VIP AUDIO 6/22 – The Fix w/Todd Martin, pt. 2 of 2: Dean’s cred as champ, Seth as heel a mistake, Ricochet’s future, NXT, UFC ownership, Dana, GSP’s return, Fedor’s fight (62 min)

PWT VIP All Shows
PWT VIP All Shows
VIP AUDIO 6/22 – The Fix w/Todd Martin, pt. 2 of 2: Dean's cred as champ, Seth as heel a mistake, Ricochet's future, NXT, UFC ownership, Dana, GSP's return, Fedor's fight (62 min)

SHOW SUMMARY: In part one of this week’s series of episodes of The Fix with PWTorch columnist Todd Martin hosted by PWTorch editor Wade Keller, they discuss whether fans seem to be backing Dean Ambrose as a serious World Champion, the pros and cons of Riccochet going to WWE or staying with Lucha Underground, mailbag questions on whether there are two distinct types of fans who want different WWE types of products, whether the Cruiserweight Classic winner should get an automatic shot against Samoa Joe’s NXT Title, and whether Seth Rollins being brought back as a heel in light of what happened with Roman Reigns this week is among the bigger booking miscues ever. Then they shift to MMA talk including the crazy presentation of the MMA card featuring Fedor’s return from the announcing to the band to the acrobats to the robots, a look at UFC Fight Night, and look ahead to Bellator’s next card, plus the return of GSP and potential high profile opponents for him.

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