WWE Raw viewership drops up against NFL and MLB playoff game, details on how it compared in key demos with AEW Dynamite

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


WWE Monday Night Raw drew a 1.15 cable household rating, the lowest since it drew 1.09 on July 5 (considered a holiday rating, part of the Fourth of July weekend). Raw drew 1.10 on May 31 (a holiday weekend) and 1.12 on Dec. 14 last year and 1.15 on July 13 last year. The lowest Raw rating of 2019 was 1.35 on Dec. 23. Otherwise, the lowest rating was 1.44. The lowest rating of 2018 was 1.22 on Christmas Eve. Otherwise, the 2018 low was 1.58.

The cable household rating represents the percent of homes with cable who had Raw on a TV in the home.

The average viewership was 1.582 million over three hours, beginning with 1.588 million in the first hour, 1.641 million in the second hour, and 1.517 million in the third hour.

In the key 18-49 demographic that is most closely tracked by TV networks and advertisers, Raw drew a 0.42 rating. (AEW Dynamite last week drew a 0.37 in that demo.) It drew 0.41 on June 28. It averaged 0.50 from June through August. Since leaving ThunderDome, Raw has averaged 0.52.

In the male 18-49 demo, Raw drew a 0.50 rating, down from 0.66 last week. (AEW Dynamite drew 0.53 in that demo last week.) It averaged 0.66 since leaving ThunderDome.

In the male 18-34 demo, Raw drew a 0.25 rating, down from 0.27 last week. (AEW Dynamite drew a 0.30 rating in that demo last week.) It averaged 0.36 since leaving ThunderDome.

Raw fell below the prior episode of AEW Dynamite in the key male , but outdrew AEW among all adults in the key demo.

The drop in male viewership is attributable to the more intense sports programming competition on Monday, including a Major League Baseball playoff game between teams based on Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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