11/9 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Keller’s report on Danielson vs. Guevara best of three falls, Saraya-Baker face-to-face, Kingston vs. Ethan, MJF and Mox speak

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


NOVEMBER 9, 2022

Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Tony Schiavone


-The Dynamite opening aired.

-As pyro blasted, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone previewed several matches and segments, leading with Jon Moxley and MJF both speaking, plus the start of the AEW Eliminator Tournament with Eddie Kingston vs. Ethan Page, Schiavone hosting an in-ring segment with both Britt Baker and Sarayah, Bryan Danielson vs. Sammy Guevara in a two-out-of-three falls match, FTR & The Acclaimed vs. The Gunns & Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee.

(Keller’s Analysis: That level of a full rundown of the planned card is more the exception than the rule for AEW at the start of Dynamite. I think it’s time well spent, but I think there’s an argument for focusing on one or two key matches or segments only and delving a little deeper into why viewers should be invested in those. The on-screen corner graphics during the opening match can round things out otherwise.)


Schiavone noted there was no fist bump between Swerve and Lee after they got into the ring. Max Caster’s rap got roars from the crowd as he brought up Tom Brady losing, Hershel Walker, and Kyrie Irving. He closed with, “We’re about to be snakes in the ass boys.” Billy Gunn charged out and tackled Swerve before the bell. The Acclaimed and FTR pulled Billy into the corner as fans chanted “Daddy ass!” loudly. B.J. Whitmer led Billy to the back. Fans switched to singing “Oh, Scissors me daddy!”

Dax and Colten locked up at the start the match. After a few minutes of tags in and out and various battles, the Acclaimed and FTR cleared the ring and then bumped into each other and put up their fists. They cut to a split screen break at 4:00. [css]

When Bowens went to tag out, Austin had yanked his partners to the floor. That gave Colten and Austin a chance to surprise Bowens with a Big Rig for a two count. Everyone entered the ring and squared off four-on-four, then brawled. A graphic on the screen said MJF was up next. Lee powerbombed Bowens onto the back of Caster. Lee and Swerve then double-teamed Bowens. Excalibur said they are unstoppable when they work together. Swerve then landed a tornado dive off the top rope onto a crowd at ringside. Dax superplexed Colten onto a crowd at ringside. Fans chanted, “Holy shit!”

Dax isolated Austin and applied a sharpshooter mid-ring. Colten broke it up with a punch. Bowens, Caster, and FTR each hit double-team moves on Colten to get the clean win.

WINNERS: Acclaimed & FTR in 14;00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Taz called the match “wild.” It was. A good dose of non-stop athletic spots.)

-Excalibur threw to MJF on “Pardon My Take” where the host asked MJF where he’s been since The Firm attacked him. MJF said after the cowardly attack by The Firm, doctors told him if he was to be 100 percent until Full Gear, he shouldn’t be traveling on the road. He said he’s focused on being his best against Moxley. He said it might be the most important match in the history of the sport. He said it could be be the crowning of the face of the next generation. He compared himself to Bruno Sammartino, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, The Rock, and John Cena. He said each of them were generational talents. He said that’s exactly who he is.

He said all he has to do is have a long, fruitful title reign and Mox is the only one who can stop him. He said he thinks Moxley is a lowlife piece of shit from the slums of Cincinnati, but he respects him. He said he wasn’t born to be champion. He said Mox was born with two left feet and doesn’t have an athletic bone in his body. He said he respects him, though, because he had to work his ass off to become the man he is today with blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifices. He said he made long car rides for little money until he became the best professional wrestler on earth. He said on Nov. 19, he’ll lose that handle because he was born to be not just a pro wrestling, but thee pro wrestler.

He said he can do movies, TV shows, commercials, talk shows, and top podcasts and bring pro wrestling back to where it belongs, which is something that everyone is talking about. He said that throne is for the taking and he’ll take it. He said he’s sick of waiting his turn. He said he had his spotlight stolen from him. He said when had his first-ever singles PPV match, “the spotlight was on a neck tattoo.” He said the next time, the spotlight was on Matt Hardy taking a fall like Humpty Dumpty. He said Jericho also stole his spotlight. He said when he had his big return, the spotlight was on a press conference. He said he won’t need to use a diamond ring to win because he’ll win on his own and Full Gear will be the night “the devil gets his due.”

(Keller’s Analysis: MJF can talk people in the building. There continue to be mixed messages there in terms of whether he’s looking to be cheered or booed. Saying Mox doesn’t have an athletic bone in his body minute and the next minute saying Mox worked hard and became the best wrestler in the world seems contradictory unless you don’t need athletic skill to be a great pro wrestler. I can see fans nodding along and getting behind him or feeling like he’s arrogant and needlessly mean-spirited in his trash-talking.)

-They cut to Excalibur, Schiavone, and Taz at the announce desk. Taz said he knows MJF well and he is a focused man right now. He said Mox and his title reign are in great danger. [c]

-A vignette aired with Stokely Hathaway saying he thought MJF was a friend and he’d be by his side when he won his world title, but instead MJF is “dick-riding Jon Moxley.” He said he shouldn’t be “dick riding without a license.” He said he can do this without his “best friend” and can do it by himself. He said after Full Gear, “win, lose, or draw,” he’ll see him in hell.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good production values with Hathaway on a pier or bridge at night with some nice camera angles. Not sure about “dick riding” being a phrase to throw around flippantly like that. I still don’t think they did nearly enough to establish the history with Stokely and MJF before doing the angle at All Out. It seems, with Stokely a clear heel, that this promo points to MJF being a babyface coming out of All Out, with or without the title. It also could be foreshadowing Stokely interference creating an escape hatch finish to the match.)

-Excalibur referred to Stokely as “Standards & Practices Jones,” an apparent reference to some of the phrases and words he used that push up to or past the limits of what AEW and TBS presumably want on the show, although certainly AEW approved those.

(2) ETHAN PAGE (w/Stokely Hathaway) vs. EDDIE KINGSTON – AEW Eliminator Tournament – Round One

Fans chanted “Eddie! Eddie!” at the start. Early in the match, Schiavone announced that in 2023, AEW will be going to the United Kingston. Excalibur said their ratings are great there. Ethan got in early offense and suplexed Kingston at ringside. They cut to a split-screen break. [c/ss]

When Kingston applied a stretch plum, Hathaway distracted the ref as Ethan tapped out. Ortiz chased Stokely to the back. Ethan kicked a distracted Kingston, then landed a high round kick to the head. Taz noted Ethan’s karate background. Ethan then climbed to the top rope, but Kingston popped up and knocked him off balance. Kingston bit Ethan’s forehead, but Ethan shoved Kingston forward onto the turnbuckle. Ethan then delivered his top rope Ethan’s Edge for the win.

WINNER: Ethan Page in 12:00 to advance in the AEW Eliminator Tournament.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m all for Ethan getting a push. I think he’s been underutilized, although there is something under a main event ceiling for him. This finish seems to send a message, even accounting for the Stokely distraction and Ethan tapping out first, is moving away from Kingston as a potential top tier player for them. Kingston will be fine, though. This is one of those finishing sequences that accomplishes very little for Ethan because he tapped out first. It’s a hedge finish and nobody really gains from those. It continues to send a message to fans that a match outcome is unlikely until there’s controversy first.)

-Renee Pacquette interviewed Jose the Assistant and Rush, who were addressing Dark Order standing by them. Jose said because Preston Vance keeps himself in great shape, after Rush wins the Eliminator Tournament and wins the AEW Title, he will get the first title match. He said the rest of the Dark Order clowns will never get a title shot. Rush told Vance to make the most of it because he doesn’t give second opportunities. When Rush got in Vance’s face, John Silver called him “Rush-bag” and told him to back away.

(3) WARDLOW (w/Samoa Joe) vs. ARIA DAIVARI – TNT Title Open Challenge

Aria Daivari stood mid-ring. He said he had an offer. He said Wardlow can go from being MJF’s assistant to his butler. As Wardlow came out, they showed a split screen image of the incidents between Wardlow and Hobbs last week. Wardlow opened with a headbutt and closed with powerbombs.

WINNER: Wardlow in 1:30.

-After the match, Wardlow yelled for Hobbs to come out to the ring. Hobbs immediately answered the call. Wardlow said he finally has a suitable challenger for his title. He said the TNT Title will always be his and he’s going to take every title in the company. The camera angle suspiciously showed Joe standing behind Wardlow lurking. They cut to Hobbs, and then the crowd roared. Joe had hit Wardlow from behind with the belt, but the director missed it. (That’s just not acceptable.) Joe put Wardlow to sleep. Hobbs yelled he can kick Joe’s ass too.

(Keller’s Analysis: Not crazy about this. AEW has too many turns and too much ambiguity over who fans are motivated to root for. Fans really like Joe, as much as he has been underutilized in AEW. What Joe did was a heel move, but I think Wardlow is pretty ice cold and fans are going to cheer Joe.We’ll see. But why pull the trigger on a Joe break-up with Wardlow when Wardlow is about to lean into the feud with Hobbs? I don’t get it. Save the Joe-Wardlow feud for after Joe-Hobbs. Or better yet, don’t have Joe turn against Wardlow at all.) [c]

-Renee interviewed Jade Cargill with her Baddies. Jade said she’ll “handle Nyla Rose’s ass” at Full Gear, but she’ll also handle it on Friday on Rampage.

(Keller’s Analysis: Is there a reason fans should be rooting for Jade or Nyla in this feud? It’s just not clear and that’s not good.)

-Schiavone stood mid-ring and introduced Britt Baker first. Then Saraya came out. Sarayah revealed she has been 100 percent cleared. Taz said that’s big news. Saraya was emotional and yelled, “AEW is my house!” Baker asked, “Is there anything more fickle than an AEW fan?” Baker asked what it even means that she’s cleared. She asked if she even still knows how to wrestle. Baker said she built AEW from the ground up until it became a fortress that “Superstars like you” want to move into. She said she’s proud of that. That, predictably, started a “DMD” chant.

She said that pride turns into resentment quickly when Saraya has the temerity to skip in there and call it her house. She said she didn’t lay a single brick. She said she knows why she’s obsessed with her. She said it’s because she is everything Saraya wishes she could have been. She said if she thinks it’s not true, she will remind her that “you left your house and walked into mine.” Baker said she regrets to inform Saraya she doesn’t take walk-ins, so make an appointment. Taz said, “That was stiff.” A “DMD” chant rang out.

Saraya said she finds it funny that she puts herself on a pedestal considering she was handed her position by Tony Khan. Fans booed. “You got fed a bunch of Q.T.’s trainees and you’ve only been on camera for three years.” She said she’s been in the business for 17 years and said Baker doesn’t know how to be a “Superstar.” She said she doesn’t know what it takes to even be a star. Fans booed.

She said she traveled up and down the roads of the U.K. because she loves the business. She said she got hit a car and wrestled that day. She said she handed her resume to promoters and was turned down because she was female. She said she was creating a revolution before it was a thing and before pro wrestling was even a twinkle in Baker’s eye. She said she’s done MSG and the o2 and the Tokyo Dome “and now I’m in front of an ungrateful bitch.”

She said she’s been publicly humiliated in front of millions of people and battled her drug addition publicly. She said she’s given her career and her neck for the business and Baker doesn’t have a clue what it takes to make it. She said this is going to be her comeback story and the biggest match of Baker’s career. She said they’ll wrestle at Full Gear. She dropped the mic as the announcers reacted. Excalibur said she’s never seen Baker so stunned. Baker took a swing at Saraya, but Saraya ducked and then gave Britt her package DDT. She bent over and yelled, “This is my house!”

(Keller’s Analysis: This is a continuation of just too many AEW promos where fans are bouncing back and forth between cheering and booing the same wrestler. Half of Britt’s promo was a good babyface promo and the other half a good heel promo. Same for Saraya, who lost the crowd early and had to bring up how much she loves the business and worked hard and bared her soul to win some of the back. They just need to decide what reaction they want and then edit the stuff that’s going to get the exact opposite reaction. MJF has done that in some of his promos, too, and it gets the same contradictory responses by crowds. I don’t think that helps get peak emotional investment going into matches. Just figure out what’s going to get the intended heel booed and stick to that and same for the babyface, and then edit out the rest.)


-Sonjay Dutt handed Cole Carter an envelope with money and said he earned his money last week. Cole was joined by Q.T. Marshall and other Factory members. Q.T. said it was good doing business with Sonjay, so “next time, half off.” Danhaussen, Orange Cassidy, and The Best Friends walked up. Danhaussen had some words for Marshall and accused them of ruining his Halloween. Marshall told Cassidy he should defend his All-Atlantic Title against Lee Johnson. Cassidy immediately agreed. Trent Beretta then said, “What’s up, scumbags.” Jay Lethal took exception and challenged Trent to a match later.

(4) JAY LETHAL (w/Sonjay Dutt, Satnum Singh) vs. TRENT BERETTA

Lethal attacked Trent’s knee before the match, then threw him into the ring. The ref called for the bell, rewarding the pre-match attack. They cut to an early break. [c]

Danhaussen punched Dutt in the crotch when he tried to create a distraction. Singh then attacked Danhaussen. Lethal then hit his Lethal Injection for the win.

WINNER: Lethal in 7:00.

-Schiavone attempted to interview Dutt on the stage, but he yanked the mic away and screeched about delivering Jeff Jarrett last week. Jarrett walked out to his music, guitar in hand. Jarrett said people are probably wondering why he is in AEW. He touted having over a million views of his debut. He again called himself “The Last Outlaw.” He said when a friend calls, a friend shows up. He touted Lethal, saying he signed him to his first contract. He noted that he has wins over Ric Flair and Sting and also was a Grand Slam Champion in ROH. He said Dutt has an IQ of 181. He said they’ve taken over promotions all over the globe. He said Singh is a legit giant, not a make-believe monster who wears red skinny jeans and is produced by “the banana nose circus.” He said he’s the only player in the history of the NBA to be born and bred in India. He called out Sting and Darby. Jarrett took exception to a producer telling him to wind it up. He chased the guy with his guitar. Excalibur called it completely classless. Jarrett’s music then played as Dutt tried to calm him down.

-Renee interviewed Jungle Boy backstage about his feud with Luchasaurus and Christian. JB said Christian doesn’t get to move on because he wants to. He said he’ll issue a challenge to their faces on Friday in Boston.

-Jon Moxley made his ring entrance with William Regal. He talked about meeting Regal when he was in his mid-20s and he wanted to be feared and respected like Regal, “a real top guy.” He said to try to earn his respect, he picked a fight with him. He said it didn’t go well because Regal tortured him. He said it taught him where he was on the food chain and it made him know how hard he had to work. He said Regal finally took him under his wing and he told him, “Now the real work begins.” He asked who that young, impetuous kid reminds him of.

Mox said it reminds them of MJF, whom he will face at Full Gear for the title. He said he first wrestled MJF over a year ago and MJF thought he had it all figured out back then, but he left him battered and bleeding. He said he showed him where he was in the pecking order. He said now MJF is back and will it be different this time. He asked who exactly is MJF because he seems to be having an existential crisis. He said he dresses in clothes his mom bought him to try to look successful. He said he talks the talk of a big-time world champion pro wrestler, the kind he wants to be, but he said he (Mox) is an actual multi-millionaire world champion, so you can’t beat him. He said MJF calls himself a pillar, even though he has no idea what it’s like to have weight on his back.

He said it’s funny that MJF calls himself the devil. Regal laughed. Mox said he’s met the devil and looked into his eyes. He said he’s met some bad people and been bad places, and MJF is not that. “You are not that at all,” he said. Fans began applauding. He said he and Regal want him to fulfill his potential, and he can talk his trash in the mean time, but he is going to bring out whatever he’s got in him at Full Gear. He said MJF will be in his home town of Newark, N.J. He closed by warning MJF that everything he’s done so far has been easy. [c]

-A vignette aired hyping the main event with soundbites from both a fired up Bryan Danielson and a more calm Sammy Guevara. Excalibur called it a classic match two weeks ago.

(5) JAMIE HAYTER (w/Britt Baker, Rebel) vs. SKY BLUE

They cut to an early break. [c/ss]

For the finish, Hayter landed a short-arm lariat for the win. Schiavone said it’s one of the best clotheslines in the business. After the match, Toni Storm chased Hayter out of the ring after she stomped on Skye after the match.

WINNER: Hayter in 7:00.

-Excalibur threw to a vignette hyping Brian Cage vs. Dante Martin on Rampage on Friday. Martin said the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Cage said he’s not a man, he’s a machine.

-Alex Marvez said he wanted to talk to Ricky Starks. Lance Archer was attacking Starks. Marvez called for help frantically.

(6) SAMMY GUEVARA (w/Tay Melo) vs. BRIAN DANIELSON – Two out of Three Falls match

Sammy and Tay kissed on the stage before the match. Danielson dominated early. He went for a dive, but Melo got in his path. Danielson yelled at her. Sammy then threw a chair at Danielson’s head. The ref DQ’d Sammy. Sammy threw Danielson into a table at ringside. He then jabbed Danielson in the forehead with a mic. Sammy trash-talked a little before punching away at him some more. They cut to a break. Fans chanted “F— you, Sammy!” [c]

Excalibur said Sammy might have sacrificed one fall to to get two in succession. Danielson was bleeding from his forehead. Regal said Danielson had a detached retina years ago that kept him out of action for a year. Guevara gave Danielson his GTH for the win to tie the falls 1-1. Guevara dominated for a while and they cut to a split-screen break. [c/ss]

A few minutes later, Guevara fended off an attempted Danielson comeback and then leaped off the top rope at Danielson who stood with his arms out to catch him. He largely missed, which Taz acknowledged. Guevara went for a double springboard cutter, but Danielson countered into a LeBell Lock. Guevara reached the bottom rope to force a break.

They fought back and forth for a couple more minutes with near falls and submissions. Guevara landed a springboard diving flip DDT and then went for a flip senton off the top rope, but Danielson lifted his knees and then elbowed away at him. He then applied a LeBell Lock mid-ring. Danielson prevented him from reaching the bottom rope and locked it on again. The ref stopped the match. Excalibur said Danielson goes into Full Gear with a “ton of momentum.”

WINNER: Danielson two falls to one in 21:00.

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