Keith Lee discusses when Tony Khan first contacted him, how Adam Cole influenced his decision to sign with AEW

By Sean Radican, PWTorch columnist (Twitter: @SR_Torch)

Analysis of this week's AEW Dynamite


Keith Lee was contacted by AEW CEO and booker Tony Khan three days after he was released by WWE last November.

That release happened and within three days, Tony found a way to get in touch with me,” Lee said on AEW Unrestricted. “I was actually really impressed with that considering we had never spoken before. We had some really laid back conversations and got to know each other a little bit. That’s something that helped because that’s some of my trust that’s a little disgruntled. We had a conversation and as time wore on, things got easier and we met up and I have a thing where I must meet a person in person, I’m a people feeler as opposed to listening to things. I’m an energy guy. When I did meet him, I decided that he’s a fairly stand up guy and I really enjoyed my time with him, what he’s about, talking football and all that good stuff, especially as a former player.”

Lee went on to state during the interview that Adam Cole influenced his decision to join AEW. “I felt like the happiness of people such as Adam Cole, he’s somebody I place a lot of stock in as a human being, there aren’t a lot of people in this industry that you can just trust or get along with at certain levels, but I really like Adam Cole as a person,” said Lee.  His testimony for his happiness here was something that made it a little easier. In the grand scheme of things, when we got to speaking about business, it made sense for me and my plans. That made it a little easier and when you get along with somebody and it fits your plan and what you want to do in life, it helps and those talks were easier than I thought they would be. It made the decision that much easier.”

Lee also discussed the reaction he got from the fans when he made his Dynamite debut. “It had been a few months since I had heard such a thing, and I really wasn’t expecting it, so immediately as it was, and as it stood, it was exciting and just a really warm, touching moment,” said Lee.

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