VIP AUDIO 12/29 – WKH – The News: Raw social media vs. NFL ratings as indicators, DVR ratings data, Funk (23 min)

December 29, 2015

SHOW SUMMARY: In this edition of the Wade Keller Hotline, PWTorch editor Wade Keller looks at the latest news including why certain wrestlers weren’t on Raw on Monday, why Punk got chants on Raw and if there was a better choice for the point fans were making, Raw social media up by so were NFL ratings so what will the rating be with two conflicting influences/indicators, DVR viewership updates on Raw and Smackdown, Pop TV’s TNA Impact plug, and more. […]

Thursday Torch Today – JIM ROSS on the Livecast, SD final PPV hype, U.K. Tour kicks off, JCW’s “Rassle Rap” kicks off, Bayley interview, Network sched, UFC fighter calls out C.M. Punk, WWNLive’s N.Y. return date, Bret Hart returning to U.K., New Japan releasing theme CD, Videos – Chikara Season Finale clip & Hero vs. Galloway

December 10, 2015

TORCH TODAY – Thursday, December 10, 2015 MORNING UPDATE – PWTORCH LIVECAST ALERT: Jim Ross (now back @JRsBBQ) returns to the Livecast today with PWTorch editor Wade Keller. Ross’s live interview is at 5:00 p.m. EST at […]

C.M. Punk guaranteed to fight in 2016

December 4, 2015

UFC president Dana White is hunting for C.M. Punk’s first UFC opponent. He’s even filming a reality show about finding someone for Punk to fight. “I just started a new show, the pilot is on […]

A.J. Lee signs big book deal for 2017 release

November 21, 2015

Former WWE Divas champion A.J. Lee, the wife of “C.M. Punk” Phil Brooks, has a new book deal to tell the story of her life and wrestling career. A.J.’s book, “Crazy is My Superpower,” is […]

C.M. Punk updates UFC future & injury status

October 19, 2015

Former WWE star C.M. Punk went on the “MMA Hour” with MMA reporter Ariel Helwani on Monday afternoon to discuss his UFC training and other topics. Punk noted that he is still determined to have […]

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