11/10 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Kenny Omega and Adam Page Contract Signing, Bryan Danielson vs. Rocky Romero, Pac vs. Dax Harwood, CM Punk talks, Inner Circle talks, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


NOVEMBER 10, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur


The men shook hands to start the match, a code of honor if you will. Romero almost instantly got wrist control, Danielson then countered and got wrist control, Romero countered again. Danielson then ran the ropes and hit a shoulder block and then went to the mat. Romero locked in a submission and Danielson broke the hold with the ropes. Romero backed Danielson in the corner and hit his opponent with an elbow, he then sent Danielson to the outside. Here Orange Cassidy did the hands in the pocket move, as Romero hit a dive out onto Danielson.

Romero got Danielson back into the ring, and then chopped him in the corner. Danielson countered and hit chops and kicks of his own, finishing the sequence by locking in a Liger full body submission. Romero broke the hold with the ropes, Romero then followed up with a springboard DDT. Danielson was on the apron, here Romero perched him on the middle rope and Romero then hit a double stomp on Danielson.

Romero hit a running sliced bread after a huricanranna off of the stairs, leading to a near fall. Danielson countered with a spinning elbow and then a German Suplex, for a two count on Romero. Danielson then hit chops and kicks, then put Romero on the top rope, from the top rope Romero countered and slammed Danielson and then locked in a cross arm breaker. While in the hold, Danielson hit a power bomb to break the hold.

Danielson laid in kicks and elbows and forearms, Romero went for the arm breaker once more. Danielson reversed it into a calf slicer and then Romero countered again. Danielson eventually was able to kick Romero in the head, he then hit a head stomp, and then locked in a leg submission for the submission win. [c]

WINNER: Bryan Danielson in 12:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A great opener, it is not super ideal in my opinion to have Danielson pushed to the limit with someone like Rocky. While the general audience does not know how high or low on the card Rocky is in Japan, it has to be a small question in their mind. But, it was a really good match and for that I think this is a big win, as I was already well sold for the Miro match with or without this.)

-Tony Schiavone introduced The Inner Circle to the ring. As they walked out to the arena they were attacked by American Top Team. Junior Dos Santos hit an uppercut on Sammy’s stomach. Santana was thrown into the stairs; Ortiz, Hager and Jericho were hit with kendo sticks and trash can lids. A table was brought in the ring and Lambert, with the help of Page and Sky, bombed Jericho through the table. Scorpio and Ethan then got on the mic and got heat from the crowd. Page said that they would have Lambert Pin Jericho at the PPV. Lambert then put Jericho in the Walls of Jericho, and Jericho’s hand was moved to make it look like he was tapping. Top Team members then danced on the graves of The Inner Circle. [c]

(Sage’s Analysis: I have been really down on this story, that being said I think the legit heat here was better then the insider Lambert talk, or just lobbing insults on the mic. While I am not very excited for the match, it sets up for a nice live crowd moment when Jericho takes out Lambert at the PPV.)


The six women all began to fight as soon as the bell rang, Baker and Rosa were the first to battle, with loud chants from the crowd for each. Rebel was soon tagged in and she was thrown into the opposing team’s corner. Anna Jay was then tagged in and hit a suplex on Rebel, Jamie Hayter distracted Jay and then she was out of the ring and Anna Jay was beat up by Hayter and Baker going into the break. [c]

Tay Conti took out all three members of the opposing team and then hit the Tay K.O on Hayter, Baker broke up the pin attempt. Hayter then got the pin on Conti, but the pin was broken up by Thunder Rosa. Anna Jay and Baker then battled, as Thunder Rosa took out Jamie Hayter form the top rope. Tay Conti got the pin on Rebel as Baker ran off.

WINNER: Tay Conti & Anna Jay & Thunder Rosa in 8:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A really fun and fast paced match. The crowd was super into this, mainly Thunder Rosa and Baker, and made this match feel really special. Having Conti win going into the PPV makes sense and is as old school as it gets.)

-A video hyping the Kris Statlander and Ruby Soho was shown. [c]


Jungle Boy and Anthony Bowens traded moves trying to get the advantage, Jungle Boy was eventually able to get an elbow and then put Bowens in the corner and hit him with fast paced offense. Bowens then countered and hit chops of his own in the corner. JB then ran the ropes while he had the hand of Bowens, and hit a springboard move and then a slam on Bowens. Anthony Bowens was able to grab the hair of Jungle Boy, Bowens then distracted the ref as Caster messed with JB. Bowens was now able to take advantage and work over Jungle Boy going into the break. [c]

Jungle Boy made a comeback as the show returned to full screen. Bowens made a quick comeback with a series of chops and kicks, he got a near fall on JB. Jungle Boy then tried a roll up and got a two count, he then locked in a snare trap. Caster got on the apron and JB moved and took out Caster. Bowens hit a DDT and got a near fall after the Caster distraction. Jungle Boy eventually locked in the Snare Trap once more and tapped out Bowens.

WINNER: Jungle Boy in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun match that for the second time out of three matches was a match that really didn’t mean much for the babyface going into the PPV. The stuff with fish seemed weird, but it was quickly explained in the next segment.)

-Bobby Fish attacked and beat up Jungle Boy post match.

-A video hyping the Omega and Adam Page match was shown.

-Adam Cole and The Young Bucks were backstage. They were excited about JB getting beat up. Bobby Fish then walked up and joined the four. Adam Cole suggested a match between Fish and JB before the PPV.

-A video hyping the CM Punk and Eddie Kingston feud was shown. Including a recap of their Rampage segment last Friday.


Yuta tried to strike first with a leg takedown, he was stopped and the Yuta tried to run the ropes. Wardlow finally caught Wheeler and then hit a power bomb on his opponent, then a second power bomb. Wardlow followed that up with a third and fourth power bomb. Wardlow then hit a raising knee strike and got the pinfall

WINNER: Wardlow in 2:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A good reminder that Wardlow is a monster heel.)

-After this HFO members came out and beat up members of The Best Friends. It culminated with Matt Hardy hitting Cassidy with a chair, then a twist of fate with a chair. [c]

-CM Punk and Eddie Kingston were being pulled apart in the backstage area as the show returned.


Dante Martin and Lee Moriarty started the match with a collar and elbow tie-up. Moriarty went for for wrist control as the crowd chanted for Lee Moriarty with a soccer fan type chant. Martin countered a move and went for a pinfall, Moriarty went for more submissions and the two countered back and forth as the crowd cheered for the exchange. Lio Rush and Matt Sydal were then tagged in. Sydal was trying to talk to Rush, that was answered with a slap to the face. Rush hit a hurricanrana from  a springboard move, then all four men were battling going into the break. [c]

Martin jumped over Matt Sydal twice and hit an impressive drop kick on Sydal. Rush and Moriarty were tagged in, Moriarty hit an up kick and then a stern upper cut on Rush. Moriarty then slammed Rush, Sydal then entered and teamed up, but Lio Rush fought off both men, sending both to the outside. Rush then dove out toward each man one-by-one, Rush then hit a spinning Killswitch like move and got a near fall on Moriarty.

Moriarty and Martin then battled once again, with Moriarty hitting fast paced high flying moves. Lio then called Martin to hit the moonsault, he did and got the pinfall on Lee Moriarty.

WINNER: Lio Rush and Dante Martin in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A fantastic match. I was not sure about the Lio Rush and Dante Martin tag team, but then seem like legit top five contenders. Lee Moriarty is fantastic and this was quite the coming out party for him to a huge audience. The crowd was also into this big and made it feel more elevated then the booking and placement of the match, great stuff.)

-Miro had a promo saying the match on Saturday is not personal. He is just a body standing in the way of his wife and his God. he asked if his God was pulling for him or messing with him. He again said it was not personal. [c]


A collar and elbow tie-up start the match not once but twice. Harwood drove Pac into the corner and was pulled off by the ref. The two men then battled over wrist control, no one won and then Pac ran the ropes and both men continued to have a 50/50 battle, leading to a stare-down in the middle of the ring. Harwood hit a huge clothesline. Pac followed that up with offense in the corner on Harwood. The two men then traded shots, Pac hit a German Suplex as Harwood was then thrown to the outside. Pac then dove out onto Harwood. [c]

When the show returned, Harwood was seated on the middle rope, Pac then hit a brain buster off the top rope. Pac was able to cover after a few moments, leading to a near fall. Pac then hit a big boot on Harwood, Pac then went to the top rope and hit a drop kick on Harwood. Pac then went to the top again and was about to hit the Black Arrow. But, Dax rolled away and Pac came down and hit another bog boot.

Tully interfered and Harwood was able to hit a brain buster on Pac, for a near fall of his own. Pac then countered with a thrust kick and went up for the Black Arrow again, but he was chopped down by Dax. On the top, Dax hit a backdrop off the top. Harwood took off his elbow pad, Pac hit a German, then Harwood hit a lariat with the exposed elbow. He then hit a Liger bomb and got a near fall on Pac. The men traded pins, and Pac locked in a submission hold that Harwood tapped out too.

WINNER: Pac in 15:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Another great match, really just a clinic start to finish. I like the psychology of Dax tapping ASAP to protect his match and because he is a heel it works so well. The post match stuff was ok, but very predictable.)

-After the match, Cash Wheeler attacked Pac. The lights went out as Black and Andrade appeared. Cody then emerged in Tony Khan approved attire and ran to the ring and made the save with the Lucha Bros.

-The announce team ran down the card for Rampage and the entire Full Gear card. A recap of the MJF and Darby feud was shown.

-Adam Page came to the ring for the contract signing. Kenny Omega came out second, it was also announced that The Elite and Dark Order had been told to leave the building beforehand.

Adam Page was the first to sign the contract. Page said he didn’t have more to say, and said that as soon as he signs he gets to kick Omega’s ass. Omega then said that he wished he could share the excitement of Page and the fans. He said he was sad, Page used to be Elite and his friend. He said that all of this could have been his if he wasn’t so insecure. He said that Cowboy Shit was because Kenny and The Bucks picked him up over and over and made him do that Cowboy Shit.

Page said that Omega had a tag team partner that he didn’t live up too, but now he may have surpassed him. He said that the biggest lie was when Omega said good job last year at Full Gear, he said that is what made him who he is and who he will be. Both men stood up, Kenny said he wants to shake his hand one last time, and said let’s kill it at the PPV. The two men shook hands and Kenny said he was proud of him. Don Callis then appeared and took out Page. Page was bleeding, and Kenny signed his contract with the blood dripping down Hangman’s face to end the show.

(Final Thoughts: A really excellent show, great matches, a hot crowd and a memorable angle to end the show. The stuff with Punk and Kingston as well as the maybe Cody match getting resolved is something I hope happens on Friday. But this was a tour de force of a wrestling show and should be commended as such.)

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