9/10 AEW RAMPAGE TV REPORT: Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, Pac vs. Andrade, Pillman Jr. vs. Max Caster, Darby and Sting speak

By Patrick Moynahan, PWTorch contributor


SEPTEMBER 10, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Taz, Tony Schiavone, and Mark Henry.

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts

– The opening of Rampage aired. Jim Ross welcomed us with, “It’s Friday night, and you know what that means!” Ross was joined by his fellow announcers, Taz, Mark Henry, and Tony Schiavone.

(1) PAC vs. ANDRADE EL IDOLO (w/Chavo Guerrero Jr.)

Pac and Andrade were already in the ring as Justin Roberts made the introductions. The two faced off as the bell rang to kick things off. They traded forearm shots as Schiavone noted the Lucha Brothers initially came out with Andrade, but he sent them to the back.

Andrade hit a shotgun dropkick, then pandered to the crowd. Andrade maintained the early advantage as the crowd chanted for Pac. Pac nailed Andrade with a kick to the face, then whipped him down and took him over with a head scissors. Pac followed it up by going over the top with a corkscrew moonsault onto Andrade on the floor. Still outside, Pac threw Andrade into the metal barrier multiple times then threw him back into the ring.

Pac went for a quick cover but could only manage a one count. Pac bounced off the ropes, but Andrade met him with a kick to the face to shut him down. Andrade came over the top rope and nailed Pac with a DDT on the apron. Pac rolled to the floor to regroup. As he was doing so Andrade hit a corkscrew plancha over the top right onto Pac.

Back inside, the crowd chanted “this is awesome,” after a failed pin attempt by Andrade. Both men climbed to the top rope, battling away with one another. Pac fell and got his left leg tangled in the rope. Andrade took advantage and came off the top and hit a double stomp onto his knee and leg. [c]

Andrade had Pac in the corner, then went up top and nailed a split-legged springboard moonsault for a two count. Andrade perched Pac on the top rope, then set him onto his shoulders. PAC turned things around and hit a top rope hurricanrana. Pac followed up with a pump kick to the face. Andrade blocked a follow up kick but couldn’t block a second.

Both men were down as the ref counted. Andrade made his way to the apron, Pac followed him over and went for a sunset flip to the outside. Andrade was able to evade it but was hit with a thrust kick. Pac climbed to the top rope but again found himself tangled in the rope. Andrade missed a second knee stomp attempt, which allowed Pac to hit a moonsault off the top onto Andrade on the floor.

Pac rolled Andrade back into the ring then climbed to the top. He hit a perfect 450 splash and went for the pin, but Andrade was able to get his hand on the rope for the break. Pac set Andrade up for what looked like the Black Arrow. As Pac made the climb, Andrade got up, so PAC rolled off the top to evade him but Andrade nailed him with a Pele kick. Pac came right back with a snap dragon suplex, then a belly-to-belly suplex on Andrade into the corner. Pac for a close two count after a crucifix pin attempt, then locked in the Brutalizer.

Penta and Fenix came out to fend off Andrade’s assistant, who has a stun gun in his hands. With the ref distracted, Chavo came into the ring and nailed PAC from behind with a foreign object. The ref turned around and counted the pin for Andrade.

WINNER: Andrade el Idolo in 17:30

– After the match, Andrade nailed Chavo on the ramp. As Andrade and his assistant walked up the ramp, the Lucha Bros. took their turn and took out Chavo with double thrust kicks. Chavo was thrown into the ring where PAC locked in the Brutalizer.

(Moynahan’s Take: So, have we seen the end of Chavo already? That post-match beatdown by both Andrade and the Lucha Bros./PAC makes it look that way. That aside, wow what a match. The crowd seemed a little tired at times, but they were otherwise really into this one. Go out of your way to check this one out.)

– Darby Allin’s music hit as he made his way to the ring alongside Sting. Tony Schiavone was in the ring to interview both men. Schiavone brought up Tully Blanchard’s recent comments on Dynamite, as well as Shawn Spears. Darby called Spears a “generic piece of sh*t” and said he was nothing without Blanchard. Sting took the mic and mentioned how Blanchard rode the coattails of men like Ric Flair and others. Blanchard made his way to the ramp with a mic. As Blanchard began to speak, Shawn Spears came from the crowd and took out Darby Allin. Sting chased Spears away as Darby was shown on the floor writhing in pain.

(Moynahan’s Take: This didn’t do anything for me. It felt too fast and a bit clipped, likely due to this being a taped show. I’m not looking forward to a Darby/Spears matchup so let’s hope they get this over with relatively fast.)

– Adam Cole was shown backstage talking about the power of the Elite. He said he trusted Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks with his life, and they trust him. He said Brian Danielson and Christian Cage are special, but they think they can keep up with guys like him.

Bryan Danielson was then shown. He said he was only going after one member of the Elite, Kenny Omega. He said he’s just waiting to get into the ring and wrestler whether that ends up being against Omega or someone else. He said he came here because everyone was hungry to wrestle, and he’s “game” and ready to go.

(Moynahan’s Take: While it was smart of AEW to get both Cole and Danielson on this show, this was just fine for what it was, as we didn’t learn much new. That said, if they keep wanting to tease an Omega/Danielson match sooner than later, like Danielson said in his promo, I’m game!)


Riho and Baker started things off for their respective teams. Baker went for a quick pin, then another, but Riho bridged out. Statlander tagged in and hit a big powerslam on Baker for a near fall. Baker tagged Rebel who was met with kicks to the face by Riho, who was being held up by Statlander. Rebel tagged in Hayter who was able to get the advantage on Riho after Rebel nailed Riho from behind. [c]

Back from the commercial, the crowd was willing Riho back into the fight. Riho finally fought off Hayter, then made the tag to Soho. Soho laid in a few shots on Hayter, then nailed her with an elbow to the face, then a leg sweep for a two count. Soho and Statlander went for a double team move on Hayter, who was able to successfully fight off their attempt. Rebel tagged in, and double teamed Statlander alongside Hayter. Statlander reversed a suplex and hit both women with a double suplex of her own.

Statlander had a close roll through pin attempt on Rebel until Baker came in and broke it up. Statlander hit Baker with a powerbomb, then picked Riho up onto her shoulders. Riho came off Statlander’s shoulders and landed on Rebel who was covering Baker in defense. Riho then jumped to the outside to take out Hayter. Inside, Soho nailed Rebel with a Pele kick for the win.

WINNERS: Ruby Soho & Kris Statlander & Riho in 10:00

(Moynahan’s Take: This was slow to start, as well as a victim of a long commercial break, but did pick up toward the end. I wish this match was given a better platform, as I think these six women would have a great match if given more time.)

– Mark Henry was on his usual split-screen with Brian Pillman Jr. on one side and Max Caster and Anthony Bowens on the other. Each side talked themselves up about tonight’s match.

(Moynahan’s Take: I like the idea of these segments, but we’ve now seen the same basic one every single week.)

(3) BRIAN PILLMAN JR. vs. MAX CASTER (w/Anthony Bowens)

Caster and Bowens came out first, with Pillman coming out to the big hometown ovation. Pillman was decked out in full Cincinnati Bengals style gear, like his father. Pillman took Caster to the outside early, then went for a springboard into the ring but was taken down by Bowens. Caster took advantage and threw Pillman into the apron. Caster continued to focus on Pillman’s back, nailing him with a few knees to the back.

Pillman fought back by kicking Caster in the face, but Caster cut him off and took the advantage back. Caster threw Pillman to the outside, then distracted the ref as Bowens got in a few cheap shots. Caster continued the onslaught once Pillman was back in the ring. Pillman was able to get his boot up as Caster charged into the corner.

Pillman, with the crowd solely behind him, made his comeback. Caster was whipped into the corner as Pillman followed close behind with a clothesline. Pillman went to the top but was again distracted by Bowens from the outside. Caster set Pillman up for a superplex but Pillman fought him off. Pillman flew off the top rope onto Bowens on the outside. As Pillman climbed back into the ring, Caster hit him with a shotgun dropkick.

Caster set Pillman up for the Mic Drop but Pillman moved in time. Pillman hit his springboard clothesline off the top rope for the win.

WINNER: Brian Pillman Jr. in 6:00

– After the match, Pillman celebrated with his family at ringside. As he got back into the ring he was attacked by both members of The Acclaimed. Bowens picked up their boombox as Jon Moxley ran down to the ring to make the save. Moxley nailed Bowens with the boombox as Pillman took out Caster. The two hometown boys were cheered on by the crowd as the show went off the air.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Give me this type of one-hour wrestling show each week, please! This was such an enjoyable, easy-to-watch 60-minutes, with a happy ending to enjoy right before bedtime. The obvious stand-out tonight was the opener between PAC and Andrade, but the closing segment with both hometown boys, Moxley and Pillman, standing tall was great. Not everything was perfect. My two biggest gripes tonight include the lengthy commercial break during the six-women match, which I felt brought it down a notch, and the awkward and rather uninspiring segment between Darby Allin and Shawn Spears. Until next week, stay safe everyone!

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  1. Andrade keeps going through the managers. He needs Ric Flair to come in and talk for him. Then we’ll have 3/4 of the Four Horsemen there.

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