11/10 WWE Main Event Results, plus Finn Balor in Dark Match

WWE Main Event results and analysis


Prior to the Smackdown TV taping Tuesday night in Manchester, WWE taped this week’s Main Event episode. Plus, NXT champion Finn Balor competed in the pre-show dark match.

WWE Main Event Results
Taped November 10, 2015
Manchester, England
Report by Paul Jacques, PWTorch reader

Dark Match: NXT champion Finn Balor beat Konnor. The crowd was fully behind Finn, most doing his winged entrance. He won with the Coup De Grace.

Main Event Results

(1) Jack Swagger beat Adam Rose via submission. Surprisingly good reaction for Swagger, with plenty of ‘We the People’ chants throughout. Swagger won with the Anklelock.

(2) Damien Sandow beat Heath Slater. Sandow is back to doing the intellectual saviour gimmick, which was very popular. No reaction for Slater. Sandow won with a double armlock neck slam.

(3) Sasha Banks beat Becky Lynch via submission. The crowd was disappointed to see this match on Main Event. Plenty off support for both ladies, although I think the “Let’s Go Sasha” chants just edged it her way. Sasha won with the Bank Statement.

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