Eric Bischoff comments on a CM Punk return to WWE


Eric Bischoff comments on CM Punk WWE return
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Eric Bischoff says he wouldn’t touch CM Punk with a 10-foot pole if he was Paul Levesque. In an interview with Dominic D’Angelo at Wrestling Inc, Bischoff gave his opinion on Punk’s value to Levesque and the company.

“I don’t know what Paul Levesque is thinking, I don’t know what their plans are, their strategies are, so I have no idea,” Bischoff said. “I can tell you from my perspective, I wouldn’t touch him with a 10-foot pole. I think CM Punk had a mystique because of WWE and because of the pipe bomb interview, and because he walked out. That created this aura and mystique that Tony Khan brought to AEW and took advantage of for a minute. And once that mystique was gone, once you kind of let that air out of the balloon, and now you’re just performing every week, I didn’t see it in Punk. I just didn’t see it in him as a character, I didn’t see it in him in the ring –- he was good, but he wasn’t phenomenal.

“He’s old, he’s fragile, he was never in great shape to begin with, he didn’t start out as an athlete, and now at 44 years old, he’s fragile as hell. So, what would you do with him? Especially in WWE, where the intensity, and the physicality, and the schedule is so much more than it is in AEW, just the sheer workload.”

CM Punk is a former champion in WWE and AEW. He is currently healing a torn tricep — an injury he suffered at the All Out PPV event. Punk has not been seen since that show because of his injury, but also due to a post-PPV media tirade that caused a fight backstage with The Elite. All entities were suspended, though no official word on Punk’s status with AEW has been made to this point.

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