1/6 WWE SMACKDOWN TV RESULTS: McDonald’s “alt perspective” report on Usos vs. McIntyre/Sheamus for Undisputed Tag Team Title, Top Dolla vs. Ricochet Royal Rumble Qualifier, Charlotte Flair speaks

By Alex McDonald, PWTorch Contributor


JANUARY 6, 2023

Announcers: Michael Cole, Wade Barrett


-The camera panned the crowd as Michael Cole welcomed the audience to the show. The Bloodline appeared at ringside and tossed around chairs and the steel steps. Sami Zayn stood on the announce table as Solo Sikoa and the Usos stood ringside. Roman Reigns’ music played and he made his entrance with Paul Heyman at his side. Cole touted his championship reign at 859 days. Reigns posed at the top of the ramp and looked out at the crowd. Reigns posed at the top of the ramp as pyro exploded behind him. The Bloodline posed in front of the announce desk. Fans in the crowd held up the number one. Cole then threw to a video recap of last week’s main event. The video highlighted John Cena’s hot tag and the finish of the match with Kevin Owens’ win over Zayn. Cole then recapped Monday on Raw when Reigns sent the Bloodline to take over the show. The Bloodline posed in the ring as pyro exploded on the stage. Wade Barrett pointed out that Zayn lost the match, not Reigns.

-The crowd chanted “Ucey” as Reigns prepared to speak. Heyman then handed him the microphone. Reigns asked Memphis to acknowledge him. They did, loudly. The cheers turned to boos as the Bloodline posed yet again. Reigns turned to Heyman and told him they’re going to start things differently. Reigns said he’s going to give the crowd what they want. He said he wants to hear from Zayn. Zayn smiled and walked to the front. The crowd chanted “Sami”. Zayn took the mic and said everyone saw how they started the show. Zayn said they’re putting everyone on notice that this year belongs to the Bloodline. He said they’re starting 2023 right and they showed up to send a message on Raw. He said that every member won their match on Raw and they’re sending a message. Reigns stopped Zayn and said he doesn’t want to talk about this year, he wants to talk about last year. Reigns said that he and Zayn had the biggest Smackdown match of the year against Cena and Owens. He then asked the crowd what they thought happened. Reigns said that some said they lost. Reigns then laughed. Reigns said he doesn’t understand that because he doesn’t lose. He said he had to think about it. Reigns said he didn’t lose. Reigns said that he lost, and he pointed at Zayn. Reigns said he doesn’t care and they’re moving on. Reigns asked Zayn why he guaranteed a win. Reigns said that he does that and he always delivers, so there’s never a problem. Reigns said it’s embarrassing when you call your shot and you fail. Reigns turned to Zayn and asked if Zayn wanted to be the Tribal Chief. Reigns asked if Zayn wants to be him. Reigns asked why Zayn thought he could do what Reigns does. Reigns then screamed at Zayn and asked if he wanted to run the Bloodline and if he thought he was fit to take on the burden.

-Kevin Owens’ music interrupted Reigns’ tirade and he made his entrance. Owens paused at the top of the stage. Owens then told Reigns to calm down before things go too far. He said Reigns has misdirected anger. Owens said the last time Reigns was like this, he was the cause. Owens then said that Reigns’ problem isn’t with Zayn, it’s with him. He said that Reigns’ K.O. problem is starting to bother him. Owens said Reigns needs to take care of the problem in a match at the Royal Rumble against him for the Undisputed Universal Championship. Reigns said sure, and that he doesn’t care. He said he just wants Owens to disappear forever. Owens said he’ll leave, but not forever. He said he’ll see Reigns at the Rumble and he’ll see Zayn whenever he digs his balls out of Reigns’ pocket.

-They showed a graphic for the Undisputed Tag Team Championship main event between the Usos and the team of Drew McIntyre and Sheamus. Cole hyped the match as they cut to break. [c]

(McDonald’s Analysis: Wow, that didn’t end how I thought it was going to. Reigns’ mental breakdown was really compelling and excellent acting. He started off calm and collected and worked himself up as he reminded himself of the questions he had during the segment. It was as if he had let everything go, then remembered what the problem was and he lost his cool when Zayn couldn’t offer an explanation for himself. Is this the impetus for a turn from Sami? Is it possible he could help Owens at the Rumble? Unlikely Owens wins, but that doesn’t mean Sami can’t help Owens and fail. That in and of itself would create an interesting situation where Zayn doesn’t have any friends at all. Overall, a strong segment, but kind of a lackluster way to get to the title match at Rumble. Did Owens outsmart Reigns too much?)

-Charlotte Flair arrived in a white convertible. Cole mentioned that she is now a fourteen-time champion. They then showed a graphic advertising a segment with Charlotte later in the evening. Cole hyped the segment.

-New Day’s music played and they made their entrance. Cole threw to a video from earlier in the day where Santos Escobar interrupted an interview with Kofi Kingston. Escobar said that Kingston’s antics in the Rumble have been legendary. Escobar said he’s going to eliminate Kingston. Kingston challenged Escobar to a match for tonight on Smackdown.

-Legado del Fantasma made their entrance.

(1) KOFI KINGSTON (w/ Xavier Woods) vs. SANTOS ESCOBAR (w/ Zelina Vega, Cruz Del Toro, and Joaquin Wilde)

Escobar took Kingston to the corner and kicked him in the gut. Kingston recovered and took Escobar down. Kingston went to the apron but Escobar took him down with a big right hand. Escobar knocked Kingston off the apron and Kingston landed on the steps. He said it’s just like the Rumble. Kingston came off the top with a crossbody then tossed Escobar over the top rope and to the floor. Escobar landed against the announce table. Cole mentioned that Escobar would have been eliminated if this was the Royal Rumble. [c]

Escobar hit a running knee on Kingston in the corner then covered him for a near fall. Escobar taunted Kingston and kicked at him. Kingston fought back with a chop but Escobar took Kingston to the corner and delivered a chop of this own. Kingston recovered and hit a second rope dropkick. Escobar took control again and pounded on Kingston before he shot him into the corner. Kingston lifted Escobar up and over to the apron. Escobar hit a big kick and took down Kingston. Escobar taunted on the steps and Woods scared him with the trombone. Escobar got back in the ring and hit a big dropkick. He covered Kingston for a near fall. Escobar stayed on the attack but Kingston countered with a rollup for a near fall. Kingston then took Escobar down with a couple of clotheslines then a kick. Kingston went for another kick but Escobar hit him in the gut. Kingston recovered and hit the S.O.S. for a near fall. Escobar shoved Kingston to the corner but Kingston caught Escobar charging in. Kingston went to the top but Escobar cut him off and followed Kingston up. Kingston knocked Escobar to the mat and climbed to the top. Kingston leapt off and Escobar caught him with a big knee. Escobar made the cover for another near fall. Woods distracted Escobar momentarily and Kingston attacked with a jumping stomp to Escobar. Kingston made the cover for a near fall. Kingston stayed on the attack and hit a Boom Drop. Kingston then went to the corner and set up for a kick but Del Toro grabbed Kingston’s leg. Vega argued with Woods at ringside. Escobar hit a kick followed by the Phantom Driver for the win.

WINNER: Santos Escobar in 9:00

(McDonald’s Analysis: Really solid match. I don’t care for the distraction finish, but that’s what WWE does. At this point, Escobar should be beating someone like Kingston clean. Escobar is on his way up and Kingston is on his way down. I hope they did it this way to show that Legado has strength in numbers and are a force together. That may be wishful thinking, but that’s how I’ll choose to look at it.)

-Cole and Barrett were shown at ringside. Cole read a tweet from earlier in the week from Reigns. Cole then said there is news about the Rumble. They showed a graphic for Reigns and Owens at the Rumble. Cole announced that the match is now official.

-Zayn knocked on the Bloodline door. Heyman answered. Zayn said he needs to talk to Reigns and explain himself. Heyman said it’s not the time. The Usos appeared and pushed past Zayn and into the locker room. Heyman said that he told Zayn last week that he needs to be three steps ahead. He said even three steps down the road would be a bad idea. Heyman told Zayn that he still loves him, and he should think of it that way. [c]

(McDonald’s Analysis: Another interesting layer here with Zayn back to being frozen out. Again, I’m starting to wonder if this interaction will be the impetus for a change. I hope not as I think this story has a lot more life. I really hope that the story isn’t cut short just for the sake of getting to something else.)

-They showed postcard shots of Memphis. Cole mentioned it’s the home of the King Jerry Lawler, who he beat at Wrestlemania. Barrett asked if Cole is going to defend his undefeated streak one of these days.

-Liv Morgan was in the back. She said entering the Rumble last is the easy way. She said she wants to enter first so she can beat everyone that enters after her. Cole said he’d rather enter 30.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Morgan just confirmed that she’s the dumbest woman on the roster. Her character is such a joke.)

-Cole hyped the Rumble for three weeks from tomorrow. Barrett then said that Bray Wyatt will be in action again at the Rumble. Cole then threw to a video recap of the segment last week with Wyatt, Uncle Howdy, and L.A. Knight.

-L.A. Knight was in the back with Kayla Braxton. She asked how Knight is feeling going into his match with Wyatt at the Rumble. Knight said he was walking through Memphis and said he felt damn good. He said he feels good because Wyatt’s plans blew up last week. He said he just has to kick around the pieces and everyone will be talking about him instead of Wyatt’s return. Knight said that when the lights go down, Wyatt’s lights go out and that’s a fact.

-They showed a graphic for the Pitch Black match. Cole said that the match can only be won by pinfall or submission and in three weeks we will see what Wyatt is really capable of.

-Karrion Kross and Scarlett made their entrance. Cole threw to a recap of the interaction between Scarlett, Kross, and Emma from two weeks ago on Smackdown. Cole hyped a mixed tag team match with Kross and Scarlett against Emma and Madcap Moss for after the break. [c]


Kross and Moss were in the ring as we joined the match in progress. Moss took Kross down. Kross tagged Scarlett which brought in Emma. Emma went on the attack and came off the ropes to take Scarlett down. Emma sent Scarlett to the corner and hit a running splash. Emma made the cover for a near fall. Emma went for a kick and Scarlett countered into a suplex into a pin for a near fall. Scarlett went for a slam but Emma fought out and took Scarlett down. Emma then delivered a running elbow and covered Scarlett. Kross entered the ring and pulled Emma off. They stared each other down then Emma slapped Kross. Moss tagged in and went after Kross. Moss hit a running shoulder block in the corner then ran the ropes. Scarlett tripped Moss and Kross took Moss down. Scarlett and Emma brawled on the outside. Scarlett tossed Emma over the announce table. Kross dodged Moss in the ring and Moss hit the middle turnbuckle. Kross hit a clothesline to the back of Moss’ head and neck. Kross locked in the Kross Jacket for the win.

WINNER: Karrion Kross & Scarlett in 4:00

-Scarlett put a Rey Mysterio mask on Moss as Kross held him in place. Kross then held up a tarot card with Mysterio on it and placed it on the fallen Moss. Kross then looked into the camera. He said he knows Mysterio is watching and he knows that’s going to be him. Kross then said tick tock and exited the ring.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Anyone that had any hopes for Moss should probably abandon their expectations at this point. This match was all about burying that feud and basically Moss as he was used as a symbol for Kross’ next feud with Mysterio. I liked the inclusion of the mask as a mind game. That’s the kind of thing Kross should be doing. The ring work by Scarlett was not great. I wouldn’t go that route again unless it’s completely necessary.)

-Cole and Barrett were at ringside. Cole touted last week’s viewership. He said one of the reasons was Ronda Rousey against Raquel Rodriguez, then threw to a video recap of the match. The video concluded with Charlotte’s return and win over Rousey for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. After the video, they showed a graphic for Charlotte and Cole hyped her appearance for later in the show. [c]

-Cole announced that Money in the Bank will be coming to London, England on July 1, 2023.

-They showed Jerry Lawler’s Bar and Grill earlier today. Sheamus and McIntyre were in the bar. Sheamus said he wants to beat up McIntyre less now. They smacked each other as they talked. Sheamus called McIntyre an honorary Brute and McIntyre said they appreciated it. Sheamus and McIntyre then brought up past matches they had with each other. Sheamus said if they did that to each other, imagine what they’ll do to the Usos. Sheamus and McIntyre then led the bar in a chant of “banger, after banger, after banger.” After the segment they showed a graphic for the Usos against Sheamus and McIntyre. Cole hyped the match.


-Charlotte Flair made her entrance. Cole said that Charlotte got payback for her broken arm from Rousey earlier in the year. Charlotte posed at the top of the ramp as pyro exploded behind her. Barrett said that Rousey made a mistake last week and the experience of Charlotte allowed her to exploit the situation. Charlotte entered the ring and took a mic. She asked if the crowd missed her. She said she missed them too. Charlotte said payback is a, something, but nevermind, ask Rousey because she knows. The crowd chanted for Charlotte. Charlotte laughed and said she never thought she would hear that, but thank you. Charlotte said she was gone for eight months, but now she’s back and she was moved by the reaction she got last week. Charlotte said thank you. She then said if you cheer, boo, or woo her, she’s always been about passion and dedication to what she does. Charlotte said she isn’t complacent and she will not rest or coast. She said she’ll knock down any obstacle in her way. She said champions expect the unexpected and rise to the occasion.

-Sonya Deville made her entrance. She stopped at the top of the ramp and introduced Charlotte. She said the hillbillies might not be bright enough to see through her lies, but she does. Deville said there should be an asterisk next to title reign number fourteen because she beat a half dead Rousey. The crowd chanted “whoop that trick”. Charlotte laughed and told Deville they think she’s a trick. Deville dropped her robe and asked how Charlotte would fair against a fresh opponent. Deville asked Charlotte to put her title on the line. Charlotte asked the crowd what she should do and they chanted “whoop that trick” again. Charlotte called Deville a trick and said she’s on.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Can someone explain to me what “whoop that trick” means? Thanks.)

(3) CHARLOTTE FLAIR (c) vs. SONYA DEVILLE – Smackdown Women’s Championship Match

Deville attacked Charlotte from behind. Deville hit a forearm on Charlotte then screamed at her. Deville came off the ropes but Charlotte countered and took Deville down. Deville rolled to the outside as Charlotte regrouped in the ring. [c]

Back from break Deville was in control and tried to take Charlotte to the corner. Charlotte countered but Deville recovered and chop blocked Charlotte down. Deville made the cover for a near fall. Deville used a series of crossfaces on a downed Charlotte. Deville then put on a headlock. Charlotte reached towards the ropes then began to fight her way up. The crowd chanted “whoop that trick” again. Charlotte backed Deville into the corner. Deville got away and charged Charlotte but Charlotte hit a big boot followed by a series of chops. Charlotte then delivered a back suplex and kipped up. Deville tried to regroup in the corner. Charlotte charged and Deville hit her with a kick. Charlotte recovered and cartwheeled into a clothesline for a near fall. Deville rolled to the apron and Charlotte followed. Deville pulled Charlotte’s head down into the top rope. Deville entered the ring and charged but Charlotte caught her with a spear. Charlotte locked on the Figure Eight and Deville tapped out.

WINNER: Charlotte Flair in 7:00 to retain the Smackdown Women’s Championship

-Cole and Barrett were back at ringside. Barrett said Charlotte showed no signs of ring rust. Cole then said that Cody Rhodes return at Wrestlemania may have been the highlight of 2022. He then threw to a video package on Cody Rhodes. The video highlighted Rhodes’ return and goal of becoming champion for himself and his father. The video then turned to Rhodes’ injury, then ended. Barrett said he can’t wait to see Rhodes again.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Solid return match for Charlotte, makes sense for her first opponent to dispatch of. That’s Deville’s role on this roster and she plays the part well. I guess Charlotte is going to be a face? At least for now. I’m all for it at this point. The babyfaces on this roster don’t excite me at all for feuds with Charlotte, so I guess the opposite will work for now. The video package for Cody was really well done and they seem to be making an effort to go the Triple H route with him without going the full mile. I guess they don’t have to seeing as how Hunter was a heel before his injury back then. The package does help people remember what was going on with Cody and makes people realize that his return should change some things at the top of the card. Good stuff.)

-Ricochet made his entrance. Cole mentioned Top Dolla’s failed dive a few weeks ago and how the locker room made jokes at his expense last week. He said that led to this match. They then showed the graphic for the match and Cole hyped it for after the break. [c]

-A video package aired on Lacey Evans. She was in the ring this time, which she was prepared for from her time in the military. Evans then said that her method of destruction is the Cobra Clutch. She locked someone in it and the woman passed out.

-After the video, Cole told “Sarge” to look out. Hit  Row was mid entrance.

(4) RICOCHET vs. TOP DOLLA (w/ Ashante the Adonis & B-Fabb) – Royal Rumble Qualifying Match

Top Dolla charged Ricochet and Ricochet moved. Ricochet went to the top rope but Top Dolla grabbed him by the throat then slammed him down. Top Dolla hit a big boot on Ricochet then covered him for a near fall. Top Dolla choked Ricochet with the center rope then tossed him back into the center of the ring. Top Dolla taunted then ran the ropes and danced in front of Ricochet. Ricochet recovered and rolled Top Dolla up for a near fall. Ricochet hit a suplex then went to the top rope. Ricochet leapt off with a Shooting Star Press and covered Top Dolla for the win.

WINNER: Ricochet in 2:00 to qualify for the 2023 Royal Rumble Match

-Hit Row entered the ring. Top Dolla extended his hand to Ricochet. Ricochet shook his hand then Top Dolla raised Ricochet’s hand. Adonis hit a superkick on Ricochet. Top Dolla lifted Ricochet and screamed at him. Top Dolla held up Ricochet and B-Fabb hit a kick. Adonis mounted Ricochet an dpounded on him. Adonis lifted Ricochet and he and Top Dolla delivered a double team move. Braun Strowman’s music played and he ran to the ring. Hit Row exited and headed up the ramp.

(McDonald’s Analysis: The turn by Hit Row is ok, I guess, but there’s no babyface tag teams on this show at all, so I don’t know how it will work out long term. On top of that, Top Dolla’s new serious and aggressive side was rendered completely useless when a guy half his size beat him in two minutes after two moves. Ricochet is the correct choice here. Like Moss earlier, Hit Row has been defined in their role, and it’s way down the card at this point, despite the turn.)

-The Bloodline was in the back. The Usos were getting pumped up, then left with Sikoa. Reigns was left by himself with Heyman. He told Heyman to bring him Zayn. Heyman picked up his phone and asked it to call Zayn. [c]

-Cole threw to a video package on the rivalry between Gunther and Strowman ahead of their Intercontinental Championship match next week on Smackdown.

After the video, they showed the graphic and Cole hyped the match.

-Zayn arrived in the Bloodline locker room. He sat down and said Reigns is the Tribal Chief and he’s not questioning that. He said he’s not trying to take any power from Reigns and if he did anything to give Reigns that impression, he’s sorry. Reigns leaned in and said he doesn’t accept Zayn’s apology. Reigns said he holds himself to a very high standard and at the end of the day, he needs to control his anger. He said no one deserves to be spoken to like that and no one deserves that in front of the whole world. Reigns said he doesn’t accept Zayn’s apology because he should be the one apologizing. Reigns than said he’s sorry. Zayn accepted. Reigns said that Owens is right. He said he’s mad at Owens and he’s taking it out on Zayn. Reigns said the Owens problem is done and they’re going to fix it. He asked Heyman if that was right. Heyman sat next to Zayn. He told Zayn that he has a chance to redeem himself. Heyman said that next week on Smackdown, Zayn will take on Owens one on one. Zayn said let’s do it. Zayn said he’ll take care of Owens for Zayn. The Usos’ music played and Zayn said he had to go, but Reigns asked him to stay and watch the match with him. Zayn agreed.

-The Usos made their entrance with Sikoa in the arena.

-Sheamus then made his entrance followed by Drew McIntyre. Cole mentioned that Sheamus and McIntyre defeated the Usos prior to Survivor Series and this match was supposed to occur a month ago, but couldn’t due to McIntyre’s injury. Cole touted the Usos’ title reign at 537 days.

-Formal ring introductions took place.

(5) THE USOS (Jey & Jimmy) (c) (w/ Solo Sikoa) vs. DREW McINTYRE & SHEAMUS – Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Jimmy and Sheamus started the match. Sheamus took Jimmy down with a headlock but Jimmy fought up. Sheamus took Jimmy down with a clothesline. McIntyre tagged in and Sheamus held Jimmy for a chop. Jimmy hit a right of his own and charged McIntyre. McIntyre grabbed Jimmy and tossed him with a belly to belly. Jimmy tagged in Jey and McIntyre took control on Jey. McIntyre took Jey down with a clothesline. McIntyre knocked Jimmy off the apron and Jey delivered a Samoan Drop to McIntyre for a near fall. McIntyre dropped to the apron and Jey landed a big punch. McIntyre tried to fight back but Jey hit another punch that rocked McIntyre. Jey suplexed McIntyre back into the ring then tagged in Jimmy. Jimmy stomped at McIntyre then choked him with the middle rope. The ref pulled Jimmy back and Jey landed another right hand on McIntyre from the floor. Jimmy put McIntyre in a headlock and McIntyre fought up. McIntyre got out but Jimmy pulled him back down. Jey tagged back in and the Usos delivered a double headbutt to McIntyre on the apron. McIntyre fought back off the double team and dropped to the floor. McIntyre clotheslined Jimmy down on the outside. Jey hit a suicide dive through the ropes and took out McIntyre. Jey celebrated as they cut to break. [c]

Sheamus clotheslined Jey over the top rope to the apron. Sheamus ripped Jey’s shirt open and delivered Ten Beats as the crowd counted along. He got to twenty before Jey collapsed. They showed Zayn and Reigns in the locker room. Zayn offered popcorn to Reigns, who declined. Jey recovered and hit a superkick. Jimmy had blind tagged and he came off the top rope with a splash on Sheamus for a near fall. Jimmy positioned Sheamus then tagged in Jey. Jey and Jimmy went to the top on opposite corners. McIntyre entered the ring and cut off Jimmy. Sheamus got up and cut off Jey. McIntyre and Sheamus delivered stereo White Noises from the middle rope. Sheamus pinned Jey for a near fall. Barrett said that 99% of teams get put away there, but not the Usos. Sikoa looked on from ringside. Sheamus picked up Jey who hit a kick that knocked Sheamus into a McIntyre tag. McIntyre took down Jey and Jimmy then kipped up. Jey and Jimmy dropped to the outside and McIntyre ran the ropes and dove over the top to take out the Usos. McIntyre got Jey alone in the ring and hit the Claymore. McIntyre made the cover and Jimmy made the save at the final moment. Jimmy rolled to the outside. They showed Zayn and Reigns again, where now Reigns has his own popcorn. McIntyre charged Jey, but Jey moved and McIntyre hit the post. Sheamus tagged in and went after Jey. Jimmy blind tagged in. The Usos hit a double superkick followed by the One and Done. Jimmy made the cover and McIntyre made the save at an, if possible, even later second then Jimmy earlier. Sikoa attacked McIntyre on the outside and delivered a Spinning Solo into the barricade. The Brutes made their way down the ramp and attacked Sikoa. Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick on Jimmy and made the cover but Jey pulled Jimmy out of the ring. Sheamus climbed to the top rope and dove to take out both Usos. Jimmy slipped out of a move from Sheamus and rolled him up. Jey helped with the leverage and the Usos got the win. They showed Zayn celebrating and dumping his popcorn all over the floor in the locker room. Reigns looked pleased.

WINNER: The Usos in 14:00 to retain the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships

(McDonald’s Analysis: Just excellent. Awesome series of false finishes and near falls at the end. They got me a couple of times, especially the One and Done from the Usos. That seemed like a perfectly logical and acceptable finish at that point. I didn’t mind the eventual finish we did get, but I would have preferred a second One and Done. All four of these guys did a great job and delivered a really good main event to start the year for Smackdown. I know that Owens is the logical choice, but with all of the excellent matches Sheamus has been involved in, I wish he got the reward of a main event with Reigns. It’s not the best argument, but honestly, he deserves more than pretty much anyone else at this point. Otherwise, the little segments with Reigns and Zayn watching the match together were great. The best being Reigns declining the popcorn, then coming back to see he now has his own. That was excellent. Everything about this was good. They worked well and told a good story. The Bloodline is the best thing going in wrestling by a mile, and they can actually work and tell stories in the ring as well. Great stuff.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Good start to the new year. As usual, the Bloodline was the star of the show in every way. We got some interaction in the ring with a promo to set up the PLE match for Reigns, a couple of backstage segments that built on the opening segment and came to a conclusion, then an awesome match that included more of the backstage elements that make this group so entertaining. If you doubted it before, this show proved it yet again, they are, indeed, the ones.

The rest of the show was fine, but nothing groundbreaking. Charlotte seems to be a babyface for now, but there’s no clear direction for her right now. I assume it will be Lacey Evans at some point as she’s now the female, heel Sargeant Slaughter. On top of that, we discovered another layer to the Liv Morgan character. She can’t wait to be the first entrant in the Rumble, because that’s better than being last. No. No, it’s not. On a positive note, I’m excited for Gunther and Strowman next week and they just added Zayn and Owens to the mix. Smackdown is giving us a ton to be excited about on the Road to the Royal Rumble. Good times to be a Smackdown fan.

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  1. McDonald’s Analysis: Can someone explain to me what “whoop that trick” means? Thanks. I was wondering the exact same thing. Deville didn’t seem too shocked by the crowd taunting, but I wish Cole or Barrett would have explained what they were talking about. Hopefully it’s nothing derogatory.

  2. A trick is another word for a prostitute, pimps would “whoop that trick” if she stood up to him or disrespected him in anyway

  3. The “Whoop that Trick” song was in Hustle & Flow, which was filmed in Memphis. It’s become a staple at Memphis Grizzlies (NBA) games, especially in the playoffs.

    And while technically it does mean what MASE said (and was kind of used that way toward DeVille), during the basketball games it’s used as more of a motivation, something to fire up the fans and the team.

    _The chant comes from the song “Whoop that Trick” by rapper Al Kapone. The song first appeared in the 2005 critically acclaimed film “Hustle and Flow,” sung by actor Terrance Howard, who played DJay, a former pimp turned rap artist. _



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