10/7/21 MLW Fightland Sage’s Recap and Analysis: Jacob Fatu vs. Alexander Hammerstone, Myron Reed vs. Arez vs. Aramis vs. Tajiri

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


OCTOBER 7, 2021 (EVENT WAS LIVE 10/2/21)


The crowd chanted Tajiri’s name as the bell rang, Aramis and Reed shook the hand of Tajiri, Arez did the same but turned it into a full nelson hold. All four men battled and paired off, and there were many pinning attempts. Aramis and Arez were in the ring as Aramis tried to us high flying moves, Arez tried to ground his opponent with his fast and exciting mat style wrestling. Reed jumped up on the apron and hit a leg drop on Aramis, he then slammed Arez and hit a leg drop on him as well.

Tajiri then entered and kicked all three men in the ring, with huge chants by the crowd. Aramis and Tajiri then locked up, sending Tajiri to the outside. Aramis dove outside once then twice, Reed then dove twice to the outside, as well. [c]

All four men were laying on the floor, after a moment Reed hit a cutter over the top rope and onto the floor on Aramis. Reed then went to pin Aramis, but it was broken up by Tajiri, Tajiri then pinned Reed but Arez broke it up. Arez then took out Tajiri, Aramis then entered and the two men battled once more just like at the start of the match. Tajiri had Aramis in the tarantula hold. Arez then had Reed on the top rope, as Tajiri kicked Reed.

After a few moments all four men were on the outside once more, with Aramis hitting a snap spanish fly on Arez. In teh ring the two men traded kicks, with Arez getting a near fall on Aramis. Arez then did a splash off the top, but was met with a cutter by Reed. Reed then went for a pin, but it was broken up by Tajiri. Green Mist from the mouth of Tajiri hit the face of Reed, Tajiri then hit the Buzzsaw kick and pinned Myron Reed

WINNER – Tajiri in 11:00 – New MLW Middlewight Champion

(Sage’s Analysis: A really fun and fast paced match that highlighted the up and coming talents of Arez, Aramis and Reed. All three men have similar styles, with Arez having more of a unique fast paced catch style when in control. All three looked great and if you had not seen them before I would imagine that you would be interested in seeing them and the MLW product again. Tajiri is a legend and had that legend spot thought out the match, which worked well for me as well.)

-Contra had a video promo saying that he had it out for Hammerstone, it then cut to him looking for Hammerstone backstage. [c]

-MLW embedded was the next segment, AKA the halftime show. This included host Alicia Atout and panelists Raj Giri, Andreas Hale, Emilio Sparks and Dave Meltzer. The first question the panel discussed was is WWE for sale? The second question was who will AEW sign next? The group then talked about Will Ospreay coming to MLW in the fall. [c]

(Sage’s Analysis: I like this segment a lot. MLW knows that they are producing content for a hardcore wrestling fan who is aware of the topics being discussed. I also like to format of two matches with a halftime segment.)

-Contra and team were looking for Hammerstone backstage and were destroying the backstage area.


Hammerstone started by driving his shoulder into Jacob Fatu, sending him int the corner. Hammerstone continued to work over Fatu in one corner and then to the other, soon Fatu was able to switch momentum and get in a series of chops and kicks of his own. Hammerstone responded with big suplexes and sending Fatu to the outside. Fatu came back in the ring and worked a slower offensive style on his opponent. A Uranage sent hammerstone to the outside, where Fatu followed. Fatu hit a moonsault off of the guardrail. Alexander Hammerstone was then able to get Fatu on the outside apron area, where Fatu hit a piledriver on said apron. [c]

Fatu continued to work on the near lifeless Hammerstone, by throwing him into a steel chair. Fatu then hit a coast-to-coast with a chair onto a seated Hammerstone. Fatu followed that up with a nerve hold, Hammerstone was able to hit a side suplex and then make a comeback. Hammerstone hit a big boot and got a two count on the world champion. A bicycle kick and then a German suplex, followed with a powerbomb that ended in a second two count for Hammerstone. [c]

Fatu hit a pop-up Samoan Drop and then went to the top and hit a big senton. Hammerstone rolled out onto to the floor to avoid a cover, Fatu dove out onto his opponent. Hamerstone followed that with a slingshot to the outside onto Fatu. Hammerstone hit a missile dropkick off the top. Both men then traded forearms in the middle of the ring, Fatu’s manager grabbed the foot of Hammerstone and then hit him with a spike. Fatu grabbed a table as this happened, and set it up in the ring. Fatu hit a moonsault through teh table, but Hammerstone kicked out at two. Hammerstone then Hulked up and hit a clothesline, powerslam and a neck breaker to get the pinfall win.

WINNER: Alexander Hammerstone in 18:00

(Sage’s Analysis: I reallly liked this match a lot until Hammerstone kicked out of the table moonsault. I though both men worked really well and looked great, specifically Fatu who is a unicorn of a talent IMO. I though both men did grade A “big man” selling. Until Hammerstone did the hulk Hogan impersonation at the end of the match, that did not respect both men’s unbeaten streaks form a booking perspective. I though the crowd reaction at the end proved that as well. I could see this continuing between the two and I would very much look forward to this rematch.)





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