Batista on popular U.K. TV show promoting “Bond” role

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Former WWE star Dave Bautista appeared on the popular “Good Morning Britain” show Thursday morning promoting his role in the new Bond movie, “Spectre.”

PWTorch correspondent David sent in a recap of Batista’s appearance…

– They showed a clip of Bond (Daniel Craig) and Hinx (Batista) having a fight to start the segment.

– After that the presenters asked him ‘You can take Daniel Craig in real-life, right?’ Bautista laughed adding, ‘Don’t put me on the spot this early in the morning.’ The fight scene was ‘definitely give and take.’

– The presenter then brought up his career as a ‘WWE Champion’ and mentioned how strong he would be compared to ‘Poor old Daniel Craig.’ Batista laughs at that and states that ‘he isn’t poor old Daniel Craig. He’s James Bond for God-sake.’

– The presenter then asked about the physicality of the fight scenes and Bautista mentions that in the fight scene that was shown, Daniel Craig tweaked his knee and Bautista ‘Tweaked my nose with Daniel Craig’s fist.’ He added: ‘At first he thought he had broken my nose because there was blood everywhere, but it was okay. They just cleaned me up and changed my suit.’

– The other presenter asked whether Dave was a fan of James Bond growing up and he mentions that Sean Connery was his favourite Bond. He then says, ‘When Daniel Craig took over the role, I became a hardcore fan again because I really believe in him as James Bond. He’s such a believable guy.’

– They mentioned about how Mr Hinx is a nostalgic take on the Bond villains of old.

– They then talk about Bautista’s life growing up. ‘I come from a very poor background… it was a hard childhood… I witnessed a lot that kids shouldn’t witness.. death and that.’ He credits bodybuilding as saving his life as it was a sanctuary for him.

– They then bring up about how he will now be familar to WWE and “Guardians of the Galaxy” fans. Then one of the presenters asks whether he is ready to become an icon now just like with other Bond characters. He mentions that James Bond henchmen are special to him and that he wants to play memorable characters and Hinx is a memorable character.

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