12/6 WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW RESULTS: Keller’s report on Becky Lynch defending against Liv Morgan, Big E vs. Kevin Owens in a cage Miz TV with Edge

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


DECEMBER 6, 2021

Commentators: Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves


-A video package aired on last week’s main event with Big E vs. Kevin Owens, with Seth Rollins interfering which advanced KO to the Day One main event WWE Title match.

-A soundbite aired with Seth welcoming everyone to Monday Night Rollins. He laughed as he talked about Big E battling KO in a cage later. He said he’ll enjoy every second of them tearing each other apart. He said at Day One they will usher in a new year and a new era with a new champion when he beats both Big E and KO.

-A soundbite aired with Big E who vowed to beat KO and punish him. “You got to feel that, sucka!” he said.

-Jimmy Smith introduced the show and said you can feel the excitement. Big E then made his ring entrance.

(1) BIG E vs. KEVIN OWENS – Cage Match

After back and forth fighting, KO tried to climb the cage to escape. Big E pulled him down. Big E threw KO into the side of the cage, but then he sidestepped a Big E shoulder tackle. Big E hit the side of the cage and they cut to a break at 3:00. [c]

KO was in control. Graves said KO can be ruthless and this cage environment is like a playground to him. KO landed a top rope sunset flip powerbomb for a near fall at 9:00. KO tried to crawl out the door, but Big E recovered and pulled him back in. KO applied a mid-ring Boston Crab. Graves noted there are no rope breaks inside a cage. “Big E is in trouble!” he said. Big E pushed up and crawled toward the (still) open door. (Why is the door still open, except to make that spot more creative?) Seth slammed the door on the heads of both Big E and Seth as they poked out of the cage. (That answers why the door was open in terms of facilitating the spot before the commercial break, but not in terms of what the ref was supposedly thinking letting it stay open.) They cut to another break at 11:00. [c]

Back from the break, KO raked Big E’s eyes and then stomped his head and landed a top rope frog splash for a near fall. They showed Seth at ringside. Graves said there might not be anyone in the arena having as much fun as him. Owens countered a Big Ending attempt with a sitout powerbomb for a near fall. Seth applauded and said this is “amazing content.” KO climbed to the very top of the cage. Big E chased him down and pulled him back in. Then he hit a top rope Big Ending. When Big E tried to crawl out, KO grabbed his boot. Big E fought free and escaped the cage to win.

WINNER: Big E in 20:00.

-Seth attacked Big E almost instantly after the bell rang. Then he entered the ring and attacked Owens, too. Graves said Seth is a visionary and is gaining every advantage he can muster. Big E recovered enough to give Seth a belly-to-belly. Then he picked up KO, who didn’t do anything to him outside of the rules, and gave him a post-match Big Ending.

(Keller’s Analysis: They did a nice job building anticipation for the match with the wrestler soundbites. The match itself was good and told a solid story within the cage rules. The post-match Seth attack frames him again as the stronger heel than KO going into Day One.) [c]

-They showed that during the break, Bobby Lashley surprised a celebrating Big E with a spear. He also attacked KO and Seth. Saxton asked why he was out there to take out all three of them.

-The announcers shifted to plugging Becky Lynch’s title defense against Liv Morgan. Plus, Miz TV with special guest Edge and the first RK-Bro-Nament, a four-team tournament with Street Profits vs. A.J. Styles & Omos and Rey & Dominik Mysterio vs. Alpha Academy in a mini-tournament.

-Queen Zelina and Carmella walked out as Zelina’s entrance theme played. They had the tag team titles. Graves said there is finally somebody with a crown that the people of Memphis can be proud of. Zelina took a shot at Memphis. Nikki A.S.H.’s music then played. Nikki walked out, followed by Rhea Ripley.

(2) QUEEN ZELINA (w/Carmella) vs. NIKKI A.S.H. (w/Rhea Ripley)

Smith talked about Nikki feeling she had something to prove because she’s been the weaker link in her team with Ripley. He said she’s always been about emotions and momentum, and she’s looking to rebound. Nikki leaped off the top rope with a crossbody, but Zelina avoided her and then landed Code Red to win. Zelina put her crown on after the match.

WINNER: Zelina in 2:00.

-Backstage Riddle, who was wearing a blazer like an old school wrestling interviewer, said he spent the weekend watching “Serpentico” 16 times thinking there’d be a serpent in it. Kevin Patrick walked in and asked what everyone should expect to see in the tournament. Riddle talked about how he and Randy were doing a holiday movie bracket, and then they said led to the tag team tournament idea. Orton said none of that happened. He said Riddle rambled something about how “Home Alone” changed his life. Riddle said that was said in confidence. Riddle said they’d be special guest hosts and interviews. Orton said he never agreed to it. Riddle said, “There’s that Viper sarcasm.” Riddle presented Orton with a blazer. Orton said no way. Riddle said the WWE Universe wants him to wear it. He said someone in his earpiece is telling him to “slap this blazer on.” He said it was “voices in his head.” Orton took a deep breath and said, “Fine! Fine! Fine! Put it on.” As Orton and Riddle headed to the ring, Smith said, “How come they get blazers?” [c]

-A Superstar Fact noted that Carmella launched her own wine label and is a former Laker Girl for the Los Angeles Lakers NBA team. Graves asked if there is anything she can’t do extremely well. “Don’t answer that, Saxton,” said Graves.

-Backstage Ripley told a sulking Nikki, “We’ll get ’em next time.” In walked a person who looked toward Nikki and claimed to be “your biggest fan.” She asked for an autograph. She said she was talking about Jerry Lawler, who walked into the frame. Lawler said he saw what happened to Nikki and it was a tough loss. He offered to give her an autograph to cheer her up. Nikki shook her head and walked away.

(Keller’s Analysis: So there are random people walking around backstage asking wrestlers for autographs? Can WWE try a little harder, like having it be “the daughter or a production staff member” or something? Give us a plausible story so it doesn’t feel so damn contrived.)

(3) A.J. STYLES & OMOS vs. THE STREET PROFITS (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) – RK-Bro-nament Semi-finals

Styles and Omos came out first. The announcers recapped Styles pretending to be blind last week. As the Profits came out, an inset soundbite aired where they said they aren’t coming up short, they’re going all the way. Ford said they want the smoke. Riddle and Orton were on commentary. Riddle talked about him and Randy having a “father and son vibe, even though he’s not his dad” when talking about the Mysterios in the tournamewnt. Ford and Styles battled early. Omos pulled the top rope down when Dawkins ran the ropes, so Dawkins tumbled to the floor. Riddle said, “Come on! That’s not in the spirit of the RK-Bro-nament.” Styles gave Ford an elbow to the chest, knocking him to the floor. Then he slingshot onto Dawkins on the floor. They cut to a break. [c]


Ford eventually got the hot-tag. He eyed Omos, then charged at Styles. Styles caught him charging with a boot. Ford came back with a high flying clothsline. Saxton called it “freakish agility.” Ford slapped Omos. Omos made a mad face. Ford and Dawkins dropkicked him off the ring apron. Styles recovered and went for a back suplex. Ford countered. Styles came right back with a high enzuigiri followed by a Pelé kick. Styles then hit a brainbuster before signalling for the Phenomenal Forearm. Omos tagged himself in as Styles was springboarding. Styles looked irritated. Dawkins and Sytles battled at ringside. Omos knocked Dawkins down. Ford leaped at Omos, but Omos caught him. He slammed Ford on the edge of the ring apron, then into the ringside barricade. Despite Styles’s warnings, Omos got counted out. Riddle said if he were to be honest, he is relieved at the outcome.

WINNERS: The Street Profits in 9:00 to advance.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good action, especially Ford and Styles. The finish was not entirely unexpected give who was in the match.)

-Styles tried to explain to Omos how teamwork works. Omos turned and left Styles alone in the ring. Styles called for him, but Omos didn’t listen. Riddle then got in the ring to interview Styles. Styles was oblivious at first to Riddle’s question. He told Riddle to interview the winners. Riddle said his journalistic integrity tells him to follow the biggest story, plus the Profits left quickly. Riddle asked Styles to explain what’s going on between him and Omos. Styles said they had a disagreement after a miscommunications. He said that happens with a great tag team, which Riddle wouldn’t know about. He said if Riddle doesn’t get that mic out of his face, he’d shove it down his throat. Riddle said it was an explosive start to the tournament, and things are just getting started. “It’s anybody’s game, except for A.J. and Omos,” he said. He asked Orton at ringside if he wanted to add anything. Riddle started a “Randy! Randy!” chant. Orton said, “Nope.” Riddle said the tournament is brought to you by the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment, RK-Bro. He strutted as Orton held his head in his hands.

-Sarah Schreiber interviewed Becky Lynch backstage. Becky said it’s a big, big, big night for Liv. He said it’s the biggest match of her career and she has a load of momentum. Becky recounted Liv winning last week, hitting her with her finisher afterward, and sucker-punching her the prior week. She said the crowd is all fired up behind her. She said Liv is the new bandwagon to jump onto. She said the real battle will be in their heads and hearts. She said nobody really wants Liv to win. She said if you do too well, fans turn on you. She said Liv is in the perfect position of being the underdog darling who never quite achieves her goals. She said tonight is jsut another Monday for her, Big Time Becks.

(Keller’s Analysis: I love that format of an interview. She laid out everything going into the match and established why fans would boo her and cheer Liv, along with a backstory about where her attitude comes from. Of course, this would all work better if so many fans weren’t still cheering her and if Liv was more popular.)

-Damian Priest made his entrance. [c]

-Backstage, Riddle chatted with Orton about the prior match. He said he thought Orton left something on the table because they are there to take people on an emotional roller coaster ride. Orton took off his jacket and said his broadcast career is over for now. Riddle was sad, but said he won’t let him down.

(4) DAMIAN PRIEST vs. ROBERT ROODE (w/Dolph Ziggler) – U.S. Title Open Challenge

Priest dominated early. At ringside, Ziggler DISTRACTED Priest. Roode then hit Priest from behind and threw him over the ringside barricade. They cut to an early break. [c]

Roode was still in control after the break. Priest battled back and landed a Broken Arrow for a near fall. Priest went for a spinning wheel kick, but Roode ducked and landed a back stabber for a two count. Roode landed a spinebuster a minute later for a near fall. Priest and Roode battled back and forth, with Priest eventually hitting the Reckoning for the win. Smith said it was an incredible effort by Roode. Ziggler attacked Priest as he was celebrating, then bailed out quickly to check on Roode.

WINNER: Priest in 10:00 to retain the U.S. Title.

-Clips aired of Doudrop and Bianca Belair battling each other the last two weeks.

-Belair made her entrance. Doudrop charged her from behind and knocked her down. Doudrop entered the ring as Belair stood at ringside. [c]

-Graves hyped the Becky vs. Liv match later.


Belair took early advantage. Doudrop side-stepped a Belair dropkick a minute in, then landed a senton splash for a two count. Doudrop stayed on offense for a couple minutes. Doudrop set up a slam on the ring apron, but Belair slipped free and then knocked Doupdrop to the floor with a handspring kick to her head. Doudrop yanked Belair to the floor as Smith got on a kick of characterizing everything as a “veteran move.” With Doudrop in control at ringside, they cut to a break. [c]

Back from the break, the announcers continued talking about how Belair isn’t used to be overpowered by her opponents. Belair landed a spinebuster. Belair worked over Doudrop in the corner and then punched her as the crowd counted along. She got to five before Doudrop escaped. Belair leaped off the second rope with a crossbody for a near fall. They cut to a crowd reaction. When Belair went for a sunset flip, Doudrop sat down on her. She climbed to the second rope and landed a corner splash for a believable near fall. Doudrop crawled over to Belair and trash-talked her and slapped at her. She yanked off her hair clips. Graves said she shouldn’t get distracted and instead focus on victory. Doudrop headbutted Belair. Graves changed his point of view suddenly and said he actually respects Doudrop’s attempts to change course in the match by playing headgames. Belair struggled to lift Doudrop for a KOD. Doudrop resisted and escaped, and then walked to the back to get counted out. Fans booed. Doudrop kissed her hand and slapped her ass to mock Belair. Graves said it was too much for Doudrop to handle the possibility of getting KOD’d.

WINNER: Belair in 13:00 via countout.

-Clips aired of Vince McMahon telling Austin Theory last week about surprises, then slapping him and telling him he has a lot to learn.

-They cut to Vince McMahon sitting at his desk when Theory knocked. Theory walked in. McMahon asked how he was doing. McMahon said he told him last week, they don’t really give a damn. “In this case, I certainly don’t,” he said. He said he doesn’t want to hear about people having “the jock itch.” He said he wants to put Theory in a match. Theory was happy. McMahon asked if he was surprised. Theory said yes and then admired his own bicep.

-Miz made his ring entrance, without Maryse this week. [c]

-A video recap aired of Smackdown highlights.

-Miz TV: Miz introduced himself, then said everyone must be wondering where his beautiful, sexy wife is. He said she doesn’t come to places like Memphis. He did a mocking Southern accent. Miz said he was speechless after Edge gave him a heartfelt compliment. He said he’s known Edge for 15 years, and that didn’t sound like him, so maybe he’s a shell of his former self. Miz then said they can find out now. He introduced Edge, who made his usual high-energy ring entrance while wearing a flannel shirt.

Edge sat down and told Miz he might be confused about those compliments, but he meant them. Miz said it’s so sweet, but maybe Edge has lost his edge. Edge said that’s a clever pun. Miz said the old Edge would have speared him out of his $9,000 shoes. He said mentally, he sounds weak. He asked Miz if he really paid $9,000 “for those ugly-ass shoes.” Edge said his Jordan 3’s are much cooler. He said not to mistake his lack of kindness for weakness. He said he doesn’t know what’s going on, but clearly he has bigger issues with him.


Miz said he needed his kindness when he first started in WWE in 2006, when he was walking on egg shells and when everything he said and did was wrong. He said when he was kicked out of the locker room, he needed his kindness. He said he kicked out, not because he ate a piece of chicken, but because he didn’t fit the mold. “I was an outcast, I was ostracized,” he said. “Everyone knew I had the It Factor, but everyone was so busy protecting their spot, including you.” He said instead of embracing a young star coming from from a hit show like MTV’s “The Real World,” he was treated like a peasant when he was more famous than 90 percent of the locker room. He said he doesn’t need or want his kindness.

Edge said he’s glossing over some key points, because it was in this arena where he pulled him aside and told him he has an It Factor. He said he told him to ride it out because it’s just B.S. and it’s going to be fine. Edge said Miz brushed him off. Edge said he went through the same thing seven years before, and he would have listened if a veteran pulled him aside. He said the biggest difference between them is that he didn’t walk into the locker room and think he’s more important and a bigger star than everyone else. Miz shifted uncomfortably in his chair. Edge said he doesn’t hold people down. He called Miz by his first name, “Mike,” he needs to look in the mirror and listen to it when it tells him: “Miz, you’re an ass.” Miz had enough and stood. Miz said he is a hypocrite and vulnerable and said he has surpassed him in and out of the ring. He said 2022 is going to be Year of the Miz and he can’t wait to beat him at Day One. Edge said if that’s a challenge, it’s on. Edge said he’d like to settle some things right there in Memphis. Miz said, “No.” He said he’s not afraid. Edge made a quick move with his fist, but the camera was zoomed in and missed it. Miz flinched and fell backwards. Edge said, “Afraid.” Then he left. Miz threw a fit in the ring. They replayed the Miz flinch from a wider angle.

-Backstage, Sarah Schreiber interviewed Liv backstage. Liv said what scares Becky is that everyone wants to see her win the title tonight. “We all know she’s used to getting what she wants, but tonight I’m going to do everything in power to get what I want, and what I want is the Raw Women’s Championship,” she said.

-Rey and Dominik Mysterio made their ring entrance. A soundbite aired with them talking about always showing up for a fight. [c]

(6) OTIS & CHAD GABLE vs. REY & DOMINIK MYSTERIO – RK-Bro-nament Semi-finals

Riddle was at ringside without Orton. He said he’s new to the game, but he’s going to just go to it. Graves called him “a regular Chris Cuomo” and added, “That’s a bad thing.” Dominik and Gable began. Gable took over and then mouthed off to Rey. Gable applied a single-leg crab mid-ring as Dominik cried out in pain. Dominik turned it into an inside cradle for a near fall. He landed a high kick to Gable’s ear. Gable dove for a tag, but Dominik stopped him. Gable made a comeback and landed a Dragon screw with Dominik’s leg in the ropes. He then went for a moonsault, but Dominik rolled through and scored a surprise quick three count. Graves said Otis never got to tag in.

WINNERS: Mysterios in 3:00 to advance to the finals.

-Riddle interviewed Otis & Gable mid-ring. Otis interrupted his first question with a powerslam. He yelled, “Shut up!”

-Graves plugged that the finals would take place next week on Raw. (I don’t think they had said when the finals would be until then.)

-McMahon was talking on the phone as Austin Theory was doing jumping jacks behind him. McMahon told him to take a seat. He said he won’t have a match tonight after all because he wasn’t ready to wrestle earlier. (Apparently that’s why he looked at his arm, because he had a shirt on.) McMahon said he’ll need to impress him another way. Theory unzipped his jacket and did jumping jacks and said he could do it all day. McMahon rolled his eyes and told him to please stop and said that wasn’t what he was thinking. McMahon told him to use his brains. (Is this seeming slightly kinky at this point?)

-Finn Balor made his ring entrance. [c]


Balor won with a Coup de Gras.

WINNER: Balor in 4:00.

-Afterward, Theory attacked Balor and gave him an ATL. He then took a selfie of himself leaning over Balor.

-Backstage, R-Truth was dressed up as a seaweed covered creative again and surprised Dana Brooke. Akira Tozawa popped out of a garbage can at the same time. Reggie leaped off of a high place and landed next to Brooke and said the 24/7 Title looks good on her. Reggie blocked Tamina who was charging after Brooke.

-Becky made her ring entrance. Saxton said people are wondering if she’s overconfident. [c]

-Patrick interviewed MVP and Lashley. He asked why Lashley attacked KO, Seth, and Big E earlier. MVP said people are living too comfortably around there, and they were offended they had a WWE Title match last week without even mentioning Lashley’s name. “It was unmitigated gall! That was disrespectful,” he said. Lashley said when he’s disrespected, that’s what happens. MVP adjusted Kevin’s tie and laughed before walking away with Lashley.

-They went to the announcers at ringside who threw to a video profile on Liv Morgan. She said she is the youngest of six children raised by a single mom. Her mom talked about how tough it was and sometimes it just didn’t work financially. She said ever since she was a little girl, it was all about WWE. They showed footage of a young girl making a cardboard WWE Title belt. She said the confused kid has turned into a confident woman not afraid to fight for her dream. She said she won’t be pushed around or shamed for how she feels.

-Liv made her entrance. Smith said to live her dream, she has to take the title from Becky, who was already standing in the ring. [c]

(8) BECKY LYNCH vs. LIV MORGAN – Raw Women’s Title match

They aired formal ring introductions. Liv got a half-way decent reaction. She looked like this moment was a huge thing to her. Becky didn’t get booed or cheered overwhelmingly, either. Becky strutted after tossing Liv to the mat at the start. Liv took Becky down, then charged. Becky rolled to the floor. They traded near falls back in the ring. Becky went for a backslide, but Liv reversed it and got a one count. Becky popped up and punched Liv, then slapped her. When Becky bailed out a minute later, Liv dove through the ropes onto her to save the countout win which would have resulted in her not winning the title. Becky took over and delivered a superplex. With both down, they cut to a break. [c]

Becky controlled the action for the next few minutes after the break. Liv came back with a Thesz Press for a two count. She scored another two count after driving Becky into her raised knees. Smith said momentum is on the side of Morgan. They cut to a girl cheering enthusiastically for Liv (we assume). Liv leaped onto Becky’s back with a double-stomp on the ring apron. Liv landed a second rope dropkick to Becky for a near fall. She shifted into a Rings of Saturn. Becky tried to leverage Liv’s shoulders down. Liv let go of her hold. Becky applied her Disarm Her. Liv put her foot on the bottom rope. Becky pulled her mid-ring. Liv gave her an inside cradle for a two count. Becky and Liv countered each other’s roll-ups. Becky grabbed the bottom rope on the last one and got the three count. Graves said Becky was just that much more prepared. The camera showed a devastated Liv in the ring as Becky celebrated on the stage.

WINNER: Lynch in 14:00 to retain the Raw Women’s Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good match. Liv was the weak link just in terms of crispness of execution, but she looked like she belonged in there well enough. That video package was really well done and something that was needed to get fans more connected to Liv. Feels a bit “last second,” though.)

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