9/20 RING OF HONOR TV REPORT: Pure wrestling gauntlet match, Titus vs. Bennett, more



SEPTEMBER 20, 2021

Host: Quinn McKay

Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Ring Announcer: Bobby Cruise

– The opening theme aired. Quinn McKay welcomes us to the episode which is all about Pure wrestling. McKay says it has been one of the most interesting divisions in all of wrestling. The Foundation wants to purify ROH with Pure wrestling from top to bottom and have invited wrestlers to compete. The main event is a Pure wrestling match between Mike Bennett and Rhett Titus. The first match will be a Pure wrestling gauntlet. McKay notes that rope breaks and close fists carry over from match to match.


Ian welcomes everyone to the show. Brian Milonas is also on commentary. Eric Matin comes out first. Will Ferrara points him to the ring and applauds him. World Famous CB comes out next. Graphics air for the rules of Pure matches.

Code of honor adhered to. The competitors lock up. They trade arm locks. CB grabs a side head lock but Marin blocks a snap mare and hits a shoulder charge. CB attempts a drop toe hold but Martin grabs the ropes for his first rope break. CB laughs at Martin and Martin shoves him to the ground. Martin charges in and CB grabs his leg. Martin grabs the ropes to use his second rope break. Martin charges CB again. CB attempts a cradle but Martin grabs the ropes for his third and final rope break. Martin runs at CB in the corner but misses and hits the turnbuckle. CB climbs the ropes but Martin hits a forearm and a kick, sending CB to the outside. Martin throws CB back into the ring. Martin suplexes CB. Martin hits a clothesline but CB blocks Martin from throwing him into the turnbuckle and hits a forearm. CB jumps over Martin, block a takedown attempt, and cradles Martin for a two count. CB hits a thrust kick, blocks a backbreaker, and submits Marin through a choke.

WINNER: World Famous CB at 3:13

A replay of the submission is shown. The next entrant is Delirious. (c)

Code of honor adhered to but there is a stare down. They grapple and fight for control. They get up and CB shoves him. They lock up and Delirious gets control. They continue to take each other down and trade one counts. Delirious gets control through an arm lock but CB gains control through a head scissors Delirious reaches the ropes for his first rope break. Delirious takes down CB and tries to lock on the cobra clutch. CB fights out and breaks the hold. CB Irish whips Delirious but they trade running the ropes in an awkward fashion. Delirious does two waist lock takedowns but CB blocks and hits a dragon suplex. CB goes for the Shotei but Delirious blocks it with a head-butt to the stomach. Delirious picks up CB in a Fireperson’s carry. CB blocks but Delirious fights throw and secures the cobra clutch. CB stands up but Delirious hits a cobra clutch suplex. Delirious hits a forearm for a two count. CB hits an inside cradle for a two count. CB hits a backslide for a two count. CB and Delirious fight for control until Delirious gets leverage and goes for the cobra clutch. CB fights out. Delirious gains control and puts CB in a triangle choke while twisting his arm. CB taps out.

WINNER: Delirious at 5:32

A replay of the previous submission is shown. CB and Delirious shake hands. LSG comes out next. (c)

Code of honor adhered to. Delirious tries to get wrist control but LSG fights out. Hey trade shoulder charges. Delirious takes down LSG with a side headlock. They trade forearms and chops. Delirious takes LSG down with a back breaker. Delirious goes for the cobra clutch but LSG reaches the ropes for his first rope break. Delirious works over LSG’s back and hits a neckbreaker. Delirious head-butts LSG. LSG blocks a suplex attempt twice but gets hit with a forearm. LSG fights out but gets hit in the stomach with a head butt. LSG hits a back breaker. Delirious misses a slap and LSG hits a forearm and a chop. LSG counters an Irish whip with a forearm. LSG charges Delirious in the corner with a forearm, hits a springboard forearm for a two count. Delirious kicks LSG and hits a drop kick. Delirious gets control and hits a brain buster. Slow pin gets him a two count. Delirious slaps LSG’s back. Delirious goes for the cobra clutch but LSG breaks out of it. LSG hits an implant DDT. LSG applies a Muta lock for the victory.

WINNER: LSG at 5:19

A replay of the previous submission is shown. Delirious and LSG shake hands. Joe Keys comes out next. Like Eric Martin, he is given a pep talk but Will Ferrara (c)

Code of honor adhered to. They lock up. Keys takes LSG down but LSG gets up. They trade take downs and try to gain leverage. LSG grabs a head lock. Keys counters a bulldog into a back breaker followed by two back breakers. Keys tries to throw LSG in the corner but LSG reverses and hits Keys with a forearm. LSG ducks a clothesline but Keys applies an abdominal stretch. LSG uses a hip toss to get out. Keys grabs LSG by the legs but LSG kicks him off. LSG rolls up Keys for a two count. LSG’s back gives out as he tries to lift Keys and Keys hits another backbreaker. Keys gets a half grab and kicks LSG in the back. LSG grabs the ropes for his second rope break. Keys hits three rolling German suplexes. LSG grabs the ropes for his third and final rope break. Keys hits LSG with a forearm. Keys puts LSG on the top rope and slaps him. Keys goes for a superplex but LSG blocks it and falls on top for the victory.

WINNER: LSG at 4:37

A replay of the finish is shown. Brian Johnson is the final entrant. He comes out with a microphone. Johnson says the gauntlet is full of bozos. He says he is the best and that you spell Pure M-E-C-C-A.

Code of honor adhered to as Johnson shouts at LSG. Johnson charges LSG in the corner and hits several shoulder charges. He whips LSG to the ropes but LSG counters with a springboard forearm. LSG follows with a trust kick and the Rocket Bye Baby. LSG hits the Saint Splosion (double underhook suplex) but Johnson’s foot is on the rope. This is Johnson’s first rope break. Johnson punches LSG. Johnson dives onto LSG and puts his feet on the ropes for the win.

WINNER: Brian Johnson at 1:04

Johnson yells at LSG to shake his hand. LSG does it while yelling back. (c)

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Good use of television time on a show in between Death Before Dishonor and new tapings. Brian Johnson in the pure wrestling division would be an interesting wrinkle though it would have been better if he won this match simply due to LSG being tired. It was good that the commentary team tried to explain that Johnson could use the ropes as leverage because LSG was out of rope breaks though winning in that way defies purity.)


Rhett Titus comes out first accompanied by Tracy Williams. Williams gives Titus a fist bump and heads to the commentary table. Mike Bennett comes out next. The finish from Mike Bennett vs Jonathan Gresham at Best in the World.

Code of honor adhered to. Bennett goes for a takedown but Titus attempts to grab a head lock. Bennet fits out and attempts a wrist lock but Titus counters with a hammerlock and a head scissors. Bennett fights out. They go for a test of strength. Bennett gets advantage and gets a few three counts on Titus. Titus bridges out and gets on top for a two count. They lock up and Bennett grabs a head scissors. Titus uses a head stand to get out and grabs a head lock. Bennett breaks out and grabs a head lock. Bennett hits a shoulder tackle. Bennett runs the ropes but Titus gets advantage and grabs an abdominal stretch. Titus rolls up Bennett for a two count. (c)

Titus has Bennett in a toe old. Titus gets Bennett into the Boston crab and Bennett grabs the ropes for his first rope break. Titus goes behind but Bennett blocks him. Titus applies the cravat. Bennett grabs a head lock. Titus whips Bennett into the ropes but misses a drop kick when Bennett holds onto the ropes. Bennett tries to grip Titus but Titus blocks it and forces Bennett towards the ropes. Bennett grabs the ropes for his second rope break. Titus takes Bennett down and tries to grab a half Nelson. Titus falls on top of Bennett for a series of two counts. They get up and trade strikes. Bennett takes control and hits Titus with several chops. They go behind each other trying to gain control until Titus hits Bennett with an elbow. Titus runs the ropes but Bennett catches him with a forearm. Bennett pins Titus and Titus grabs the rope for his first rope break. Bennett kicks Titus in the quad and hits several dragon screw leg whips. Bennett grabs a submission hold but Titus fights out and gets a two count. Bennett rolls out and DDT’s Titus’ leg. (c)

During the break, Titus hit Bennett with a drop kick that sent Bennett to the outside. Titus hits Bennett with a kick in the corner but Bennett grabs the ropes. That is Bennett’s third and final rope break. Titus attacks Bennett’s neck and hits a gut wrench suplex for a two count. Titus climbs the tope rope but Bennett recovers and hits Titus with a forearm. Bennett grabs an ankle lock off the top rope but Titus grabs the ropes for his second rope break. Bennett goes for the Figure 4 but Titus slaps Bennett to breaks out of it. Titus cradles Bennett for a two count. Bennett misses a clothesline but blocks a belly to belly suplex and kicks Titus in the knee. Bennett goes for the piledriver but TItus blocks it and back drops Bennett. Bennett gets a one count on a sunset flip and grabs Titus by the leg into an ankle lock. Titus is able to flip Bennett over for a two count. Bennett kicks Titus but Titus reverses into a cradle for a two count. Both wrestlers fight for leverage, Bennett kicks Titus in the leg and gets a two count. Titus rolls out but they remain locked u. They both raise up and Titus hits a fireperson’s carry into a two count. They reverse pinning predicaments until Bennett misses a clothesline and Titus hits one of his own. Bennett his Titus with a clothesline. Titus and Bennett hit simultaneous clotheslines as the bell rings. This match will how go to judge’s decision. The judges are Will Ferrara, Gary Juster, and Sumie Sakai. Replays are shown of the highlights. Bobby Cruise announces that Mike Bennett is the winner by split decision.

WINNER: Mike Bennett at 15:00

Code of honor adhered to. The commentary teams says Bennett won because of more strikes. A graphic is shown for next week’s matches. They are PJ Black vs Brian Johnson and a four way between Brody King, Jay Lethal, Shane Taylor and Kenny King.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Really good second match. Having it go to judge’s decision was interesting because it shows the viewer that it can happen in any match. I think Titus should have won because he had less rope breaks but I am not a judge. If you love pure wrestling this is a great episode for you. No mention of Death Before Dishonor so hopefully that will start with next week’s episode.)

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