3/10 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Sacrifice fallout, Shelley/White confrontation, Swann vs. Edwards, more


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matt Rehwoldt

-Video recap of Sacrifice.

-Josh Alexander walked to the ring. Fans chanted “Walking Weapon”. Alexander said it was good to be back in Impact Wrestling. Fans chanted “New World Champ”. Alexander said he was obsessed with regaining the Impact World Title. He talked about the obstacles he encountered and how he was sent home. He said he is home and he is here to stay. He said he had a chance to think about a lot of things while he was gone.

Alexander talked about his son being in the ring for his highest moment and his lowest. He said that his son asks him when he is going to beat Moose for the title. Alexander said it would happen at Rebellion. Honor No More’s music played and they walked to the stage. Eddie Edwards led the team and walked down the stage and into the ring. Eddie addressed Alexander.

Eddie said it was sweet for Alexander to give his son a nice new memory. The crowd was booing and Eddie told them to shut up. Eddie said that Alexander should tell his son the truth — that he was handed everything. Alexander said if Eddie said his son’s name one more time, it would be the last thing he said comfortably. Alexander talked about how he supported Impact Wrestling and the fans.

Eddie said the fans would turn their backs on Alexander, like what happened to him. Alexander said Eddie was making excuses for his shortcomings. He said Eddie got lazy and complacent. Matt Taven jumped in and told Alexander not to talk to Eddie like that. Taven mocked Alexander for having his title reign cut short in front of his wife. Alexander said that Taven’s reign put his company out of business.

Alexander said he would face all of Honor No More and he started fighting. He gave Vincent a German Suplex, then they all jumped him. Rhino, Heath, Rich Swann, and Willie Mack ran to the ring for the save and ran off Honor No More. Scott D’Amore walked to the stage. He said the main event tonight would be Eddie Edwards vs. Rich Swann. He said that Willie Mack and Kenny King would wrestle right now and everyone else was banned from ringside all night long. [c]


King punched Mack to start the match. King gave Mack a running elbow and kicked him. Mack arm dragged King. Mack shoulder blocked King to the mat. Mack slid into King on the outside and dove over the top rope on King. Mack punched King on the ramp. King came back with punches and chops. Mack backdropped King at ringside. King tripped Mack into the turnbuckles, then snapped his neck over the top rope.

King kicked Mack on the apron and got a two count. King slammed Mack and gave him a leg drop. Mack came back with punches. Mack slammed King, but missed a standing moonsault. King elbow dropped Mack and stretched him. King put Mack in the camel clutch. Mack kicked King low. Mack gave King a flurry of offense. Mack connected with the standing moonsault.

Fans chanted for Mack. They traded forearm shots. King power slammed Mack for a two count. King gave Mack a forearm and a t-bone suplex. King missed a dive off the top rope. Mack gave King a stunner and a frog splash and got the pin.

WINNER: Willie Mack in 9:00.

(D.L.’s Take: The match was all action and got the show off to a good start.)

-Rehwoldt and Hannifan appeared on camera at the ringside table. They ran down the matches for the show and talked about the events of Impact Sacrifice.

-Moose walked into Scott D’Amore’s office. Moose protested Josh Alexander getting the title shot. Scott asked if it occurred to Moose that Alexander met Scott at the Anthem offices when he was negotiating his contract. Scott said he still needed Moose to sign the contract. Scott warned Moose that Alexander is focused on regaining the title. He told Moose to sign the contract or he would be stripped of the title. [c]

(2) ACE AUSTIN (w/Madman Fulton) vs. JOHN SKYLER vs. CRAZZY STEVE

The winner of the match would be added to the X Division match at Rebellion. Trey Miguel joined the commentary team. Ace and Skyler teased an alliance, but Skyler turned on Ace. Steve had the early advantage. Steve gave Skyler a cannonball in the corner, but missed one on Ace. Steve gave Ace a neckbreaker. Steve twisted Skyler’s neck. Fulton pulled Ace out of the ring. Skyler rolled Steve up for a two count. Steve threw Skyler out of the ring and dove over the top rope on him. Ace used a distraction by Fulton to kick Steve in the head. [c]

Steve backdropped Ace out of the ring. Steve gave Skyler the tarantula on the ropes. Steve threw Skyler into Ace. Skyler speared Steve and gave him a powerbomb. All three battled on the top rope. Skyler knocked Ace to the floor. Steve knocked Sklyer off the ropes. Ace kicked Steve in the head. Ace and Steve fought on the top rope. Steve bit Skyler on the head. As Skyler held Steve, Ace gave Steve a blockbuster from the top rope and got the pin.

WINNER: Ace Austin in 12:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A decent match but the commercial took a large chunk out of it. Trey was fun on commentary.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Bhupinder Gujjar. He said he wasn’t here for a handout. He said he was here for an opportunity. Raj Singh approached and said that Gujjar hadn’t returned any of his calls. Gujjar walked off but Singh pulled him back. Larry D walked in. He questioned why Impact had room for them but not him. Larry decked Singh, then faced off with Gujjar. Larry left. Singh got up and said that’s why he needed to be on the same side as Gujjar. Gujjar stormed off. [c]

-Violent By Design promo. Eric Young talked about power and control. He said the Good Brothers had power and control because of VBD. Eric said they followed through on the things they said they would do. He said it was all by design. Good promo.

(3) MICKIE JAMES & CHELSEA GREEN & THE IINSPIRATION (Jessie McKay & Cassie Lee) vs. TASHA STEELZ & SAVANNAH EVANS & THE INFLUENCE (Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne w/Kaleb)

A clip was shown from earlier of the Influence telling Kaleb they didn’t need his help. Chelsea had a cast on her arm after being injured on Saturday. Cassie charged Tenille at the bell and punched her repeatedly. Tenille trapped Jessie in their corner. The Influence mocked the IInspiration’s pose. Jessie fought out of the corner. Evans took Jessie to the mat and choked her. Jessie made a comeback on Evans.

The IInspiration double teamed Evans and took her down. Tenille tripped Cassie. Evans gave Cassie a Samoan drop. Evans leg dropped Cassie. Tasha kicked Cassie in the corner. Evans speared Cassie in the corner. Madison put Cassie in a chin lock. Tenille gave Cassie an elbow and a suplex for a two count. Cassie made the Influence collide. Tasha kicked Jessie off the apron.

Cassie made the hot tag to Mickie. Mickie ran wild on Tasha and her partners on the apron. Mickie kicked Evans. Tasha gave Mickie a cutter. Kaleb yanked Chelsea off the apron. Chelsea gave Kaleb a low blow. In the ring, Mickie gave Tasha a DDT for the pin.

WINNERS: Mickie James & Chelsea Green & The IInspiration in 6:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A fun match while it lasted. It seemed like the ring introductions lasted longer than the match itself. I wasn’t a fan of the new champion being pinned already.)

-Jonah promo. He talked about PCO and said he fears no one. He said he doesn’t believe in monsters but monsters believed in him. He said he showed everyone at Sacrifice that PCO is human. [c]

-Jay White, Chris Bey, and the Good Brothers walked to the ring. Anderson introduced his team and said the Bullet Club has arrived. Fans chanted “Too Sweet”. Doc said they no longer had the tag team titles. He said they weren’t here to have fun. Doc talked about facing the Briscoes at the Multiverse of Matches on April 1st. He said they would regain the belts from Violent By Design.

White said the Good Brothers would handle their business. Fans chanted “Switchblade”. He talked about beating Alex Shelley at Sacrifice. He called out Shelley and said he would gave him a too sweet. Shelley walked to the stage. He called Jay “Jamie”. He talked about their history and how Shelley helped Jay in his career. Shelley said he had no regrets about his performance at Sacrifice.

Shelley called Jay the best wrestler in the world. Fans chanted “Best in the World”. Shelley said he thought he was exempt from Jay’s disrespect. He said that it hurt that Jay wouldn’t shake his hand. Jay said it was Shelley’s fault because Shelley made it personal, when it was just business. Jay said that Shelley didn’t know the real him. He ran down his accomplishments.

Shelley talked about his influence on wrestlers in New Japan and in AEW. Shelley said that Jay happened because of Shelley. Bey took the mic and questioned why Shelley was even here. He said Shelley didn’t have a lot of intelligence. Bey said the Bullet Club was dangerous and Shelley was all alone. Shelley told Bey the adults were trying to have a conversation. He said when he is in Impact, he is never alone.

Chris Sabin walked to the stage and joined Shelley. Sabin said he and Shelley were back together again in Impact. He said they were automatically the best team in Impact Wrestling. He said they could prove it right now. Jay talked but Sabin cut him off. Sabin challenged Jay and Bey to a match. Jay accepted the match. [c]

-Josh Alexander approached Scott D’Amore backstage. Alexander said it should be him facing Eddie Edwards tonight. He said it was time to get back in the ring. Scott made a match for Alexander to face Matt Taven next week. Scott wanted Alexander to focus on the title match after that though. [c]

-Gia Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo. Deonna said she had a momentary lapse of judgement when she showed mercy on Chelsea Green. She said she made her career breaking arms. She said she had no remorse about breaking her arm. Gisele Shaw approached. Deonna was annoyed. Deonna said if Shaw wanted a title shot, she could have it. Lady Frost walked up and said she beat Shaw at Sacrifice. Deonna said she was tired of them. She challenged them to a triple threat match next week and would defend both belts. Shaw and Frost faced off, then walked off.

-Rehwoldt and Hannifan ran down the matches for next week:

  • Deonna Purrazzo vs. Lady Frost vs. Gisele Shaw
  • Rhino vs. Steve Maclin
  • Josh Alexander vs. Matt Taven
  • Motor City Machine Guns vs. Bullet Club

Rich Swann and Eddie Edwards did their ring entrances. Swann attacked Eddie on his way to the ring. [c]


After the break, Swann and Eddie were still fighting at ringside. The action finally got in the ring and the bell rang. Maria Kanellis joined the announce team. Eddie chopped Swann. Swann came back with punches, a rana, and a dropkick. Eddie gave Swann a reverse atomic drop and a suplex. Eddie chopped Swann. Maria said she could be at ringside because she is an executive and not a wrestler.

Eddie suplexed Swann. Swann fired punches at Eddie, but Eddie raked Swann’s eyes. Swann made a comeback and gave Eddie a 619. Swann missed a dive to the floor. [c]

Eddie had the upper hand when the action resumed. A clip was played of Eddie throwing Swann into the ring steps during the break. Eddie dropped Swann face first on the mat. Eddie chopped Swann on the apron. Swann came back with a kick. Swann gave Eddie a rana from the apron to the floor. Back in the ring, Swann and Eddie exchanged punches and kicks.

Eddie gave Swann a headbutt. Swann clotheslined Eddie. Fans chanted for Swann. Swann gave Eddie two kicks and a neckbreaker, followed by another kick for a two count. Swann gave Eddie a rana off the top rope and got a two count. Swann went to the top rope, but Eddie kicked him. Fans chanted “Eddie sucks”. Eddie gave Swann a backpack stunner. Eddie put Swann in a single leg Boston Crab.

Swann made it to the ropes to break the hold. Eddie kicked Swann. Eddie slapped and chopped Swann. Swann came back with punches and kicks. They traded offense and knocked each other to the mat. Swann escaped a Tiger Driver and got a two count. Swann kicked Eddie in the head. Eddie gave Swann a forearm. Eddie gave Swann a modified Blue Thunder Bomb and got a two count.

Eddie gave Swann a Tiger Driver for a two count. Fans chanted “You can’t beat him”. Swann gave Eddie two cutters and got a two count. Swann kicked Eddie then missed a Phoenix Splash. Eddie clotheslined Swann, followed by the Boston Knee Party and a Die Hard Driver for the pin. Honor No More joined Eddie in the ring to celebrate.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards in 19:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A nice match that built to an exciting finish.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A fine reset show after the events of the Impact Sacrifice PPV. The two long talking segments did a good job of setting the table for Josh Alexander getting another title match and the Bullet Club vs. MCMG feud. The show wasn’t strong on in-ring action this week (except for the main event), but did a good job of setting up the long road to Rebellion.

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