7/14 MLW KINGS OF COLOSSEUM REPORT: Hammerstone vs. Holliday for the world title, more


Full results of MLW Kings Of Colosseum


JULY 14, 2022 (RECORDED)

MLW Fusion Commentators: Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski

-A video package showcasing the history of The Dynasty as well as the implosion of the relationship between Richard Holliday and Alex Hammerstone was shown.


Zoey Skye hit a missile dropkick from the top as soon as she made her entrance, and got a near fall as soon as the bell rang. Skye got another two count after a front suplex and running leg drop. Blake got some offense in after connecting with a surprise enziguri. This sent Skye into the corner, allowing Blake to hit a running crossbody. Brittany connected with a step-up knee. Brittany tried for another but Zoey was able to block it. Blake transitioned right into a backbreaker, getting a near fall. Skye blocked a submission attempt, sending Blake into the ropes. Zoey sent Blake into the corner after an enziguri. Brittany tossed Skye to the ring apron but Skye quickly rebounded with a top-rope crossbody, getting another near fall.

Blake sent Skye out to the the floor momentarily and landed with a version of the tiger-feint kick. Brittany rolled Zoey back into the ring and set up for a top rope maneuver. Blake missed with a crossbody, allowing Skye to connect with a backstabber, getting a very close near fall. Brittany retreated into the corner to catch her breath. Zoey rushed towards Blake but Brittany moved out of the way, causing Skye to hit the ring post. This let Blake trap Zoey with her submission hold, the Bad Omen, getting the win.

WINNER: Brittany Blake in 3:00

(Analysis: For such a short match, both women were able to showcase themselves quite well. Truth be told, I’m not too family with Blake or Skye but this match made me want to see more of both.)

-EJ Nduka was backstage and was asked what his thoughts were on tonight’s main event. The Judge said that he’ll be watching and hoping that everything stays copasetic. He ended the segment by saying that his time will eventually come.

-A video package for Alex Hammerstone aired. It highlighted all of the extracurricular activities the champ has to be prepared for such as photo ops, podcasts, and other appearances. Alex talked about much it meant to him to be able to represent MLW and how he as absolutely no intentions to lose the MLW title, especially to Richard Holliday.

-A recap of the issues between Real 1 and Jacob Fatu was shown.

-It was announced Hot Topic will be carrying MLW merchandise soon.

-Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout were backstage. Richard was asked about his match tonight. Holliday said that he wanted Alex Hammerstone to think about the good times that the Dynasty had over the years and realize that they meant nothing to Holliday. At the end of the day, All that mattered to Holliday was money, winning, and championships.


After a brief feeling-out process, both men traded holds until Cross gained the advantage with a flying head scissors. Cross sent ACH into the corner and connected with a flying forearm. ACH tried to whip Matt into the ropes but Cross held on and tripped up ACH, hitting an elbow drop for a one count. ACH caught Cross with a trailer hitch and transitioned into a Muta lock. Matt went straight for the ropes, getting a break. ACH set up Cross in the corner and landed a series of strikes. Matt avoided the last punch and ran to the opposite corner, connecting with an impressive flying crossbody. Cross got a two-count after a top rope stomp and running pump kick.

After a break, ACH took Cross to the outside with a dropkick to the knee and followed up with a crossbody. ACH rolled Cross back into the ring and positioned for a top rope move. ACH hesitated, allowing Matt to leap up and try for a superplex. ACH fought Cross off and dove from the top turnbuckle. Cross avoided the attempt but was caught by an enzuigiri. ACH got a two-count after a brainbuster. Cross and ACH exchanged punches until ACH dropped down and tried for a German suplex. Cross flipped through it and caught ACH with a Cross-cutter. Cross landed with the Shooting Star Press, getting the win.

WINNER: Matt Cross in 6:30

(Analysis: The commentary team mentioned that this was a first-time match-up and that blew my mind. This was a lot of fun. It’s crazy to think that Matt Cross has been active for over twenty years and hasn’t lost a step. If anything, he’s gotten even better. The story here was two top-tier wrestlers had an exemplary match and the veteran was able to capitalize on a single error. A simple story is all you need sometimes.)

-Alex Hammerstone was backstage. The champ spoke about how all of Richard Holliday’s actions over the last few months have consequences. Tonight, this match is the final consequence.

-Footage was shown of a shadowy figure dressed in a hoodie and hat entering Richard Holliday’s dressing room.

-Another vignette for Mance Warner aired.

-A recap of Myron Reed betraying Davey Richards and joining Bomaye Fight Club aired. Reed and Alex Kane were backstage. Kane and Reed said that they were not impressed with Davey’s training and it’s a new era for MLW.

(3) ALEX HAMMERSTONE vs. RICHARD HOLLIDAY – MLW World Heavyweight Championship

Richard Holliday came to the ring wearing the bloodstained jacket from Superfight. As soon as the bell rang, both combatants unloaded with some heavy shots. Holliday had a small speed advantage that he used to avoid a blow and get a cheap shot in. All it did was make Hammerstone mad, who threw Holliday into the corner. An enraged Hammerstone ran towards the corner but Holliday got his boot up at the last minute. Richard tried to whip Hammerstone into the rope but Alex tossed Holliday aside with a belly-to-belly suplex. Hammerstone signaled for the Nightmare Pendulum but it was far too early. Holliday easily wiggled free. Richard tumbled to the floor after a clothesline from Hammerstone. Holliday dragged Hammerstone out the floor with him. They brawled around the ring until Holliday used Alicia Atout as a human shield. Atout readied a slap for Hammerstone but Alex blocked it. Holliday used the distraction to hit Alex with a side-Russian-leg sweep onto the floor.

After a break, both men were back in the ring. Hammerstone muscled his way through several suplex attempts, launching Holliday across the ring. Holliday rolled through a powerslam and stacked up Hammerstone, getting a two count. Holliday followed up with a spine buster, getting another two count. Richard began to stomp away at Hammerstone’s limbs, paying particular attention to Hammerstone’s previously injured ankle. Holliday tried for a figure-four but Hammerstone shoved Richard away. Hammerstone fired up and drove Holliday down hard with a release-German suplex. Holliday took another cheap shot and planted Alex down with a double-underhook facebuster, getting a near fall. Alicia got on the ring apron and distracted the ref, sliding her shoe to Holliday. Richard blasted Hammerstone with the shoe but only got a two count.

Hammerstone put Holliday in a fireman’s carry and accidentally bumped into the ref. Alex hit the TKO and made a pin but there was no one to make the count. Cesar Duran ran to the ring with one of his henchmen dressed in a ref shirt. Richard introduced a chair into the ring as the ref conveniently looked away. Holliday hit Hammerstone with the chair and caught Alex with the 2008. The masked ref made the count but was interrupted when the original referee dragged him to the floor. Holliday went for the chair again but Hammerstone tossed it aside. Holliday laid in some punches to Hammerstone’s face. Hammerstone fired up again and planted Holliday with the Nightmare Pendulum, getting the win.

WINNER: Alex Hammerstone in 12:30

(Analysis: This was a great main event. This had that “big fight feel” that a high-stakes match should have. I loved that Holliday came to the ring in the Superfight jacket. Little details like this help give the match that little “extra”. The program between Hammerstone and Holliday showed me that MLW can not only have great matches, but they can also tell great stories. If this show was essentially a “season finale” for MLW, this was a great note to end on.)

-As Hammerstone was celebrating on the ramp, a video of Mads Krugger was shown. Mads was stumbling in a dark hallway. Now maskless, the scarred Krugger was greeted by an unseen person as the show ended.

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