6/22 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Penta vs. Malakai Black, Jericho & Archer vs. Moxley & Tanahashi, Hangman Page vs. Silas Young, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


JUNE 22, 2022

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

-Bryan Danielson came to the ring to start the show. Tony Schiavone was in the ring and hyped the Forbidden Door PPV and Blood and Guts next week. Danielson took the mic and said he wouldn’t give it back, he said this was a great week to be an AEW and pro wrestling fan. He then talked about the upcoming show on Sunday as well as B&G next week. He said that he was expecting to be part of both events, that Zack Sabre Jr. and he were supposed to have a match. But, he had some good news and bad news.

The bad news was that he was not cleared to compete at either event. His overall health is great so don’t worry about him. He said the good news was that he is a judgment prick and he has high standards. He then said that he has found the one person to take his place at Forbidden Door and Blood & Guts, and that person was someone that he wasn’t going to tell the crowd. He said you had to buy the show on Sunday to find out. Zack Sabre Jr.’s music hit and he walked out and yelled at the crowd and Danielson.

-Jon Moxley had a second segment promo talking about Chris Jericho and asked if he and his goons could survive a match like the one next week. He said how much he hates Chris Jericho and men like him. He said the match on Sunday is the most important match of his life, he said that the match Sunday will finish his transformation into the wrestler he was meant to be.


Fletcher and Romero started the match, with Rocky doing small guy offense to get Fletcher off his feet. Trent and Mark Davis were tagged in and battled, until Trent tagged in Orange Cassidy. Orange put his hands in his pockets and then roll dodged several times and then tagged in Rocky. Team Orange and Roppongi then took out the other team and posed, just before the break the heels got the upper hand. [c]

The show returned with Cassidy hitting his kicks on Aussie open and then he took out both Fletcher and Davis and then paced around the ring. Ospreay then entered then ring, but Trent entered to back up Cassidy. Cassidy and co then hit dives at the same time and then the action returned to the ring. Cassidy hit a splash on Ospreay and got a two count for his efforts.

Cassidy and Ospreay then battled in the ring with high flying moves, Cassidy hit a Stundog Millionaire to end the exchange. Romero and Davis were now in the ring and traded chops. Fletcher then entered and teamed up with Davis and then took out Romero. Ospreay then entered and took out Cassidy. After a moment, Roppongi took out Fletcher and set up the finish. Ospreay hit a kick to stop that, Aussie Open then set up the same and Cassidy broke it up.

Ospreay then did a backflip out to the floor and was taken out by Romero. Cassidy hit the Orange Punch and won via pinfall.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy & Roppongi Vice

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun multi-man New Japan Style match. RV and Cassidy needed the wins here to look credible on Sunday, good booking.)

-FTR came out after the match to defend the winners from all of United Empire

-Jay Lethal and company were backstage, Jay Lethal asked where Samoa Joe was. He said that Joe needed to defend the title or vacate that title and give it to him. [c]

-Tony Schiavone was in the ring and introduced Christian Cage, who emerged in an evil turtleneck from the heel entrance. Tony asked him about his heel turn and said he can wait all night and said that the fans were not smart and said to shut their mouths. He said that he could not allow Jungle Boy eliminating him from a battle royal last year. He said that he is a legend and didn’t like when fans cheered when he was eliminated. He said that he did a background check on Jungle Boy, and did a tangent on people tweeting. He said that he was gonna make money off the back of Jungle Boy, thats why he aligned with him. He said he only came back to make a ton of money. He then called out MJF for complaining about not getting paid like him (he did not call out MJF by name).

He said that once Jungle Boy lost the belts the gravy train ran dry. He now needs to make money on his own, which pisses him off. They then showed Christian getting into it with JB’s Mom and Sister. He said she wanted him to be his dad, but he didn’t want to be his dad. He said Jungle Boy’s dad is dead, Luchasaurus then came out and choked Cage. Christian then said that Luchasaurus was like a son to him and then Cage whispered in Luchasaurus’ ear. The two then walked out of the ring together.

(Sage’s Analysis: The promo started out very WWE like, then went to the dark place against fans and brought up the death of Luke Perry. But, everyone in that crowd were on their feet for a promo, so you have to respect the work Cage did on this. A very impressive promo and segment, that levels up this feud after last week.)

-The return of Sting on Rampage was shown. The Young Bucks and Kyle O’Reilly were backstage talking about being on the show on Sunday. O’Reilly called out Sting and said that Bullet Club with the Bucks would be taking on Sting and his cronies.


Penta did his hand sign in the face of Black, who tried the roundhouse kick. The match moved outside with Penta doing a dive out onto Black. Back in the ring, Malakai worked the wrist of Penta, who did a series of jumps leading to a back stabber and a two count for Penta. Black then kicked Penta, who fell on the apron and then to the floor. [c]

Penta set up Black for a pile driver on the apron, Black fought that off, Penta then set up the driver once more but Black rolled over the top rope and into the ring. Black sent Penta to the mat and then missed a foot stomp and then hit a head kick and then a dive to the outside on Penta. Black then hit a stomp off the top rope for a near fall.

Black went to the top once more and was kicked by Penta, who then hit an avalanche Fear Factor off the top rope. After that both men were left laying on the mat. Penta finally made a cover and Black got his foot on the bottom rope. Black then caught the foot of Penta and hit the back heel kick for the pinfall win,

WINNER: Malakai Black

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good match, but 100 out of 100 matches between these two are gonna be good. These two have been too involved with each other and hopefully after Forbidden Door they can get some space.)

-Pac ran out and made the non-needed save to Penta. Miro then appeared on screen to say that he will walk out with the All-Atlantic title. [c]

-A Wardlow video package was shown, it was about him coming for the TNT Title.

-Adam Cole’s music played and he joined the commentary team.


Adam Page got wrist control early and then hit a neck swinging suplex. Silas Young then hit a head lock and the two men then grappled. Young bridged up from a pinning attempt, Page then hit chops in the corner, Young then hit is own chops as the two went nose-to-nose. Young was sent to the outside, Page did a dive, but Young dodged. Page then took out Page and hit a moonsault onto the floor and Young. [c]

Both men traded strikes, until Young hit an athletic counter and both men were sent to the mat. Page hit a lariat to knock Young off the apron and then a dive out. Young was thrown back in and then Page hit a lariat off the top for a two count. Young hit a back breaker and then the Silas springboard moonsault, but Page dodged that and hit the Buckshot Lariat for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Adam Page

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good match, Silas Young is the ultimate guy who looks like a brawler and then has a 3.5 star match with anyone, I hope he lands with AEW/ROH. The stuff at the end with Okada was surprising but I still don’t know the match on Sunday, hopefully that is announced by excalibur during the main event.)

-Adam Cole ran and said it was story time, Jay White’s music hit and he apologized for interrupting. He said that he owed Cole an answer for his actions last week. He said that he needed to make Forbidden Door as big as possible, and that his opponent still couldn’t be Cole. Because, Cole lost to Hangman twice. White then entered the ring and reiterated that Page would not be his opponent as well. Cole and White then teamed up, until Cole almost hit White with the IWGP title. Kazuchika Okada then came out and defended Hangman. Okada and Page remained in the ring as Cole and White walked off.

-Tony was backstage with Jade and The Baddies. Jade said that the show must go on, Stokely then said they were looking for a new baddie. [c]

-Kris Statlander and Athena were backstage and made fun of people wanting to be baddies. They said that no matter how many Baddies they would be taking out Jade.


Shafir kicked Storm down as soon as the bell rang, Storm and Shafir the grappled on the floor and then bth ran the ropes. Nyla Rose then entered and took out Storm as the break started. [c]

Shafir dominated throughout the break, Storm kicked her opponent in the stomach and then both traded forearms and strikes. Storm hit a head strike, but then was sent outside the ring. Here Shafir hit a judo throw and then went for a strike, but Storm hit a spinning DDT off the stairs. In the ring, Toni hit a suplex and then hit a running hip attack. Nyla interfered and Shafir hit a pump handle slam that Storm reversed for a pinfall win.

WINNER: Toni Storm

(Sage’s Analysis: A solid match, Shafir feels downgraded as she has been made a bad ass jobber to the stars.)

-Post match Thunder Rosa came down to defend Storm. Once that was done, Storm and Rosa had a stare down.

-Sting and Darby named Shingo Takagi and Hiromu Takahashi as their team mates on Sunday.

-Rampage’s card, Sunday’s card and Blood and Guts’ card was ran down. [c]


Jon Moxley and Hiroshi Tanahashi ran into the ring at the same time, it was then Moxley and Jericho on the outside and Tanahashi and Archer in the ring. Moxley slammed Jericho into the barrier, Archer then took out Tanahashi. Jericho was tagged in and began to battle with Jericho. Moxley was tagged in and he hit down elbows on Jericho, while stuck in a lock. Moxley then sent Jericho to the outside and slammed him into the ring and the ringside table.

Sammy Guevara pulled on Moxley’s leg and Jericho took advantage and began to work over Moxley with a slingshot into the bottom rope, Archer was then tagged in and shoulder tackled Moxley as the final break started. [c]

Jericho hit a Lionsault as the show returned, Moxley was beaten down all break. He was able to get the tag to Tanahashi, who sent Archer off the apron and then played air guitar as he slammed Jericho. A senton by Tana resulted in a near fall, as the crowd cheered for him. Jericho tried to set up the Walls of Jericho, but Tanahashi reversed it and got a two count. Moxley entered and defended Tanahashi from a two-on-one, and did a dive out onto Archer.

Jericho and Tanahashi then had a strong style exchange, that led to Tanahashi going to the top and hit the High Fly Flow, but Jericho rolled through and then locked in the Walls of Jericho. Moxley entered and broke up the hold, Archer followed and took out Moxley. Tanahashi hit the sling blade and took out himself and Archer leaving all four men on the mat.

Moxley and Archer were now legal and battled with stiff shots. Moxley hit a the Paradigm Shift and tagged in Tanahashi who hit the High Fly Flow on Archer to get the pinfall win.

WINNER: Jon Moxley & Hiroshi Tanahashi

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun main event that Moxley and Tanahashi had to win. But, this match needed to happen to show off some of Tanahashi in the ring for the vast majority of fans who have not seen him.)

-Eddie Kingston and Wheeler Yuta came down and took out Jericho and Archer, Minoru Suzuki walked down and took on Yuta and Kingston ad the JAS ran down and then lots of the people ran down as the show was wildly out of time!

FINAL THOUGHTS: Tonight’s show did what it had to do, I am excited for this weird pre-season/exhibition era of AEW to be over. But this show sold the pPV well in my opinion and that is a win. But, man could at least one match not have had a run in at the end, its kinda a meme at this point in AEW.

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