AEW COLLISION REPORT (7/6): AEW completes the hat trick, MJF opens the show, Jack Perry TNT Open Challenge, Hangman vs. Jay White Owen Hart Semi-Final

By Brian Zilem, PWTorch contributor


JULY 6, 2024

Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness

Ring Announcers: Bobby Cruise


-The show opened with a recap from the closing angle of AEW Dynamite, with MJF turning on Daniel Garcia. The video package was well done.


The fans booed MJF before the promo started.

“I appreciate it while I’m talking unlike all of your mothers on their knees in a truck stop bathroom, you all kept your mouth shut Daniel Garcia you are nothing more than a pawn. You really thought MJF was the biggest star in AEW. You thought I was gonna give you a match at all in see that match was never gonna happen. I was always gonna stab you in the back and break your scrawny little neck, and I’ll explain why later, but I gotta be honest with you, Danny, during this ruse, there’s something you did that offended me. Let’s let’s keep it real here. Danny Garcia, you’re a make-a-wish kid at best, and I was trying to grant you the greatest wish of them all. Was it real? No, but you didn’t know that I offered you a match at Wembley stadium against, let’s face it, the greatest wrestler who’s ever lived, and you didn’t answer well, Danny, after what I did to you. You ain’t gonna make it to all in hell, and you’re never gonna wrestle again. I’m not here to talk to Danny Garcia; I’m here to talk to you. Roll the clip.”

MJF shared a video package from 8/2/2023 where he opened up about why it’s easy being a scum bag.

“I opened up to you people i told you i told you if i opened up to you it would tear my heart out if you turned your back on me and you didn’t give a damn i did everything for you i changed for you i let my guard down for you i let an atom call for you i broke my body for you and how do you repay me how do you repay me after my best friend stabs me in the back after samoa joe steals my triple b i am sitting in my couch writhing in my couch writhing in my couch writhing in my couch writhing in my couch writhing in pain writhing in pain and i turn on dynamite in Jacksonville florida after world’s end and what do you people do you chanted thank you joe therapy trying to get function back in my left arm you discarded me for guys like Swerve and Okada and worst of all that talentless hack will Osprey what I did to Danny Garcia on Wednesday that wasn’t personal between he and i it was personal between me and you and Danny Garcia was just the tip of the iceberg I am going to take away everything that you love in this company because everything that you love sucks you have ruined the company that i built from the ground up with your garbage tank but don’t worry I’m gonna fix it and the only way to fix it is with me on top but no you guys you guys want will Osprey don’t you guys you guys like will Osprey you guys are too delusional to realize it but Osprey cannot help this company like I can will Osprey is a child he doesn’t care about ticket sales he doesn’t care about making this place money all he cares about is putting on good matches for you what a novel concept the only ratings Osprey cares about are from a guy named Meltzer.”

“I’m a grown-ass man; the only ratings I care about are from a man named Nielsen, so I got an idea. Will how about we pop a number right here right now I’m gonna get medieval on you broth you call yourself the Billy Goat how about you come on out here so I can sacrifice you like one.”

MJF played Osprey’s music, but he wasn’t at the building.

“Exactly as I thought he is not here, and that’s why I said it. and Will Osprey walked out; he would have run for his life. He’s not coming, guys, and you knew that he’s not coming because he is a two-faced, fickle, gutless coward just like you. My name is Maxwell Jacob. You had your chance; you shut your mouths and can thank me later.”

(Brian’s Thoughts: MJF of old is back. For those who may not remember, AEW promoted MJF to be on this show almost a month in advance. Who would have thought it would lead to MJF finding himself again? From start to finish, the entire presentation of this segment was fantastic. AEW did a great job of causing a cliffhanger from AEW Dynamite to bleed into the opening segment of Collision.)

Lexy Nair interviewed the Conglomeration Mark Briscoe, who said

“I ain’t bummed out, man, you bummed out, you bummed out what because we ain’t? None of us win at Forbidden Door because we failed at Forbidden Door; well, let me tell you the word of the day is epiphany because I had an epiphany that failure is just a figment of your imagination; it ain’t nothing but a stepping stone to the throne it’s a necessary pit stop to the top, and tonight we in the shadows of one of the most historical cities in the history of professional wrestling memphis tennessee baby and the Conglomeration is about to put a historical ass whooping on the Iron Savages so let’s pull our proverbial head out our proverbial asses and let’s go, boys, let’s do this thing.”

(1) THE CONGLOMERATION (Kyle O’Reilly, Mark Briscoe & Orange Cassidy) vs. IRON SAVAGES (Boulder & Bronson) & Jacked Jameson)

Jacked Jameson ran down the Conglomeration. The Undisputed Kingdom joined the commentary team. Briscoe stole the secret sauce drink from Jameson, and Briscoe ran wild. O’Reilly then drank the drink and ran wild as well. Bronson hit a running senton on O’Reilly for a near fall [C]

After the break, O’Reilly made the hot tag to Briscoe, and he ran wild. Briscoe tagged in Cassidy, and he ran wild. Bronson hooked Cassidy in a bear hug, but Cassidy countered with a stunner. In the match’s closing moments, the Conglomeration ran wild, which led to Cassidy hitting the Orange Punch and pinning Bronson to secure the victory for this team.

WINNERS: Kyle O’Reilly, Mark Briscoe & Orange Cassidy in 7:54

(Brian’s Thoughts: AEW understands they need to feature Mark Briscoe on weekly television, and using the Conglomeration as a vehicle isn’t a bad way to accomplish it. The fans added a lot to this fun party match.)

-The show cut to promo with Jack Perry, and he laid out the TNT open challenge for later in the show.

-A recap video was shown from Foribeen Door with Swerve Strickland and Will Ospreay.

Lexy Nair was backstage with Hangman Adam Page. Lexy asked Page why he had chosen to come back. Page Said

“Why now? Convenience. Not mine. Theirs. It didn’t matter to them where I was, how long I was gone, what was happening to me or my family. It didn’t matter at all, because the moment that they thought that they could use me, they brought me back here. But that’s not why I’m here. You know why I am here. He knows why I am here. I am going to burn through the rest of this tournament. I am going to go to Wembley Stadium, and I am going to right a wrong. They should have been right a long time. And I swear to God, if that is with my last breath on this earth, I will right that wrong.”

(Brian’s Thoughts: Good intense promo from Page to set up the main event later in the night.)

(2) TONI STORM (w/Luther & Mariah May) vs. TRISH ADORA

The match started with headlocks from both women. The fans were very into this match, clapping throughout. Storm and Adora exchanged pin attempts. Adora had Storm locked up with several different unique submission holds. Storm nailed a dropkick and hip attack to knock Adora to the outside. Storm grabbed a microphone and asked the fans for a standing ovation. [C}

After the break, Storm nailed Adora with a backstabber and followed up with a suplex but only got a near fall. Both women threw bombs in the middle of the knee. Adora ducked and hit a suplex on her knees for a near fall. In the closing moments of the match, both women exchanged forearm bombs. Storm followed with a headbutt, and Adora hit a pump kick. Adora went for a closeline, but Storm ducked and hit Storm Zero out of nowhere to pin Adora for the victory.

WINNER: Toni Storm in 8:14

(Brian’s Thoughts: It’s always great to see fans show up and show out for a match when both wrestlers work hard, and the fans attending the Landers Center added a ton to this match. I don’t think either played heel in this match, but both women looked great. Adora is very talented and is bubbling up on the surface to break out. Hopefully, she could become a weekly fixture within AEW with more time.)

-A video package was shown with Willow Nightingale and Mariah May to hype up their upcoming match this Wednesday in the finals of the Women’s Owen Hart Tournament

-Christian Cage cut a promo backstage and called out Jay White. Killswitch beat up a wrestler backstage following the promo.

(3) JACK PERRY vs. MARKO STUNT – AEW TNT Title match

Before the match started, it was a great surprise and a great hometown reaction for Stunt. After the bell rang, Stunt landed a headbutt, but Perry followed up with a stiff closeline. Perry threw hard chops to Stunt’s chest. Perry threw Stunt like a lawn dart to the turnbuckle but only got a near fall. The fans cheered, “Let’s go, Marko.” Perry went for a powerbomb, but Stunt countered into a near fall. In the match’s closing moments, Perry power-bombed Stunt into the turnbuckle and followed up with a running knee to secure the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Jack Perry retains the AEW TNT Title in 3:19

(Brian’s Thoughts: Generally, the open challenge is a tired wrestling trope, but the thought and execution were great from start to finish. It’s challenging to make Jack Perry look like a killer, but what better way to do that than by wrestling a man half his size.)

-House of Black cut a promo backstage.

-A recap of Pac vs. Bryan Danielson was shown this past Wednesday.



Mortos showed his strength early by hitting stiff shoulder blocks. He lowered his knee pad and went for a dive but knocked out a cameraman outside. Castagnoli went for a baseball slide, but Mortos avoided him, nailed a dive, and sold his knee. Castagnoli hit a tilt-a-world backbreaker. [C]

After the break, both men exchanged chops and forearms in the middle of the ring. Mortos hit a Samoan drop for a near fall. Castagnoli went for a powerbomb, but Mortos hit a spear for a near fall. Both men brawled on the outside, which led to Castagnoli hitting a running uppercut. Mortos hit a headbutt and tilt a world backbreaker for a near fall. In the match’s closing moments, Castagnoli locked in the Gaint swing and followed up with an Axe bomber to secure the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Claudio Castagnol in 11:33

(Brian’s Thoughts: This match had the vibes of 2021 or 2022 when AEW dropped a match graphic that you would have never asked for but couldn’t wait to see. Considering this was the first time both men wrestled each other, this was very good.)

-Lexy Nair was backstage with Daddy Magic. Lexy asked how Daddy Magic was feeling. He said,” Not feeling great at all. There’s a concussion, headaches now, and light sensitivity. Wearing the glasses. You want an update on Danny? Yeah. He’s at home in Buffalo. He was able to make it home. He actually lost all strength in the left side of his body. And there’s good news, though. There’s good news. He will be making a full recovery. There’s good news for you, too, Max. There’s good news. Because I promised Daniel that he’ll get the satisfaction of being the first one to get his hands on you. And you don’t know when that’s going to happen. It’s going to be six months from now. A year. And when that day comes, Max, when it comes, I promise you, you’re not getting Dick Dancing, Danny Garcia. No. You’re getting Red Death.”

(Brian’s Thoughts: A strong follow-up promo from Daddy Magic to sell the beatdown he and Daniel Garcia received from MJF.)

-A vignette was shown promoting a new debut coming soon. Most people assume it’s Ricochet.

-Serena Deeb cut a promo backstage and welcomed a new challenge from Riho.


Frost went for a quick cover, but Riho bridged underneath Frost to back up the pin attempt. Riho got a drop-toe hold and followed up with a 619. Riho went to the top rope for splash and got a near fall [C]

After the break, Frost held Riho in a bow-and-arrow submission. Riho rallied and kneed Frost to the outside. Riho went for a dive to the outside, came up a little short, and held her wrist. Frost nailed a kick and the Chill Driver for a near fall. Frost went to the top rope and hit a moonsault for a near fall. Riho recovered to hit a tiger suplex. In the closing moments, Riho hit an STO and secured the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Riho 8:40

(Brian’s Thoughts: The match seemed to go off track after Riho may have injured her wrist. Hopefully, that doesn’t derail the feud between Riho and -Serena Deeb.)

-Lexy Nair was backstage with Shane Taylor Promotions and Top Flight. The six men will face off next Friday on Rampage.

-In a video package, Samoa Joe challenged Chris Jericho.

(6) ADAM PAGE vs. JAY WHITE – Owen Hart Foundation 2024 Men’s Tournament Semi-Final Match

Before the match started, it was announced that all members of the Bang Bang Gang were banned from ringside. Page fired a forearm shot at White, and the official checked on him. Page followed up with a fall-away slam. Page worked fast with a nasty demeanor. Page swung White around while he held a sleeper hold. [C]

After the break, Page had a crimson mask. White threw stiff chops and punches in the corner. White hit a great-looking DDT for a near fall. White hit a face plant and suplex. White couldn’t make it over to Page for a cover. Both men battled on the apron, which allowed White to hit a flat liner. Page countered with a powerbomb on the apron. The fans cheered for tables, but Page flicked them off. Page went for a big boot, but White turned it into a great-looking dragon screw. Page recovered and hit a powerbomb for a near fall. Page lined up for the Buckshot Lariat, but White counter with a uranage for a near fall. Both men struggled to grab a hold, which led to a referee bump. Page hit the Dead Eye, but no one could count the pins. Page took off his belt and whipped White. Jeff Jarrett came down to take away Page’s belt. Mike Posey came down to escort Jarrett to the locker room. While neither official was looking, Christian Cage hit a spear onto White, which allowed Page to hit the Buckshot Lariat to secure the pinfall victory. Cage laid on the floor laughing after the three count.

WINNER: Adam Page in 15:40

(Brian’s Thoughts: I’ve asked AEW to find a new Collision Cowboy. Who better than Hangman Adam Page to fill that void? What a main event these two men put out there. Page set the tone of the match early. The chemistry from Page and White is off the charts. I’m still amazed by how White can process counter moves, as he was a supercomputer—an excellent match with the proper result. This Wednesday in the Men’s Owen Hart Tournament, we will see Danielson vs. Hangman four with a spot to Wembley Stadium on the line.

FINAL THOUGHTS: From PPV to Dynamite to Collision, this was one of the best weeks in AEW’s history. Writer Michael Sidgwick coined the phase trifecta when evaluating AEW, and I struggle to recall a week when AEW had three excellent shows back to back in the same week like this.


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