3/7 WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW RESULTS: Keller’s report on Alpha Academy vs. RK-Bro vs. Seth & KO, Logan Paul, Edge, Jerry Lawler

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Full analysis and results of this week's episode of WWE Raw


MARCH 7, 2022

Commentators: Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves


-They opened with footage from their house show at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night of Brock Lesnar fending off Roman Reigns and the Usos, then cornering Paul Heyman after which Reigns beat Lesnar down with a chair and slammed him on the base of the ringside steps mid-ring and yelling “Acknowledge me!”

-The Raw opening theme “Feels like Greatness” played. Then they went live into the arena where Jimmy Smith introduced the show.

-Kevin Owens’ music played and he marched out first for the opening match. He was joined by Seth Rollins. Smith and Corey Graves hyped Jerry Lawler and Logan Paul on Miz TV later, plus Edge would explain his actions last week.

-Seth said he and KO are fired up because they were about to win the Raw Tag Team Titles. Owens said it’s been a tough year for them so far because things out of their control keep working against them. Seth said their luck changes tonight because they’re going win the tag titles and go to WrestleMania. KO said once they win the tag titles, they’re going to have to go WrestleMania and “compete in the dump known as Dallas, Texas.” He said the only thing that will make it bearable is he will be there with his best friend, Seth Rollins. They threw to the big screen for clips from their victories the last two weeks. KO said their momentum is undeniable, just like it’s undeniable that Dallas, Texas sucks.

Otis and Chad Gable walked out wearing their new “Shoooosh” t-shirts. Gable said their loss last week was a fluke because he was still reeling from a cheap shot stunner. He said he’s an Olympic athlete and has a Master’s Degree, so they deserve to be at WrestleMania. He said they’ll waltz to victory tonight and then on to WrestleMania as champs.

-Backstage, Kevin Patrick interviewed Riddle and Randy Orton. Riddle said tonight will be tubular, and this is the most important night in their time as a team. Orton said they will win by any means necessary because they’ve worked too hard and too long to not kick everyone’s ass in that ring and take the titles back.

-Orton and Riddle made their ring entrance. [c]

(1) ALPHA ACADEMY (Chad Gable & Otis) vs. KEVIN OWENS & SETH ROLLINS vs. RK-BRO (Randy Orton & Riddle) – Raw Tag Team Title match

The announcers explained the rules, which is one member of each team would be legal at any given time, and they can only tag their respective partner. (This kinda felt over-emphasized as if to contrast the rules in AEW’s three-way tag match the night before.) The announcers also stressed the high stakes, and said the loser of this match could be left off WrestleMania and it could ruin the rest of their year. A few minutes in, KO landed a top rope flip senton on Gable for a near fall. They cut to a break. [c]

Back from the break, Otis was rallying. Riddle eventually hot-tagged in Orton to a big crowd pop. He snap-powerslammed Gable and Seth, then knocked KO off the ring apron. He set up a draping DDT on Gable, but Seth interfered. Orton grabbed him, too, and DDT’d both of them. Orton stood and played to the crowd. Smith said, “This place is literally rumbling.” Gable countered an RKO attempt with a leglock takedown attempt. Orton kicked him out of the ring, then caught Seth with an RKO out of nowhere. KO yanked Orton off of Seth. Orton slammed KO on the announce desk, then Gable. He tried to slam Otis on it, but struggled. Riddle charged in to help and they did slam Otis on the desk. They cut to another break. [c]

Back from the break, Riddle and Gable were battling while KO and Seth were recovering at ringside. Riddle landed a Floating Bro for a near fall, broken up by Owens. Riddle applied a sleeper on KO, but then KO leaped backwards onto Gable, which also broke up the sleeper. Otis powerslammed Orton a minute later. Riddle charged, but Otis slammed him too. Otis landed a corner swing slash on Riddle. Gable landed a moonsault next, but Seth broke up the cover. Seth side-stepped a charging Otis, then knocked Gable off balance on the top rope. Seth set up a superplex, but Gable resisted and then dropped down, sending Seth into the turnbuckle. KO joined them in the corner and worked with Seth to try to superplex Gable. Instead, Otis intervened and slammed Seth and KO to the mat, although Gable was superplexed because of that also. Graves pointed out Otis didn’t exactly help his own partner there. All six were in the ring brawling battle-royal style. They cut to another break. [c]

Back from the break, everyone was out at ringside. They replayed KO landing a flip dive onto a crowd at ringside during the break. Seth knocked Riddle off balance in the ring and then stomped his chest for a two count. Riddle blocked Seth’s punch and applied a triangle and went for an armbar. He cranked it, but Gable broke it up. Gable gave rolling German suplexes to Seth and Riddle. He suplexed Riddle again as Graves touted this as potentially the best Triple Threat tag match they’ve ever seen. Gable flew off the top rope for a moonsault on Riddle, but Orton caught him with a mid-air RKO. KO superkicked Orton, though. Otis entered, but KO kicked him. Seth also superkicked him. Then Seth and KO stereo superkicked Otis to knock him out of the ring. Seth gave Gable a running bucklebomb. Owens then gave him a stunner. Seth then delivered a stomp. Riddle threw Seth out of the ring and covered Gable to steal the pin.

WINNERS: RK-Bro in 28:00 to capture the Raw Tag Team Titles.

(Keller’s Analysis: Great tag team match. Lots of crisp exchanges and big moves with drama, but everything fit in the context of being in focus and under the spotlight when it happened, and no big spots seemed to be done just to get a pop, but rather it was part of telling the story of the match. WWE did a great job in recent weeks building to this match and stressing how high the stakes were.)

-Seth walked away from the ring alone, seemingly in a trance. KO sat against the ringside steps mourning the loss. Graves stressed how all the sacrifice this year was for naught for Seth & KO.

-Patrick interviewed a jubilant Orton and Riddle. Riddle pointed at the WrestleMania sign and told Orton, “We’re going to WrestleMania, bro!” Orton said he’s been doing this more than 20 years and he’s never had more fun than he is now. “I mean that from the bottom of my heart,” he said. He said he’s going to say the F-word for the first time in his WWE career. “This man is my friend,” he said. He said he wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else, in part because Riddle is his only friend. They cut to KO who was still sitting at ringside, despondent. Graves called it the agony of defeat. KO finally got up and left as Orton & Riddle continued to celebrate.

(Keller’s Analysis: That match and especially the post-match made the tag team titles feel more important than they have in decades. I also believe Orton when he says he’s having more fun than ever. You can’t put a match that good together and execute it so well and not have that be a product of wrestlers loving what they are doing. Gable has always seemed to bring a “joy of performance” with him to the ring, and it’s great to see it spotlighted effectively and meaningfully on Raw these days.)

-A recap aired of the latest 24/7 Title happenings with Reggie and Dana Brooke. Brook then made her ring entrance. [c]

-Graves commented on a replay of the finish of the tag title match.

-Backstage, KO was visibly distraught over the loss.

-They showed a clip from earlier backstage of Brooke asking Reggie to give her a good luck kiss. He said, “Of course.” He kissed her, and it was more than a peck but less than a full make-out session.

-As Tamina made her ring entrance with Akira Tozawa, Tozawa asked to give her a good luck kiss. She aggressively kissed him. He made a cartoon face and nearly fainted against the steel garage door.


(2) DANA BROOKE (w/Reggie) vs. TAMINA (w/Akira Tozawa)

Tamina put Brooke in a Boston Crab a minute in. Brooke cried out in pain as Reggie yelled encouraging words to her. Brooke powered out and leveraged Tamina’s shoulders down for a quick three count.

WINNER: Brooke in under 2:00 to retain the 24/7 Title.

-After the match, Tozawa said Brooke cheated. He said the winner of the match is “the love of my life.” He stood in front of her and held out his arms so he could get another kiss. Tamina pushed his arms down and left the ring. Tozawa made a sad face. Tamina looked sympathetic. Some fans chanted, “Kiss him!” Tamina blew him a kiss. That seemed to console him.

-Backstage, Seth stared off into space. He had a cut above his eyelid. Patrick asked if he cared to comment on his loss. He said it must feel devastating to miss his chance to go to WrestleMania. Seth ignored Patrick, but snarled a little. Patrick left.

-They went to the announcers on camera. Graves said you have to feel bad for Seth and KO because they work all year with an eye on WrestleMania, and that went up in smoke. The announcers shifted to talking about the Instagram post of Reigns standing over Lesnar on the base of the steps and yelling “Acknowledge me!” Graves said they’ll show the full clip later.

-Miz made his ring entrance. When his music faded, he said, “Cleveland, I’m home!” A “Miz!” chant broke out. He looked into the camera and said, “That is respect.” He played a clip of Dominik Mysterio accepting Miz’s challenge. He said Dominik was being disrespectful. Miz then introduced Logan Paul, noting that he is a Cleveland native.

Logan said he went to high school nearby and all his friends are there. He said he was a wrestler who placed fifth in the state of Ohio and he has nothing but respect for his city. He said Cleveland made him the man he is today. Miz said he made it on his own. Miz said he didn’t get a YouTube Channel on his own. He said if he followed in his father’s footsteps, he’d be flipping burgers. He said Dominik got a WWE contract early because of his dad. He said Rey has earned the right to be beloved, “but haven’t I?” He said everything Rey has accomplished, he has too. He said the fans of Cleveland get him, though. He said the only way Rey and Dominik have beat him is by cheating. He said the fans should all choose two pop culture icons like them. He put his arm around Logan. Logan said Dominik is just riding on his dad’s coattails. Logan said they’re going to kick some ass.

Miz then introduced Jerry Lawler, whom he noted was born and raised in Cleveland. “Who in the history of WWE had more epic matches than Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler?” Smith said. (Even Lawler’s biggest fans don’t have him anywhere near the list of having the most epic matches.) Smith said, “That was my childhood.”

Lawler said he goes way back with Cleveland. He talked about various cities in Ohio near Cleveland where he grew up. He  wore the Browns jersey. He said he’s happy to be there for Miz’s homecoming. He said he’s looking at Miz standing beneath that WrestleMania sign and he’s wondering what it’d be like to have WrestleMania in Cleveland. Fans cheered. He asked Miz what he thinks. Logan said it’s an awesome idea. Miz asked Lawler if he really thinks so, but he had a skeptical tone. “I don’t know, man,” he said. Lawler said he thought he’d think it’s a great idea. Miz said he loves Cleveland, “but it’s not exactly a WrestleMania city.” He asked the fans why they were cheering him earlier and now they’re booing him. He said the city couldn’t handle the pyro. He said he doesn’t even live there anymore because once you get an ounce of success, you leave. He said the Browns moves to Baltimore. He got booed as he talked about big name athletes who left. He said Cleveland will never host a Super Bowl or a WrestleMania. He said it’s time for them to head to WrestleMania “because winners leave Cleveland.” Miz and Logan left the ring.

(Keller’s Analysis: I enjoyed Miz loving Cleveland only to a certain point. I’m not sure what Lawler’s ultimate purpose was there other than to try to make the segment feel more special since he was there. This felt pretty anticlimactic.)

-They cut to clips of Tomasso Ciampa beating Dolph Ziggler on NXT last week.

-Patrick interviewed Ciampa and Bron Breakker. Not much of a crowd response for Breakker. Breakker said he’s still taking it all in, but he’s still excited to be on Raw. Patrick said they’re teaming up tonight. Breaker said he’s grateful for the chance to compete on Raw. He said he can’t wait to get his hands on Dolph Ziggler “and his goon Bobby Roode.” Ciampa said they’re going to beat Ziggler & Roode again, this time on Raw.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m not sure if this is the best way to debut Breakker on Raw. It’s not a make or break moment, by any means, but it feels anticlimactic.)

-Ziggler and Roode made their ring entrance. [c]

-Smith congratulated Gable Steveson for his back to back to back Big 10 Championships in wrestling.

-Sarah Schreiber interviewed The Street Profits backstage as they were beat boxing. She asked if there is a place for them on WrestleMania. She said it must be disappointing that hings look grim. Montez Ford said he thought they were closer than that. He said four weeks is plenty of time for them to make their case and find a place. He said they did pin RK-Bro not long ago, so if anybody is first to be next in line for a title shot, it should be them. Angelo Dawkins told Seth & KO to get to the back of the line.

-Ciampa made his entrance. Graves hyped tomorrow’s triple threat match for the NXT Title featuring Breaker defending against both Ciampa and Ziggler. Breakker then made his entrance. The fans largely looked at him like he was some outsider acting weird.

-A video package aired on Breakker touting him as a high-impact, high-intensity competitor.


Graves said Breakker is as explosive as anyone he’s seen in WWE in years. Saxton said it’s understandable if he’s feeling the nerves. He gave Roode a delayed vertical suplex. Ciampa tagged in and fended of Roode and Ziggler. Roode then surprised Ciampa with a spinebuster and hot-tagged in Ziggler. Breaker pulled Ciampa to safety at ringside and they cut to a break. [c]

Back from the break, the heel duo was in control of Ciampa. Ciampa hot-tagged Breaker who attacked Ziggler in the ring and knocked Roode off the ring apron. He gave Ziggler a released overhead belly to belly. He delivered a spinebuster. Ziggler caught him with a knee as he charged at him, though. Breakker recovered and pressed Ziggler over his head. Roode teased interfering, so Breakker went after him. Ziggler then took advantage of it and landed a Zig Zag for a two count. Ciampa broke up the cover. (I’m surprised they’d make it look like Breakker would have lost there if not for Ciampa rather than having him just kick out. It was just a Zig Zag, after all.) Ziggler went for a superkick, but Breakker blocked it and then pressed Ziggler and then turned it into a powerslam for the win.

WINNER: Breakker & Ciampa in 10:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Breaker looked good here. He is roughly the same height as Ziggler, Roode, and Ciampa, which means he’ll be looking up at Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar if he feuds with them.)

-Ziggler said the teammwork between Breakker and Ciampa served them well, but his whole world will crumble tomorrow night on NXT and he’ll be standing there with one more trophy “for my big-ass trophy case.” He said he’d see them tomorrow and threw down the mic.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m curious to see if WWE can manage to pop a bigger than usual NXT rating. It hasn’t been working so far, which maybe is why they introduced Breakker to the Raw audience tonight like this. I like that they’re framing this as Ziggler trying to win a title he’s never won despite having won most every other title in WWE. Ziggler isn’t exactly a top tier singles wrestler on Raw, so it diminishes the NXT brand’s prestige that he’s a no. 1 contender there. This helps soften that since they’re reminding people of how many titles Ziggler has won and that he’s going after this because he wants to add this to his list.)

-A vignette aired of Omos highlights.

-Backstage, a camera aimed upward from the floor showed Omos. Schreiber, off camera, asked if she is worried there isn’t a place for him on WrestleMania despite being undefeated since his debut at WrestleMania last year. “How many victims do I have to dominate to get my WrestleMania moment?” he said. He vowed not to wait for a moment, but rather he’d take it even if he has to punish and dominate every WWE Superstar. He turned and headed to the ring. Smith said he is motivated tonight. [c]

-Graves updated Bobby Lashley’s situation, saying he is still under concussion protocol after what happened at Elimination Chamber.

(4) OMOS vs. APOLLO CREWS (w/Commander Azeez)

Omos looked over at Azeez before the match and said, “You’re next.” He then dominated Crews, who’s been reduced to being manhandled by Omos on Raw. Graves said Omos isn’t a tall, bumbling fool, but rather is a premiere athlete with incredible agility and speed, plus a mean streak. Omos kept eyeing Azeez at ringside. Graves said if they ever wrestled, they’d have to reinforce the ring. Crews avoided a charging Omos at 2:00, then landed a kick. Omos, though, caught Crews leaping at him and gave him a head vice slam for the win.

WINNER: Omos in 3:00.

-Azeez entered the ring afterward to check on Crews. Omos was leaving the ring, but turned back. Azeez stood and eyed Omos. Graves said, “Look at these two skyscrapers.” Omos laughed and then turned and left. Saxton said that laugh might have hurt Azeez more than an actual physical altercation.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m fine if Omos wrestles Azeez in a quickie win at WrestleMania. Omos isn’t ready for much more than that in the ring, but giving him a WrestleMania spotlight win over a protected-thus-far “monster-sized” wrestle in Azeez is fine at this stage of his progression.) [c]


-A lengthy video package aired recapping what Edge did to A.J. Styles last week. The announcers showed an update from WWE on social media saying Styles suffered a severe neck contusion and is questionable for WrestleMania as a result.

-Edge made his ring entrance. His music only played briefly before they stopped it. He walked out slowly and soaked up boos. Edge slowly entered the ring under special dark purple filtered light. He smiled and said, “You think you know me?” He said it’s time to put the kids and mamma to bed. He addressed Styles through the camera. He said he did what he did for him. He said he needs the best A.J., “that flesh-tearing pitbull.” He said that ironically, Styles helped him too. He said it’s like his brain cracked open and let the real him out. “And it felt so good,” he said. “It was a me I’ve never met before. He said it’s “a me I’ve fallen in love with.” He said he finally feels in control in the ring and in control of everything that will ever happen to him in this entire industry. He said he is standing on the mountain of omnipotence “and the view is phenomenal.” He gave the hard cam a haunting look.

-They went to the announcers. Graves said he’s known Edge for many years and he’s never seen that side of him. He said if he were Styles, he’d reconsider wanting to face him at WrestleMania. They shifted to recapping the Raw Tag Team Title match from earlier.

-They went backstage to a pacing Owens. Patrick approached him and asked him for his reaction to falling short of securing a path to WrestleMania. He asked what’s going on in his mind right now. Owens said he’s not as distraught as Seth because he never wants to feel that feeling again that he felt after they lost earlier. He said he won’t have to, though, because he just had an epiphany. He said an epiphany is when you have an idea so brilliant, no one else can have it. He said his idea is going to change his entire WrestleMania future. Patrick asked, “Would you care to share?” KO said not yet. He said he has to iron out some details, but he’ll share the plan later tonight.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good hook.)

-Liv Morgan made her ring entrance. Rhea Ripley made her ring entrance next. Smith said if they beat Carmella & Zelina Vega next, they’ll be added to WrestleMania’s Women’s Tag Team Title match. [c]

-Extended footage aired of Lesnar, Reigns, and Heyman at MSG on Saturday.


A couple minutes in, Carmella kicked Ripley in the head at ringside, knocking her into the stairs. They cut to a break. [c]

Graves said he and Carmella are high-tailing it out of Texas after WrestleMania to have the best wedding ever. Carmella rubbed Ripley’s face into the mat and then applied a chinlock. When Graves accused Saxton of eating Cheetos, he said he has a clean diet and doesn’t eat Cheetos. Ripley and Carmella both crawled over and tagged in their partners. Carmella dropped to ringside to flirt with Graves. Vega went for a tag, but Carmella wasn’t available. Graves and Carmella were oblivious to Vega’s plight. Ripley eventually got a hot tag and landed the Rip Tide on Vega for the win.

WINNERS: Ripley & Morgan in 9:00 to earn a title shot at WrestleMania.

(Keller’s Analysis: It makes sense to have challengers from both Raw and Smackdown in that Women’s Tag Title match at WrestleMania.)

-Smith commented on a replay of Finn Balor’s U.S. Title win over Damian Priest last week.

-Finn Balor made his ring entrance as the announcers hyped his match against Austin Theory next. [c]

-Graves commented on Vader entering the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

(Keller’s Analysis: It’s sad he wasn’t alive to be part of this. He had a hell of career, though.)

-As Austin Theory made his way to the ring, they aired a clip of Vince McMahon telling Pat McAfee that he can have a match at WrestleMania. Then a clip aired from Smackdown of Theory telling McAfee that he’s his opponent at WrestleMania, then slapping his headset off.

-Graves hyped that match at WrestleMania as a graphic appeared on the screen. Graves said he considers McAfee a friend, but he has no shot against Theory.


Back and forth action early. Graves said Theory will be motivated by wanting to impress Mr. McMahon. They cut to a break after Theory rammed Balor’s head into the ring apron, but then Balor countered with a Sling Blade. [c]

Balor aggressively stomped away at Theory. Theory made a comeback after blocking a Balor suplex from the ring apron. Balor made a comeback a couple minutes later. When he climbed to the top rope, Priest showed up and shoved Balor off the top rope. The ref called for the bell. Graves asked where Priest came from. (If the director went to a wide shot, maybe everyone could have seen.)

WINNER: Balor in 9:00 via DQ.

-Priest attacked Balor after the match, then absorbed some boos as he stared down at Balor. Priest left. Theory then gave Balor an ATL before taking a selfie with him. Graves said Theory has the greatest mind in the history of the industry leading him.

-A clip aired of Bianca Belair whipping Becky Lynch with her braid last week, leaving red marks on Becky.

-Patrick interviewed Belair and asked if she’ll be using her hair at WrestleMania. Belair said she has one rule – don’t touch her hair. She said Becky tried to use her hair against her, so she had to pay for that. She said she’ll win and walk out of WrestleMania as champion.

-Owens made his way to the ring. [c]

-Owens said, “It’s official, I don’t have a match at WrestleMania.” He said he has found a way to get there. He said it depends on the answer he gets to this question. He said he wants to have the biggest KO Show ever, and he’s thought of whom he could ask to be his guest. He said because of where WrestleMania is taking place, it has to be some lowlife from Texas. He said it could be the blowhard bag of wind JBL, but the horns on the hood of limo would make a more interesting guest. He said Booker T called him a liar last week on social week. He said Booker T might be from Texas, but he spent most of his career in a team called Harlem Heat and then spoke in a bad accent as King Booker, so he doesn’t want to interview a hypocrite.

He said Shawn Michaels is a proud Texan, but as a proud Canadian, it’d be sacrilegious to have him on the KO Show, so out of respect to Bret Hart, HBK isn’t invited. He said he has the perfect guest in mind. He said just like Texas, he is a broken down shell of his former self living off his past glory. He said this guy has probably let himself go, drinking beer like the redneck he is. He said his knees are so shot, he had to wear kneebraces in his matches just to get by. He said he might need a walker to get to the ring. He said nothing would make him happier than to give him a Stunner he’ll never forget, and then pour a beer over his lifeless body. He told Steve Austin he knows he’s watching, but he doesn’t think he has the guts to respond. He said he is calling out “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. KO’s music played.

-They cut to the announcers. Graves asked if it’s possible. He said it’s been 19 years. He said it’s not likely, but if he said yes, it’d be a mistake. A graphic showed Austin and Owens but ending with a question mark.

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