11/23 AEW DARK TV REPORT: Lee Moriarty vs. Nick Comoroto, Matt Hardy vs. Brick Aldridge, Riho vs. Karma Dean, more


Analysis, detail, and results of this week's episode of AEW Dark


NOVEMBER 23, 2021

Announcers: Excalibur and Taz

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts


Silver controlled Bravo early, dropped him with an uppercut before hitting a double reverse slam with Reynolds. Bravo blocked a boot, but Silver powered him down again. Dean made a blind tag and got in a combo with Bravo. Double kicks, double stomps to the hand and quick tags kept Bravo & Dean in control. Standing sliced bread by Silver was enough to get a hot tag to Reynolds, who cleaned house. Reynolds hit a cravat neckbreaker for two. Dean connected with a spinning full nelson slam, yelling that he “Hit’em with the Deal” but Silver broke up the pin yelling No Deal! Reynolds & Silver hit a series of moves they’ve referred to as the Wombo Combo before I believe for the victory.

WINNERS: Alex Reynolds & John Silver in 5:00

(Howard’s Analysis: These guys crammed quite a bit into 5 minutes and we got a fun opener as a result.)


Dean is making her AEW debut and did the standard hair pull and eye rake before posing early. Dean took a very long time to do much offense after hitting one back elbow, which allowed Riho to hit a rising corner knee. Riho connected with the 619 and Northern Lights for two. Riho hit her double foot stomp off the top for the quick win.

WINNER: Riho in 3:00

(Howard Analysis: Riho keeps her Dark winning streak going, as once she got on offense, she made quick work of Dean.)


Double leg sweep into a dropkick combo on Omen right out the gate before Lee & Parker hit Hodder with The Taste. Soriano tagged in and was immediately hit with Two for the Show, but let Garcia sink in the Scorpion Death Lock for the submission. This was dominating. Post match, Garcia & 2point0 talked quick trash on the AEW roster with Tony Schiavone holding the mic.

WINNERS: Daniel Garcia & 2point0 in 2:00

(Howard’s Analysis: I demand more squashes like this from the 2point0 family. Lee & Parker are very proud of their son Daniel ahead of his showdown with Eddie Kingston this Friday on Rampage.)


Both ladies traded pulling each other down by their hair before Hogan hit a standing dropkick. Mimi fought back with a nice side slam for two. Hogan blocked a punch and drove Mimi down face first before hitting a leg drop. Taz had a field day calling Hogan hitting a leg drop. Mimi stumbled to her feet and got clocked with a roundhouse kick for the win.

WINNER: Kiera Hogan in 2:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Commentary talked about Hogan running into a rough patch, so this win got her back on track.)

(5) BEAR COUNTRY (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson) vs. CHAD LENNEX & CAINE CARTER

Lennex for some reason tried to attack Boulder at the bell. That did not work well as he was pressed over Boulder’s head and flattened. Bronson tagged in and hit a sit out piledriver on Carter while splashing Lennex at the same time. Boudler bodyslammed both opponents at the same time before Boulder put Bronson on his shoulders and squashed Lennex & Carter for 3.

WINNERS: Bear Country in 2:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Bear Country need to build a win streak and get some TV matches as they’re an awesome duo.)


Greene dusted off an oldie and did a criss-cross early on, eventually clobbering Ryan with a forearm. Greene hit a back suplex that turned into a flapjack, then a flying cross body for two. Greene hit a crucifix driver for the quick win. Post match, Tony Schiavone tells Greene that Tony Khan has booked Greene vs. Adam Cole next week on Dark. Greene said he’s not in AEW to be a one and done, he’s here to go to the top of the charts.

WINNER: Anthony Greene in 2:00

(Howard’s Analysis: That flapjack back suplex thing Greene hit messed Ryan up briefly, but Greene’s finish was really cool. Greene vs. Cole should be a fun match next week.)

(7) JOEY JANELA (w/Kayla Rossi) vs. ZACK CLAYTON

Clayton worked the arm early, but Janela countered into a nice hammerlock slam. Clayton fought back with a nice dropkick, as Rossi went to the apron to run distraction. Janela nearly stole it with a school boy for two, but Clayton regained control with a stalling vertical suplex. Rossi tripped Clayton and distracted him long enough for Janela to throw him throat first into the ropes. Joey teased a Coast to Coast dive, but faked everyone out, telling the camera “don’t ever fall in love at the Jersey Shore”. Joey wasted too much time as Clayton hit a solid snap powerslam and a few elbows. Clayton went for a spinning attack, but ate a Janela superkick for two. Joey went outside to grab the ring bell, which let Rick Knox get distracted enough for Kayla to hit a standing moonsault on Clayton. Joey quickly went up top to hit the elbow for three.

WINNER: Joey Janela in 5:30

(Howard’s Analysis: Taz talked about Hook kicking him in the ass and falling into the ropes similar to how Clayton was tossed into the ropes earlier in the match. That popped Excalibur and myself, as just the visual of that is hilarious. Commentary never mentioned Clayton’s fiancé, JWoww, despite Janela throwing out a Jersey Shore line.)

-Lexy Nair interviewed Bear Country backstage about their victory as they are ready to go against the competition in AEW. I fully support that.

(8) EMI SAKURA (w/Lulu Pencil) vs. VALENTINA ROSSI

Poor Lulu got clocked with Sakura’s entrance jacket before the match even started. Sakura got the crowd to sing along before applying the Romero Special. Sakura looked for Queen’s Gambit, but Rossi fought it off. Sakura no sold some punches and hit a few stiff chops. Rossi countered a suplex into one of her own, then a corner splash. Rossi hit a straight jacket slam for a very close two. Sakura raked the eyes to get free from a standing Dragon Sleeper. Taz struggled mightily to sing We Will Rock You as Sakura hit the cross body. Vader Bomb out of the corner could’ve won it, but Sakura hit Queen’s Gambit instead for the victory.

WINNER: Emi Sakura in 4:00

(Howard’s Analysis: I think as of this writing, Lulu Pencil sadly went back to Japan for the time being, but I hope she returns soon. The Lulu & Sakura combo has been one of the most under appreciated duos on Dark & especially Elevation.)


Pre-match, Matt told Brick he would say his name with reverence after the match. Brick took the fight to Matt early with a big beal, which left Matt retreating. Matt pulled Brick to the floor, took the ref, which allowed Johl to post Brick. Back inside, Matt hit multiple neckbreakers and slapped on a sleeper. Brick fought back with a diving headbutt off the top, but was slow to cover, just getting two. Matt tried a Side Effect, but Brick countered into a shoulder breaker. Johl jumped on the apron, ate a punch, but it was long enough for Brick to miss a Lionsault. Matt hit the Side Effect and Twist of Fate for the win.

WINNER: Matt Hardy in 5:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Show of hands, who remembered Jora Johl was part of the H.F.O? I have zero idea what the plan is with him, or the H.F.O for that matter. The crowd was pretty quiet for this match, which is pretty surprising considering it’s Hardy. I will say, Brick looked good in this match though, he took the fight to Matt.)

(10) LEE JOHNSON & BROCK ANDERSON (w/Arn Anderson) vs. THE ACCLAIMED (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)

Caster’s rap ended saying Brock looks straight out the 80s and looks like he gets with 50 year old ladies. Brock worked the arm of Caster and fired off corner shoulders to the midsection. Johnson & Bowens tagged in and had a nice series before Bowens missed a dropkick, but Johnson connected flush. Brock tried to fight off both men, but ate a Bowens dropkick and Caster drove him back first on the apron. The Acclaimed kept Brock isolated until he low bridged Bowens as Caster took the ref, so he never saw the Johnson hot tag. Brock fought back with a DDT on Bowens and spinebuster on Caster to finally get the tag to Johnson who ran wild. Johnson hit a somersault DVD and top rope slam for two, as Bowens broke it up. The ending got a little clunky with the ref being distracted randomly from Johnson on the apron, while The Acclaimed used their chain to pop Brock for the win.

WINNERS: The Acclaimed in 8:30

(Howard’s Analysis: I said last week the eight man tag’s heat portion on Brock went way too long, but tonight was much better. I’m all for Brock getting more reps, but that ending seemed a little off.)


Poor Rolando is barely as tall as the top rope, as Wardlow no sold every punch thrown his way. Rolando begged for mercy, even kissing the boots of Wardlow, who gut wrenched him all the way up into three revolution powerbombs. Wardlow hit Casualty of War by pressing Rolando over his head for the KO win. Post match, Wardlow hit multiple F-10’s to put poor Rolando out of his misery.

WINNER: Wardlow in 1:30

(Howard’s Analysis: What did Rolando Perez do to Tony Khan to be thrown to the wolves like this? Wardlow squashes are amazing and this was no different.)

(12) LEE MORIARTY vs. NICK COMOROTO (w/Aaron Solo)

Both men worked the speed versus power game early. Moriarty tried for his arm breaker, but Comoroto countered into a spinning back breaker for two. After Solo got in a quick shot on the floor, Comoroto took his time dismantling Moriarty, doing presses over his head. Comoroto slammed Moriarty then did a gnarly neck twist with his feet. Comoroto absolutely launched Moriarty face first into the ropes, wanted a suplex, but Moriarty kneed his way out. Moriarty threw a few clotheslines and uppercut that sent Comoroto to the floor. Moriarty hit a running double stomp to the arm off the apron before posting Comoroto. Moriarty hit a DDT into a shoulder breaker for two before he sank in a kimura. Comoroto powered out into an Oklahoma Stampede for a close two. Comoroto pressed Lee over his head with his one good arm, but Moriarty faked a counter into an arm bar, but got a roll up instead for the victory. Post match, Tony interviewed Lee, who said he’s wrestled every style so far in AEW, but he’s adapted every time out. He hopes to continue his momentum as the future of AEW.

WINNER: Lee Moriarty in 9:30

(Howard’s Analysis: This was a very enjoyable main event, with both men playing off the style differences really well. This was one of Comoroto’s best showings as a singles guy in AEW and Lee continued to impress.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was your standard squash heavy episode of Dark with only a couple matches going over five minutes. There were some pretty fun squashes though, with Wardlow’s being the best of the bunch with the Garcia & 2point0 and Bear Country ones being pretty great too. The match of the night clearly would go to Moriarty vs. Comoroto, as they had really good chemistry, playing the power vs. speed story really well.

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