3/9 WWE MAIN EVENT TV REPORT: Street Profits vs. Hurt Business, Mahaan vs. Truitt, more


WWE Main Event results and analysis


MARCH 9, 2022

Announcers: Byron Saxton and Kevin Patrick



After a brief lockup, Mahaan tossed Truitt to the mat. He hoisted Truitt and tossed him into the corner, then Truitt dodged a charging Mahaan in that corner. Truitt landed a couple kicks to Mahaan’s left knee, but Mahaan came back with a big boot to Truitt’s face. “The danger zone has been escaped,” said Byron.

Truitt landed feeble body blows before being tossed into another corner and brutalized there by Mahaan. Mahaan scoop slammed Truitt in the middle of the ring, then slowly stalked him as he got to his feet. He whipped Truitt across the ring into the turnbuckles, back-first. Truitt fell to the mat but Mahaan lifted him and fired him into the opposite corner, then took him down with a sidewalk slam. Mahaan, with extreme deliberation, lined up and dropped an elbow. He covered Truitt, but lifted him up at the ref’s two-count.

Mahaan grappled Truitt’s shoulders from behind with both hands. Truitt got to his feet and landed some novelty shots as well as a drop kick. Mahaan wouldn’t go down, and eventually threw Truitt back to the mat with a fallaway slam. He splashed Truitt in the corner, then leveled him with a giant clothesline. Mahaan, still taking his time, lifted Truitt to his feet only to take him back down with a DDT. He finally covered Truitt for the three-count. After the bell rang, the cameras cut to the lone fan performing the “we’re not worthy” gesture.

WINNER: Veer Mahaan by pinfall in 4:50.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Veer’s matches have become repetitive. Skip until further notice.)

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(2) STREET PROFITS (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) vs. HURT BUSINESS (Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander)

Benjamin started against Ford. Benjamin paced toward the Profits’s corner and swiped his hand at Dawkins’s face, causing Dawkins to try to come through the ropes. While the ref dealt with Dawkins, Alexander entered and chop blocked Ford from behind. Benjamin hit Ford with a knee strike then pinned him for two.

Benjamin landed some shots in the corner, but Ford fought his way out, eventually knocking Benjamin down with a right cross. He tagged in Ford who hopped over the top rope and laid in a series of chops to Benjamin’s chest. He flipped through a Benjamin suplex attempt, then knocked Benjamin down with an enziguri. He leveled Benjamin with a drop kick. Benjamin plowed Ford into the Hurt Business corner where Alexander tagged in and slammed Ford against the apron with a uranage. We cut to break with Ford face-down on the floor.

Alexander had Ford in a chin lock through the break. Ford powered out of the hold, but Alexander kicked him in the gut for his efforts. Alexander pushed Ford into the corner and Benjamin tagged in. He rolled up Ford for a two-count, then applied a chin lock of his own. Dawkins was antsy on the apron, urging Ford to escape and tag. In accordance with these wishes, Ford fired elbows into Benjamin’s midsection and broke free. Benjamin took Ford to the mat with a back body drop. Alexander tagged back in and chopped Ford twice in the corner. Benjamin tagged back in but Ford mustered a burst of energy to take out both opponents. He crawled toward his corner and went for a diving tag, but Alexander yanked Dawkins off the apron. Alexander kneed Ford in the jaw and Benjamin went for the cover. Dawkins dove in to bust up the pin at the two-count.

Ford dodged a Benjamin spin kick, then knocked him down with another enziguri. This time Ford was able to make the hot tag, leaping at the last moment for no reason. Byron described Ford’s crawling to that of a turtle, a reptile known for its slow movement. Alexander tagged in as well but absorbed Dawkins’s charged-up attacks. Benjamin briefly entered the ring, but Dawkins dumped him, and then Alexander, over the top rope to the floor. Dawkins tagged Ford back in, then bounced off the far ropes then took out both members of Hurt Business with a somersault senton over the top rope. He rolled Alexander back into the ring for Ford to land the frog splash and then cover for the three-count.

WINNERS: Street Profits by pinfall in 7:50.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Good action and energy from both teams and I appreciate the multiple double-team attacks from Hurt Business.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 8.0

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  1. Um, you do realize Benjamin and Alexander were kicked out of the Hurt Business? So I’m not sure why you are referring to them as The Hurt Business. Maybe Wade Keller should fire you

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