4/5 AEW DARK TV REPORT: The Factory vs. Dark Order, Abadon vs. Hera, more


Analysis, detail, and results of this week's episode of AEW Dark


APRIL 5, 2022

AEW Dark Announcers: Excalibur and Taz

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

-Excalibur and Taz welcome us to the show as the Wingmen theme kicked us off.


Excalibur suggested they rename the show AEW Hunk if Nemeth wins tonight and Taz immediately questioned that decision. Some early amateur takedowns from Nemeth, but he trash talked to the camera and taken to the floor by Hopkins. A failed baseball slide by Hopkins got him trapped in the ring skirt and pummeled. The head stand hammerlock was momentarily applied before Hopkins got a small package off a suplex attempt for two. Nemeth popped up first and leveled Hopkins with a lariat. Repeated knees to the chest led to Hopkins countering a Rude Awakening and hit a springboard handspring kick. A suplex into Falcon Arrow got Hopkins two. Hopkins went up top, missed a Shooting Star Press and Nemeth hit the Rude Awakening for three.

WINNER: Ryan Nemeth in 4:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Most of the time Nemeth matches are dominated by comedy, but this was a fun back and forth opener. Even in defeat, Hopkins looked impressive. Excalibur called the neckbreaker finish the Hunk of Love, which fits no one better than Ryan Nemeth.)


Harlow showed off his speed early, but foolishly mocked Kiss and ate a nice forearm right to the face. A head trapped overhead suplex from Kiss was followed by a standing axe kick in the corner with Harlow trapped. Kiss just drug Harlow to the center and got the quick pin.

WINNER: Sonny Kiss in 2:00

(Howard Analysis: Sonny Kiss made short work of the opposition and happened so quickly, it caught even the commentators off guard. I don’t think we’ve seen Sonny win a match like that before.)


Hera tried throwing some kicks with some trepidation, but Abadon just screamed in her face and hit a nice back heel trip. Hera tried fighting back, screaming in her own right, but was mowed down by an Abadon back elbow and running senton. It’s academic from here as Black Dahlia connects and Abadon slays another.

WINNER: Abadon in 1:30

(Howard’s Analysis: Abadon is now 31-3 in AEW and I have absolutely no idea how she’s not in the Top 5 or number one contender at this point with that record. Give Abadon her title shot!)


Ruas quickly picked apart Rosas, tagged Bononi and they did a back breaker running knee combo. Sampson reluctantly made the tag, but ran right into a big boot by Bononi. Pump knee from Ruas and standing slam from Bononi, as Sampson tried fighting back with his partner. They got off a few forearms, but were quickly slammed to the mat. One punch to the midsection from Ruas led to a Hoss Toss from Bononi. Ruas made the cover and this was all over. Post match, Ruas hit another punch to the ribs and Bononi with another Hoss Toss for good measure.

WINNERS: Tiger Ruas & Cezar Bononi in 2:30

(Howard’s Analysis: Excalibur dubbed these two The Brazilian Badasses and it’s perfect. As much as I enjoy Bononi as the muscle of The Wingmen, he’s a solid fit as a team with Ruas. Bononi is more aggressive with this pairing, but obviously shows more character with The Wingmen.)


Alexander showed no fear by throwing shots immediately, but Archer no sold and mowed Alexander down with a running cross body. A short arm clothesline from Archer led to a super loud chop to the chest. The locomotive corner splashes connected, but Alexander avoided a chokeslam. Same couldn’t be said for the Hellicoaster, as Alexander was planted. Alexander got a boot up in the corner, but foolishly went to the second, got caught and driven down with Black Out. The E.B.D. Claw was applied and ended the match for Archer.

WINNER: Lance Archer in 2:30

(Howard’s Analysis: Credit Dean Alexander for being one of the few victims of Archer not to be dragged out nearly unconscious before the match even started. That’s a victory in its own right!)

(6) AARON SOLO & NICK COMOROTO (w/QT Marshall) vs. ALAN “5” ANGELS & 10 (w/-1)

Angels hit a running somersault dive off the stage onto Solo, while 10 sent Comoroto into the steps all before the bell. In the ring the bell sounded and Angels hit a quick belly to belly for two. Back body drop from 10, dropkick off the second from 5 and Solo was out at 2. Solo tried a cazadora, but 10 turned it into a slingshot German suplex. 10 called out Comoroto as the big men exchanged chops in the corner. 10 fought out of a fireman’s carry, got a blind tag to Angels, as Solo took the ref. The chase was on with Angels & QT, who was jaw jacking with -1. Solo hit a cheap shot and The Factory took over, with Angels being isolated until Comoroto missed a big elbow drop. Angels fought off Solo and 10 made the hot tag, dished out pump kicks and a spinebuster. Full Nelson by 10 was broken up by Comoroto, who launched Angels to the floor. 10 fought both men off, but the numbers were too much, as Comoroto sent him to the floor. Angels got a roll up on Solo, but QT leveled him in the face. Solo hit a corkscrew kick for a very close near fall as QT complained on the apron. -1 jumped up with him and pantsed QT Marshall. This caused the wheels to fall off for The Factory, as Angels hit a double stomp to the chest and sent Solo right into the Full Nelson for the submission.

WINNERS: Alan “5” Angels & 10 in 8:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Excalibur described what happened to QT perfectly, as he compared it to Benny Hill, just without Yakety Sax playing. This was a very entertaining main event, as this is the perfect show for The Factory vs. Dark Order crew to continue their feud. I wouldn’t mind The Factory stealing a victory every so often, though.)

FINAL AEW DARK THOUGHTS: These were taped during the January 15 tapings and I believe there are 10 or 11 matches left of that set we have to burn through until we get a new wave of fresh matches. While this show had only 6 matches, I’m happy at least one of them went eight minutes, was given some time and was competitive. Obviously match of the night goes to the main event, with a few fun squashes sprinkled in with opponents getting in a little offense as well. Like I’ve said for about the past month, the AEW roster is so loaded that I can only hope we get more consistency in the next set of tapings when it comes to less squashes and more competitive matches.

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