HEYDORN’S DYNAMITE RECEIPT 10/6: Surprise Adam Page return highlights ladder match main event



This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-Talk about starting the show with a “boom.” Get it? The opening tag with The Elite against Bryan Danielson and company was the perfect match to set the tone for this show. It was fast paced with high energy and hooked the crowd right out of the gate.

-Adam Cole continues to impress. The guy is a star and the crowd reactions remain strong. Obvious, I know, but the ceiling is tremendously high for him.

-C.M. Punk is slowly adding true pro wrestling elements to his promos. Too slowly, though. Unless this is a dramatically grand setup for something larger, he’s missing the boat with his time on television. Punk has to find his edgy voice and demeanor so he can attract a pro wrestling audience. At some point, the novelty of Punk simply showing up won’t be enough to carry him and his impact on ratings could diminish.

-Night one of Sammy Guevara’s TNT Championship reign was fine. The match was fine and his presentation was fine too. If this championship run is going to frame and define him as a newly minted babyface, he’ll need mic time to tell that story.

-I’m in on the TBS Championship. Why not? Look, the AEW women’s division has pieces, but those pieces lack context and direction outside of the world title. This secondary belt can give some direction to other characters and focus them. Time will tell, but I’m willing to see this play out.

-A tremendous piece of business for Darby Allin within his interview with Jim Ross. Allin was edgy, but authentic and likable. His story is unique and hearing it from his mouth really gave it a lasting impact.

-Dante Martin vs. Malaki Black? Yes. A million times, yes. I see a match between these guys being incredibly innovative and athletic. It could even serve as an avenue for Martin to start building a character too.

-It’s time to define just what the hell the FTW Championship is. Is it a part of the AEW suite of championships? Putting meaning behind it is necessary to build audience investment around whoever has it or is fighting for it. Right now, it’s kind of just, there.

-Hikaru Shida vs. Serena Deeb was everything I needed it to be. The Deeb heel turn was done effectively and a rematch between both will be fun, while giving the women’s division a feud outside of the title picture.

-Some major bumps in the Casino Ladder Match, which made the match feel special. Multiple feuds were furthered within this match and the Adam Page win continues his with Kenny Omega. A well-booked affair.

-The crowd pop for the Adam Page surprise was notable and loud. AEW needs to capitalize on that momentum this time and go with Page while he’s this hot.

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