VIP AUDIO 8/16 – Wednesday Livecast – Wrestling Road Stories w/Jim Valley (AD-FREE): Tom Zenk vintage interview from December 2001 reviewing major changes in industry, looking ahead (56 min)

WKPWP - Flagship w/Keller & Powell talking Super Showdown, AEW PPV Preview, WrestleMania line-up, 10 Years of NXT
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SHOW SUMMARY: In this special edition of “Wrestling Road Stories with Jim Valley,” Jim presents an interview with Tom Zenk, formerly of the Can-Am Connection the WWF and a featured wrestler in the AWA and WCW during his active years. This interview was conducted back on Dec. 29, 2001 on Jim’s “Total Chaos” radio show. Tom discusses the big changes in the pro wrestling industry in 2001 and his predictions on what was to come in 2002.

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