9/14 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley vs. Sammy Guevara, Jungle Boy vs. Jay Lethal, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


SEPTEMBER 14, 2022

Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Taz and Excalibur


Jon Moxley came to the ring first, Sammy came out second and without Tay Melo. Which the announce team hit really hard as the bell rang. Sammy Guevara rolled out of the ring and paced on the outside, he entered and tried a collar and elbow tie-up. Jon Moxley was in control as the two men were on the mat. Sammy was able to get some offense in, while Moxley was seated in the corner. Moxley stood and flipped Sammy with a lariat.

The two opponents traded chops and slaps, until Moxley rolled and Sammy connected with two dives to the floor, with Moxley in the intermediate position. Sammy smashed Moxley’s head on the stairs as the first commercial break started. [c]

When full screen returned Sammy tried for a pile driver on the apron, Moxley countered and sent Sammy, face first, to the apron. Moxley rolled into the ring and tried to win via count-out, Sammy beat the count, but then Moxley attacked. Guevara was seated on the top rope, here Moxley bit the head of Sammy and hit a butterfly suplex for a two count. Sammy was in an arm bar, Guevara countered that into a Boston Crab.

Moxley worked out of the hold, but Sammy hit a cutter off of the top rope for a near fall on Moxley. Sammy set up the GTH, Moxley rolled out and locked in the Bulldog hold. Moxley then tried a lariat, but Sammy hit a Spanish Fly. Sammy was slow to get up and he went to the top, but Moxley hit an avalanche German Suplex. The ten count started and Tay Melo and Anna Jay walked down. Anna distracted the ref and Tay hit a low blow. Sammy hit a roll up for a near fall, he then tried a senton, but Moxley rolled away.

Moxley then tried a seatbelt pin, but Sammy kicked out. The two men then traded strikes in the middle of the ring. Sammy set up GTH again, but Moxley counted with a Death Rider and won via pinfall. [c]

WINNER: Jon Moxley

(Sage’s Analysis: A great opener, Moxley continues to be on another level. He brought out a rather logical match out of Guevara and is proving his “Ace,” status claim week-by-week.)

-MJF’s music hit, he said cut my music and berated the crowd as they cheered for him. MJF said that he hasn’t slept for seven days. He said that he had the look of a man that had no fear, and that pisses him off. He said that he isn’t the same MJF when they last fought. He said that he isn’t a character, Jon Moxley is playing one. MJF tried every heel tactic in the book, but was still cheered for like crazy. MJF talked about Moxley’s childhood trauma creating his current character. MJF said that Moxley is still the same kid, he just now drowns his sorrow. MJF did commend Moxley for beating alcoholism, he said his brain is far more powerful than any drink. He warned Moxley, Jericho and Danielson that a motivated MJF is something to fear. He said all of them should back away from his AEW world title.

MJF then recanted a story Jon Moxley told, he said that a demon was following Moxley around and would ruin his life. MJF said that he was that demon and he could not be slayed. MJF said a group of men helped him get the title shot at All Out. MJF then introduced Stokely Hathaway and The Firm. Stokely got on the mic and said it was time for the gospel. Stokely told the story of how they joined forces, he stated that his group was on retainer for MJF. He said that if MJF doesn’t need them they will do their own thing. Stokely said he was a friend in this business, not a manager. He said that blackmail turns him on.

He said Morrissey wants to get whatever he wants, Stokely said he loves him. Lee Moriarty wants to become a star, and bring some honor back to ROH. The Gunns are men and want to be tag champions. Ethan Page wants to represent Canada and become All-Atlantic champion. He said you can run with or away from The Firm.

-A video setting up Jay Lethal and Jungle Boy’s match was shown.


Jungle Boy and Jay Lethal started the match with standard strikes, then both men tried for higher impact moves while running the ropes. Jungle Boy hit a big kick and dropped Lethal, figure four submission and dragon screw’s were tried by each man respectively. Lethal rolled out of the ring and Jungle Boy was going to dive out, but Satnam blocked the way. Lethal then slammed JB on his back as the break started. [c]

Lethal was still in control, the crowd chanted for JB as both he and lethal were on the mat. Both traded strikes on their knees, then up on their feet. Jungle Boy his a splash and tried for a suplex, but JB sold his back injury. Jungle Boy dodged a Lethal Injection, then hit a brain buster for a near fall. Lethal then got a near fall of his own. Lethal tried for a Killswitch, then hit a Lethal Combination. Lethal then dove to the outside and then hit an elbow off the top rope for a near fall.

Jungle Boy caught a pump kick and licked in a hold, Dutt distracted JB, Lethal then tried for a roll up. Jungle Boy then locked in a submission and got the tap out win.

WINNER: Jungle Boy

(Sage’s Analysis: I think that was a well laid out match from a Jay Lethal perspective. But, Jungle Boy felt like he won kinda out of nowhere after being dominated.)

-A video featuring Hook and Action Bronson training for their match.

-Luigi Primo was on the screen for a second and was super kicked by Ethan Page, it set up a match with him and Danhausen on Rampage. [c]

-A video of Darby doing extreme things was shown. Matt Hardy commended him and said he wanted to get back to teh top and challenged Darby to a match on Rampage.


Hobbs hit a strike and took out his opponent, then a spine buster, for the pin.


-Hobbs grabbed the mic, the crowd chanted for Ricky Starks. Hobbs said he defeated Starks, he said he spent 21 months with him. But, it only took him 4:35 to beat him. He said that the Starks chapter was closed, but Ricky Starks walked down from the concourse. He then dodged security and attacked Hobbs and knocked him out of the ring.

-Death Triangle had a video, talking about how the Lucha Brothers had a shot at the Tag Titles.


Swerve and Pentagon started then match, Penta did his zero fear hand signal which Swerve Strickland used to flip him. Rey Fenix entered and teamed up with Penta to work Swerve for a one count pin attempt. Swerve then joined Rey on the middle rope and hit a hurricanrana on Rey. Keith Lee entered and used his strength to even the odds. [c]

Lee and Strickland dominated Rey throughout the break, when the show returned the hot tag to Penta was prevented. Rey then hit a back heel kick and Penta was finally tagged in. Penta hit a backstabber on Swerve, then a sling blade on Keith Lee. Penta was pinning Swerve, Lee tossed Rey into the pin from the outside to break up the pin. Lee was then tagged in, he hit a back breaker on Rey and then tried for the swerve stomp, but Penta broke that up.

Rey hit a springboard Spanish fly on Swerve, then Penta hit a destroyer on Lee for a near fall. Lee then hit a slam from the firman carry position, for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Swerve in our Glory

(Sage’s Analysis: A really high level tag team match out of nowhere, one of the key strengths of AEW. The end sequence was great and I wonder if that was a last hooray for Swerve in Our Glory.)

-The Acclaimed came out and didn’t rap, Caster said that if Swerve interrupts him again he will beat his ass. He told them to get to NYC so The Acclaimed can become tag team champions.

-Pac was talking about the Lucha Bros losing and he was attacked from behind by Orange Cassidy. Who said he wouldn’t be double champ for long. [c]

-Toni Storm and Athena had a video calling out Britt Baker and Serna Deeb.


Toni Storm and Serena Deeb started the match, with Deeb getting a hammer lock. Stop rolled through and had. hold of her own, Deeb worked through that and they were both on their feet. Storm got in offense in the corner and tagged in Athena, who continued the beatdown on Deeb. Athena hit power moves and then a side suplex into a face buster. Deeb countered and was in control as the break started. [c]

Athena was worked the whole break, then tagged in Toni as the full screen appeared. Storm tried for the hip attack on Deeb, but she was pulled out by Baker. Storm used Deeb to hit a DDT on Baker. It was then Deeb and Athena as legal women, Athena tried a springboard move, but was caught in an arm bar by Deeb. Athena hit a big move than tagged in Storm. Who tried a move off of the top rope, but Deeb rolled and put a submission move on Storm.

Athena came in for the save, but Baker kicked her then Storm in the hold. Athena made the save finally, Athena was then thrown into the stairs. Rebel distracted the ref, Baker used a chair on Storm and Deeb pinned Storm.

WINNER: Britt Baker & Serena Deeb

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun tag match that spotlighted Athena more than AEW has since she arrived. The finish was fine for a tag match to keep Baker relevant. The after stuff I didn’t hate if Hayter stays heel and just isn’t on the same page with Baker.)

-Hayter made the save it would appear but then attacked Toni Storm post match, Hayter still seemed mad at Baker.

-The Rampage card and the card for Grand Slam was hyped. [c]


Bryan Danielson sent Christ Jericho int the corner with chops and kicks, Danielson followed that up with a running kick and more chops. Jericho hit a few chops in response, but Danielson hit another running kick. Jericho took Danielson off his feet briefly, but Jericho was sent to the outside and Danielson hit a hanging kick than a knee off the apron. Danielson slammed Jericho into the ring post several times, Danielson then hit a drop kick off the top then a headbutt off the top for a near fall on Jericho.

Danielson tried to set up the arm of Jericho, but then transitioned to kicks on the kneeling Jericho. Chris was finally able to get some offense in, he was able to hit a release German Suplex and then he threw Danielson out of the ring. Jericho then dove out onto Danielson from the apron. Both men were back in the ring, they stared each other down and traded slaps and chops. this ended with a double cross body as the break started. [c]

When the show returned Danielson was climbing to the top rope, Jericho chopped Danielson and then rained down punches and then a hurricanrana off the top. Jericho then tried for the Judas Effect, Danielson dodged and tried for a pin. Danielson locked in a submission that Jericho fought out of it.

Jericho laid in elbows to the head of Danielson, but Danielson Hulked up and stood upon the volley of elbows. Danielson was in control but Jericho hit a Codebreaker, then Danielson hit a running knee. Both men were laying on the mat, then Jericho was on the apron. Danielson was then thrown over the top and he sold his heel being injured. Jericho attacked the injured foot, with Jericho getting a figure four with the ring post and injured foot.

In the ring, Jericho hit a knee breaker. Jericho tried for another, but Danielson fought out and then tried for a running knee. Jericho caught him and applied the Walls of Jericho. Danielson was able to get near the ropes until Jericho pulled him back. Danielson was able to kick Jericho off of him, but Jericho applied a Figure Four hold. In this position, they each punched each other. Danielson was able to counter and he applied the face lock for the submission win.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

(Sage’s Analysis: A tremendous main event, maybe Jericho’s best match in AEW. Danielson’s matches with Kenny and Page I think were better. But this was a great worked main event, with no blood!)

-Jon Moxley walked out, he stared down Bryan Danielson. Both men shook hands to end the show.

Final Thoughts: A rather up and down show that had a strong open, middle and close. The rest of the show was either bad for non-obvious reasons or just kinda strange.


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