MJF and Tony Khan meeting reportedly set


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MJF (photo courtesy AEW)


MJF and Tony Khan are reportedly scheduled to meet tomorrow after a whirlwind weekend for both in Las Vegas for Double or Nothing.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the meeting between both men will take place on Wednesday. The time of the meeting has not been revealed. Khan and AEW are in Los Angeles that day for AEW Dynamite.

MJF no-showed an AEW Fan Fest meet and greet event over the weekend and attempted to leave Las Vegas before his match against Wardlow at the PPV. He reportedly purchased a plane ticket, but did not use it and did the match as scheduled. Wardlow defeated MJF in a squash match after ten powerbombs.

MJF has been disgruntled about his contract situation with AEW. He and Tony Khan had an intense meeting about an interview he did with Ariel Helwani where he spoke in transparent detail on his future. Earlier this month, it was reported that MJF had decided that he would be heading to WWE when his AEW contract expired in January of 2024.

MJF has been with Tony Khan and AEW since the company was founded in 2019. He’s wrestled top talent in the company throughout his run including Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, C.M. Punk, and others.

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2 Comments on MJF and Tony Khan meeting reportedly set

  1. This is sad to me, but this is over. It’s a business first. This kid grew up in WWF/E territory as a fan there, the same as a kid that grew up in the Carolinas under the Crockett promotion days. Even if Tony Khan handled this perfectly — which HE HAS NOT (in fact, he’s botched it about every way humanly possible) — he pretty much had no way to retain MJF.

    I just wish they knew what they have coming up there, because I think he’s an incredible talent. But the old days are gone. Vince is too old. I’m completely convinced their family is going to sell that company at any time, and even if they don’t, the so-called “creative” team has ruined this company. Ironically, it’s probably making more money now than it’s ever made, and it’s in the biggest creative toilet than it’s ever been. Just so ironic.

    MJF, you’re better than that, man. Re-sign where you are and let the ownership situation pan out in WWE. Go there in a few years after things settle down and then rule the place. I know you’re ticked at the Khans. Play nice and do good business for a new contract, then make your move. Now is not the time. Too much flux.

  2. The speculation I’ve seen on the timing makes this hard all the way around.

    MJF wants a better deal. Kahn wants to lock him down for a longer period. But here’s the thing — what will happen when TK signs MJF — then signs a massive TV deal to bring in even more money? And uses it to vault a bunch of lesser talents above MJF’s pay grade.

    Money is the factor here. But I think we can read between the ropes to see that TK has done/said something to aggravate this more than it needed.

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