AEW RAMPAGE HITS & MISSES 10/21: Sports entertainment pleases, confusing Firm segment, more


AEW Rampage hits and misses
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The Acclaimed defeated Tony Nese and Josh Woods to win back their right to scissor: HIT

If you’re going to play into the popularity of the scissoring gimmick, wouldn’t it be better to let this play out for longer? That would at least build more heat for this feud. However, since this is just a filler feud for the Acclaimed while their stories with more serious PPV opponents simmers in the background, I don’t mind it too much.

In any case, this match was fine, made a lot better by an electric live crowd. I was hoping this would be the main event, so I’m afraid this show just peaked here.

Jade Cargill Sit-Down Interview: NARROW MISS

Cargill carries herself very well, so having an interview with her is better than not featuring her on TV at all. However, she didn’t really make a compelling case for Leila Gray wrestling tonight. The belt-stealing feud doesn’t help either. Yes, it’s different, but not in a good enough way. Please find a way to get Cargill in a long, personal feud with somebody so she can sink her teeth into week-to-week rivalry building.

Death Triangle – Eddie Kingston and Ortiz Backstage Interview: MISS

Why does Death Triangle care about Eddie’s temper issues? Why now? Why are they doing an intervention for him and not for Pac, who has clear issues of his own recently? Why everything.

Hook defeated Ariya Daivari: MINOR HIT

It’s been long enough since I’ve seen Trustbusters on TV that I didn’t even notice they have a butler now. What was the point giving them so much TV time on Rampage several weeks ago?

Anyway, this was one of Hook’s more competitive matches, yet still not quite good. A fair bit of comedy here too.

Ethan Page and Stokely Hathaway Backstage Interview: ???

Confusing segment. I don’t know what to make of it.

Willow Nightingale defeated Leila Gray: MINOR HIT

I love Nightingale’s character. She’s happy-go-lucky but can get angry and deliver a vicious beating when necessary. I don’t think AEW is playing into it as much as they should.

That being said, we had another women’s match fall victim to a lengthy commercial. From the action I saw, it was okay. A little rough at times, maybe.

Post-Match: MISS

After the match, Schiavone announced that Nightingale was signed to an AEW contract. Really happy for her! However, this had only two seconds to sink in before Jade Cargill came out and ordered her to fetch the TBS belt. Nyla Rose and friends then appeared on the titantron, showing off that they were also stealing Cargill’s car.

I like Nyla’s performances. She makes everything at least marginally better. However, it’s so lame when a dominant champion says “I won’t leave unless X happens,” sparse security tries to interrupt, they get beat up, and the star still leaves anyway. I was hoping AEW would alter the formula of their shows have this go through a couple of commercials perhaps. If not, at least have Nightingale attack Cargill and brawl out of the arena with her, but she was nowhere to be found.

Rush-Preston Vance-Orange Cassidy Bar Segment: MINOR HIT

AEW couldn’t bring themselves to headline the night with the Acclaimed, so they inserted Orange Cassidy here to at least give tonight’s main event match a veneer of “main event worthy.” I don’t think headlining with Rush vs. 10 in a singles match would have been a smart idea.

As far as this segment itself goes, it started intense but quickly devolved into Orange Cassidy comedy. I got a kick out of it, but I understand many people wouldn’t.

Main Event Promo: MINOR HIT

It’s weird to transition from a segment setting up the main event right into a pre-match promo. As you’d expect, no one added anything of value here. The main highlight was Orange Cassidy’s comedic trolling of Mark Henry, which is mildly amusing at best and infuriatingly unserious at worst.

Orange Cassidy defeated Rush and Preston Vance to retain the All-Atlantic Title: MINOR HIT

A good main event, but it just cemented the fact that the weeks of interviews building up heat between Rush and Preston Vance was just a waste of time. I understand Andrade’s behavior may have thrown a wrench into plans, but I don’t think his involvement would have helped them carry the show either.

Commentary: MINOR HIT

Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone tonight. Ross had a weaker night than usual.


I can’t remember seeing this much comedy packed into an AEW show. Most of the key matches and interviews involved some element of what people consider to be “Sports Entertainment.” If that’s your thing, you might enjoy this show. If not, skip it.

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