HEYDORN’S WWE RAW RECEIPT 2/27: Becky Lynch and Lita win tag titles in clunky main event


WWE Raw analysis


This week’s episode of WWE Raw has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-I like the opening to WWE Raw this week if for no other reason that it was a perfect next step for The Bloodline story coming out of Friday’s stellar promo segment between Jimmy Uso and Sami Zayn. This was a smaller and less impactful continuation of that, but placing it at the start of Raw tells the viewer that it’s very important.

-Jimmy was good in pleading with Jey Uso to join him once again or at least talk to him about things that have happened in The Bloodline. He was believable. The intensity from Kevin Owens was noticeable, though another chapter with Zayn needs to happen sooner than later to keep that part of this story chugging along also.

-The Street Profits seem to be heading for a break-up and I’m ready for it. They don’t need to turn on one another to get this done. Wish each other well, move on, and keep a reunion possible in the future.

-How fun was that Brock Lesnar and MVP segment? Look, I’m down on Omos vs. Lesnar. Period. Mainly because it’s a waste of Lesnar. That said, if we get more of this in the lead up to WrestleMania and the match is tucked away in the middle of the card somewhere? Whatever. I’m in and it’ll be what it’ll be.

-A good night for Cody Rhodes. Much better than last week. He let his wrestling do the talking and commentary sold his need to stay sharp as a reason to have a match with Gable like the one he had. AND, he dropped the “what’d. you wanna talk about” thing before his promo. Let’s hope that’s not a one time thing. He flowed better without and people in the audience reacted better also.

-Good promo from The Judgement Day. They flowed from person to person nicely and will be all over the WrestleMania card. They come across as very unlikable.

-The interaction between Bianca Belair and Asuka was fine. Fine. Not great, though and a bit directionless with about a month until WrestleMania. At this point, it just feels as if they are going to have a hard time building this match and creating intrigue. Once it gets in the ring, this should be excellent, but getting there is a different story. I’m not advocating for this idea specifically, but the tag team angle may work here. Something like it. Paul Levesque needs to find a way to create interest and a rivalry that isn’t anywhere close to where it needs to be.

-Surprised Piper Niven took a loss the way she did. With the right build, she could be a heel challenger for the title, but after this you have to wonder how Levesque and company think about her.

-Shocking!! The Miz is the host of WrestleMania. Who would have guess? LOL. Everyone. That said, the stuff with Seth Rollins was funny and worked to get Rollins a face to face with Logan Paul.

-Johnny Gargano and Otis worked a match. That’s about it on that one. In the promo that setup the match, Gargano had a nice one-liner on The Judgement Day too. Good stuff, but Gargano continues to disappoint if you had high expectations for what he’d do on a Triple H led main roster.

-Yikes. That main event was … yikes. Look, I 100% get the appeal of doing Becky and the legends against Damage CNTRL as a novel way to blow-off the Bayley vs. Lynch feud at WrestleMania. They need to be smarter with what they do with the legends in the ring, though. Lita could not move as fast as she needed to during the match and it made for clunky moments at pivotal points. Doing less would keep things smoother and allow for the audience to engage more. That said, it was cool to see Becky hold a championship again as a babyface. The tag titles being on the waist of Lynch and Lita is a good way to elevate them a tad. It’ll take commitment to keep them elevated, but the first way to start the process is getting the belts on credible WWE stars.

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