11/9 WWE MAIN EVENT TV REPORT: Xyon Quinn vs. Akira Tozawa, Wendy Choo vs. Tamina, more


WWE Main Event results and analysis


NOVEMBER 9, 2022

WWE Main Event Announcers: Byron Saxton, Kevin Patrick


  • Wendy Choo and Xyon Quinn debut on Main Event


Choo yawned in her corner as the bell rang. Choo ducked a clothesline, then stretched and yawned again. Choo applied a rear waist lock and appeared to fall asleep with her head on Tamina’s shoulder. Tamina whipped Choo to the mat where Choo relaxed before dodging a stomp. Tamina threw Choo across the ring – she landed by her body pillow, which she grabbed and snuggled. Tamina dragged Choo (and her pillow) to the middle of the ring by Choo’s boot. Choo looked up and shushed Tamina. Choo tossed her pillow to Tamina, then landed a kick and a drop kick. She super kicked Tamina in the corner, but Tamina came back with a power slam and a two-count pin.

Tamina dragged Choo to the middle of the ring, then climbed to the top rope. Choo slowly rolled out of range and tried to sleep. Tamina climbed the opposite corner and Choo again rolled away. Tamina hopped down to the mat and approached Choo. Choo rolled her up with a surprise small package. Tamina kicked out, booted Choo in the chest, then shouted, “Are you serious? This is what I’m doing now?”

Tamina scoop slammed Choo, then applied a chin lock. Choo got to her feet but Tamina threw her down by her hair and went back to the chin lock. This time Choo broke free with a foot stomp and elbows. Choo hit forearm strikes and clotheslines. She eventually kicked Tamina to the mat, but Tamina head butted Choo, sending her down to the canvas. Tamina landed three kicks in the corner, then fired Choo into the opposite corner. Tamina charged in but Choo dodged, causing Tamina to splash the turnbuckles. Choo immediately rolled up Tamina on the rebound and covered for three.

WINNER: Wendy Choo by pinfall in 5:25.

Choo offered a handshake to Tamina after the match. Tamina hesitated, then offered her hand. Choo shook it, more enthusiastically than Tamina preferred, causing Tamina to scowl and jerk her hand loose before leaving the ring.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Choo’s gimmick is absolute hogwash. I was rooting for Tamina for the first time in my life.)

Dana Brooke and Shelton Benjamin were shown backstage in street clothes. Benjamin was in the midst of explaining how he decided to help R-Truth after all in last week’s tag match. Brooke said she felt bad for Truth, and Benjamin noted how he had a bad fall in NXT last week. Brooke, abruptly changing topics, spouted off about how people walk all over her and don’t pay her respect, and she specifically called out Kiana James. Benjamin leaned back with a “get a load of this” look on his face, then said that Brooke was the one who needs to relax after she left the room.


The men locked up and Quinn shoved Tozawa to the mat. He told Tozawa, “I’m the X-factor. You don’t belong here.” Tozawa went behind Quinn with a waist lock, but Quinn spun in circles while Tozawa held onto his waist. Centrifugal force caused Tozawa’s feet to lift off the mat and he spun like a horizontal propeller until he was forced to let go and land on the mat. Tozawa tried to roll Quinn up, but Quinn wouldn’t budge. Instead, he lifted Tozawa by his throat and tossed him into the corner. Quinn punched Tozawa in the ribs, then fired him into the opposite corner. Quinn ran in after him but Tozawa got a boot up, then he flung Quinn out of the ring with a hurricanrana. Tozawa attempted a suicide dive through the ropes, but Quinn squared up and knocked Tozawa out of the sky with his forearms. We cut to break.

Quinn had control of Tozawa with a chin lock. Tozawa broke free with blows to the midsection, then ran the ropes. Quinn took him out with a European uppercut. He fired Tozawa into a corner, then hit a backbreaker before dropping both knees on Tozawa’s back. He covered Tozawa for a two-count, then applied an arm bar. He rolled up Tozawa and covered for two, then back to the arm bar. Tozawa broke free again and landed a front kick that stunned Quinn. He shrieked and hit a running knee strike. Tozawa climbed to the top rope and took Quinn down with a flying reverse elbow, then covered for two.

Tozawa missed a spinning heel kick, but then applied an upright octopus submission. Tozawa dropped to the mat and kicked Quinn in the face. Tozawa went to the top rope again and launched into a high cross body. Quinn caught him in mid-air and tossed Tozawa onto his shoulders, but Tozawa slipped downward and rolled Quinn up with a crucifix. Quinn kicked out and took Tozawa out with a deliberate choke slam. Quinn drew an X in the ring with his toe, then took out Tozawa with a flying forearm strike. Quinn covered for the three-count.

WINNER: Xyon Quinn by pinfall in 7:30.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Quinn looked pretty good here, and as a bonus, I laughed out loud at the Tozawa propeller spot – that made the whole match worthwhile.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 7.8

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