11/10 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Keller’s detailed report and analysis of final Full Gear hype, Omega-Hangman contract signing, Pac vs. Dax

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


NOVEMBER 10, 2021

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts


-The Dynamite opening theme aired. Then as pyro blasted, Jim Ross introduced the show as the camera panned the crowd.

(1) BRYAN DANIELSON vs. ROCKY ROMERO (w/Orange Cassidy)

Danielson made his ring entrance first. Ross said Danielson sees himself as “a wrestler’s wrestler.” He mentioned Miro is on deck as his opponent at Full Gear. Schiavone said he has his work cut out for himself tonight. He said Danielson knows Romero very well. Excalibur gave a backstory on their relationship as Romero’s entrance video aired and he walked out with Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Kris Statlander, and Wheeler Yuta. Ross talked about Romero’s link to Trent in New Japan also.

They shook hands as the bell rang. Schiavone said he thinks Miro will be fresher on Saturday night at Full Gear than Danielson. Romero knocked Danielson to ringside. Cassidy walked past Bryan and raised his arms and then put them in his pockets. Romero then dove through the ropes and tackled a DISTRACTED Danielson. Graphics advertised Jungle Boy vs. Anthony Bowens. Matt Hardy was sitting at ringside and had some words for Cassidy. Schiavone said Hardy has been shadowing Cassidy everywhere he goes. Schiavone said Romero being there is a sign of the “forbidden door” being opened. Romero got in a string of offense, both mat holds and high-impact moves leading to near falls. Fans chanted “Let’s go Bryan!”

Danielson made a comeback and set up a top rope back suplex. Romero ended up landing on top Danielson and scored a two count. Romero went for a cross armbreaker, but Daniels broke free. They showed Hardy studying the match. Both Danielson and Romero were slow to get up and the ref began his count. He reached six before they stood. Danielson countered Romero’s armbar attempt into a calf slicer. Romero countered, but Danielson countered him, and then Romero countered into an extended armbreaker. After Danielson broke the hold, Schiavone said Danielson is crazy taking this match so close to the PPV. Danielson grabbed Romero’s arms and stomped his chest over and over. Then he shifted into a leg submission for the tapout win. Excalibur said Miro has to be aware Danielson has a thousand ways he can beat him.

WINNER: Danielson in 11:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Really cool match. Those two put on a clinic.)

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  • Does Tony think Cody getting a mixed response is a good thing, citing John Cena and Roman Reigns as examples of top stars who went through that?
  • Tony responds to framing C.M. Punk’s impact on business as a disappointment so far
  • Does Tony think he could have gotten more out of Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, Ruby Soho, and C.M. Punk if their debuts were spread out?
  • What is his COVID protocol within AEW? Has he been vaccinated?
  • More on the Jon Moxley situation and his comments in front of the crowd after Dynamite on Wednesday about what a tough week it’s been for him.
  • Does moving Miro into Moxley’s place cause a ripple effect on his booking plans for Miro?
  • His reaction to WWE roster cuts and his mindset on the inevitable roster cuts he’ll need to make eventually.
  • Is Cody being booed, Punk’s impact on business, Danielson-Cole-Punk, COVID protocols, Moxley situation, WWE cuts
  • How does Tony decide what cities and arenas to bring TV and PPVs to
  • Reflecting on the success of AEW at arenas across the country in first two years on tour
  • Tony’s thoughts on the viewership drop this week for Dynamite
  • How much All Out PPV growth does Tony attribute to C.M. Punk’s first match in AEW
  • What percentage of time does he stick to his long-term plans versus changing for various reasons
  • The evolution of the roles of the Executive V.P.s – Cody Rhodes, Matt & Nick Jackson, Kenny Omega – behind the scenes, especially in the creative booking process
  • Is there an EVP most closely aligned with his creative vision?
  • Who else is involved in the weekly process other than EVPs?


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-The announcers hyped the rest of the key matches and segments on Dynamite. [c]

-Schiavone stood mid-ring and introduced Inner Circle. The crowd sang Jericho’s song. American Top Team and Men of the Year jumped them from behind on the ramp. They powerbombed Jericho through a table they set up in the ring. Scorpio Sky said Jericho might be broken in half and that’s just a small sample of what they can do. He said they’ll get the full thing Saturday at Full Gear. As Dan Lambert and Junior Dos Santos posed and gloated, Ethan Page said they’re going to make sure Lambert taps out Jericho. Lambert then put Jericho in a Boston Crab. Ethan tapped Jericho’s hand on the mat. Lambert gloated before releasing the hold. Lambert closed the segment by posing.


Thunder Rosa and Baker had a moment early with a dueling chant of “Thunder Rosa / DMD!” Baker tagged out quickly to Rebel. Rosa took control against Rebel. When the heel trio took over, they cut to a split-screen break. [c/ss]

Rosa leaped off the top rope onto Hayter at ringside. Back in the ring, Conti superkicked Rebel and set up a DDT. Baker was going to make the save, but when Conti saw her, she backed down. Conti DDT’d Rebel and scored the pin. Excalibur said Baker left Rebel out to dry and apparently is scared of Baker. Schiavone called it a business decision.

WINNERS: Conti & Jay & Rosa in 7:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Solid segment of wrestling plus some added build for the AEW Women’s Title match on Saturday.)

-A video package aired on Ruby Soho vs. Kris Statlander match coming up in the TBS Title Tournament.

(3) JUNGLE BOY vs. ANTHONY BOWENS (w/Max Caster)

Caster said Jungle Boy stutters every time he does a promo. He said JB looks so pathetic, he wouldn’t kiss him even though he’s his fettish. He said he’s so progressive, he leaves his girlfriend behind to hang out with seven guys. (It rhymed better than my recap here!) Excalibur talked about Bowens near victory over Danielson last Friday on Rampage. A few minutes in, Caster grabbed JB’s leg. Bowens then knocked JB to the floor. They cut to a split-screen break. [c/ss]

Bowens took over during the break. When JB made a comeback, Caster stood on the ring apron again. JB let go of the Snare Trap attempt and knocked him off the ring apron. Bowens went after JB, but JB ducked and dove onto Caster at ringside. Bowens then delivered a corkscrew DDT on JB off the middle rope for a near fall. JB countered Bowens and locked on the Snare Trap. Caster reached into the ring to try to help, but was out of range, so Bowens eventually tapped.

WINNER: Jungle Boy in 10:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Bowens continues to look good, and Caster was an effective agitator at ringside. JB and Bowens are two of the smoother workers in AEW right now and they looked like they had worked together quite a bit before.)

-After the match, Bobby Fish ran to the ring and attacked JB from behind as he was celebrating. He landed knee strikes and then exploder suplexed him into the ropes. Christian Cage and Luchasaurus ran out for the save, so Fish fled.

-A vignette aired on “Hangman” Adam Page challenging for the AEW World Title match with comments from Page, Omega, Taz, and others. Page said he doesn’t think anything could feel better than winning the AEW Title. Omega said he always wins big matches.

-The Young Bucks and Adam Cole were backstage in a jubilant mood. Cole said he’s known Bobby Fish for a long time and he wanted to introduce The Bucks to him. Matt Jackson said they don’t need to be introduced because they know him well. Jackson said in AEW there’s no Dispute and it’s the Era of the Elite and the era of the SuperKliq. He said if Cole says he’s cool, then they’re cool. Cole suggested Fish face JB on Friday, but leave them a little bit of JB so they can finish the job Saturday at Full Gear. Nick posed for the camera as he walked buy. Funny.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good use of Fish to have him be assigned the task to weaken JB before Saturday, on behalf of his old NXT Undisputed Era faction member Cole. Cole and the Bucks were good here at being cool, obnoxious heels.)

-A vignette aired on Eddie Kingston vs. C.M. Punk. They included old footage of Kingston and Punk back in IWA Mid-South Wrestling. They aired clips of the Punk-Kingston segment last Friday on Rampage. They snipped Punk calling him a bum and saying he shouldn’t expect him to step up to his potential now just like he didn’t in the past, then Kingston saying nobody in the back wants Punk there. That led to the Punk headbutt and an intense brawl.

(4) WARDLOW vs. WHEELER YUTA (w/Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor)

Ross got in a dig at Wheeler wearing tennis shoes. He then asked if he is supposed to call them sneakers. (I don’t remember him calling out Shane McMahon for similar disrespect of the business.) Wardlow overpowered Wheeler start to finish including four powerbombs. Ross said he is among those who could be the future of AEW, and if you don’t mention him as a pillar of AEW, “you haven’t been paying attention.” Wardlow then delivered a rising knee strike after pulling Yuta off the top rope followed by a three count. Excalibur asked if MJF can do the same thing to Darby Allin this Saturday. Cassidy and Taylor checked on Yuta afterward.

WINNER: Wardlow in 3:00.

-Blade and Isaiah Kassidy ran out and attacked Cassidy and Taylor. Kassidy recorded Hardy giving a Twist of Fate to Cassidy.

(Keller’s Analysis: Kind of a strange match to put on the final Dynamite before a PPV with so many matches to promote, but it’s good to remind people now and again what a force Wardlow can be in the ring.)

-They cut to the parking garage where Punk and Kingston were being separated by wrestlers after getting into a brawl. They were yelling at each other as they were held back and pulled apart. Kingston broke free, but was cut off. Sonjay Dutt stood between them.


Martin and Rush made their ring entrance first. They had semi-matching white, black, and gold ring outfits. Lio’s outfit was nearly as elaborate as Jushin Liger’s. When a four-way brawl broke out, they cut to a partial split-screen break. [c/ss]

After the break, Moriarty and Rush both got hot-tagged in. After a flurry by Rush, Ross said, “That little son of a gun is talented!” Dante finished Moriarty with a double springboard moonsault press for the win. Rush gave Dante some encouraging words afterward and raised his arm.

WINNERS: Rush & Martin in 11:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: What a flurry of crisp and dazzling athleticism. It’s just such a great part of the mix of what you get on Dynamite and Rampage, much like Nitro really stood out over Raw initially in the mid-1990s because they featured state of the art dazzling athleticism that wasn’t common on WWE’s TV product.)

-A Miro vignette aired. He said Danielson is just a man standing between himself and his wife. He said he needs to win this tournament and put the World Title over his shoulder. He said it will happen not because his god blessed him, but because his god fears him, “just like you should.” He said this isn’t personal, “but you have to say goodbye to your wife so I can say hello to mine.”

(Keller’s Analysis: Is the finish on Saturday, Miro’s wife – formerly Lana in WWE – showing up to create a distraction? Or does she just celebrate with him shortly after he wins? Or otherwise. But that was a lot of talk about wives without it turning out to be a factor.)

(6) DAX HARWOOD (w/Tully Blanchard) vs. PAC

Schiavone said the Lucha Brothers were banned, “so we’re just going to get a great wrestling match here.” The match was intense from the beginning, but built methodically. Fans were into it because they made every move count. Some fans were standing and others were chanting “This is awesome!” early. After a corkscrew dive over the top rope onto Dax at ringside, they cut to a break. Both were slow to get up. [c/ss]

More “This is awesome!” chants after the break. Ross said one of the great strengths of AEW is how fans love the action bell to bell. Excalibur said AEW truly is the home of professional wrestling. Pac was in total control. He set up a top rope move, but Dax rolled out of the way. Pac landed a running uppercut in the corner and then a running boot to the chin. Tully pulled Dax out of the path of Pac. Dax landed a quick brainbuster suplex next. Pac came back and set up a Black Arrow on the top rope, but Dax popped up and knocked Pac off balance. He then back suplexed Pac off the top rope. Another “This is awesome!” chant. Dax landed a rebound sitout powerbomb on Pac for a near fall a minute later. Pac and Dax exchanged strikes mid-ring. Pac scored a two count with a backslide, then immediately transitioned into a submission. Dax immediately tapped out. Ross said it was smart.

WINNER: Pac in 14:00.

-Cash Wheeler ran out and attacked Pac to save his partner. Excalibur said Dax’s shoulder is taped up and he didn’t want to risk injury going into Saturday night’s tag team title match. The lights went out. When they came back on, Andrade El Idolo and Malikai Black were standing there. They stomped away at Pac. The Lucha Bros. ran out. Cody came out through the crowd in a sleeveless hoodie. They cleared the ring of the heels. Cody showed fire after clearing the ring of the heels.

(Keller’s Analysis: Really good match. What you’d hope for with those two. It was good to see Cody run out dressed more casual and coming through the crowd. There was no real chance for fans to boo him. If he’s going to stay babyface, this is a good approach.)

-Excalibur hyped JB vs. Fish and Cassidy vs. Hardy for Friday on Rampage followed by the “Countdown to Full Gear” special. The “Buy In” preshow on Saturday night features Nyla Rose & Hayter vs. Rosa & Hikaru Shida. Ross hyped the PPV line-up

-A vignette aired hyping the MJF-Darby feud. Excalibur then announced Cody & Pac vs. Andrade & Black was now official for the PPV.

-They went to a split screen showing both Dark Order and The Elite leaving the arena. Tony Khan banned them from the arena for the contract signing.

-Schiavone stood mid-ring and introduced the PPV main event AEW Title match contract signing. “Hangman” Page came out first to a nice ovation. Page said he’s not sure what there is left to say. He said he will beat his ass for the AEW World Title on Saturday. He then signed the contract. Schiavone brought it over to Omega as fans chanted “Cowboy Shit.” Omega paused and said he wished he could share the excitement and enthusiasm of the “wonderful fans.” He said he’s a little sad, though, because he and Hangman were partners in The Elite once. He said if it wasn’t for his insecurities and failures, it could have been different. He said it was always them that picked him out of his sorrows and put him back on his horse. He said he did it because he saw a little bit of himself in him. He said he was wrong and Hangman turned into a big disappointment.

Hangman said Kenny’s once had a tag partner he felt he didn’t measure up to, either. Fans ohh’ed. Hangman said he’s become the Best Bout Machine and the Wrestling God and the man who has been the AEW World Champion for nearly a year, so maybe he has surpassed “him” (Ibushi). He said the biggest lie Omega ever told him is after Full Gear last year when he beat him in the Eliminator Tournament and he told him he was proud of him. “You weren’t proud of me, you were afraid of me,” he said. He said he didn’t want the pain of loss to light a fire under his ass so he could redeem himself. He said he will become the AEW World Champion on Saturday.

Omega stood and said what he did, he did out of necessity. He said he wanted to be the man standing opposite of him when he tried to reach his potential. He said they might never be friends, but he wants to shake his hand one more time. “Let’s kill it at the pay-per-view, one more time, man to man,” he said. Hangman was leery, but shook his hand. Omega said, “Good job, Hangman, I’m proud of you.” Excalibur said he’s a detestable man. A camera guy kept wandering in front of the other camera. That camera guy blasted Hangman with the camera and revealed himself to be Don Callis. Callis said he’s been hanging out in his basement for six weeks so they could have this moment. Omega then signed the contract with Hangman’s blood.

(Keller’s Analysis: Tremendous show-closing angle.)

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