HEYDORN’S AEW DYNAMITE RECEIPT 4/26: Adam Cole saves an otherwise flat effort from AEW


AEW Dynamite analysis


This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-Another really good International Championship defense for Orange Cassidy. This time against Bandido. The audience did not care and who can blame them? The International Championship is an afterthought of a prop at this point and Cassidy was defending against another very likable talent in Bandido. How does one invest given those circumstances? A good match, yes, but not a smart booking strategy.

-Real quick on Orange Cassidy. Tony Khan should think about moving him into bigger and better positions on the card. He’s a quirky act, but regularly gets a top response and has a polished gimmick for weekly episodic television that he seems interested in developing. You can’t say that about other talents on the show — looking at you Young Bucks!

-Good fire from Adam Cole this week, both in the backstage vignette with Renee Paquette and the in-ring promo on Chris Jericho. SO SO SO glad he decided to ditch the full entrance to accommodate his story and where is character is. Pros do that and it was good to see him see the importance of that pivot and then make it.

-Dax Harwood vs. Jeff Jarrett? Fine. Good, even. Like the opener, I’m not sure people cared all that much. Also. Didn’t Tony Khan learn his lesson about FTR? They are the most popular tag team in North America. Get them in some damn tag team matches! Build them as a star tag team that can draw. You don’t do that by pulling one of them away for a shenanigan-laced singles match.

-I liked the Arn Anderson promo for Wardlow. It made Wardlow come across as important as he’s been since the MJF feud and positioned him as someone that AEW will build around. We’ll see if Tony Khan can keep the story going.

-Sammy Guevara vs. Darby Allin went as I expected it go. Big bumps from Darby and interference on behalf of Guevara. The finish and following angle to setup next week’s tag team match between Jungle Boy & Allin against Guevara & MJF all but definitively tells us a fatal four-way is in stone for Double or Nothing. I supposed its the best way to go given the story they’ve told, but this is the title match for one of the biggest shows on the calendar? Go for it, I guess.

-Wait, we’re still doing QTV? I liked Powerhouse Hobbs destroying the set of that madness, but how the hell is QT going to “fix it” for Hobbs? Just silly stuff that continues to define Hobbs way, way down.

-Jade Cargill wins again, but the babyface Taya Valkyrie turns heel right after by almost attacking a referee? What stars can you get behind on this darn show?!?!

-Dear god. Jay White is anchoring a main event on a bizarre timed episode of AEW Rampage. Not good. Not good for one of the best signings in company history. AEW needs to build stars and they had a perfect opportunity here to do it the right way with White.

-I didn’t love the main event. It was sloppy at times and really should have been a squash given how Butcher & Blade are used. Just a strange match to put in the main event.

-It seemed like they had timing issues with the end of the show? It could have just been my feed, but things abruptly cut as soon as Danielson picked up the screwdriver in the ring. If it’s me, shame on me and my YouTube TV. If that is AEW missing their marks on time? Unacceptable at this point in their tenure of putting on television shows.

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