AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS 5/17: Sage’s report on Ricky Starks vs. Jay White, Outcasts vs. Baker, Hayter & Shida, More.

By Tyler Sage


MAY 17, 2023

Announcers: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz

-Wardlow came down to the ring as the show started, once in the ring the crowd chanted his name. He said that last week Christian made promises that he wants him to follow through on. He offered for Cage to walk down the ring and spit on his face. Cage’s music hit, and Christian walked out with Luchasaurus. The two men talked smack without microphones, Cage said he would be the next TNT champion and went to spit. Wardlow grabbed the throat of Cage and then Wardlow and Luchasaurus battled unit Cage hit a low blow and then the two beat down Wardlow. Luchasaurus added a ladder, which Christian used as a battering ram into he head of Wardlow. Luchasaurus then choke slammed Wardlow into the ladder. Christian ended it with a Killswitch onto the ladder.


Orange Cassidy and Lee Moriarty started the match, Lee tried for a full nelson hold and hit a European uppercut, Cassidy then hit a sunset flip after running the ropes. Both men then rolled and traded multiple pinfall attempts and then sat up and traded Orange style love taps. Cassidy tossed Moriarty off of himself and kipped up with his hands in his pockets. Big Bill tagged in as did Darby Allin. Bill Tossed Darby into the opposite corner, then offered a test of strength that Darby did but attacked out of it. Darby tagged in Cassidy, then both men hit a dive at the same time. [c]

Bill was dominating Cassidy, due to some well timed referring. OC tried to get a tag, but he sold his back being in pain. Darby was eventually tagged in and he ran back-in-forth opposite corners on both Bill and Lee. Darby tried a DDT off the top, Bill caught Darby and hit a big slam. Bill and Lee tried to team up, Darby fought off both and Orange was tagged in.

Cassidy hit a DDT, Lee then tried to roll up Cassidy. Orange kicked out, Moriarty hit a slam and then applied a near submission. Darby was tagged back in and teamed with Cassidy to superplex Moriarty off the top rope. Big Bill ran in and clotheslined both of his opponents. Bill went for a slam, Cassidy tried a Stundog, but Darby hit a Code Red and hit it. Cassidy hit a Beach Break on Moriarty, Darby then hit a Coffin Drop then a headlock takedown pin to win the match.

WINNER: Darby Allin & Orange Cassidy

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun opening match that continued the story of both Cassidy and Allin. The finish by Darby was a really nice storytelling note and continues to make me think the PPV match should have just been MJF vs. Darby.)

-The Young Bucks were backstage and confronted by BCC, they tossed their suitcases. But, The Bucks were outnumbered 3-2, and were taken out. Moxley said they were the only elite ones in this business.

-Renee was backstage with Wardlow, Arn Anderson appeared and took Wardlow’s ice bag and threw it at Wardlow. Arn asked what he was prepared to do versus Christian. Wardlow offered a ladder match for the TNT title at Double or Nothing. [c]

-Orange Cassidy was asked about Kyle Fletcher wanting a shot at the title, Cassidy told him to find Tony Khan and ask for the fight at Double or Nothing.


Exodus Prime missed a punch, Sammy hit a GTH and got the pin.

WINNER: Sammy Guevara

-Sammy grabbed a mic post match, the crowd cheered for him slightly. He said that he remembers the old days, working the indy scene and how is made him who he is today. He said he isn’t perfect, he said that it takes wrong turns to get to the right place. That right place is Las Vegas and his title match. He said that in his heart he will be the new AEW World Champion.

-A video recap of the four men’s relationship in the main event was shown.

-A recap of the tag team title feud story was shown.

-Tony Schiavone was in the ring and welcomed Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal to the ring. Dax and Cash pushed Satnam Singh off the stage and then attacked Double J and Lethal. Dax ripped the pants and shirt off of Lethal, while Cash slammed Jarrett with a chair. Karen Jarrett appeared and hit Cash with a low blow. Then FTR were taken out by the heel group. Lethal and Jarrett hit guitars on the heads of both Dax and Cash.

-Darby was backstage, he said his finish was a message to MJF. He said it is the biggest match in his career. Sammy walked in and said that he has taken his advice to heart that he is not a follower. But, that one of them or Perry needs to take the belt off of MJF.


Toni Storm and Ruby Soho attacked before the bell and then the match was started, for some reason. Hikaru Shida quickly turned the tables and suplexed Ruby into Toni and then laid down punches on Ruby before she suplex Soho once more. Ruby counter attacked and slammed Shida’s head into the corner and tagged in Storm. Shida hit a head kick and tagged in Baker.

Britt laid in straight shots and then a cutter into a two count cover. Saraya took Baker off her feet, Toni then hit a hip attack sending Baker to the outside. Saraya then attacked Britt their before Toni followed and continued the beatdown. [c]

Britt tagged in Shida, after a flurry she jumped off the top to the outside and body splashed both of her opponents. Shida then got a two count on Soho, then a Falcon Arrow on Ruby for a near fall. Britt was tagged in, hit a butterfly suplex then Shida jumped off the top and covered, but it was broken up by Toni. Britt then tried to apply the Lock Jaw and Ruby reversed into a pin.

Ruby hit No Future and tagged in Storm. Baker applied a slam and then got into an argument with Saraya. Storm grabbed a can of green spray in the confusion and sprayed Baker, leading to the pinfall.

WINNER: The Outcasts

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good match that was a 9/10 in intensity, the heels winning that way fits the theme of the night and leads to Jamie and company getting a big win at the PPV.)

-Cassidy was told that 20 men asked for a title shot, Orange offered a 21 man battle royal for the title at Double or Nothing. [c]

-Tony Khan was backstage, he talked about the debut of AEW Collision on June 17th. He then promoted the first month of shows, he said that next week he will debut the premier location.


Roderick Strong attacked Chris Jericho as he was taking his gear off. Strong put Jericho on the ropes and ran around hitting him. Both men then traded forearms and chops, until Strong connected on a drop kick and got a quick cover for a two count. Jericho applied a lariat and sent Roderick to the apron, Jericho joined and Strong slammed him onto the floor. Strong applied a pin on the floor and then chopped Jericho.

Jericho applied a forearm and chop then slammed Strong into he ringside table. Jericho then tossed Strong in the ring and tried for a Code Breaker, it was blocked. But, Jericho applied a Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring. Strong crawled to the bottom rope, and was able to break the hold. [c]

Both men were in the 100 section of the building, Strong tossed Jericho onto a handrail and then pushed him into the concourse. Jericho then suplexed Strong into a table as Excalibur announced the Superstar Billy Graham had died. Strong whipped Jericho into a concession stand counter, then then walk and brawled until Jericho used a Tense-barrier on Strong. Jericho and Strong then battled in a stairwell, Jericho got a near fall here.

Jericho used a chair, then Strong used plastic utensils then a white condiment. Jericho threw a trashcan, after wiping his face. Strong moved to outside the arena, here Adam Cole was waiting for him and tossed Jericho into a patch of plants, Cole hit a Boom Kick. Strong then hit a running knee and pinned Jericho in the dirt.

WINNER: Roderick Strong

(Sage’s Analysis: That match went so much harder than it had any right too, I did not think Jericho would lose here and I’m interested where this story goes next week and the PPV.) 


Jungle Boy offered his hand to Rush, but it was met with a kick. Rush then pushed Perry out of the ring and flung him into the barricades like a rag doll. After the fourth slam it looked like Jack was not loving life. Rush broke the count of the referee, and continued to slam Perry. Jungle Boy was bleeding, Rush tossed Perry into he crowd. [c]

Rush and Perry were hitting hard, as Perry had a crimson mask, Rush hit a pump kick. Perry then had Rush seated on the top rope, they traded chops in this position. Perry then hit a hurricanrana, then Perry applied a snare trap hold. Rush crawled to the bottom rope and broke the hold. Both men were on the apron, Rush rubbed the blood of Jack on his chest. They each traded chops, until Rush tossed Perry off the apron and he landed really bad on his head on the floor.

Perry apparently signaled he was ok and Rush tossed him into the ring. Perry slapped Rush, then Rush attacked in the corner and had the ref pull him off, Perry took advantage and got a roll up pin.

WINNER: Jungle Boy Jack Perry

(Sage’s Analysis: I think that might be Jack Perry’s least, or most, favorite match of his career. That was brutal and why Rush would be my #1 pick of a guy I would not want to wrestle, ever.)

-Jack Perry was attacked after the match, Darby ran out to make the save. Rush then choked Darby with the cable, Sammy ran out and saved the day with Darby.

-MJF was backstage, he slapped the mic out of Renee’s hand and walked off. [c]

-Toni Storm was backstage, it was announced she has four wins in five days. She challenged Jamie Hayter for the world title at Double or Nothing.


Jay White did his typical roll out and run around the ring to start, Ricky Starks chased him down and laid in boots in the corner. Jay rolled to the outside, here White tackled Starks into the ring post. Ricky reciprocated and tackled White into the barrier. Back in the ring, Starks was slammed into the top rope and White methodically chopped and beat down Starks. Ricky ran the ropes and countered White with a back body drop.

White went to the outside once more and the two battled evenly out there. Starks started to get an edge, but was distracted by Juice and White hit a vertical slam and left Starks on the outside as the break started. [c]

Ricky was in control as the show returned, he was whipped in the corner but charged forward and laid in a big elbow. Starks tried for a DDT, it was countered, but he was able to hit a suplex and then the DDT for a near fall. Jay hit a DDT of his own to change the momentum of the match. White hit a running uppercut, then a slam and tried for a German Suplex. White laid out Starks and got a two count pin.

White set up Blade Runner, Starks battled out with elbow strikes. White then suplex Starks over the top rope and onto the floor. Starks tried an inside cradle pin, then Ricky hit a swinging neck breaker into a rebound slam for a near fall. Both men were running the ropes, Juice tripped Starks. But Ricky fought out and hit a spear. Ricky then was about to hit his finisher, until White gouged the eyes. Juice Robinson entered with a chair, Starks got it and hit White with it and was DQ’ed. [c]

WINNER: Jay White (via DQ)

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good match that makes me want to see the 20 minute no DQ match at the PPV. I also don’t mind the non-finish. AEW does this once or twice a year.)

-Tony Schiavone introduced Don Callis to the ring. Tony asked him why he attacked Kenny last week. Callis said everyone wants to hear why he did it, he said that he will talk about what Kenny did to him. He said he is the victim, he made Kenny IWGP champion, made Jericho and Kenny happen, made Kenny AEW champion on his first night. Kenny’s music hit and he attacked security, the BCC came in and took down Kenny. The BCC entered the ring, Moxley said the war was over and that The Elite can’t touch them.

Moxley told him to stay down. The Young Bucks came out with weapons, Hangman’s music hit and the crowd exploded. He joined The Elite and walked on the ring. All eight men battled, The Elite singled out Yuta and beat him down.

Final Thoughts: This is two weeks in a row that AEW has delivered top tier wrestling entertainment. The last five minutes of the show tonight is stuff that I have been waiting to see all the Elite guys feel like big stars telling big tie stories. Great Stuff.


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