M. Punk!” chant broke out. Punk then sat cross-legged in the ring and eyed Darby. Darby closed his eyes to almost a meditative state. Darby pulled himself up. Fans chanted “Holy shit!” Punk stood and it was time. The bell rang. “The most welcome bell I’ve ever heard,” said Ross. The match began 38 minutes into the third hour of the show. It’s a nicely paced show for sure so far.

They began with a collar and elbow. The fans chanted “Welcome back!” A dueling chant of “Let’s Go Darby / C.M. Punk” broke out. The feeling out process continued for a while. Punk caught Darby mid-air and set up a Go To Sleep. Darby slipped free and immediately bailed out to the floor. He looked up and eyed Punk. Excalibur said he put himself in jeopardy and almost paid the price. Fans chanted “You still got it!” (This had more credibility than last Wednesday’s chant.) Darby took over with speedy charges into the corner. Punk, though, reverse-whipped Darby through the ropes into the ringpost. Darby fell to the ground and moaned in pain. Punk scored a two count back in the ring, then went for a bow and arrow. Darby fought it off. Punk stomped Darby’s back and then back suplexed him. Punk grounded Darby and eventually applied an abdominal stretch. Excalibur said this is the most conventional match they’ve seen Darby in. Darby countered with an over-the-top stunner. Both were down and slow to get up. The ref began counting both men down. Excalibur said it’s been a while since Punk has experienced a jarring impact like that.

They stood and exchanged stikes and then some rapid-fire exchanges. Darby landed a Code Red for a very near fall. Schiavone said he doesn’t know what they were expecting from this match, but he’s loving what he’s seeing. The crowd was kind of calm and watching intently, waiting for the match to bring out surges of emotions. Darby climbed to the top rope, but Punk shoved him off balance. Darby went for a jackknife pin, but Punk stood and twisted around and hit a GTS. Darby bumped backwards through the ropes to the floor. Darby was out at ringside. The ref counted to nine before Darby leaped back into the ring. Punk waited and watched, kneeling in the opposite corner and catching his breath. Fans chanted “C.M. Punk!”

Punk threw some hard elbows and then a running knee to Darby’s chin followed by a clothesline. He signaled for the Go To Sleep. Fans cheered. Punk lifted Darby as fans chanted “Go To Sleep.” Darby was dead weight. Darby elbowed out of the GTS. Punk collapsed to his knees and then to the mat. He rolled onto the ring apron after a barrage of elbows. Darby then landed a running flip dive into Punk. Punk went down at ringside. Darby climbed to the top rope, then leaped off with a flip dive onto Punk. Fans chanted “This is awesome!”

Darby signaled for the Coffin Drop back in the ring. Fans booed. Punk sat up, so Darby crash landed. Excalibur said Punk lured him in. Darby surprised Punk with a roll-up for a two count. Punk lifted Darby for a GTS. Darby blocked it and applied a Last Supper pin attempt. Punk caught Darby with a leaping hook kick to the face for a near fall. Darby caught a charging Punk with a boot to the face. Darby set up a Poison Rana, but Punk countered with a Poison Rana for the win. Punk leaned into a camera at ringside and held up seven fingers and something that closed with “…f—in’ forgot.”

WINNER: Punk in 17:00. (***1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: Good match. Not off-the-charts good or anything, but it worked for the moment and for this stage of Punk’s return. Punk showed some signs of rust and seemed a little more winded than he will in a few months, but the crowd was invested and patient through the babyface style back and forth the majority of the match, and popped big when it counted in the closing minutes. Darby isn’t used to getting booed, but most of the match fans were into both wrestlers.)

-After the match, Sting came out to check on Darby. He then walked over to Punk and offered a handshake. Punk shook his hand. Fans cheered. The walked over to Darby and kneeled. Fans chanted “Darby! Darby!” Punk was limping late in the match and here also. Darby pulled himself to his feet. The crowd was nearly silent. Then Darby and Punk shook hands. Punk’s music played again. Punk then let loose with a “I’m f—in’ back!” He stood on the second rope and smiled. Ross talked about the long list of opponents for Punk to face in AEW.

(8) PAUL WIGHT vs. Q.T. MARSHALL (w/Aaron Solow, Nick Comarato)

Wight chopped Marshall and then stood on his back. This was clearly designed to be the buffer match to give fans an emotional break from the Punk match before the AEW World Title match. Marshall caught a charging Wight with two boots. He dropkicked him off his knees onto his back and scored a two count. Wight powered out by sending Marshall through the ropes to the floor. Show backdropped Marshall back in the ring, then grabbed Solow from ringside and slapped his chest. As Comarato charged, he punched him. Then he caught Marshall leaping at him with a chokeslam for the win.

WINNER: Wight in 3:00. (1/4*)

(Keller’s Analysis: That didn’t need to happen, but no real harm. If this show was already four hours long, then this would have been a big mistake to wedge into it.)

-They went to the announcers at ringside who threw to a video package on the main event. Excalibur announced that Moxley would face Suzuki in Cincinnati this Wednesday.

-A soundbite aired with Moxley who said when he and Suzuki are in the ring, it’s the best drug in the world, “and I should know; I’ve tried them all.” He told Suzuki, “Welcome to the jungle.”

-The announcers said Ruby Soho will make her Dynamite debut on Wednesday, plus Dustin Rhodes will face Malakai Black.

-A soundbite aired with Black who said he doesn’t want Dustin Rhodes to be calm. He said the angrier he gets, the more predictable he becomes. He said in case he has calmed down, he wanted to remind him that of all the reasons he’s mad, recall what he did to Arn, Brock, Lee Johnson, and his baby brother Cody. He told him to think about that because “it’s time to pay the boatman’s toll.”

-The announcers hyped Pac vs. Andrade on Rampage this coming Friday night.

(9) KENNY OMEGA (w/Don Callis) vs. CHRISTIAN CAGE – AEW World Title match

Omega took Christian over with a head scissors, sending him to the floor. When Omega went after Christian, Christian whipped him into the ringside barricade. He leaped off the top rope onto Omega on the floor. The ref yelled at Callis to stay away. Omega reverse-whipped Christian into the ringside steps.

Omega put Christian under a table and then leaped onto the table with a stomp. Next, Callis and Omega set up a table at ringside. Omega tried to suplex Christian onto the table, but Christian reversed it and suplexed Omega onto the floor. Right back in the ring, Christian threw chops at Omega. Omega raked Christian’s eyes and then went on sustained offense for several minutes. Omega climbed to the top rope, but Christian knocked him off balance. Christian went for a cloverleaf, but Omega grabbed at his hair. Omega lifted Christian onto his shoulders, but Christian countered into a reverse DDT. When Christian charged, Omega kneed him in the chest. He drove him into the corner and landed a chop. Christian fought back and landed a swinging DDT off the ropes, good for a two count.

Omega took over and hit a V-Trigger and two Snap Dragon suplexes. Christian cage a middle finger to Omega as he was showboating. Omega hit a third Snap Dragon and another V-Trigger. Christian grabbed onto the bottom rope. Omega went onto the ring apron and tried to German suplex Christian onto that table they set up earlier at ringside. Christian held onto the ropes at first. Omega pried his arms off the top rope and set up a Snap Dragon. Christian back elbowed himself free, then set up a Kill Switch. Omega slipped out and shoved Christian. He then set up a One-Winged Angel. Christian fell back into the ring and snapped Omega backwards over the top rope. He then speared Omega off the ring apron through the table. A half-hearted “Holy shit” chant broke out. Ross said no one has left and they are still invested in the brand they love. (Why would he have to say no one has left during the main event?)

Back in the ring, Christian speared Omega twice and scored a two count. Christian went for a top rope frog splash. Omega lifted his knees. Omega then went for a gut-wrench lift, but his back gave out. Omega kneed Christian in the face as he was kneeling mid-ring. He followed with a Rip Cord V-Trigger. Omega then set up a Tiger Drive, but Christian slipped free and set up a Cloverleaf. Omega fought it off at first, but Christian twisted into it. Callis called for belt from the back. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows ran to the ring. Callis distracted the ref as Omega went to knee Christian as Gallows held him. Christian slipped free and the knee knocked Gallows off the ring apron. Christian countered Omega and landed a Kill Switch for a near fall. Both were down and slow to get up. Christian lifted Omega onto the top rope. Callis entered the ring. Christian turned and chased him out. When Christian turned back, he went for a Kill Switch off the top rope. Omega gouged his eyes, then landed a One-Winged Angel off the top for the win.

WINNER: Omega in 21:00 to retain the AEW World Title. (***3/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: A good but not great PPV main event level match.)

-Afterward, the Bucks came out applauding and celebrated with Omega, Callis, Anderson, and Gallows. They began beating on Christian. Ross yelled that it was enough and someone should gain control. Jurassic Express ran out first. Omega used his title belt as a weapon to fend them off. Fans chanted “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Omega took the mic and asked if they’re finally starting to understand. “Best in the world this, best in the world that. Absolutely no one is on my level.” He said year in and year out, wherever he goes, he defends the title. He said anyone who could beat him is already retired or already dead. The lights went out and then out came Adam Cole. He entered the ring and the music stopped and the crowd yelled, “Adam Cole, bay bay!” Cole then superkicked Jungle Boy and hugged the Young Bucks and Omega. The crowd went from mega-excited to deflated. Ross said, “This is astonishing.” Omega told the fans he’s one of his best friends.

Cole asked who was ready for story time. Cole said The Elite is the most prestigious group in pro wrestling and no one is going to stop him. Omega said that’s what you call a happy ending. Bryan Danielson’s “Flight of the Valkyries” theme them played and he came out with a smile on his face. The crowd then erupted again. “What an incredible moment,” Excalibur said. “What a time to be alive.” Schiavone said: “God, I love pro wrestling.” Omega fled. Bryan and the Jurassic Express took it to Nick Jackson in the riing as the rest of the heels was at ringside. He hit a running knee, sending him out of the ring. Danielson hugged Christian, then saluted the fans. Bryan played to the crowd as The Elite stood on the stage fuming mad.

(Keller’s Analysis: Nothing else really mattered except the final five minutes. That was wild. There are times to spread out the big introductions, but that worked really well back-t0-back. Not saying Punk is yesterday’s news, but who knew his return to the ring and PPV would be trumped by two bigger stories later in the same show?)

Tonight after the PPV, join PWTorch Dailycast host Mike McMahon live reviewing the event with live callers, emails, and on-site correspondents.

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