7/1 IMPACT WRESTLING AGAINST ALL ODDS PPV REPORT: Alexander vs. Doering, Grace vs. Steelz, more


Full results and analysis of Impact Against All Odds
PHOTO CREDIT: Impact Wrestling


JULY 1, 2022

Impact Wrestling Commentators: Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt

-Opening video package

(1) MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) vs. BULLET CLUB (Chris Bey & Ace Austin)

Fan support was split early. Bey and Ace had the early advantage on Shelley. Sabin eventually made the hot tag and took on Bey and Ace by himself. The Guns used teamwork on Bey and Ace. Bey and Ace eventually regained the upper hand on Sabin. Sabin gave Bey the Cradle Shock, but Ace broke up the pin.

The Guns double teamed Ace and sent him out of the ring. Sabin pinned Bey after a double team move.

WINNERS: The Motor City Machine Guns in 13:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A fun tag team match to get the show started. These two teams worked well together as expected. I wouldn’t have minded if it had gone a bit longer.)

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt appeared on camera to run down the matches for the rest of the show.

-Gia Miller interviewed the Good Brothers, America’s Most Wanted, and Heath. Anderson said they would finish off Honor No More. Doc talked about being in Georgia and hyped up the accolades of his team. Heath said that HNM could kiss his ass because they were going to kick theirs. Storm said they were fired up and AMW was reunited one more time. He said that he and Chris Harris came into the business together and would go out together. Harris said he still had a little left. He said HNM was on trial and he would find them guilty.

-Video package on the Mia Yim/Micke James vs. Deonna Purrazzo/Chelsea Green feud.


Mia and Mickie came to the ring in cowgirl attire. Deonna and Chelsea attacked before the bell. Mia & Mickie made a comeback and Mia did a cannonball on Deonna & Chelsea. Mia & Mickie did a double slide to Deonna and Chelsea and sent them outside. The bell finally rang. Deonna and Chelsea double teamed Mia and kept the advantage.

Mia finally made the tag to Mickie. Mickie ran wild on Chelsea and Deonna. The crowd cheered. Deonna and Chelsea double teamed Mickie and sent Mia out of the ring. Deonna and Chelsea kept the advantage on Mickie, until she finally tagged Mia. Mia gave Chelsea a series of dropkicks and a DDT. Mickie gave Deonna a Thesz press from the top rope.

Deonna knocked Mia off the top rope. Deonna and Chelsea double teamed Mickie and Chelsea pinned Mickie.

WINNERS: Deonna Purrazzo & Chelsea Green in 9:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A really energetic tag team match and the fans were invested throughout.)

-Honor No More was backstage. Eddie Edwards and Taven talked and said they would get rid of the people trying to stop them. Eddie said they needed to watch each other’s back. He declared that PCO wouldn’t be in the match tonight. Vincent said that he was letting Impact get in his head. Eddie said that Vincent was out and PCO was in. They all agreed.

(3) MIKE BAILEY (c) vs. TREY MIGUEL – Impact Wrestling X Division Title Match

Trey did an early dive on Bailey. They fought on the ramp and Trey dropkicked Bailey. Trey leaped in the ring and took Bailey down. Bailey dropkicked Trey, followed by a moonsault from inside the ring to the floor on Trey. Trey worked on Bailey’s leg. Bailey got the upper hand and put Trey in a leg lock. Trey reached the ropes to break it.

Trey made a comeback but sold his leg. Bailey came back with kicks but Trey blocked a standing moonsault with his legs. Both men were down. Both wrestlers sold their leg injuries and traded kicks. They moved around slowly. Trey gave Bailey a dragon screw and followed with strikes. Bailey gave Trey a big kick to the chest.

Bailey gave Trey the double knees to the back. Trey rolled up Bailey for a two count. Bailey gave Trey a brainbuster. Trey missed a dive off the top. Trey gave Bailey a running rana over the top rope to the floor, which was incredible. Bailey gave Trey the Ultimo Weapon on the apron. In the ring, Bailey gave Trey a spin kick but missed a 450 splash. Trey gave Bailey a meteora for a two count.

Fans chanted “Fight forever”. Bailey knocked Trey off the top rope. Trey recovered, but Bailey knocked him off again. Bailey lifted Trey and gave him the Flamingo Driver for the win.

WINNER: Mike Bailey in 14:00.

(D.L.’s Take: An excellent match that lived up to the expectations I had for it. Both wrestlers are so great. The fans were really into it, especially towards the end when things intensified.)

-Video package on the Decay vs. The Influence feud.

(4) ROSEMARY & TAYA VALKYRIE (c) vs. GISELE SHAW & TENILLE DASHWOOD (w/Madison Rayne) – Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Title Match

Hannifan noted that Shaw was a newsmaker recently. Taya started off against Shaw. Fans chanted for Taya. Tenille and Rosemary went at it, with Rosemary getting the better of it. Shaw and Tenille eventually got the advantage on Taya. Rosemary finally tagged in.

Rosemary tied up Tenille in the ropes. Tenille and Taya fought in the corner. Shaw did a spinning dive on Rosemary and Tenille got a two count. Taya and Rosemary double teamed Tenille. Madison tripped Taya from the outside. Shaw was thrown out of the ring and Taya rolled up Tenille for the pin.

WINNERS: Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary in 9:00.

After the match, Tenille, Madison, and Shaw attacked Rosemary & Taya. The fans booed. The announcers noted that Havok was nowhere to be found. As the Influence went up the ramp, Masha Slamovich’s music played and she walked to the ramp. She handed Tenille an envelope, did the throat slash, and walked off. Tenille pulled a picture out of the envelope that had her picture with a red X.

(D.L.’s Take: An entertaining tag team match and the fans were really into it. The addition of Shaw is a positive for the Influence.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Mike Bailey backstage. He complimented Trey Miguel. He said he would fight anyone who wants to fight him, starting Thursday on Impact.

-Video package on the Honor No More vs. Impact feud.


Anderson and Eddie started the match. Fans chanted for PCO. Doc gave Eddie a series of punches. Heath gave Taven a series of punches. Taven gave Heath a neckbreaker. Kenny King put Heath in a camel clutch. Eddie put Heath in a headlock. Heath power slammed Eddie and tagged Storm. Storm took on the members of HNM by himself.

Harris tagged in to a big pop. Harris and Storm double teamed Bennett and Taven. Storm quickly tagged back in. PCO pulled him out of the ring and threw him to the floor. HNM attacked their opponents and celebrated in the ring. Taven missed a dive to Storm. Eddie tagged in to keep the advantage on Storm.

PCO knocked the Impact team off the apron. Eddie tagged in to stop PCO’s momentum. Fans were upset and chanted “You suck” at Eddie. HNM kept the advantage. Harris made the hot tag and ran wild on HNM. The fans were behind him. All the wrestlers got in the ring and had a sequence of exchanging moves.

Taven broke up the Death Sentence. Heath gave Taven the Wake Up Call. More moves were exchanged as the match broke down. Fans chanted for PCO and he climbed to the top rope. King wanted him to do the PCO-sault in the ring but instead, he leaped on everyone that was at ringside. It seemed like he slipped a bit. Storm and Harris gave King the Death Sentence and Storm pinned King. The fans gave a big ovation.

WINNERS: The Good Brothers & Heath & America’s Most Wanted in 15:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A really fun match and the fans were into it throughout. They did a good job of showcasing Harris, who didn’t do a lot, but the fans loved what he did do. It looks like PCO is finally going to break from HNM.)

-Trailer for the movie Green Ghost, which was a sponsor of the show.

-Gia Miller interviewed Rich Swann. Swann said it was disappointing that he lost the Digital Media Title to Brian Myers. Raj Singh and Shera walked up. Raj said it was embarrassing. Shera and Swann squared off. Swann said it was big game hunting season.

-Raven video package about the Clockwork Orange House of Fun match.

-The weapons were shown at ringside. Raven’s old TNA music played and he walked to the ring and sat at the announce table. Fans chanted for him.

(6) MOOSE vs. SAMI CALLIHAN – Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match

There were weapons set up outside the ring. Sami came out first. Moose came out in a hoodie and attacked Sami from behind. Moose hit Sami with a metal trash can lid. Sami backdropped Moose through a table on the outside. Some of Moose’s former Atlanta Falcons teammates were shown at ringside.

Moose made a comeback but Sami grabbed him low. Moose gave Sami a headbutt. Sami drove Moose through a piece of chain link fence that was set up in the corner. Moose hit Sami with a bottle over the head. Moose sliced Sami’s forehead with the glass. Moose drove Sami through a table and got a two count.

Sami and Moose fought each other with doors. Moose used a staple gun on Sami’s foot. Moose used the staple gun on Sami’s head. Sami powerbombed Moose through two chairs. Sami used the staple gun on Moose’s crotch. Fans chanted “You sick f***”. Moose emptied a box with Legos. Sami emptied a box with broken glass.

Moose and Sami traded punches and slaps. Sami threw glass into Moose’s eyes and gave him a piledriver. Moose kicked out of the pin attempt. Fans chanted “This is awesome”. Sami cut himself with glass. Sami gave Moose a piledriver into the glass. Fans chanted “One more time”. A masked man got in the ring and gave Sami a low blow. He took off the mask to reveal Steve Maclin.

Maclin hit Sami with a barbed wire bat. Moose gave Sami a spear and got the pin.

WINNER: Moose in 17:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Wow, they took the violence to the next level in this one. Brutal. The fans were really into it, as they have been for everything this evening. Raven was very low key on commentary. Maclin interfering should lead to Sami’s next feud.)

-Gia Miller approached Heath backstage. Heath said the win wasn’t retribution. He said people were about to see retribution and he would take out Honor No More one by one. He said Honor No More is done.

-Video package on the Jordynne Grace vs. Tasha Steelz feud.

(7) JORDYNNE GRACE (c) vs. TASHA STEELZ (w/Savannah Evans) – Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title Match

Dave Penzer did the in-ring introductions. Tasha attacked Grace’s leg before the bell. Grace made a comeback but Evans interfered and ran her leg into the post. Tasha had the upper hand. They traded punches. Grace took over with power moves. Grace put Tasha in a Torture Rack, then slammed her down for a two count.

Tasha gave Grace a bulldog for a two count. Tasha had Grace in a single leg Boston Crab, then into a sleeper hold. Grace gave Tasha the Muscle Buster, but Evans distracted the referee. Tasha gave Grace a cutter for a two count. Grace gave Tasha a delayed superplex and got a two count. Grace threw Tasha into Evans and knocked her off the apron. Grace gave Tasha a Grace Drive and got the pin.

WINNER: Jordynne Grace in 12:00.

(D.L.’s Take: An excellent match that really picked up at the end. A nice start to Grace’s title reign).

-Video package on Josh Alexander vs. Joe Doering.

(8) JOSH ALEXANDER (c) vs. JOE DOERING (w/Deaner) – Impact Wrestling World Title Match

Penzer did the in-ring introductions again. Hannifan noted that we haven’t seen Eric Young since he lost to Josh Alexander. Doering had the early advantage and sent Alexander outside of the ring. Alexander made a comeback but Doering knocked him to the mat outside and drove him into the apron. Back in the ring, Doering continued to have the advantage.

Doering chopped Alexander to the mat. Doering sent Alexander to the outside again. They traded punches on the outside. Alexander was making a comeback, but Deaner grabbed his foot for a distraction. Doering went on the attack again. Alexander gave Doering a knee to the back of the neck. Fans chanted “Walking Weapon”.

Alexander gave Doering a German suplex and a Northern Lights suplex. Doering climbed to the top rope, but Alexander punched him. Alexander gave him a superplex. Alexander knocked Deaner off the apron, then dove on him. Doering made a comeback. Alexander gave Doering a series of German suplexes.

Doering gave Alexander a Death Valley Driver. Alexander came back with a clothesline. Doering gave Alexander a flying crossbody block. Doering gave Alexander a lariat. Alexander escaped the Revolution Bomb and put on the ankle lock. Doering powered up and gave Alexander a lariat. Alexander dropkicked Doering’s ankle.

Doering gave Alexander another lariat. Doering gave Alexander a series of punches. Alexander gave Doering the C-4 Spike and got the pin.

WINNER: Josh Alexander in 16:00.

(D.L.’s Take: It was slow paced to start, but picked up at the end. Despite not having much singles action in Impact, Doering was made into a credible challenger and the match turned out well.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: An excellent night of action, especially considering this isn’t one of their major specials. The enthusiasm of the fans throughout the evening helped as well. Standout matches included Mike Bailey vs. Trey Miguel, the Guns vs. Bullet Club, Tasha Steelz vs. Jordynne Grace, and Sami Callihan vs. Moose. Everyone worked hard all evening to put together a fun show.

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