2/17 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Final No Surrender hype, Bullet Club vs. Violent by Design, Sabin vs. King, more


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matt Rehwoldt

-Clips from last week.

-No show open this week. Moose did his entrance and walked to the ring. There was a table in the ring for a contract signing. Scott D’Amore was in the ring also. Moose sat and said that he didn’t think Morrissey would show up at No Surrender because of what Moose did to him last week. Scott said that Morrissey isn’t here today but he has two days to sign the contract. Scott had faith that Morrissey would sign and show up.

Moose said that Scott has faith in all his talent. Moose said that Morrissey would be stepping in the ring with the greatest champion in all of wrestling, Moose. Scott said that Moose never lacks confidence. He urged Moose to sign so he could be on his way. Moose said he would sign but Scott should be prepared to send another one of his talents home after the match. Moose signed and left the ring.

Morrissey appeared on the ramp and booted Moose down. Morrissey threw Moose across the stage. They fought some more before Morrissey choke slammed Moose off the stage through a table. Backstage, Morrissey signed the contract.

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt were shown at ringside. Hannifan talked about the 20th anniversary of Impact. They ran down the matches for No Surrender and for tonight.

-Gia Miller interviewed Bullet Club backstage in the hallway. Chris Bey talked about becoming the number one contender for the X Division Title. Tanga Loa and Tama Tonga said they would win the Impact Tag Team Titles from the Good Brothers. Jay White talked about facing Eric Young. White said that Violent By Design was trying to be Bullet Club. He talked about their match tonight and said they would give VBD a taste of what they are all about. They did the Too Sweet hand gesture and coaxed Gia into joining them. Gia smiled as they walked off.


Masha put her hands behind her back. Masha head butted Kiah. Masha slammed Kiah to the mat and went for the pin, but pulled her up at two. Masha did the Russian Death Device and won. [c]

WINNER: Masha Slamovich in 1:00.


The winner of this match will be added to the number one contender’s X Division match at No Surrender. Kid and Balke went at it first. Ace was in the corner but got up and went after Kid and Blake. Ace dumped Kid over the top rope. Ace and Blake battled in the ring. Fulton shielded Ace from a diving Blake. Kid dove on Fulton on the floor and took him out. Ace and Blake battled on the apron. [c]

Ace battled Kid in the ring when the action returned. Ace gave Kid a back suplex. Ace chopped Kid. Kid made a comeback and slammed Ace. Kid gave Ace a moonsault off the ropes. Blake got back in the ring and hit a series of moves on Kid. Blake gave Ace a back suplex. Blake got a two count on Kid. Blake did a dive to the outside on Ace and Kid and turned it into a double DDT.

Fulton pulled Ace out of the ring. Ace did a dive on the outside and took out Fulton. Blake and Ace battled on the floor and got in the ring. Kid did a reverse rana on Blake. Kid did a frog splash on Blake, but Ace broke up the pin attempt. Ace did a spin kick on Kid. Blake did a standing Spanish Fly on Ace for a two count.

Blake did a spinning stomp to Ace, but Ace slid in and got a neckbreaker on Blake and got the pin.

WINNER: Ace Austin in 13:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Good X Division action. Good to see Blake back in Impact and he had some unique offensive moves.)

-Decay vignette. Rosemary said that she was annoyed that humans called themselves monsters. Crazzy Steve said he was doing research on Jonah in their previous encounter. Rosemary questioned what Jonah was going to do when he was face to face with them. [c]

-Hannifan plugged upcoming dates.

-Kaleb was taking selfies in the dressing room. The IInspiration walked in. They complimented him on the pictures he took last week. They said the Influence took him for granted. They encouraged him to call them. He said he was a loyal person and they said they knew.


This was Shaw’s Impact in-ring debut. Shaw posed a lot during her ring entrance. They squared off face to face. Shaw poked Frost in the head. Fans chanted for Lady Frost. Frost took the early advantage and dropkicked Shaw in the back. Frost did a cannonball flip on Shaw in the corner. Shaw did a spinning kick to Frost.

Shaw gave Frost a DDT. Shaw punched and chopped Frost. Frost made a comeback. Shaw hit Frost with a running knee. Frost connected with a spin kick. Frost landed the Temperature Drop but Shaw kicked out. Fans chanted “That was three”. Frost climbed to the top again but Shaw met her with a kick. Shaw gave Frost a Spanish Fly but only got a two count. Shaw gave Frost a corkscrew flip for the win.

WINNER: Gisele Shaw in 5:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Shaw has good presence and a fun entrance. The match was short, but she had some impressive moves. Frost is really good and it would be nice to see her in an intriguing storyline and feud.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Honor No More. Matt Taven said Gia should become a detective. Kenny King talked about his match tonight against Chris Sabin. He said Sabin would bend the knee to him. [c]

-Gia Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo. Deonna said we would be seeing more open challenges, including Saturday at No Surrender.

(4) CHRIS SABIN (w/Team Impact) vs. KENNY KING (w/Honor No More)

Ian Riccaboni joined the commentary team. Matt Taven and Maria Kanellis confronted Riccaboni. Riccaboni apologized for their behavior. King took down Sabin then celebrated at ringside with Honor No More. Sabin took King down then celebrated on the outside with Team Impact to mock King. Sabin dropkicked King. Taven tried to interfere and King took advantage of the distraction to take Sabin down.

King had Sabin in a chin lock. Sabin chopped King. King made a comeback and kicked Sabin. King put Sabin in a chin lock again. Sabin fired back with punches. Sabin got a two count after a sunset flip. King came back with a two count of his own. King and Sabin clotheslined each other. Sabin gave King a backdrop and a big boot.

Sabin gave King a DDT off the second rope. King gave Sabin a spinebuster. King missed a dive to the outside. Sabin kicked King. Sabin gave King a crossbody block but King reversed it for a two count. Sabin super kicked King. King gave Sabin a suplex and a Tiger Driver. Sabin gave King a crucifix for a pin.

WINNER: Chris Sabin in 9:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A solid back and forth match.)

Maria took the mic after the match. She said that they were pretty good in a one on one match, but at No Surrender, Honor No More would be a cohesive unit. She said they didn’t take out Jonathan Gresham, but asked if Team Impact knows who did. She advised them to get their house in order. Team Impact walked up the ramp. [c]

-Team Impact was in the hallway discussing what Maria said. Steve Maclin walked up. Eddie Edwards implied that it was Maclin who attacked Jonathan Gresham. Maclin protested. They all ended up bumping fists.


Green and Tasha started the match. Evans tagged in before they could lock up. Green took Evans to the mat. Green threw Evans into the turnbuckle. Mickie and Green gave Evans a flapjack and threw Tasha onto Evans. Mickie gave Evans a knee, but Evans backed Mickie into her corner. Tasha chopped Mickie.

Tasha gave Mickie a forearm. Mickie gave Tasha a back elbow and a neckbreaker. Green and Mickie double teamed Tasha. Green took Tasha to the mat and got a two count. Green kicked Evans off the ring apron. Evans knocked Green off the top rope. [c]

Green and Tasha exchanged the advantage. Tasha kicked Green in the face and got a two count. Tasha taunted Mickie. Green gave Tasha an overhead suplex. Tasha knocked Mickie off the apron. Tasha and Evans prevented Green from making a tag. Mickie finally made the tag and took over on Evans.

Evans threw Mickie to the mat. Tasha tagged in and got clotheslined by Mickie. Mickie gave Tasha a flapjack. Mickie knocked Evans off the ring apron. Mickie caught Tasha with a kick. Evans broke up the pin attempt. Evans knocked Green out of the ring. Mickie kicked Evans and gave her a DDT. Tasha gave Mickie a crucifix bomb for the win.

WINNER: Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans in 13:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Good tag match. It made sense to give Tasha the win heading into Saturday’s title match.)

-How To Be A Professional: The Final Chapter. Brian Myers told Zicky Dice and VSK that last week was an embarrassment. Myers said he was still picking out tacks from his back. He said they were the worst students he ever had. He called Dice a joke. Myers said the Learning Tree is done and he cut both of them. [c]

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt plugged the upcoming episode of NJPW and the No Surrender card including:

  • Deonna open challenge
  • Jonah vs. Black Taurus
  • Matt Cardona vs. Jordynne Grace
  • Jay White vs. Eric Young
  • Good Brothers vs. G.O.D.
  • Mickie James vs. Tasha Steelz
  • Team Impact vs. Honor No More
  • Moose vs. W. Morrissey

(6) BULLET CLUB (Jay White & Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa) vs. VIOLENT BY DESIGN (Eric Young & Deaner & Joe Doering)

White and Young started the match. They locked up and traded chops. White backdropped Young. Loa tagged in. The G.O.D. double teamed Deaner. Doering tagged in to face Tama. Bullet Club knocked VBD to the floor. [c]

Doering stomped Tama. Doering gave Tama a running crossbody block. Deaner stomped Tama. Loa made the tag and squared off with Doering. Doering clotheslined Loa but he fell down too. White and Young had an exchange. White chopped Young. White gave Young a running uppercut and a slam.

G.O.D. double teamed Doering. G.O.D. gave Doering the Magic Killer. Young and Deaner took out the G.O.D. Young dropped an elbow on White for a two count. White backdropped Young. White suplexed Young. The G.O.D. gave Deaner a cutter and dives off the top rope. White pinned Deaner for the win.

WINNERS: Bullet Club in 15:00.

The Good Brothers walked to the stage after the match and held up the belts.

(D.L.’s Take: Solid tag team match. Having Bullet Club on the show adds a fresh element to the Impact product.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A solid go-home show. Nothing was must-see, however the key matches were promoted well. Saturday’s No Surrender show looks to be pretty solid on paper.

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