1/5 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Adam Page vs. Bryan Danielson II, Ruby Soho vs. Jade Cargill for the TBS Championship, Lucha Brothers vs. Jurassic Express, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


JANUARY 5, 2022

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

-The announce team ran down the entire card before the first match


Hangman Page went for a running boot that Danielson dodged and then ran out the ring and did jumping jacks. Page rolled out and chased him back into the ring. In the ring, the two men locked up and then rolled around on the mat before Danielson rolled out and back in once more. The two entered into a test of strength, with Danielson avoiding and doing jumping jacks again.

A collar and elbow tie up, led to Danielson getting wrist control. Danielson then ran out of the ring. Page dove out and then then tried a moonsault, that Danielson dodged. Page then hit an apron Powerbombs and then dove once more and looked to hit his elbow really bad on the ring barrier. Danielson then took control and slammed the arm and elbow of Page into the ring post. In the ring, Danielson and Page traded chops to the chest in the corner. Danielson then continued to work over the right elbow, until Page caught Danielson and hit a fall away slam.

Danielson got Page to the outside, dove out and was caught by Page, who then slammed Danielson to the floor. The ref then told Danielson to get in the ring. Paul Turner then “checked on,” Page who had a fresh cut to his forehead. This was reveled before the first commercial break. [c]

Danielson was working the wounded head of Adam Page as the show returned. The two then traded chops, Danielson then hit a suplex and then punched the exposed face of Page. Danielson then got in position for an arm lock, but let Page stand up. Hangman caught Danielson and hit a fireman carry slam, Danielson’s arm was doused in the blood of his opponent and talked about by the announce team. Page then hit chops and running forearms, Page then hit two German suplex’s, the second with a bridge to get a two count on Danielson.

Page tried a suplex over the ropes, that sent both men over and they landed on their feet in the same position. Danielson got behind Page and slammed him into the ring post. Page was able to counter and slam Danielson’s face on the post three times. Back inside, Page hit a few head strikes and it was shown that Danielson had a head cut to match his opponent. Page did jumping jacks in the corner as the second break started. [c]

Danielson and Page were on the top rope, both with full crimson masks, here Page hit a back slip slam onto the mat. Page tried a top rope move, but Danielson pushed him to the floor. Page then caught Danielson and hit the Dead Eye pile-driver. Danielson then went for the Buckshot Lariat, but Danielson dropped to his knees as Hangman went for the strike. Danielson then quickly locked in the Lebell lock on Page. A catapult counter sent Danielson on the apron, and then off onto the floor.

Page then hit a moonsault onto the floor and Danielson. Page then set up for the Buckshot once more, Danielson hit the running knee and got a near fall on Page. The crowd chanted fight forever and this is awesome as the two traded strikes form a kneeling position. Each men traded running forearms and head strikes, leading to Danielson hitting the Gotch-style Piledriver for a near fall on Page.

Danielson then stomped on the head of Page, and then went for the running knee. Page hit a power bomb, but Danielson locked in the triangle hold from his back. Page got out and punched his way out and hit a backdrop driver on Danielson. Hangman set up for the Buckshot and hit it, getting the pinfall victory.  [c]

WINNER: Adam Page in 31:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good match that had a lot of the same qualities of the 60-minute draw, just distilled down into about half the time. The match was smartly worked and made Hangman look great and like an established champion. The blood by both men made it feel truly memorable. Overall a stellar tv match, I liked the 60-min draw more. But, I suspect this will be the more beloved match between the two. Now, if I can be that guy; I think the main goal here was two have two hot matches on TV in a month, and have a big time match on the first TBS show. That is ok with me, but it feels like that the was the priority then telling the perfect story between these two. But again, I loved both matches and Page is now a rock solid champion so a big thumbs up from me.)

-The Acclaimed talked crap about Sting and Darby and said they would have a music video next week.


CM Punk ran to the ring as the bell rang, MJF ran out. CM Punk then hit a GTS on Shawn Dean to give Dean the DQ victory.

WINNER: Shawn Dean in 1:00 (via DQ)

(Sage’s Analysis: An interesting to give MJF a loss that he can clomping about all year. Couldn’t a babyface use a lesser move on a guy, not his finisher? This was all about the talking segment, and that was strong.)

-CM Punk called MJF a bitch and said this would keep happening until MJF faced him. MJF said everything Punk says is fake, he says that Punk knows that without MJF he is nothing. He makes Punk relevant, give shim a chip on his shoulder. He said that he isn’t the guy he used to be, he is that guy. He said that Punk was upset about the piper reference, he said that Punk was not Piper. Because Piper main evened a Wrestlemania. MJF said that if he isn’t shown respect, maybe he will main event a Wrestlemania.

Punk said he wants to fight and will do it now. He said MJF can leave and main event night 4 of a buy one get one few mania and that he will be waiting for him when MJF comes back. MJF said next week it would be CM Punk vs. Wardlow. Punk said Piper would fight anyone at anytime, just like he will next week vs. Wardlow.

-Jennifer Nettles did a voice over for Cody’s TNT Title match at battle of the belts. [c]

-Chris Jericho’s music hit, the crowd sang it as Jericho walked out to the ring. Jericho, with a fresh dye job I might add, he talked about it being the first episode on TBS. He said that he hasn’t been on TBS since April, 7 1999 on WCW Thunder losing to Booker T. He then called out 2point0 for taking him out. He said that he didn’t come out to save Eddie Kingston, he wanted to take out 2point0. The members of 2point0 came out, Jericho called them Terrence and Philip, he then said they were square head and pin head. Jericho grabbed a bat and threatened them, Daniel Garcia came form the crowd and hit Jericho. Kingston, Santana and Ortiz made the save, to set up the match on Rampage.

-Jake Atlas’ debut match was shown and they said he has been signed.

-Adam Cole and Red Dragon were backstage, he said he knows that Kyle didn’t kick him on purpose. But the Bucks did the right thing to come down and made sure they won. Adam Cole then said he would take on Jake Atlas next week.


Zambrano walked out of the ring and Spears hit a Death Valley Driver on Antonio. Wardlow then hit five power bombs on Zambrano, then pinned his opponent. [c]

WINNER: Wardlow in 1:00

(Sage’s Analysis: They changed the match a bit, and added a fifth power bomb, so that’s something.)

-A recap of the Kris Statlander and Leyla Hirsch feud was shown.


The match started with a collar and elbow tie-up, then once more. Ruby broke the hold with chops and then sent Jade to the outside. Jade came back in and eventually Ruby hit a dropkick to the outside. Back in the ring, Jade hit a move off of the middle rope and then Ruby did an arm drag on Jade. Mercedes Martinez came out and was attacked by Thunder Rosa. Ruby and Jade were both slow to get up going into the break. [c]

Jade dominated throughout the break, once the show returned Ruby dodged and then hit a number of boots to the face. Then a kick to the head of Jade. After countering Jade tried a move but sold her leg, Ruby continued to work the left leg of Cargill. Jade then hit a breaker then a pump kick for a two count on Soho.

Jade then had Ruby in the Fireman carry, but Ruby powered out and hit a suplex on Jade for a near fall. Mark Sterling distracted Ruby and was thrown out. Jade was able to get Ruby, but Soho countered and hit a number of moves for a near fall on Cargill. There was then a messy segment in the corner, ending in a roll up for Ruby, that was kicked out.

Then Jade was seated on the top and got an under hook slam off the top that looked pretty dangerous. Still, Jade is the first TBS Champion.

WINNER: Jade Cargill

(Sage’s Analysis: A match that was a less than the sum of its parts when it relates to the entire TBS tournament, which I liked from start to finish. This match had the added excitement of Martinez and Thunder Rosa, and Mark Sterling too extended it to the length it needed to feel like a tournament final. I don’t think either competitor worked particularly well, I think Jade has more upside as a personality and I am curious to see what she does with this title.)

-JR and Serena Deeb had a backstage segment talking about Shida and all the women in the locker room. She said that she has paid enough dues and worked harder than anyone, and said she would be taking on Shida soon.


The match started with a collar and elbow tie-up, Black tried for the Blackout but Pillman dodged it, and he threw Black outside and hit a  jumping dropkick on Black as the commercial break started. [c]

Pillman had some good offense and got a two count, Black then quickly took out Pillman and got the pinfall.


(Sage’s Analysis: If you though the match recap I did above was lacking, it was. Most of the match was during the break, and the match itself didn’t have much heat.)

-After the match Penta and Rey came out and the lights went out. Black was standing on the entrance ramp when the lights came back on.

-Tony was with Ruby Soho, Britt Baker interrupted Soho. Ruby told her to prepare for he match on Saturday and then Baker jumped Soho and Riho ran in to help Ruby.

-The announce team ran down the card for Rampage, Battle of the Belts. QT Marshall cut a promo about the Hook match. [c]


Jungle Boy and Rey Fenix started with a test of strength, that had JB impressivly flip over Rey, while their fingers were still locked. Penta was tagged in, as was Luchasaurus, the match slowed down at this point. Penta did his zero fear gimmick and then chopped the Dinosaur. Rey and Jungle Boy we’re now in the ring as non-legal men. JR was very upset that all four men were in the ring.

Luchasaurus threw out Rey and then deadlift German suplexed Penta for a two count. Rey and Penta then teamed up with kicks and strikes on LS. Jungle Boy entered and evened the odds and then took out both brothers. Jungle Boy then jumped to the outside and was thrown onto the apron by Pentagon. Rey then ran the ropes and hit a soccer kick to the head of Jungle Boy as the break started. [c]

The Lucha Bros. worked over Jungle Boy throughout the break, once the show returned Jungle Boy hit a lariat and got the hot tag on Luchasaurus. Who quickly took out both brothers of wrestling. As Luchasaurus went for the double choke slam, both Rey and Penta hit leg and body kicks, then hit tandem moves to slow down the big man.

Jungle Boy entered and hit a destroyer on Rey as he jumped over Luchasaurus and Pentagon. All four men remained in the action, Penta hit a Made in Japan on JB and got a near fall for his troubles. The lights went out at this point and then came back on with no one there.

Rey jumped out onto LS as Penta hit a DDT on JB on the apron. Penta then hit a two count on Jungle boy, Alex pulled a table out and set it up on the outside, Christian ran him off. Luchasaurus was on the apron by the table, LS choke slammed Rey through the table and it looked like Rey really hurt is arm. In the ring, Jungle Boy rolled up Penta and got the pinfall.

WINNER: Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun and exciting AEW tag match, literally no psychology but an entertaining 15 minutes. It feels like a good spot to switch the titles. The bit with Malaki Black in the previous segment tipped off the change as well in my mind. Also, what was up with the lights? Black messing with the Lucha Bros, or a new character messing with the lights on many shows.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A strong show Start to finish that was a major improvement to last week’s episode. Page feels like the real deal on top, MJF and CM Punk is back on, two new champions (3 people) were crowned. A Really newsworthy show and after Saturday it feels like the road to Revolution is on.

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