2/24 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: No Surrender fallout, Cardona vs. Grace, Jonah vs. Dice, more


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matt Rehwoldt

-Recap package of the Team Impact vs. Honor No More match from No Surrender, focusing on Eddie Edwards turning against Impact

-Show open video

-Moose had his ring entrance and he walked to the ring wearing a suit. He took the mic and bragged about being the greatest champion in wrestling and beating W. Morrissey at No Surrender. He complained about everyone talking about Eddie Edwards instead of him. He talked about his wins over Josh Alexander, Matt Cardona, and Morrissey.

Heath interrupted and stood on the ramp. He said that the people and the locker room loved Eddie Edwards but now they are at war. He said they are at war and their leader (Moose) is up here telling jokes. He said he busted his ass to get to Impact. He talked about his injury that kept him out of action. Heath got in the ring.

Heath said that the fans and Impact stuck by him. He said he would stand up for Impact. Moose asked where was Heath when Honor No More was attacking people. Heath said he was in Covid protocol. Heath said he was negative for Covid now. He noted that his first Impact match was against Moose and he was ready to face him again so the fans would have a champion that would stand up for them.

Moose said he didn’t care about ROH, Honor No More, Impact, the members of Team Impact, Heath’s family, or his “ugly ass kids.” Heath attacked Moose and gave him the Wake Up Call as fans cheered. Heath grabbed the title belt, looked at it, and held it up before dropping it on Moose and leaving the ring.

Heath walked backstage and greeted Team Impact. Scott D’Amore approached them. He welcomed Heath back and told Team Impact not to attack Honor No More. Scott told them to listen to what Eddie Edwards had to say tonight and no one could put their hands on him tonight, but they could at Sacrifice. [c]

-Honor No More cheerfully entered the building and were greeted by Scott D’Amore. He said that no one could touch them until Sacrifice. Matt Taven said that Eddie Edwards would arrive later. He offered a handshake to Scott. Moose approached them. Moose said he had no issue with them but don’t get in his way and there would be no problems.

Taven agreed and the team walked in, right past Moose. Kenny King said “nice suit” and Mike Bennett said “I remember you”. Scott got mad at Moose for not standing up to Honor No More. He told Moose that he would face Heath at Sacrifice.

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt appeared on camera and noted that Rhino would face Eddie Edwards at Sacrifice. They ran down the matches for tonight’s show.

(1) MATT CARDONA vs. JORDYNNE GRACE– Impact Wrestling Digital Media Title Match

This was a no-disqualification match. Grace hit Cardona with a DVD player early, then the action spilled to the floor. Back in the ring, Cardona had the upper hand. Grace slapped Cardona, then shoulder tackled him and backdropped him to the floor. Grace dove from the ring onto Cardona on the floor, to the delight of the crowd.

Grace pulled out a trash can from under the ring and threw weapons into the ring, including two keyboards. [c]

Cardona stomped Grace. A clip was shown of Cardona giving Grace a DDT on the floor during the break. Cardona hit Grace in the back with a keyboard then choked her with a cord. Cardona got a two count. Cardona gave Grace a neckbreaker for another two count. Cardona grabbed a chair from under the ring.

Cardona hit Grace in the midsection with the chair. Grace suplexed Cardona on the chair and followed with a flurry of punches. Grace hit Cardona in the back with the keyboard. Grace attacked Cardona with a selfie stick. Grace got a two count after a suplex. Grace gave Cardona the double knees, an elbow drop, and a Vader Bomb and got a two count.

Grace pulled a bag from under the ring. She poured a bunch of cell phones on the mat. Cardona went to punch her with a mouse, but Grace powerbombed Cardona onto the phones. Cardona attacked Grace with a chair. Grace gave Cardona a low blow, but he no-sold it because he had a cup.

Cardona was going to hit her with the cup, but she blocked it and kicked him low. Grace put the cup in Cardona’s face and got a two count. Cardona rammed Grace into a chair, then rolled her up and held the ropes for the win.

WINNER: Matt Cardona in 14:00.

(D.L.’s Take: This was a fun, hard-hitting match. The use of tech items was a nice touch.)

-The Influence talked with Kaleb backstage. The IInspiration interrupted and welcomed Tenille back. They argued with the Influence about how they treated Kaleb. Cassie Lee slapped Madison Rayne. Kaleb stepped in to break up the fight. Cassie said she would see Madison next week and the IInspiration walked away. Madison told Kaleb to not screw this up and the Influence walked off. [c]

-Clip of Ace Austin and Mike Bailey beating Jake Something and Trey Miguel on the BTI show. Ace pinned Jake for the win.

-Gia Miller interviewed Jake Something. Jake said he was disappointed with the loss. Trey Miguel approached and said they had a good showing for two wrestlers who had never teamed. Jake said he was still going to win the X Division Title and he didn’t need Trey’s pity. Jake said Trey should fear him and he brushed past Trey.

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt appeared on camera. They introduced alternate commentary from Brian Myers, who was seated at a separate table next to them.


Skyler gave Gujjar a knee to the midsection. Gujjar battled back with a series of moves, including a dropkick and a backdrop. Some of the commentary from Myers was heard. Skyler threw Gujjar into the ring post. Skyler stomped Gujjar and put him in an armlock. Gujjar dropkicked Skyler. Gujjar gave Skyler a sling blade and a knee strike.

Gujjar gave Skyler a spinebuster for a two count. Skyler made a comeback. Gujjar knocked Sklyer off the top rope then speared him for the win.

WINNER: Bhupinder Gujjar in 3:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A short back and forth match.)

W. Morrissey walked to the ring. He hit Skyler, then went after Myers. Skyler hit Morrissey from behind and Myers escaped. Morrissey powerbombed Skyler through Myers’ announce table.

-Deonna Purrazzo was shown waiting backstage and coming up next. [c]

-Steve Maclin promo. He said he didn’t care what Eddie Edwards had to say. He said that Eddie accused him of being a liar, when he was the liar all along. He said that next week, Eddie would answer to him.

(3) DEONNA PURRAZZO vs. LADY FROST– AAA Reina De Reinas Title Match

This was another Champ Champ Challenge. Frost chose to challenge for the AAA Title. A dual chant broke out for both wrestlers. Deonna took Frost to the mat. Deonna took Frost down with a headlock. Frost caught Deonna with an elbow and a kick. Hannifan plugged that Impact 2022 trading cards would be here soon. Deonna stomped Frost and worked the knee.

Deonna got a two count. Frost made a comeback with punches and chops. Deonna took Frost down and ran her leg into the ring apron. Frost kicked Deonna. Frost connected with a moonsault from the apron to Deonna on the floor. Back in the ring, Frost dropkicked Deonna, but sold her leg. Frost did a flip on Deonna in the corner and scored a two count.

Deonna clipped Frost and put her in a Boston Crab. Frost reached the ropes to break it. Deonna put Frost in an armbar and the Venus De Milo and Frost tapped.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo in 6:00.

(D.L.’s Take: I’m really enjoying the Champ Champ Challenge. This was a good match while it lasted, but too short. Frost made a great challenger and I would like to see her get a future shot with more time.)

As Deonna celebrated and walked up the ramp, the music of Gisele Shaw played and she walked to the ring. She wore obnoxious sunglasses and posed in the ring in front of Frost.

-Bullet Club promo. Jay White said everyone was talking about them. He talked about facing Alex Shelley at Sacrifice. He said it wasn’t personal, it’s always business. He told the G.O.D. it was strictly business and that sometimes you have to shed the dead weight. He said that G.O.D. no longer met the standards of Bullet Club so he had to make an executive decision.

White said Bey and the Good Brothers met the standards. Karl Anderson said that Bullet Club just feels right with them. Doc Gallows called G.O.D. dead weight. Violent By Design approached. Eric Young said Bullet Club owes them a title shot. White said the Good Brothers were under new management so any prior deal had to go through him. The G.O.D. ran in and everyone started fighting. VBD and G.O.D. ran off Bullet Club. [c]


Dice attacked Jonah with punches at the bell. Jonah ran into Dice and knocked him to the mat. Jonah suplexed Dice and gave him a senton. Jonah powerbombed Dice and got the pin.

WINNER: Jonah in 1:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Another quick win for Jonah.)

Fans chanted for Jonah. Jonah climbed to the top rope and splashed Dice. Jonah walked backstage and was met by Gail Kim. She said he couldn’t attack anyone after the matches anymore. He asked for better competition. She said he would face PCO at Sacrifice. Jonah was happy and walked off. Johnny Swinger approached. He was mad that Jonah beat him weeks ago. He told Gail that he has been training and wanted a match against Jonah next week. Gail agreed. [c]

-Mickie James and Chelsea Green were in Gail Kim’s office. Mickie said they need a marquee match for Sacrifice, so it would be cool to put the title on the line against Chelsea. Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans walked in. Tasha objected to Chelsea getting the title shot. Gail said that Tasha interrupted their previous match.

Tasha and Mickie argued. Gail broke it up. She said that Tasha would face Chelsea next week and the winner would be the number one contender. Tasha left and Mickie called her disrespectful. Mickie said she would help Chelsea next week, but Chelsea said she needed to do it by herself.

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt appeared on camera and plugged the matches for Sacrifice:

  • Jonah vs. PCO
  • The IInspiration vs. The Influence
  • Eddie Edwards vs. Rhino
  • Trey Miguel vs. Jake Something
  • Jay White vs. Alex Shelley
  • Moose vs. Heath
  • The Good Brothers vs. Violent by Design

-Matches for next week include:

  • Bullet Club vs. Violent By Design and Guerrillas of Destiny
  • Madison Rayne vs. Cassie Lee

(5) RICH SWANN & WILLIE MACK & CHRIS SABIN (w/Heath & Rhino) vs. MATT TAVEN & MIKE BENNET & KENNY KING (w/Maria Kanellis & Vincent & PCO)

All six wrestlers brawled at the bell. Mack and Sabin were thrown out of the ring. Sabin got back in and threw out Taven. Mack and Swann threw out Bennett. The Impact team triple teamed King. Sabin took on Taven and Bennett. Sabin clotheslined Bennett over the top rope and went after him. Back in the ring, Taven gave Sabin a neckbreaker.

King leg dropped Sabin. King choked Sabin over the middle rope. King suplexed Sabin and punched him. [c]

Bennett suplexed Sabin. Sabin took on Taven and Bennett by himself, then made the tag to Swann. Swann took on Taven and Bennett by himself. Swann and Mack double teamed Taven. Mack gave Taven a Samoan Drop and a standing moonsault. Mack punched Bennett and slammed Taven. Bennett and Taven double teamed Mack. Bennett and Taven got the Proton Pack on Mack. Bennett pinned Mack.

WINNERS: Matt Taven & Mike Bennett & Kenny King in 10:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Basic tag match, but there was a lot of action. The commercial break took a nice chunk out of it.)

-As Honor No More stood in the ring, Maria Kanellis introduced Eddie Edwards. The fans booed. Hannifan noted that the Impact wrestlers cannot put their hands on Eddie. Swann and Eddie had a staredown in the aisle. [c]

-Scott D’Amore argued with the Impact team at ringside and made them go to the back. He said they would have their day. Eddie took the mic and said he knows they feel betrayed and angry. He said they are right to feel that way but they are wrong to blame him. Fans were shown angry at ringside. Eddie said he had known Honor No More for a long time and came up in the business with some of them, but that isn’t why he joined.

Eddie said he felt betrayed when ROH said they were going on hiatus, but that isn’t why he joined Honor No More. He said that Honor No More has identified a cancerous growth in the industry and they are here to expose it. He said he wants to expose that same corruption within Impact Wrestling. He said the world changed two years ago and Impact changed with it.

Eddie talked about the Impact open door policy. He said he was all for it because he believed in Impact and had faith. He said he kept that faith when Kenny Omega was allowed to challenge for the Impact World Title. He said that Rich Swann failed to do his job and let the title fall into the hands of someone who didn’t work for the company. He called it corruption.

Eddie said he waited for his shot to try to win back the title, even as Sami Callihan and Moose failed to get the title back. He said that he picked up a win over Omega in a six-man match so he waited for his title shot, but Impact management chose Josh Alexander to get a title shot. He said at that moment, he knew that Impact management had honor no more.

Eddie said it showed that Impact had no faith in him, so he saw the truth in what Honor No More was saying. He said he didn’t turn his back on the company, but Impact management ripped his heart out. He said he gave everything to this company, but they gave nothing to him. He said a couple of years ago he wouldn’t have believed this, but anything is possible.

Alisha Edwards came out and asked what Eddie was doing. Eddie said they had talked about this privately. Alisha said she couldn’t believe he was defending his actions instead of asking for forgiveness. Alisha said he taught her to keep faith. She said that Josh, Moose, and Sami deserved their title shots.

She said she knew he wanted the title shot, but Josh won the title back for Impact. Alisha said Eddie needed to stop bitching and should celebrate with a real family. Eddie said she was wrong and that Honor No More was his family now. The fans booed. Alisha asked if they are his family, what does that make her?

Eddie said that was up to her. Eddie said he was walking away from people who turned their backs on him. Eddie walked out of the ring with the Honor No More team, leaving Alisha in the ring by herself. Eddie and the Honor No More team stood on the stage and stared at Alisha.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was an action packed show. There is a quick turnaround for the Sacrifice show (on March 5th) so they did an effective job of getting those matches together and promoting them. Now that Honor No More is part of Impact, it would be nice to get a mission statement. Having Jay White and Bullet Club on the show really adds a lot. The Champ Champ Challenge continues to be a highlight. The promo at the end was good. Eddie and Alisha played their roles well.

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